energy decline

Not only will there be a wider gap between the places with the highest and lowest technology, there will also be a wider gap between the highest and lowest technology used by an average person. Already there are African villagers with cell phones. In 20 years you may be living with a group of friends in an abandoned suburb, burning scrap wood for heat, growing open-source genetically modified sweet potatoes, and selling brain time to the dataswarm to gain credits for surgery to install a neuro-optical interface so you can swap out custom eyeballs.
—  The Future Will Not Be Like The Past - Ran Prieur
KBTBB: Scars

“Anonymous said: Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru, and ota reaction when they discover their girlfriend scars from her abusive ex?”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Smut: No

Eisuke Ichinomiya
Your boyfriend had a business meeting later in the evening and he wanted to bring you with him. He had troubles with picking a dress for you and asked the bidders opinion although he regretted it at the end. 

“I think Pretty Lady should wear something backless. She has really nice curves and could totally pull it off.” Baba suggested. Somehow he got everyone on board with his suggestion. “The kid does have the body for it.” 

After your shift you went straight to the penthouse and Eisuke was waiting for you. He held the dress out and told you to change. “I think you’ll look great on this.” You looked at the dress and frowned immediately. “Eisuke… The dress is gorgeous but I don’t think I can pull it off. I told you before that I don’t do backless dresses.” 

“I do recall you saying that but you never told me the reason for it.” He crossed his arms. You unzipped your uniform and turned your back to show Eisuke the reason. “Because of this. I have ugly scars on my back due to my past relationship with this guy. Some of them are healed already and some are still getting there. That’s one of the reason why I don’t want to wear backless dresses. I don’t want to humiliate you.” 

Eisuke stood there with his jaw clenched. He didn’t know about your past relationship. He didn’t know that your ex treated you like that. “Y/N… You’re beautiful no matter what. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you. I’ll alway treat you like a Queen.”

He went to get you a new dress and dialed Mamoru’s number. “I need you to find someone for me.” He hung up. How dare that guy hurt someone precious like you. He’ll never forgive him. 

Ota Kisaki
“Koro!! I’m home!!” Ota yelled as he set his things down by the living room. He wondered where you are because you didn’t respond to him. He walked around to check every room but you weren’t there. The only place left was the bathroom. 

Before he could even knock, you already opened it. “Ota!” Your eyes widened upon seeing him stand in front of you. “Welcome home. I’ll get your food ready.” You dashed to the bedroom only to be caught into Ota’s sweet embrace. 

“Koro… Are you teasing your master?” His lips was very close to your ear. “How about I paint you right now? You’re giving me some inspiration right now.” 

You started to panic. “No! I told you before right? You’re not allowed to use me as your muse after I shower!” 

“Why not?” Ota pouted. “Because…” You weren’t sure whether to tell him or not but since he’s not going to stop asking you caved in. You pulled him towards the bedroom and showed him the scars on your body. He didn’t quite understand how you got those scars because this is the first time he’s ever seen them. Even when the two make love to each other, these scars were never present. “I… I put make up over my scars. My ex was very abusive and I loathed myself. I told myself that I wasn’t good enough for him that’s why he was hurting me and that I deserve to get hurt. But I wanted to forget my past, that’s why you never saw my scars. That’s also the main reason why I don’t want to be your muse after I’ve taken a shower because that’s when I see the real damage.” 

Ota was loss for words. He didn’t know that you were abused in your past relationship. You’ve been through a lot and he recognized. He pulled you into his chest. “I’m sorry that someone could ever hurt a beautiful woman like you. He’s the one that caused all the suffering you’ve gone through and even with those scars, you’re still beautiful to me. But if I ever see that bastard I will knock him out and teach him a lesson.” 

Mamoru Kishi
He swayed from side to side when he entered your shared apartment. He kept making sounds which made you wake up and go towards the sound. You weren’t sure who it might be therefore you grabbed the bat for your own protection. Oh how you wished it wasn’t a robber that broke in.

The living room was now at your sight, you heard footsteps coming close and you gripped the bat tighter ready to swing. At the last step you manage to swing the bat but when you saw Mamoru, your body stopped. “What the hell Mamo! I could’ve killed you if I wasn’t able to stop my movement. You’re quite lucky you know.” You rubbed your templed and set the bat down.

It was very dark in the apartment. When you found the switch you switched on and turned around to see Mamoru with a few bruises and a busted lip. “Damnit Mamo, I know you’re a detective but please be careful.”

Then something something unexpected happened. Mamoru cried in front of you and embraced you. You weren’t sure what was going on but you hugged him back. “Sweetheart this is nothing compared to what happened to ya in the past. I… I bumped into your ex and he confessed that he used to beat you while the two of ya were in a relationship. And those scars that you said that you got along time ago made sense to me. I thought it was due to your clumsiness that you earned those scars but today.. I found out that it was because of him. That bastard made my blood boil and I beat the hell outta him.” His embrace tighten around your waist. “Sweetheart you’re precious to me and I’d never let anyone hurt you ever again.”

“Hearing you say those words makes me feel happy and glad that I have you. All that matters now is you and me okay? Don’t worry about my past, worry about us and whatever the future has for us.” 

After treating his wound the two of you headed towards the bedroom. “I love ya sweetheart. Remember that.” He gave you a sweet kiss before falling asleep in his arms.

Soryu Oh
It has been a while since you saw Soryu around. He was busy with the upcoming trades and he wanted to make sure everything was going smoothly.

He’s been coming home around two in the morning and you could see his eye bags. Tonight you wanted to wait until he came home and help him relieve stress.

