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Properties of Aura Quartzes

**Aura Quartzes are somewhat man made and bonded with metals but those metals release massive amounts of energies. So when you see one you might not wanna pass it up.**

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Here are some aura properties.

Tangerine Auras: They promote compassion, forgiveness, joy, happiness and healing. They heal the emotional body and repair damaged relationships between parents and children.

Aqua Auras: Now these are my personal favorites because of their beauty. Aquas promote truth, psychic abilities, success, abundance, prosperity, and wealth. 

Angel Auras: Opens the path to guidance and assists in finding spiritual guides.

Apple Auras: A stone that promotes memory, protects against psychic attacks, and helps sever previous relationships.

Rainbow Auras: Brings all positive energies to all centres of the body and releases negative energies. This stone would be great for warding and repelling curses.

Rose Auras: Promotes the gift of unconditional love, a connection to universal love, and helps brings the body back to perfect balance.

Colbat Auras: Melts away feelings of anger, distress, and sadness. Assists into developing a state of non-attachment and enhances meditative states.

Note: Do not charge these via sunlight or water because sunlight will cause the stone to fade and water can damage the metals that are bonded with the stone.

🖤The Venus Elixir🖤

The purpose of this elixir is to aid in self confidence, and act as an aphrodisiac for the person drinking it. This potion contains alcohol.

“Venus is the power that we invoke in spring, in the garden, when things begin growing. And we call the evening star Venus” -Ursula K. Le Guin Lavinia 


🖤 Raspberry liqueur Beauty, lust, attraction 

🍹 Cranberry juice The ability to take action, lust, courage, attraction 

🖤 A slice of orange Happiness, communication, clarity

🍹 A drop of honey Attraction, divinity, the ability to sweeten a situation or person to your favor 

🖤 A drip of vanilla extract Calming, soothing, vitality, mental stimulation 

🍹 A cup/glass 

🖤 A stirring utensil 

(Optional: Ice, which can be added at the start or finish of preparing the drink)

Always stirring clockwise, mix together about a 1:1 ratio of raspberry liqueur and cranberry juice. Focus on the deep purplish red of the liquid, and in your mind picture a small glowing ball of red energy from inside your drink.  

Next, swirl in a drop of honey. (This mixture is very sweet as is; not a lot of honey is needed) Watch it drip into your cup and envision the golden honey to be like a soft stream of molten energy, flowing to the centre of the red orb in your drink. 

Then, to get just a subtle amount of vanilla, dip your stirring utensil into some vanilla extract and stir it into your drink. (A full drop can be used, but be aware that extract is very strong and it may be overwhelming) As you stir it in, watch the burning red sun in your drink grow to fill the cup, pulsing with light. 

Lastly, take your orange slice and squeeze it’s juice into the drink. When the citrus drops collide with your glowing energy orb, allow it to burst open and fill the drink with its effects as a swirling and shining liquid, fit for divinity. 

Please drink responsibly. 

A Witches Glossary by The Aries Witch ♈

So, I often get asked things like ; what is a ___, What does ___ do? so i thought i would put together this little glossary :)

an Altar: A space set out with a cloth and other items used to represent magick. This place should be full of useful things during a spell as it aids as a focus point for your magick. Many witches like to change their altars around with the cycles of the seasons.

Amulet/ Charm/ Talisman: An item worn to attract certain energies (example: Luck, love)

Athame (Ath-Ah-May) : A witches knife, traditionally black handled and double edged, it is used to direct magickal energy.

Arcana: The 2 groups of cards in a Tarot deck - They are Major and minor

Astrology:   The belief and study of the effects of the movements and placements of planets and other heavenly bodies have on the lives and behaviour of those born at certain times.

Aura: A field of energy layers that surround a physical body.

Banish: To rid of or to remove something like negative energies

Beltane: A Sabbat elebrated traditionally from Sundown on October 31st to November 1st sundown in the Southern Hemisphere whereas in the Northern Hemisphere it is celebrated on April 30th to Sundown May 1

Besom/Broom: The most well known item that a witch carries! And no we do not fly on them, they are usually used for sweeping out negative energies. They can be made from dried herbs like lavender and rosemary, for their magickal properties.

