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Cleansing The Cards

It’s natural for tarot cards to accumulate & harbor energy, since that is the primary force they operate through; it can “clog” or “restrain” them, making them rather unproductive, though it doesn’t damage them. They simply need to rest and be refreshed every now & then, just like the reader does.


I suggest trying all of them out & sticking to the ones that work for you.

Simply shuffle the deck with the intention of cleansing it, in whatever way that’s most comfortable for you & for as long as you feel you need to.

Sort the cards – arrange them in order of the 22 Major Arcana and 4 suits of the 56 Minor Arcana. Allow the deck to “rest” in proper sequence for a while. You could also simply sort the cards so that all are upright & none reversed.

Tap the deck against something, or tap it with your hands / another object.

(This method is better for projective/masculine decks.) Place the deck in sunlight and leave it there until you feel that all the unwanted energy has been burned, faded, blinded, or driven out.

(This method is better for receptive/feminine decks.) Place the deck in moonlight and leave it there until you feel that all the unwanted energy has been drained, coaxed, flushed, or guided out.

Place the deck in a sealed, air-tight plastic bag and bury it in organic salt. Let the salt soak up the excess energy for a few days, or until you feel it’s done.

Place a crystal that corresponds to your intention upon the deck, or somewhere near it. You could also form a crystal grid around it.

Pass the deck through the smoke of incense or burning plants that correspond to your intention (most people would use dried sage or rosemary).

Swing a pendulum of your choice clockwise in circular motions above or on the surface around the deck with your intention in mind until you feel that all the unwanted energy has been drawn out & expelled.

Play any instrument with your intention in mind, or place the deck near a speaker and play music that corresponds to your intention.

*You can also cleanse each card individually rather than the whole deck at once, if you prefer. It takes longer but it’s more thorough & “intimate”


After cleansing your deck, store it in a special box/bag/cloth and/or with a quartz crystal to protect and generally upkeep its clean state.

Simple tip: cleanse your deck every time you use it. This is the easiest way to maintain a healthy deck, & the ritual of it can improve your general relationship with the cards as well as your connection with them in the moment.

Other good opportunities to cleanse your deck:
- It’s brand-new / inherited / borrowed / secondhand
- Another person has come into contact with it (especially if it was without your permission – the deck will let you know if it’s been meddled with)
- It has come into direct contact with a surface or object you didn’t want it to (this mainly applies to the tarot readers who take extra precautions to preserve the energetic integrity of their deck – such as only laying the cards on a designated cloth/mat/board, not allowing others to touch them, etc)
- It has come into direct contact with another deck
- It hasn’t been used for a long period of time
- It’s been accidentally scattered/messed up/physically damaged
- Many different readings have been performed with it
- An extensive/intense reading has been performed with it

Symptoms of a deck that needs to be cleansed:
- An irregularly large amount of cards drawn in a reading are reversed
- An irregularly large amount of cards are falling or popping out of the deck while you shuffle & handle it in general / the deck won’t stay together
- The readings are becoming unclear, or you’re having an unnecessarily difficult time interpreting & discerning their meaning; you’re getting mixed messages, the cards aren’t cohesive, and so on. If you feel like you’re not gaining anything out of the readings you do with a deck, you need to cleanse it.
- You get the sense that you need to cleanse the deck. This could manifest in many different ways; perhaps you feel bored of the deck or distant from it, or perhaps its “personality” changes, or perhaps you simply feel off about it. Common “off” feelings are slowness or lethargy, disengagement, bitterness, exhaustion, a sense of a contrary or combative disposition, misplaced irony, dullness or hollowness, strain, stress, aggravation, confusion, or alienation, and may come from either you or the deck itself when you interact with it.
- You can’t bring yourself to focus on the readings you do with it; neither you nor the deck can maintain your concentration / awareness / full presence.
- You consistently lose and misplace the deck or you can’t find it when you want to use it – or other people have moved it, even just once. If you don’t give it a spot and it tends to wander around your house, that may translate into your cards. Cleanse them and pick a permanent/regular place to keep them.
- The deck loses its “magic” and begins to feel like plain paper to you
- Using the deck consistently drains, frustrates, upsets, or annoys you / using it no longer brings you whatever beneficial quality it usually does.

