Energy beam coming from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun.

The site includes the largest Pyramid structure in the world - The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun with its height of over 220 meters is much higher than the Great Pyramid of Egypt (147 meters). It has the most precise orientation towards Cosmic North with the error of 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds.
The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is completely covered by rectangular concrete blocks. The properties of the concrete are far superior to modern concrete materials. The pyramids are covered by soil 12,000 years old. Radiocarbon dating confirms that the Bosnian Pyramids are also the oldest known Pyramids on the planet. Beneath the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids there is an extensive underground tunnel and chamber network which runs for a total of more than ten miles. Ceramic sculptures have been discovered in the underground Labyrinth with a mass of up to 20,000 pounds which makes them the largest found so far from the Ancient World. In the underground Labyrinth, there are three chambers and a small blue lake. Energy screening shows that the ionization level is 43 times higher than the average concentration outside which makes the underground chambers into “Healing Rooms”. 

A team of physicists detected an Energy beam coming through the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. The radius of the beam is 4.5 meters with a frequency of 28 kHz.  The beam is continuous and its strength grows as it moves up and away from the Pyramid. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of Physic and Technology. This is the first proof of non-herzian technology on the Planet. It seems that the Pyramid-builders created a perpetual motion machine a long time ago and this “Energy Machine” is still working. 


Attention Witchlings

As you know, the Blue Moon is due on July 31st. Celebrate this wonderous celestial event by making and consuming Lavender Moon Tea. Using store bought lavender tea or even better, freshly dried lavender, you can create an earthy tea that will stimulate the senses, and calm your body on this peaceful night. Purify your water (or use filtered water) and put it in a non metalic bowl. leave it in the moonlight the night before the Blue moon, and let it sit for up to six hours.(circle the bowl with Moonstones, Amethyst, or Quartz crystal). A special spell of your choice (optional)- can be said over the Moon Water. Boil the moon water and steep in the Lavender for aprox six minutes or until dark. Can be sweetened with fresh (local) honey or raw sugar.

While the Federal-Aid Highway Act was signed into law by President Eisenhower in 1956, how much progress has actually been made over the last century in the production and use of hybrid electric vehicles?

Image Credit: “ Several electric cars charging in downtown Toronto” by Ride and Drive. CC BY SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Ceiling Fan Tips

4 General Rules:

  1. The direction of the fan is determined by you looking up at it.
  2. During the summer months the fan should be blowing straight down (blades turning counter-clockwise) to help cool you off via a wind chill effect. Fan speed should be on medium or high.
  3. During the winter months the fan speed should be set to low and reversed (blades turning clockwise) to help draw room air up towards the ceiling and force the warm air out and down.
  4. A ceiling fan is just like a light, it won’t do you much good if you are not in the room so make sure you turn it off if you are leaving the room for any length of time.

Your heart actually communicates to every other heart electromagnetically. All of our hearts are “talking” to one another right now in electromagnetic pulses. We are immersed in each other’s expanding heart-bubbles. Imagine this, picture it, give energy to it and you will see what kind of impact you have all the time. Every single beat of your heart sends out an electro-magnetic, 360 degree, spherical bubble at the speed of light (an electromagnetic pulse 186,300 miles per sec.). Sacred Geometry

Mastering Your Inner Shadows: Taking Unbiased Personal Inventory

I have heard many times from people I know that they just can’t be happy. The line I have been given most often is ‘If only ____ would change’ or ‘I hate my life. How can I be happy when everything sucks?’

These, forgive me for speaking so bluntly, are excuses. There is only one thing barring any of us from being happy, and that is ourselves. Everything else is only an excuse, and only ever will be. There are many ways to arrive at your own happiness, and countless more to make it, but if ever a person blames a place, an action, another person, or anything other than themselves for their unhappiness, they are only lying to themselves. All emotions and reactions start with you, and ultimately that means they can only end with you. This sounds a lot harsher and colder than it really is, but please be patient as I explain this:

Now mind you, this is not a truth everyone is ready to hear or accept, and that is perfectly fine. All paths lead home, so no worries there. For some people, the idea of taking blame themselves, or admitting that they are the ultimate cause of their own unhappiness or actions and reactions, is just too large of a leap at present. After all, to accept this reality is to accept that there is truly nobody else to blame for your actions and state of mind aside from yourself. That is a tough pill to swallow! Believe me, I know!