Bind: To restrain or hold onto something magickally

“Blessed Be”: a greeting and a blessing 

Boline: A knife used for the physical part of magick (Not for hurting anyone or anything EVER) This knife is traditionally white handled, as opposed to an Athame, and is for cutting up herbs or carving and engraving.

a Book Of Shadows/ Grimoire: A witches’ personal book of spells, rituals, magickal properties, experiences and lessons learnt. 

Casting Circle/ Sacred Circle: The ‘circle’ is a protective space in the metaphysical world for you to perform your magick in! Although not every witch casts circle, i do recommend it, as from my point of view not casting circle would be like leaving your front door open for strangers. But really, as long as feel safe and protected while working you will be fine. The circle can be visualised as a white sphere of energy manifested around oneself. The four elemental quarters are usually set out in their appropriate directions within this circle.

Cauldron: A heat proof pot that can be used for magickal cooking and such, and is symbolic of the womb and fertility

Censer: A big heatproof bowl for dispensing incense smoke.

Chalice: Essentially a cup, this represents feminine energy and if filled with water, can represent the element on your altar.

to ‘Charge’: To fill an item with magickal energy, entrusting it with a task

Chakra; An energy centre in the body of a living being. There are 7 major chakras.

Consecration: The claiming and cleansing of any magickal item. Consecration clears an item of any unwanted energies and it is recommended you consecrate all your tools before use. Consecration is done in alignment with each element, for example, passing the item through smoke, dipping it in water,plunging it into the earth and passing it over a flame.

Dark Moon: The ‘new’ moon phase, when the moon is completely overshadowed and invisible

Deity: Deities are forms of Gods and Goddesses

Deosil: ‘Anti-sunwise’, ‘anti - clockwise’ meaning against the direction of the sun. (This is opposite for the Northern Hemisphere)

Diviation: Any method of seeing and foretelling the future. Methods include scrying, the tarot, reading tea and runes.

Dowsing: A form of Divination using a Pendulum to answer yes and No questions 

Earth: Well the thing we live on, but in Elemental speech the earth is sand, sand, soil, anything derived from the ground.

Elements: The 5 points on the pentacle - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. These are usually always present on an altar, whether they be actual items (Sand, Soil, Salt, A Bowl Of water, incense, etc) or simple an appropriate coloured candle.

Eostre/Ostara: A Sabbat, a celebration of the Spring Equinox which is around the 20th - 25th of Septemeber in the Southen Hemispher and March in the Northern Hemisphere.

Esbat: A celebration of each full moon

Familiar: A Witches animal ‘helper’. A familiar can aid and enhance a witches focus or power. The are not chosen and you can not pick a random pet or animal and claim it as your familiar. Your familiar will find you and you will definitely feel the connection difference.

Fire: An element, fire is a living organism and is represented on the western point of the Pentacle

the Goddess : The Goddess is the female energy and aspect of the universe. She is mother of all and the balance to the male energy. A representation of the goddess is usually on an altar

Grounding yourself: This is the process of dispelling excess and accumulated energies.

Handfasting: A traditional wedding ceremony

Herbalism: The act of using the properties of herbs to assist in workings, whether they be magickal or not

Hex: A curse  or bad energy placed placed on someone

High Priest/Priestess: Essentailly thse are the male and female ‘leaders’ of a coven

the Horned God: He is the symbol of the male aspect of the universe, balancing the goddess. He is often seen as Cernunnos and Pan, gods of the earth, woodlands, hunts and animals. 

Imbolc: A Sabbat celebrated around the 1st week of August. It symbolises new growth and beginnings. During this time in Australia the forests are bright with Yellow wattle and Acacia trees are coming into full bloom. Imbolc is celebratedat the start of February in the Northern Hemisphere.