Witches Being Misunderstood is an Understatement

As I research this brilliant topic of Wiccan practices, origins, and history- lm learning of how stereotyped Im raised to believe witches and witchcraft alike are. Here’s some examples and rebuddles of what I mean…


Who has ever claimed that was the point… Because I do not follow Christian beliefs to a T doesn’t make me a worshipper of satan. These claims were made by Christians who believed the worship of ANYTHING besides “God” (the big guy in the white robe) is their devil.

“Dont do black magick on me!”

 Anyone who has ever been remotely freaked out thinking we would curse their soul or ruin their lives with magic, has obviously never read the Wiccan Rede… what was it again? “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”? Huh…

“Eye of *animal*, Wing of *bird*” 

These ingredients aren’t literal, at all… Although my young, shameless self believed it to be, these are just names made up for herbs, plants, and flowers that are ingredients to remedies witches didn’t want abused.

“Why don’t you carry your broom to fly on?” 

This one makes me laugh. Woman used to literally ride broomsticks… maybe it’s a long story but people wanted to use an LSD like ointment and it was most affective on arm pits and … genitals. So they would lather up the broom handle and well… ride the broom into the night causing hallucinations. Weird shit right?

“You’re too colourful to be a witch” 

How? Did I miss the dress code assembly? Because I can wear whatever the fuck I want. Being Wiccan is positive and peaceful and colours have magick their own. If a witch does decide to wear only black, good for them- black means protection, safety, and grounding (amongst other things).

“Where’s your black cat?” 

Cats were once worshipped as symbols of multiple goddesses. In the beginning of the agricultural age, people brought cats with them where they went to ward off mice. Kittens were even wedding presents. Men went to war and women were stuck with the cat and were often widowed… since the woman lived alone- she was also likely to be accused of witchcraft. The Pope also claimed cats were satanic (?) so cats were burned alive - just like witches… but then the mice and rat population went sideways and here comes the Black Plague! Jokes on you - “Whatever you do shall be returns to you three times over”.

So here’s my explanation on stereotypes through research and the ability to look things up and not assume. These are based off of personal experience, first reactions… I also stuck to Wiccan beliefs along with my own personal thrown in the first one (sorry). There are witches out side of Wiccan who do worship Satan and that don’t follow the Rede but this is all biased. Correct me if I’m wrong anywhere here- I apologize already!

Blessed Be! )O(


I’m about a month into starting witchcraft and I’m looking for some advice/blogs to follow that pertain to the following:

-energy work/manipulation
-different types of tools (specifically wands and besoms)
-elemental witches
-energy witches
-green witches
-just witch stuff in general

Help would be appreciated, thank you 💚💚💚

Intuition 101!

I’d say I’m pretty experienced in the realm of energy and intuition. Here are some of my experiences with psychic moments, meditation tips, and things of that nature!

-One time I was just standing in my kitchen, and I stepped in a puddle of water that was on the floor and heard internally “RATS!”. ?? That was confusing I thought. Ten minutes later I heard mice behind the wall where they were previously exterminated in the past. 

-I generally know when cars are going to pass me on the highway

-I was once looking at my mom and all of a sudden received the thought “headaches”. She then proceeded to tell me bc she’s a nurse, that her work gave her a bunch of free headache sample medicines to take home with her that day.


-Be patient! Opening your third eye is like a muscle! It takes time for it to stretch and grow and develop.

-Listen to your body. Some people don’t get visions, but get empath feelings or can hear angels in the distance. Every intuitive is different.

-Practice keeping your third eye and crown chakra open, yes, but if you start getting headaches too frequently, it’s ok to back off on it. This also means that there could be a blockage in those chakras which you have to cleanse in order for the intuition from the universe to flow into you.

-If you believe in angels and guides, ask them to guide your hand when picking tarot cards, my readings have always been more accurate when I do this.

-Don’t get discouraged if you can’t astral project right away. Even getting to the vibrating state before you lift up first takes skill, good job!