I don’t want anyone reading this and thinking ‘sure you can say that. You must not have ever experienced anything significantly traumatic, painful, or unfair.’ The truth is, this is the opposite. In fact, I have experienced my share of horrific things, and been treated poorly by people I thought I should be able to trust. I was miserable, and blamed everyone around me for it, but this only made me feel worse. It was time for a change, because I could not bear the idea that I was never truly happy. Here is what I did:

First, I came to the understanding that if I wanted to be happy and content, I was going to have to make it myself. It would not be handed to me, or given to me via chemical cocktails. Fake it until you make it, if you will. This was my stepping stone to the practice I have learned to adapt to my life now. When I felt down, I would smile and laugh, and do something to distract the thoughts. It worked to a degree, but always fell apart.

That made me want to give up as it seemed a failure, but I was not willing to continue to suffer. I decided to start taking time each day, first thing in the morning, then again before bed, to evaluate my mind, my day, and my mood. In doing this I could analyze my own patterns, the events of the day, and my own reactions to everything that happened. This started to show me some patterns I had, and that was rather ugly to look at. That being said, honesty and frankness are very much required for this.

I began listing my reactions and the triggers, then looked at what my part was in the situation. It always ended the same – it all boiled down to me. I was the one reacting and holding onto grudges and hate. The more I did this, the more I started to see why. Something would happen that felt like an attack against me, and whether it was intentionally so or not, it was me who blew up and refused to move past the issue after it had passed. I even reacted adversely to injustices I would see in the world, and it further rooted my hate for humanity as a whole. That was the first thing I knew had to go.

I started inventorying every reaction, thought, and feeling that floated across my mind. This was very tiring, but was also the only way I knew I could learn to change my behaviors and emotions. I started getting better and better at realizing when I was taking things to offense for no reason, and stopped my behavior, apologizing immediately and stating what I had done wrong. This was not easy, and it used to annoy me to do so. However, the more I did this, the easier it became. My mind started to retrain to process faster when I was overreacting, and even more when a feeling or emotion was a passing glitch.  Not all of my feelings were triggered by anything, but rather were stray intrusive thoughts and energies. This made it easier to break it down to an unfounded, illogical reaction to nothing, and dismiss it quicker. I found that my anger, rage, depression, distrust, fear, and misery were all my creations, and as such, within my realm to dismiss.

Allow me add this now, as I know it will be misinterpreted by some; I would have misinterpreted it myself if I heard this from someone else before: This method does not get rid of emotion, reactions, or anything of the like. It helps you see patterns, and detect when you are slipping, and allows you to correct it before it gets out of hand. It helps you find your peace, center, and/or happiness, and keep it in spite of unfavorable events or people. This does not make you perfect, and as such you should never punish yourself for mistakes, or for not properly executing your practice.

A situation, person, action, or any other external force can be the catalyst to your feelings and thoughts, but it is always your choice how you process these experiences. No person or action is ever capable of making a person do or hold onto something in any manner. You are allowed to feel, and you will always do that. As such, reactions and mistakes are perfectly natural and normal, but if a person holds onto the painful, offensive, or any other action or energy, that is always their choice – conscious or subconscious – it is always your choice to continue to suffer.

There will be times where you just want to feel the emotions, or where you have to just emote all over the place – logical or otherwise. This is perfectly fine! You did not fail, you are not a fuck up, and you are not doing anything wrong. This method is just to help you find your center again, even after you fall to pieces. It helps you to find your role in everything that happens in and around your life. It helps you take responsibility for your life, mind, spirit, and reactions, and thus learn to behave more balanced and harmoniously with yourself and your world around you.

