energon cube

I want to see Megatron struggling with his guilt over Orion. I want those memories to resurface after Optimus gets amnesia. I want to see Megatron missing those days before the war, when everything was easier.

I want to see Starscream reminiscing over his trine, over old friends taken by the war. I want him to question Megatron not just because of his own lust for power, but because he wonders if the war can ever truly end if Megatron is in power.

I want to see Knock Out and Breakdown sharing drinks together, telling stories about old flames, or maybe about that surgery they just got out of? I want Knock Out to comfort Breakdown when he talks about the Wreckers. I want to see Knock Out, believing he’s alone after Breakdown’s death, drinking alone. I want Starscream to come to him, understanding, and just share a drink.

I want to see Airachnid remembering all the people she’s killed, and feeling her chest tighten. I want her to scream and throw an energon cube at the wall when she thinks about Arcee, then compose herself when a soldier appears at her door, but she’s barely holding it together.

I want to see Soundwave at Megatron’s side, a hand on the warlord’s shoulder. He knows what he’s going through––what they’re all going through––because war isn’t easy. War takes a toll.

I want to see Vehicons/Eradicons comforting each other in the darkest of times, holding funerals for every fallen comrade, hoping beyond hope that they’ll live to see the end of the war.

I want to see Shockwave, a victim of empurata and shadowplay, standing in his lab. He knows he can reverse the shadowplay. He can make himself feel again. But should he?

I want to see Dreadwing holding a small funeral for his brother. I want Megatron to sincerely mourn Dreadwing following his death and question his own decision. I want to see him honor a good soldier.

We’ve seen the Autobots’ soft sides––their human sides––now what about the Decepticons?

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Does energon has "flavors"? Like some having a more "metallic" taste or something like that? Or do Cybertronians even have "taste buds"? If so, is it a privilege to have taste buds because some cybertronians have masks instead mouths.

To answer your second question first, according to G1 Streetwise’s original profile, Transformers are built with seven standard senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, short-range radiowave transmission, magnetic sensitivity, and electric sensitivity. The exclusion of taste is in-keeping with the overly “robotic” way early G1 handled the physiology of its characters in comparison to a lot of modern media, but even back then it was a bit questionable, as there are plenty of examples of Transformers chowing down on Energon cubes - and other things - and remarking on the “taste” of them. But, perhaps what we perceive as them “tasting” something is just the infusion of the energy of energon triggering their electric/magnetic senses - take the Insecticons, for example, remarking on how the metal of Autobot City is “a little heavy on the electrons” as they chomp through it in The Transformers: The Movie. That sounds like it could be “electric sensitivity” masquerading as “taste,” right? As such, the presence or not of a “mouth” doesn’t really matter for “tasting.”

So to go from that to your first question, we can definitely say that different types of fuel “taste” a different way to Transformers. And yes, there are instances of different types of energon tasting different ways: in MTMTE, Ratchet remarked that unfiltered energon “tastes disgusting,” for example. When asked, Vector Prime said: “Energon Z is one of the most potent blends I have ever imbibed. Stanixian energon wine has a subtle bouquet of janquore that I find quite delightful.” He didn’t like Red Energon at all, though. It the Transformers: Exodus novel, Megatron felt that “the taste of Dark Energon was sweet.”

To all my Cybertronian friends!
Many of you have asked me about my tasty Energon cubes. And though at first I felt like being selfish and keeping it to myself. I shared the information with a few select friends.
But I have now decided that it would be wrong to not share this . I know how nostalgic it feels to drink from an actual cube.
So ….
Go to a store with a floral department. You can find them there along with other receptacles for organic and non organic plants. Fill them up with your favorite grade of Energon and enjoy.

Please reply to me with your pictures I want to see this spread everywhere!!!!!


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Headcanons for IDW Brainstorm, Rodimus, Drift, Fort Max, TFP Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, and Smokescreen having to chase and catch their bot s/o because they are upset/crying over something the other has said (and obviously didn't mean) and trying to calm them down please and thank you :)


‘Oh slag,’ thinks Brainstorm. ‘Oh slag.’ He sees you running away from him and his spark seizes (no, no, not again, can’t lose them.) After a moment of being frozen with panic he searches for you, finding you curled up in a corner. He’s not too good with feelings, but he apologizes and promises he didn’t mean it. Please come back to the habsuite with him? He’d like to talk it out there… You agree, and he clings to you the whole way back.