At exactly two in the morning Soryu came home. “Y/N? Why are you still awake?”

“Um… I wanted to wait for you.” You motioned him to sit down on the chair. “I know how hard you’ve been working for the last few weeks and I thought I’d give you a massage.”

Soryu didn’t have the energy to decline the offer and allowed you to massage him. He was glad he accepted it because he was finally able to let loose and relax.

“Mmm. That felt really nice Y/N. Now it’s your turn.” Your eyes widened at his suggestion. “Do you really think I’m the only one that’s working hard? Eisuke told me that you’ve been doing well and working hard throughout the past few days. I also noticed how stiff you are.” He came closer to you but you took a step back. “S-Soryu it’s fine really. I’m okay.” You smiled.

Soryu only frowned at this but respected your decision. When he pushed strands of hair away from your face he saw something he should’ve never seen. Just below the back of your neck there was a scar. He doesnt know how big or small the scar is since your clothes were covering since this is the first time he’s seeing it. Is that why you always had your hair down to hide your scar? Once you noticed it you covered it with your hand.

“Y/N…What’s -”

“Nothing to worry about Soryu.” You cut him off. “No Y/N, this is serious who did this to you?” He was now angry.

You wanted to lie to him so bad but you just couldn’t do it or at least find away around it somehow but you knew that wasn’t going to work. You didn’t want that to ruin your relationship with him. “Um… Well… Before I got a job at Tres Spades, I was dating this guy. We had a good relationship at first until he started abusing me. He’d whip me with his belt whenever I left the house even though I’d tell him I needed to go to work. And when I got sick of him, I left him and moved far away. So here I am… I understand if you don’t want to be with me cause these scars are permanent and ugly.”

Soryu was speechless, he couldn’t believe that someone would hurt an angel like you. He hugged you, “Y/N I’d never leave you. Hearing your story makes me want to protect you more. You didn’t deserve to be with a guy like him. But to hurt a beautiful body like yours I’d never forgive him.”

“Soryu… Just forget about him okay? He’s not worth it. Past is past, I have you now and that’s all it matters to me.”

This is one of the plenty reasons why Soryu loves you. You’re brave, strong, loving, caring, and an independent woman. He promised himself that he will protect you at all costs. 

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Hey, I'm sorry if this is a silly question, but I tried to/started creating my astral place rn and I know that takes a lot of energy, but is it normal to have that drain of energy create a headache? I'm really tired after having build a few things and after I created something that took a bit more energy I started getting a headache. Is that normal?

Of course!! Tbh, a headache is the first physical sign you get of your body telling you to stop. Sometimes you don’t notice the decrease of energy right away, and your spirit realises that so it goes WOAH!!! STOP!! WILL YOU LISTEN TO PHYSICAL PAIN?? and bam headache
next is like nausea and incredible sleepiness (but that may just be the decline of energy) then other things, until your body goes WHAT KIND OF IDIOT ARE YOU and you pass out

This may not apply to everyone, but for me and 8 others, this is exactly how it happens….-f

The Other (Bucky x Reader) Part 11

Summary: Being a mutant with abilities is difficult enough, without having all this soulmate business to deal with in addition. Y/N meets hers in the least expectant place, but isn’t necessarily as thrilled as he’d hoped. However, a drastic turn of events require them to go to desperate measures to preserve what little they have.

Author’s Note: Shit goeth down.

Chapter List


Part Eleven

You felt something clasp around your throat, and you felt your oxygen falling short. You scratched at your throat, trying to rid yourself of whatever it was that was choking you, but there was nothing there. You felt the pain starting to emerge in your neck, and just before you thought you were going to burst, you felt a release. You gasped loudly and your gaze started coming back into focus. That’s when you realised you were tied to a chair. You quickly eyed your surroundings, although they weren’t much to take in. A run-down warehouse, like any other, with dripping pipes along the walls and a musty smell in the air.

You felt something hit you over the head, and you felt yourself growing woozy. You still couldn’t see anyone, and you felt a chill creeping up your spine. Suddenly the dripping from the taps grew louder and louder, and before you realised it, you felt your toes touch the cold water. You tried to look around, but your body was stuck in one position, not moving at all. You started thinking about where you could be, and why on earth you would be there, but nothing came to your mind.

You suddenly snapped back into reality when your ankles became painfully numb. Looking down, the water was now beginning to fill the entire room unrealistically quickly. What was going on? You tried to tug yourself loose from the restraints, but you couldn’t feel any restraints. Yet, you couldn’t move your body at all. You tried moving the chair, but it seemed to be nailed to the ground. Suddenly the water was up to your throat, and you just remembered to inhale as the water passed your lips and you were submerged in water.

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ohh boy thats a lot-
(these are in the order i drew them, not any order of preference or anything-)

*clutches my freckle headcanons tightly in my cold dead hands*

if you look carefully, you can see my energy and effort steadily decline, briefly try to revive itself, and then promptly fuck off again-

Fic: Midnight Chats

I can’t sleep without knowing you’re close by.“

A story told in snapshots. They don’t get together right away. In fact, they don’t get together until it’s almost too late. Or: yet another story of how Dan and Phil finally get their act together after years of mutual pinning.

A tiny bit of angst, but mostly nostalgia and a fluff fest. Vaguely following the real timeline but an AU, so changes have been made. Includes the US tour, so future!fic as well. A Louise cameo because I wanted one. And yes, there is an unnecessary Dawson’s Creek reference. 4,3k words, no warnings, very PG-13

(also, if you could reblog if you enjoy, that would be rad as I get my validation almost purely from strangers on the internet)

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