energy bra

Bad quality but just watch this woman’s extension, ease and energy. Her name is Svetlana Zakharova, and she is an elite ballerina in the Bolshoi Ballet and La Scala Theatre Ballet. Yes, she has beautiful feet and legs, but it is the way she makes it look easy and full of energy that really makes this look gorgeous. It doesn’t require a great, cheesy smile, and she can’t hide behind a sparkly tutu. After years of training and perfecting these steps, it’d be a waste to just throw it all away by not presenting everything the way she does. And this is just her in 

Life Changers:

My guy got me the greatest Christmas present, a yoga mat from Lululemon called “The Mat” and this was me:


Tonight I had Core Yoga and this mat changed my life…I could almost hold plank for the full minute 2 times in a row! Lolz.

Second Life Changer:

When I went to swap the color or my awesome mat I just couldn’t resist a new sports bra that actually does the job:

The Energy Bra from Lulu was worth every penny…

Feeling good.