Rodimus has a habit of putting his foot in his mouth. He whispers a curse to himself and breaks into a sprint after you. “Babe- I didn’t mean it, you know what a blockhead I can be!” Once you finally stop running he apologizes, hugging you close and swaying back and forth until your tears stop.

Drift is usually careful with his words, and he’s kicking himself for upsetting you. He goes back over what he said while he gives you time to cool down. He thinks about how he said it, possible reasons it upset you, and how could’ve has said it differently. Once he works it out he finds you and takes you back to his habsuite, where he gives you a cube of energon and a well thought-out apology as he holds you.

Fort Max feels like slag. Making you cry has officially made him The Worst Person Ever.™ He chases after you and practically begs for forgiveness- he’s so sorry, he didn’t mean it- but that’s no excuse, please let him make it up to you!- you shush him and explain why you were upset. The two of you grab drinks from Swerve’s and then go snuggle in berth. Max gives you lots of kisses.


Ultra Magnus does not know how to deal. He’s so used to standing on ceremony that some things he says come off as insensitive (okay, a lot) and he just doesn’t realize it. There’s a chance he won’t know why you got upset. He finds you and asks what’s wrong, and when you tell him he acts a bit surprised. Then it hits him and he feels bad. His apology is a bit awkward and long-winded, but he never once tries to give an excuse. He asks you to please come back to base with him.

Wheeljack is angry at both himself and you at first. Why are you so sensitive? Why are relationships so complicated? Why is he such an aft-head? He spends most of the day training to blow off steam, and you don’t see him much. But that night he shows up at the base with a huge bouquet of flowers and some high-grade, ready to apologize. 

Smokescreen probably told a bad joke. As soon as you start crying he frantically apologizes “Oh no no, it wasn’t funny, I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry, my jokes are awful!” He falls to his knees and hugs your legs. “I’m sorry I’m awful I made you cry I won’t do it again please don’t cry I love you-” It makes a huge scene and Ratchet asks you to please take your relationship troubles somewhere else, he’s trying to work!


Energon cubes by Moko
Via Flickr:
LEGO Decepticons.

Okay so Idk if its canon or a fandom invention/headcanon that Sideswipe and Sunstreaker  have half sparks and literally share one spark, and with that comes a really deep bond, but thinking about that bond is amazing.

Like what they could do with it is so awesome??

Someone is having a conversation with Sideswipe and they don’t know that he’s secretely relaying everything they’re saying to Sunstreaker, or pretending to listen while he instead talks to his twin.

Or when one of them is having a serious conversation with someone in command or getting in trouble the other is making jokes across the bond or sending a ‘tickling’ or a funny feeling along the bond.

Cause they can send and feel each others emotions right?

Sideswipe’s armour fluffs out when he feels anger or irriation coming from Sunstreaker’s half of the spark

Sometimes Sunstreaker has to hold back laughter or smiles in public because Sideswipe is telling him a funny story or joke over the bond.

When one is in the brig or on boring work duty the other will watch a tv show or read something and ‘send’ it over to their twin.

Like literal bond live streaming.

They can ‘give’ each other emotions or feelings. Sunstreaker’s feeling angry or violent, Sideswipe will esstentially suck it out of him and send back love and calmness.

Sideswipe is getting fidgety and bored from having to sit still, Sunstreaker will send over stabilty and try to distract him from the itch that makes it uncomfortable for him to sit still for too long,

They feel each others pain

One of them gets injured on the battlefield, the other feels it and the added sorrow of their twin getting hurt is pure agony .

They can also transfer or send the feeling, taste or texture of something. 

Sideswipe suddenly perks up during monitor duty because Sunstreaker is consuming something delicious.

Or on patrol Sideswipe will send Sunstreaker image captures of landcapes he thinks his twin would like to draw or paint.

They do things in sync without even thinking about it.

Whether its talking, picking up energon cubes at the same time, or sitting down at the same time

It hurts when they are away from each other. They aren’t made to be apart, and it’s agony when they are.

Sideswipe sings songs over the bond, and Sunstreaker will find himself absently humming along to whatever it is he’s singing.

Their sparks are very small, concerningly smaller than the average spark size, but they still have one of the strongest, most stable bonds Cybertron has ever seen. Deeper than any amica or conjunx bond.

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Okay but that Yandere scenario with K.O. Can you imagine Breakdown finding a scared human crying in the medbay? He's just like... "K.O what the frag did you do?" From other room. "I kidnapped that human I like!" "Knockout it was a joke." "Welp you were gone. Its a good wax job." Not so subtly trying to return the human but he just wants to protect them and keep them safe cause their so squishy and soft. Just accidently becomes Yandere? K.O and Breakdown tag teaming Yanderes. Transformers-4-life

“I’m sorry, you did WHAT now?” Breakdown asked his partner incredulously as Knock Out continued to pretend to be interested in his datapad.

