energy bra

what i want to see in the fall season four
  • stella gibson goes to a pilates class, but after a man says to her, “i love your sports bra. is it lululemon?” she leaves the room immediately.
  • stella gibson goes out to dinner with a man. she orders a porterhouse; he orders a salad. she orders the meat rare; he asks for dressing on the side, no croutons. she orders dessert; he forgoes. he gets the check; when he tries to kiss her outside of the restaurant afterward, she politely smiles and says, “i’d rather not.”
  • stella gibson offers to cook dinner for a woman as their first date. she makes osso buco with saffron risotto. the viewers can practically hear this woman’s panties drop while stella sucks the marrow out of the bone at the end of the meal. they have multiple more dates.
  • stella gibson receives an amazon prime package she can’t remember ordering. she opens it. inside is a high-end vibrator that she doesn’t already own. suddenly, she remembers having a few too many glasses of wine and making the poor decision to open her laptop last weekend. “again?” she says and only scolds herself for as long as it takes to get the thing out of its box.
  • who is allan cubitt? the world may never know.
  • stella gibson’s friend has a new baby. stella goes to visit and offers to do any household chores that the family may be neglecting. after throwing the laundry in and doing all the dishes, stella holds the baby while the rest of the family takes a much-needed nap. stella loves holding babies.
  • stella gibson blocks detective big ears’ number. apparently, he does not understand the concept of friendship. she wonders if any men do. she thinks they must not. what a miserable existence. 
  • stella gibson looks into that “lululemon” thing. it is ridiculously overpriced. it is also very pretty. she buys one of the energy bras and a pair of align pants, taking advantage of the complementary hemming. she spends one weekend never taking the leggings off.
  • stella gibson decides to make use of the free trial netflix keeps offering her. she’s heard good things about black mirror. she finds the first episode very, very humorous. she finds the rest of it too disturbing and terrifying, so she shuts those episodes off midway through and has to calm herself down. however, she likes “nosedive” and loves “san junipero” enough to watch it again. she does not continue a subscription beyond the free trial.
  • a friend of stella gibson’s tries to convince her that avocados are delicious. stella is unconvinced. on a whim, she tries avocado toast and hates it. however, when a beautiful woman hand-grinds homemade guacamole for her, she suddenly sees the appeal. 
  • stella gibson goes to the library. she picks up that new donna tartt novel, the goldfinch. stella wonders if donna tartt understands how plotting works or has ever read a novel other than her own.
  • jim burns was just a figment of everyone’s imagination 
  • stella gibson spends an evening dyeing her roots and watching football on tv. apparently, people find these men attractive. stella does not understand why. one of them removes his sweaty shirt. stella still does not understand why. she sees an advertisement for the united states’ national women’s team. suddenly, she understands. 
  • a man whom stella gibson saw many years ago, a man who owns a californian vineyard, sends her a package in the mail. inside is a vintage red wine named after her. she calls him to offer thanks, and he thanks her for the inspiration. she still has the bottle long after the wine is gone.
  • stella gibson is asked to be a bridesmaid. she says no. she attends the wedding in an immodest suit. later, she feels guilty for having taken so much attention away from the bride and wonders if that pale pink taffeta dress would’ve been a better idea. 
  • stella gibson briefly volunteers for a crisis hotline. after each shift, she ends up shaking with sobs. again, she only briefly volunteers.
  • reed is there and that is a good thing #fuckcroydon
  • a young niece of stella gibson’s offers her a friendship necklace, one with two halves of a heart. the cheap metal turns her skin green. she wears it underneath her dress shirts for months. 
  • stella gibson acquires a high quality vinyl record player from a colleague who was moving and needed to give away a few things. that day, she goes to a record store and purchases etta james’ tell mama. the sound is so impeccable that, upon listening to “i’d rather go blind,” stella sheds a few tears.
  • a friend convinces stella gibson to try self-serve frozen yogurt. stella gets the original tart flavor and tops it with all of the available fruit toppings, plus a few dark chocolate chips. stella absolutely loves it.
  • stella gibson leads another task force, this one at the met. a man quietly shames her with a joke and laughs about it with his colleagues. stella imagines herself as robin wright in the movie wonder woman and thinks of leaping off of a shield and using three arrows to kill all of them simultaneously. in actuality, she simply brings about all three of their wives’ lesbian awakenings. she did not do this on purpose.
  • stella gibson takes a vacation to the bahamas, not nassau but one of the quieter islands. she hikes a long distance through dense forest in order to find a silent, untouched beach. she floats on her back in the pristine water. she hasn’t seen a man in days. she feels free.

Bad quality but just watch this woman’s extension, ease and energy. Her name is Svetlana Zakharova, and she is an elite ballerina in the Bolshoi Ballet and La Scala Theatre Ballet. Yes, she has beautiful feet and legs, but it is the way she makes it look easy and full of energy that really makes this look gorgeous. It doesn’t require a great, cheesy smile, and she can’t hide behind a sparkly tutu. After years of training and perfecting these steps, it’d be a waste to just throw it all away by not presenting everything the way she does. And this is just her in 

Life Changers:

My guy got me the greatest Christmas present, a yoga mat from Lululemon called “The Mat” and this was me:


Tonight I had Core Yoga and this mat changed my life…I could almost hold plank for the full minute 2 times in a row! Lolz.

Second Life Changer:

When I went to swap the color or my awesome mat I just couldn’t resist a new sports bra that actually does the job:

The Energy Bra from Lulu was worth every penny…

Feeling good.