Initiation: This is basically the first step to becoming a witch. It is a ceremony where you tell the universe that you are a WITCH and announce your magickal intentions. If you are a solitary or working on your own you can easily perform a self initiation ritual, whereas coven initiation rituals are done by the High Priest and Priestess.

Knot magick: A magickal technique used to secure energy in a cord which can be released when the knot is untied, or can store energy to complete its task.

Litha: A Sabbat dedicated to Summer Solstice! This is usually celebrated around December 20/21/22 in Australia. This time is most dedicated to the God as he is at his most powerful.

Lughnasah/Lammas  : A Sabbat known as the cross-quarter day, A load of bred or similiar is usually baked ad shared in the name of the goddess. It is celebrated around the start of February in The Southern Hemisphere and August in the Northern.

Mabon: A Sabbat to celebrate the Autumn equinox, Where the nights grow longer and colder.It is the separation point between The Light and Dark halves of the year. celebrated around March 20th in the Southern Hemisphere and September in the Northern. 

Nature Worship: A part of the Pagan religion, worshipping and honouring  nature is of great importance to me and many other witches. It is what gives us life, a home and food. 

Ostara (see Eostre)

Paganism: Paganism is a nature based religion and many witches fall under its umbrella of religion, although it is not necessary to be a Pagan. A witch can be of any religion.

Pendulum: An object (usually a crystal of sorts)  attached to a piece of string and used to answer yes or no question during Dowsing.

Pentacle/Pentagram: The 5 pointed star depicted with interwoven cross points which symbolise the elements and their continuous cycles. The representations are Spirit, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. 

Philter: A magickally enhanced liquid, usually to be drunk.

Polytheism: The belief of the existence of multiple Deities.

Poppet: A Doll made to represent a person for the purpose of a spell

Ritual: A magickal ceremony

Rune: A figure from an ancient alphabet, These symbols are carved into materials such as crystals and woods and are used as a form of Divinations, as each symbol has its own meaning. 

Sabbat: The 8 main Solar celebrations, which are set out around seasonal changes

Sachet: A small pillow sewn from fabric and stuffed with herbs  or desired other materials.

Samhain: A Sabbat, The start and the end of wheel of the year, this day is commonly associated with Halloween though it is Southerly celebrated on the 31st of April.It is a time to look back and reflect on the past year and honour those who have gone before us. It is also the time where the Goddess reigns in her powerful aspects of the Crone.

Scrying: A form of divination where one will gaze into a reflective surface, usually dark water or a crystal ball to see images

Skyclad: derived from the term “To be clad as the sky” which is basically just to be naked. many witches chose to perform magickal workings this way as energy has nothing to barricade it.

Sex Magick: The magickal properties of sex are a true form and many witches use the heightened power of orgasm during spell work.

Sigil: A Sigil is a symbol designed for a particular task of your intent. When charged, a Sigil will bring about what you have intended for it to do.

Smudging: The act of burning a stick of dried herbs to ward negative nergies. most commonly sage is used.

a Spell: to put it most simply, a spell is energy created and sent into the universe.

a Solitary witch: Is one who practises alone, or mainly practises alone.

Symbols: A Symbol is a representation of something. There are many different symbols used and related to Witchcraft, and obviously everyone will have their own opinions and interpretations, so don’t be afraid to feel differently than someone else.

Tarot: a Divination method using a deck of 78 cards, where the user draw a certain amount of cards, lay them out a certain way and interpret their meanings

Triple Goddess: This symbolises the goddess in her triple form of Maiden, Mother and Crone and also the phases of the moon. When the goddess is the maiden she is pure, innocent, the beginning and joyful. As the Mother, she is the giver of life, fertility and of nurturing nature. In her Crone aspect, the goddess is wise and powerful and the symbol of endings.

Visualisation: I think of this as “seeing is believing”, like controlled day dreaming, you form a mental image of your desired outcome and really believe it will happen

Wand: A Magickal tool, common made from a wood with a crystal in the end, it is used to guide and direct energy during a magickal working

Wicca: Wicca is simply a religion from under the Paganism umbrella. You don’t have to be a Wiccan to be a witch. 