“You heard me the first time, Breakdown,” Knock Out replied casually, tapping away at the screen nonchalantly and purposefully avoiding making eye contact.

“I was joking,” Breakdown cried exasperatedly. “You had to know I was just joking! You can’t just kidnap a human and keep them here!”

“I don’t plan on keeping them here,” Knock Out returned in annoyance with a sardonic click of his glossa.  “Not forever anyway.  They’ll be a fun little distraction for the time being, though.”

“And what happens when the novelty of having your own personal pit crew member wears off?” Breakdown prodded irritably.  He didn’t like the small, sinister little grin he got in response.

“Tell you what,” Knock Out said, setting aside his datapad, “why don’t you go to the medbay and see them for yourself.  It might give you an appreciation for why I did what I did.”

“You’re out of your mind,” Breakdown muttered as he turned and walked out of their shared habsuite.  He made his way down the dark, adjoining corridor that led to Knock Out’s laboratory.  

The first thing he noticed upon his entry was the large, empty energon cube sitting upside-down on the operating table.  Inside sat Knock Out’s latest fascination, their back pressed tightly against one corner and hugging their knees to their chest, trying to appear as small as possible.  Breakdown caught the faint, startled gasp  as he made his way over toward the cube.  He stopped when he reached the table to peer directly in the human’s frightened, tear-filled optics.  All in all, they made a rather pitiful sight.

Gently, he lifted the cube away and carefully picked up the small, trembling creature in both hands.  The human whimpered in fear, backing away from Breakdown as far as his hold would allow and pressing themselves against his fingers.  He got a much better look at their face as they lifted their wide-eyed, watery gaze towards him.  Knock Out was right.  They did have pretty eyes.

“Please don’t kill me,” they pleaded, barely above a whisper.  “I-I won’t tell anybody about this place – a-about you.  Please.  Just let me go…”  Even with their voice strained and breaking in places, Breakdown could recognize the soft, musical quality in it.  He sighed slightly, feeling an odd surge of pity for this strange, helpless creature.

“Nobody’s going to kill you,” he said in what he hoped was a reassuring tone.  Not yet anyway.  “My partner – the one who took you – he wants you here so he can have his own personal buffer on call.  He’s got no interest in hurting you.  Just do what he says and everything will be fine.”

The human shifted themselves in his hold, folding their legs neatly under them and leaning forward slightly with their hands on their knees.  “And- and if I do that for him- if I do like what I’ve been doing back at the car wash… he’ll let me go?” they asked with cautious optimism.

Breakdown swallowed slightly.  He fumbled with his words as he looked helplessly down at this tiny, fragile creature in his hands.  They were looking up at him with such hope, such wide-eyed innocence.  He felt a twinge of sympathy for them in his spark.  He suddenly had the strange urge to protect this pure, precious little human – to keep them safe from anything that would harm them – to hold them against his chest and whisper to them that everything would be alright.

He sighed and gently brushed a loose strand of hair behind their ear.  The human flinched slightly, but didn’t react otherwise.  “Yeah, sure thing,” he replied softly.  “I won’t let anything happen to you here.  You’ll be safe.  I promise.”

The human’s face lit up in a grateful smile that sent a strange wave of warmth coursing through his circuits.  They were definitely lovely for a human.  He hadn’t really noticed before with all the frightened whimpers and the tears, but as they gazed up at him with that radiant smile, the tears still glistening on their cheeks, Breakdown realized exactly how Knock Out must have felt the first time he laid eyes on them.

He stroked the top of their head with one finger as he offered them a reassuring smile in return.  “I have to go, but I’ll see what I can do to help you.”  He carried them over to Knock Out’s desk, forgoing the cube entirely, and placed them carefully down on a clean, discarded rag.  “I’ll be back to see you again soon,” he said as he began to make his way towards the door.

“Wait!”  He stopped as he heard the voice call out behind him.  He turned his head to peer back over his shoulder.  “W-what’s your name?” the human fumbled nervously.

He hesitated for a moment.  “It’s Breakdown,” he replied finally, slipping out the door and shutting it behind him with a soft whoosh.  He jolted in surprise as he was met with a familiar pair of glowing red optics just on the other side.