-Remember to protect yourself

-If you already an intuitive be careful on using the ouija board

-Again, patience is key. Don’t strain yourself and have fun!


mar 23 2017 // ap chemistry

we finally finished learning all the necessary material for the ap chemistry test… so I can finally present my flashcards system!

this is how I have been studying for all of my second semester chemistry tests, and it’s how I will study for the ap exam.

read more about this flashcards system below the cut!

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Readings for Sunny

Sunny is a three to four month old stray kitten that showed up here a couple days ago! After luring him and bribing him to be my friend with plenty of treats and food, I found out he is a total sweetheart. I’m not sure if he’s staying forever, but before that decision is made or before I find him a suitable home, he needs a trip to the vet!

This kitty is gonna need vaccinations, flea treatment, deworming, and a check up. He’d have to get neutered, too, but I’m not sure if it’s safe to do it just yet with him being so tiny. His eyes look a little inflamed, as you can see in the picture, so he might have some sort of infection and need antibiotics. I need to help him, but I need to do some fundraising!! Below, you can see what I’m offering in order to get him some help! :)

Tarot Readings:

- 3$ per card in a spread
- 20$ for a 10 card reading (saves you 10$)
- Choice between the Linestrider Tarot and the Hanson-Roberts Tarot
- Comes with pic of your spread
- Delivered via email or tumblr messenger, your choice

Pendulum Readings:

- 0.50$ per question
- Can answer yes/no questions and sometimes give initials depending on whether or not I can access them 
- Delivered via tumblr messenger

Energy Readings:

- 5$ per reading
- I basically tell you what your energy looks like and the vibe I get from it, etc
- 3-5 paragraphs typically 
- Delivered via tumblr messenger 

Reverse Adoptions:

- 5$ per RA
- For those interested in spirit work, this service connects you with an entity who would like to be a spirit companion
- If you would like to have your companion’s energy bound to a vessel, please provide the vessel and be ready to send me a picture of it (it just helps with communication, the spirit is not actually inside the vessel. it’s more like them donating a hair to serve as a taglock)
- I can also bind the taglock energy to your aura or not bind at all

If you are ordering a reading for Sunny, please let me know so I make sure it goes into the fund and doesn’t get mixed up in my regular readings! Message me to place an order ^^

All payments for services need to be sent up front through PayPal. I try to get all readings done within 24 hours, but please give me up to 72 hours in case of heavy volume. I will let you know if it will take longer in case you’d rather not wait :)

If for some reason I don’t end up having to pay for his vet stuff, or if the cost of the vet bill is less than what I make, the money made for this cause will go to my local SPCA nonprofit no-kill shelter. 


My readings are not a substitute for professional medical, psychological, financial, or law help. I am not a psychiatrist, psychologist, financial adviser, lawyer, or a professional in any way shape or form. I am just someone who loves divination and the like. Spiritual guidance is great in SUPPLEMENT to professional help, but it is not a SUBSTITUTE. I stand behind my work, but please take it with a grain of salt.


The 100 Tarot for @storyskein

part 1 * part 2 * part 3


🍑 Pastelia Town Tour 🍑


For when you’ve lost contact with a spirit and wish to reach out and set things right. Good for you spirit companions who fall out of touch and worry about the state of your relationship.

1) Signifier - Card to signify the spirit, can be pre-chosen if they already have a card to represent them. If multiple cards are drawn, the first is their original signifier while the rest are more representative of their current personality/energy.

2) Personality Changes - Any changes to the spirit’s personality since you last communicated.

3) Energy Changes

4) Overall State - How the spirit feels they’re doing currently.

5/6) Emotions Regarding Lack of Contact

7) Perspective - Their current perspective on you.

8) Current Health of Bond

9) Next Step - Where they wish to go from here.

Some tips: If you’re using a vessel, I would recommend placing it on the signifier card to help focus on their energy. Multiple cards can be drawn for any spot. Since emotions can run wild when it comes to fearing that they don’t like you anymore, I would highly recommend coming back to the spread after some time with a fresh perspective and calm energy, to reevaluate the results. Especially the last few cards. Your anxiety will easily create a bias here.