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Glow in the dark orgonite with mother of pearl chips. Wrapped in sterling .925 and fine .999 silver. Handmade.

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Our apartment desperately needed a good cleansing today. So while Dom was eating lunch i cleansed our space to the divine music of Justin Timberlake. My version of Sexy Back. ‘I’m bringing good vibes back, yep. Those bad vibes they so wack, Yep’ little babe, you see your Mumma she’s got lots of sage.’ It feels better in here already. Now time to start my Tarot readings for the day. #divine #soul #energy #crystal #angel #spiritual #spirit #sacred #tarot #smudge #sage #cleansing #sacredspace


Solar #Energy in the United States: A Decade of Record Growth - #solarpower

Science in Sport GO Isotonic Energy.

Iv posted about these gels before they are great to have in your kit. One main advantage of them is you do not need to have them with water.

They give you just enough of an energy boost when you need it. I carry x2 in HPG kit bag while out on SAR and a couple more in my pack.

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Can animals talk? If you think they don’t, you should see this.

How Does The World Really Work? The Universal Truth That Nobody Told You

The world does not work the way we have been led to believe - by our governments, by our mainstream media, by our politicians, by our corporations, by our financial institution, by our military, by our school. We are living with so much misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, half-truths and …(read more)

Heating houses with ‘nerd power’ - BBC News:

All computers produce heat, but computer servers produce a lot of heat - so much that it usually costs a fortune to cool them down.

So why isn’t this heat used instead to keep homes or offices warm? Actually, “nerd power” is already being tried out.

Ask Jerry van Waardhuizen about his new radiator and you get an excited response. “I’m very enthusiastic,” he says. “It’s a beautiful thing.” The sleek white box, which has been hugging his wall for two weeks, looks nice enough as radiators go. But what’s really got Waardhuizen excited is what’s going on inside.

Instead of hot water, it contains a computer connected to the internet, doing big sums and kicking out heat in the process. It was created by a Dutch start-up called Nerdalize, and could be part of a solution to a big problem for the tech industry.

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