Knock Out smiled triumphantly, as he leaned casually against the door frame.  “Told you,” he said with a smug, menacing chuckle.

Uh, I had a thought to share. Typing it out made it grow. Oops.


Prowl loves a good strategy game. As a matter of fact, he’s consistently in the top scoring position on the most difficult strategy games available in Teletraan I′s vast collection.

Then he’s out of contact for a week or so on a mission, diplomatic in nature, uneventful but necessary, and unable to play. When he returns, he settles in that evening to wind down with a round or two of his favorite game. His shock is tremendous when he discovers his name replaced in the coveted top spot by none other than Sideswipe, a mech who only started playing shortly after Prowl left on that mission. A quick check shows even his most obscure game preferences have his name bumped down into the number two slot, all of them under Sideswipe.

Is this a glitch? Have the games been hacked? Or is Sideswipe somehow in possession of a much keener strategic mind than anyone ever gave him credit for?

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I saw that requests were open and I hope you don"t mind! How would tfp autobots react to a teen reader (13-16) who acted very mature and motherly to them?

I don’t mind at all, anon!  This is really cute!  :)

Optimus:  He’s quietly amused by your motherly treatment, but he’d never say anything out loud.  After all, not many people would see the military leader of a group of giant, sentient, alien robots as someone to look after, but he secretly finds the fact that you rather charming.  He understands what it’s like to feel parental and protective of those around him, so he understands your desire to keep him safe (even if he’s perfectly capable of doing so himself).  This sets off something of a chain reaction.  The more nurturing you act towards him, the more he’s going to become protective of you. You’re far too good and precious for this world, and he’s going to defend you with his very spark if need be.

Ratchet:  Acts like he doesn’t care (spoilers: he totally cares!)  While he might scoff and roll his optics when you act all motherly towards him, (he’s hardly a sparkling after all.  If anything, he’d be your parental figure) he secretly likes the attention.  He works hard every day and sometimes keeping the Autobots all in tip top shape can be a bit of a thankless task.  He appreciates your kindness and compassion, and the fact that you’re very mature for your age.  Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else take care of him for awhile, even if it’s just to remind him to recharge after all long day.

Bumblebee:  He thinks it’s adorable the way you care about him.  He tries not to worry you though; he doesn’t like for you to get upset over him.  (No, no, see? It’s fine!  It’s just a little scratch!  Ratchet will have it patched up in no time!)  Even though you’re still very young by human standards, he always listens closely to what you have to say and treats you with the same respect he would other adults.  He likes it when you see him off before he goes on a mission.  He always seems to fight a little better when he knows you have a nice, warm cube of energon waiting for him when he gets back.

Arcee: It’s like a competition to see who can be the best mom.  She’ll be in the middle of briefing you about safety during a mission and you’ll chime in with something like “Arcee, that wire there looks like it’s leaking some energon.  Maybe you ought to go and see Ratchet?”  Arcee’s not quite sure what to make of you sometimes.  (Like, no, human.  You cannot be my mom.  I am your mom!  What is happening??)  You’re good for her though, as sometimes she has trouble following her own advice. Yes, Arcee, getting enough sleep is important for young humans, I agree.  But you haven’t recharged in two days!  Go to berth this instant!

Bulkhead:  He gets a little flustered over all the kindness you show him, but only because he’s not really used to it.  Don’t get him wrong, the Wreckers and the other Autobots are like his family, but nobody’s ever brought him a giant heated blanket after a mission before, or offered to buff those hard to reach spots.  He’s so grateful to have you in his life.  It’s nice to know someone’s always looking out for him the way you do.  He’ll gladly return the favor as well.  If you ever needed anything, Bulkhead’s at your side in an instant.  He wants to make sure you don’t feel like he’s taking advantage of your kindness.  

Wheeljack:  He thinks the idea of a tiny human worrying over a giant, sword-wielding Wrecker is beyond hilarious.  He doesn’t say this out loud though, in case he accidentally hurt your feelings, or embarrassed you, or even worse made you stop.  Because, while he doesn’t necessarily think he needs looking after, he absolutely loves the attention.  He smiles just a bit wider when you ask him about his day, or offer to come along to help on a mission.  But it’s more than just the things you do for him that make him happy; he really does care about you a great deal.  After all, where would he be without his little Earth buddy?  It warms his spark to think about how much you mean to him and he’s gonna do his utmost to keep you safe from harm.