Wheel Of The Year: This is a calender for Witches, it symbolises the Sabbats and Esbats. 

Widdershins: Clock/Sun wise direct. to move in the same direction as the sun. Obviously will be opposite in the Northern Hemisphere

Witch: A witch is someone, Male or Female, of any race, any religion, any sexuality (etc) who practises magick. A witch is not just someone who wears a pentacle or related symbol. (yes my hate is people who claim they are witches and infact do not even knot the damn basics)

Yule: A sabbat, Yule is the Winter Solstice celebrated late June in the Southern Hemisphere and December in the Northern.

I know I probably missed many (If you have something to add message me and ill put it in!) , and these are also how I see things, they vary witch-to-witch so be respectful even if you disagree with something :) 

Blessed Be!

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any advice on how to see dragons? (preferably in the same layout as your post on faerie sight, as someone with adhd I really like how the post looks)

(However, there seems to be less information and sources regarding seeing dragons than there is around faeries…)

Dragons are known to assist in protection and healing magick if they wish to do so. 

How to see dragons:

  • Dragons no longer exist within the material world and therefore can now only be seen with the third eye, if your third eye is not open, I would suggest doing regular meditation.
  • A general way of seeing them is to invite them (although this comes with a warning of opening a beast gate, so it is advised to do a protection spell, shield, or a protective talisman). 
  • Do not give off an impression of dominance or command over a dragon.
  • Put yourself in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness (this can be done through meditation/yoga nidra) when inviting/requesting a dragon, the speech can be simple if you wish to do so.
  • Dragons are not within our world anymore, and so like the fae, are in a different dimension, and crossing into their dimension can be dangerous if you are inexperienced - however, they can cross into our dimension but they will not have a solid material form, and will appear quite ethereal.

There is a general dragon guide on which dragon you would be able to draw more easily towards you according to your element:

  • Capricorn - Earth
  • Aquarius - Air
  • Pisces - Water
  • Aries - Fire
  • Taurus - Earth
  • Gemini - Air
  • Cancer - Water
  • Leo - Fire
  • Virgo - Earth
  • Libra - Air
  • Scorpio - Water
  • Sagittarius - Fire

The second means of determining which Elementals you have the best connection with is through your first name (your birth-name is, like your astrological chart, an energy centre, reflecting the play of certain energies within your life). The vowels of your first name are the keys to determining with which elemental you are most harmonious. The primary vowel in your first name indicates which group of Elementals you can align with most easily. The primary vowel is the one most strongly pronounced

If the astrological element and the name element are the same, it can indicate that you have come to double your work with that group of Elemental Beings and the energies that they work with. If they are opposite, they do not cancel each other out, it means that it is up to you to find a balance between them when you are working with them

The elemental dragons:

  • Air - They are known to be pure yellow, grey, light blue, silver, and white. Air dragons tend to be peaceful and share powerful knowledge once they trust you. They have ability to control the winds and manipulate air in all forms. These dragons are long and slender, have gauzy wings, and may have feather-like qualities instead of scales, as well as actual feathers around their bodies and features. They are associated with the east. Other dragons that may fall under this category include storm dragons, weather dragons, lightening dragons, and wind dragons.
  • Fire - They are known to be pure red, amber, orange, and all shades of flames. These dragons have an obvious fiery nature, but can also be gentle and understand (however, dragons are not predictable). These dragons are thick and heavy and have snake-like necks and tails, as well as wicked horns. Their presence may invoke a sense of warmth. They are associated with the south. Other dragons that may fall under this category include lava dragons, desert dragons, steam dragons, and heat dragons.
  • Water - They are known to be pure blue, dark blue, blue-green, and turquoise. These dragons have a very soothing influence and are attracted to people who have strong emotions, and will not contact those who are not respectful towards their emotions. The dragon’s presence may bring humidity or a colder temperature within the room. These dragons are long and serpentine, and rarely have wings and legs. Their scales have a shimmery hue to them and they often have a feathery fringe around their mouth, they tend to have glowing eyes. They are associated with the west. Other dragons that may fall under this category include ice dragons, mist dragons, and rain dragons.
  • Earth - They are known to be pure green, and every shade of brown and black. These dragons are very quiet beings, and will often observe from a distance before they wish to approach you. They are blunt/honest but are also very nurturing. They tend to have a ridge of sharp scales down their legs and back, and their scales are often reminiscent of armour. They tend to have an enormous wing span and four legs. These dragons love treasure, and in order to have a relationship with them, you should have a jar or a dish of coins. They are associated with the north. Other dragons that may fall under this category include stone dragons, nature dragons, mountain dragons, and forest dragons.
  • Chaos - Their colour is pure black. These dragons are always of dark colour and can blend into darkness, often it will look like they have stars caught in their scales. They tend to be the largest of dragons, have large wedge-shaped heads, and often have spiked tails. Chaos dragons have huge wings that will blend into the night sky and may be hard to make out. They are rarely seen if they do not wish it. Chaos dragons may seem threatening, although they are not completely malicious. They do not act as guardians or guides. They are powerful aids in divination.

