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Musings of a Hunter: What Exactly is Void?

Out of the three elements of Light, none is more mysterious than Void. With the power to defend, destroy, and suppress, Void has been infamous as the element most unlike Light itself. While Solar and Arc are easy to identify (fire/plasma and electricity), Void still remains misunderstood by Guardians of other classes and even Void users themselves, some even accusing Void users of being as umbratic as the Darkness. So what exactly is Void?

“The universe is defined by fundamental forces. Beneath the world of light and matter lies the vacuum, and the vast dark secrets that it contains. In the understanding of this vacuum lies the secret of Void Light.”

In order to divine the nature of the Void, we must understand the power of the vacuum. The first point must be made on what exactly a vacuum is.

In 1929, Edwin Hubble discovered through observing galaxies, that their light was slightly shifted towards the red end of the spectrum due to the Doppler Effect (an effect known as “redshifting,” similar to how an ambulance’s wail becomes lower and lower pitched as it drives away from you). This redshift was the basis for Hubble’s theory on the expansion of the universe, which we now say is caused by dark energy. Dark energy, by current estimates, constitutes of 68.3% of the energy in the universe, and is the reason why our universe is expanding at an ever faster rate by the second.

While we do not know exactly what is the cause of dark energy, there are many theories. One of these theories is that what we refer to as “empty space” is not truly empty, and that empty space itself has an intrinsic amount of energy, and fluctuates and vibrates on its own. These fluctuations consist of what are called “virtual particles.” Virtual particles are particles that pop in and out of existence instantly and constantly, and are therefore not “real” in the way that electrons and photons and Higgs bosons are. These particles always consist of a particle and an anti-particle, which immediately combine and annihilate. While this theory may seem outlandish, it has been scientifically proven via the observation of the Casimir effect, in which two metal plates brought microns apart have an attractive force toward each other due to the decreased density of virtual particles between them.

The second point to be made is to where vacuums exist.

Intergalactic space is where most people assume that vacuums exist. However, what most people do not seem to realize that the atoms that make up all physical matter mostly consist of empty space.

If a hydrogen atom was blown up to the size of the Earth with the electron orbiting at the circumference, the singular proton in the center would be scaled approximately 200 meters, or 656 feet, across. While two American football fields seems large to us humans, it is a pittance compared to the size of the entire Earth. The only reason matter does not pass through itself is due to the repulsive electrostatic forces of the electrons orbiting in the outer edges of atoms, but this does allow powerful electromagnetic waves, such as x-rays and gamma rays to pass through matter.

So now that we understand the fundamental aspects of vacuum energy and virtual particles, how does that explain what Void is?

“Gifted with the Traveler’s Light, armed with the secret physics of a lost age, you will tear reality asunder.”

The power of Void is the power to manipulate density of virtual particles at the quantum level to exist at a localized part of spacetime. How this is done is due to the unexplainable exotic properties of Light and Darkness (to be covered at a later date), but this power allows the user to cause targets to disintegrate completely, as the empty space between and in atoms expands enough to completely deconstitute a target. That is why, when a Void ability or weapon kills someone, they disintegrate in a flurry of purple light. While the force required to rip apart atomic bonds requires energy, the act of doing so also releases energy as well, energy in the form of a purple halo of light along with electromagnetic waves of higher but invisible strength.

Wards of Dawn and Force Barriers for Defenders are really localized quantum fields with the powerful repulsive force of vacuum energy applied to it. This powerful repulsive force also passively ionizes the immediate air molecules around them, contributing to the Ward of Dawn’s smoky purple halo. However, this repulsive force has to be continually and consciously applied by the Guardian, so it can only handle the stress of small, simple projectiles like bullets and grenades and not complex ones like Guardians or extremely powerful ones like Golden Gun shots. Too much stress caused to the Guardian causes the Ward of Dawn to shatter.

Nova Bombs and all Void Grenades (except for Suppressor Grenades) contain the ambient vacuum energy in the immediate environment and concentrate it into either an explosion that forcibly rips apart molecules in a single go (Nova Bombs, Axion Bolts, and Scatter Grenades) or applies its disintegration effects slowly in a region (Vortex Grenades, Spike Grenades, Voidwall Grenades). Once again, the reaction of breaking molecular bonds between atmospheric molecules like O2 create a purple smoking effect around whatever medium the Void energy is being transferred.

Nightstalker Tethers, Smoke Bombs, and Suppressor Grenades have the least obvious mechanics out of the three types. While they all have the ability to disintegrate opponents completely, they also have the strange ability to suppress opponents of not just beings of Light, but with all biological organisms. It is possible that practitioners of Void abilities have somehow figured out how to manipulate brain, biological and positronic, chemistry and circuitry respectively, to lock out abilities entirely. Only disintegrating a few choice molecules so as to simply suppress and not outright destroy their target is a very powerful and curious ability, which lends to the theory that Light and the energy that it grants its users is intelligent in some form. A Guardian would have to have an extreme amount of willpower and concentration to do this on their own, yet novices can easily do this on the fly.

Extremely powerful and large beings (Ultra bosses), while not immune to the physical damage, are immune to the suppression effects of all three mediums. Theoretically, a Guardian could attain this level of resistance, but only if they were either large enough to, or had enough willpower to nullify the suppression.

So there you have it. The Void is not an entity you can speak to, or a realm where you walk, it is simply the empty space that exists all around us. An invisible, intangible but fundamental law of the universe. One of the most powerful forces to shape the cosmos, brought along by what we perceive with our own eyes to be empty space.

Remember, when you are feeling lonely, when you are feeling empty, when you feel like absolutely nothing, it is the essence of absolutely nothing that is one of the most powerful, and far reaching source of energy in the universe.

This is Farad-7, signing off. Have a good day, Guardians.

Aspects between the Sun and Moon are very important. The Sun represents the Solar Ego, the individuality. The Moon represents the personality and the subconscious self. The lunar forces rule the form side of life. The solar forces rule the vitality that flows into the magnetic field from the etheric field of energy. The Sun rules the constitutional strength; the Moon rules the functional strength. In judging health and longevity these two energies will be the key. When the Moon is afflicted and the Sun has no afflictions the body may be weak and troublesome but the vitality coming into the body will keep it going. When the Sun is afflicted and the Moon is not afflicted the person may appear healthy but has not the vital force to stay in the body unless he builds his vital forces.
—  Isabel Hickey