In no way is this to shame people who are intense, emotive, or reactive, but this is just a guideline for those who are tired of feeling stuck in their own emotional prisons. This is for those who want to seek the Truth, not their own renditions of what ‘truth’ is. Remember, truths are relative – they are always variant from person to person, belief to belief, and that is fine. This is just designed to help you learn to simply be and observe the world and its experiences, without judging, condemning, or getting bogged down in it.

Once you master your mind, your emotions, you can then learn how to step back and view any incident and experience from an external observer view – you can more easily see everything, both amazing and atrocious, from both sides of the fence. It affords a certain degree of freedom and understanding, though it may do little to dispel your disappointments in decisions, and even less in halting your compassions and empathies for those suffering. This is designed to help you grow and learn, and to understand and empathize with everyone and everything that dwells here with you, not stop you from feeling in general. You may find yourself fall back into old patterns on occasion, but you will also find that it gets easier and easier to see yourself falter, and to correct it when you are ready to.

This is my method – to understand myself, my mind, my emotions, and how I relate to my environment, and better control and manage my way of being and interacting with it. It helps me to balance myself, and in doing so, allows me to then go and separate the emotional and egotistical components from anything I choose to study. This lets me unbiasedly examine myself and every corner of my mentality, and then fix the problems I find. As such, I can apply those principles and practices to my studies of people, the environment, and the creatures I share this world with. It is a new freedom and compassion that I never thought I was capable of.

You are not required to agree with me, you may even think this is ridiculous, but this has been an amazing journey for me personally, and I simply wish to share it with any who are interested. As always, you are free to come to me with any questions or comments, but leave the unnecessary hate at the door.


How Do We Get Energy From Trash?

As we move towards a more sustainable future, what other energy sources should we be using?

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Vector Equilibrium - most Primary Geometric Energy Array in the Cosmos.

The underlying structure of the Torus is the Vector Equilibrium, or “VE”. It is the blueprint by which Nature forms Energy into Matter. It is referred to as a “VE” because it is the only Geometric Form where all Forces are equal and balanced. The Energy lines (vectors) are of equal length and strength. They represent the Energy of Attraction and Repulsion, like you can feel with magnet.

You can’t actually observe the “VE” in the Material world because it is the Geometry of Absolute Balance. What we experience on Earth is always expanding toward and contracting away from Absolute Equilibrium. Like a wave arising from the surface of a tranquil sea, a Material form is born (unfolds) from the Plenum (Fullness) of Energy (ironically, referred to as “the Vacuum) and dies (enfolds) back into it. The “VE” is like the imaginable - yet invisible - Mother of all the Shapes and Symmetries we see in the World.

The Spiritual Nature of Hair

“Our hair fashions might be just a trend, but if we investigate, we may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality.” –Yogi Bhajan

Consider the possibility that the hair on your head is there to do more than just look good. Man is the only creature who grows longer hair on his head as he grows into adulthood. Left uncut, your hair will grow to a particular length and then stop all by itself at the correct length for you. From a yogic perspective, hair is an amazing gift of nature that can actually help raise the Kundalini energy (creative life force), which increases vitality, intuition, and tranquility.

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It’s #wildlifewednesday on #mypubliclandsroadtrip in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska

The BLM-managed National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is unlike anything else in the world.  Rich in resources, it is an incredible place of shallow wetlands, deep lakes, beaded streams, deep open lakes and tundra. The BLM is developing a Regional Mitigation Strategy to effectively mitigate impacts from energy development within the NPR-A.  What resources will benefit?  Brown and polar bears, walrus, small game and birds just to name a few.

About 90 bird species, primarily migratory, are found annually in the NPR-A. The yellow billed loon winters in the Yellow Sea region and nests here; it’s very rare and being considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act.  A few species - including rock and willow ptarmigan, common raven, gyrfalcon, and snowy owl - live in the NPR-A year round.

There are also impressive herds of caribou in the NPR-A.  The Teshekpuk Caribou Herd is an important subsistence resource to the residents of Atqasuk, Barrow, Nuiqsut and Wainwright in the NPR-A.  The primary range of the Teshekpuk Caribou Herd is the North Slope west of the Colville River.  And the Western Arctic Caribou Herd contributes to the subsistence needs of about 40 villages in northwestern Alaska.  

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