Dragons and their colour meanings:

  • Purple - embody the highest level of dragon wisdom, ancient, very judgemental, will often test you; never call upon a purple dragon, they will only visit you - and their visits are random.
  • Silver - they see every perspective and reflections between beings, and inhabit the meridians of the universe.
  • Orange - bring strength, confidence, and bravery. They are quick by nature.
  • Green - will bring lessons and qualities of the material.
  • Brown - masters of physics, shapeshifting, gravity, and the physical form.
  • Blue - intricately linked with illusion, mental awareness, and consciousness. They have a great insight into the etheric plane.
  • Red - they literally eat darkness and transmute it into light.
  • White - pure and graceful, they are often guardians; these dragons can be channelled for healing.
  • Gold - they bring art and music, and speak the language of the heart.

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Foyer de danse à l'Opéra de la rue Le Peletier (1872). Edgar Degas (French, 1834-1917). Oil on canvas. Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

This work shows ten ballerinas being examined in the great hall. The white-clad instructor, Louis François Mérante, is giving directions to the dancers. Those who are not busy exercising are watching the ballerina currently being examined with close attention. The scene, remarkable for the rigour of its composition, has a distinctive energy centre in the vacant chair at the fore.


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Neolithic pottery and flint tools found in Fife

A hoard of Neolithic pottery and flint tools, which lay buried for over 4,000 years, has been uncovered during works to lay a pipe in Fife.

The find at Kincaple was made as engineers laid pipework to connect St Andrews University’s green energy centre at Eden campus in Guardbridge with North Haugh in St Andrews.

About 30 pieces of “grooved-ware” pottery were excavated from a pit.

Tools, made from flint - most probably from Yorkshire - were also found.

The tools show trade over considerable distances for the era.

Analysis of the flint showed the tools had been used for stripping bark and skinning animals, amongst other tasks, and probably represented a tool kit for someone. Read more.

Conrad Shawcross “The Optic Cloak”.

The structure, 49m high by 20m wide and 3m deep is constructed of 400 tonnes of structural steel and supports hundreds of perforated aluminum triangular panels that fold across the surface to create a Moiré Effect. 

This sits above a new Energy Centre under construction on the Greenwich Peninsula that will serve the largest residential new-build district heating system in Europe.

Photography by deepgrounduk.

Woojong Kim (Architect, Foster + Partners)

The City of Sleep, Bartlett, UCL 5th Year Design Project

The proposal ‘The Floating Cathedral in the City of Sleep: Toward Inhabitable Infrastructure for the Pilgrims in the UK’ has attempted to adopt the critical principles of the spatial qualities in cathedrals, and the concept of floating infrastructures to create proposed spaces to be included in the main body of the structure, the Cryonics unit, the suspended bridge, the bird towers and the wave energy centre in the proposal, ‘Floating Cathedral.’