Smokescreen:  He gets a little embarrassed sometimes when you mother him.  “Oh, come on!  Not you too! I already get all that from Optimus!” (He thinks it’s cute when you cross your arms and huff whenever he says something like this.  They’re just trying to look after you, you aft!)  But deep down, much as he’d hate to admit it, he knows you’re right about certain things.  Okay, maybe trying to do 80mph in a 45mph zone wasn’t the best idea…  He kind of admires your moxie, and appreciates that you’ll push back on certain things with him, even if he grumbles at the time. At least one of you is good at keeping you both out of trouble.

Ultra Magnus:  “Good luck,” you call out to him one day before he leaves for a mission.  He turns around in surprise and stares down at you, causing you to avert your eyes.  “Um, sir,” you add quietly.  He balks for a moment, unused to anyone showing him concern over such a routine thing. “…Thank you.”  He quickly becomes very fond of you.  It’s such a relief to have someone as mature and responsible as you around base, knowing that he doesn’t have to worry about coming home to a burned out pile of rubble.  He enjoys talking with you about his work and loves that you don’t get bored or crack annoying jokes like Smokescreen and Miko do.  The only time this bot ever smiles is when you’re around, much to the others’ surprise (Holy frag!  He actually CAN smile?!?!?)  He refers to you as his unofficial deputy.  Ultra Magnus often wishes the others could be as reliable as you (*coughcoughSmokescreencoughcough*)

What I really want to write is Sideswipe as a youngling who’s a literal scavenger scattering through the remains of cities early war. The Autobots spot him and are concerned because ‘holy crap that youngling is scaling that crumbling building COME HERE’. Sideswipe doesn’t want to go with the Autobots even when they offer him a proper place to stay and actual full cubes of energon because he’s looking for Sunstreaker. He’s a fucking fantastic climber and will scale anything. Literal Nathan Drake.

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This is weird but I need it but can you do dad! Headcanons for Optimus (IDW), Skyfire, and a mom headcanon Nautica? The baby can be organic or a sparkling! Your choice! :D

Oh my god this sounds adorable alright here we go


  • His answer to every question his baby asks about his rules is basically “because I said so” but phrased in a way that implicates his prime status
  • The kid can stay up as late as they want, bedtime is not enforced, but there is absolutely no snacking. Kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar will lose a hand.
  • When it’s really little he alters his boob windows so he can pull a soundwave and keep it in his chest
  • Cliffjumper once started a “this baby little YEET” joke and pretended to throw the baby and Cliffjumper was literally picked up and thrown because of it goodbye CJ
  • He’s basically the Final Pam with his son. Takes him into dangerous situations without thinking about it, whoops, if baby gets hurt somehow everyone dies
  • “what do babies like……………………………..basketball?”
  • Goes to important confidential meetings with the beb asleep in his arms


  • The first three times he tried picking up his beb he did it wrong. So wrong. Skyfire pls
  • The baby has never once slept in its crib or own berth, Skyfire is too much a cuddler he sees that bab get so much as Drowsy and he’s picking them up
  • Little babby joins him in his winter hibernation, it’s adorable
  • Spoils his kid, but not rotten. Bebby can have what it wants, but knows better than to assume they are naturally inclined to own the thing
  • Whenever he picks up his kid he absentmindedly starts rubbing the spot on their back between their wings; does it on purpose when he needs to calm them down
  • He has absolutely done the thing where you toss the baby in the air, but he ain’t slackin, he would n e v e r drop his child
  • “i know it looks like just an energon cube, but here comes the airplane!”


  • She thinks that now that she has a baby she needs to start posting wine mom memes
  • Intense Scientific Answers to simple questions
  • Takes her baby on a lot of trips to bodies of water and lets them have free boat rides
  • She gets really good at fixing stuff. She’s the champion of hot-gluing and welding anything that gets broken back together
  • Someone bought her baby a tacky sea-captain’s hat and she put safety goggles on her child and use the opportunity to teach them about fire safety by lighting the hat on fire
  • Not the best at understanding how baby minds work, sometimes acts as if they are much older than they are
  • Everyone assumes she’s going to leave a bottle of high grade somewhere the bibby can get it but no. Like she’s going to waste good high-grade on a bab. Puh-lease.
  • Has her baby help with science experiments from a very young age.

BONUS ROUND: all three as a set of parents to one:

  • Bad plan
  • good parents but styles of parenting too different
  • Baby asks about a thing and Nautica starts answering before Optimus just says “is the will of the primes” and she wants to Fight
  • Skyfire keeps giving the baby energon snacks when it doesn’t need those!! Skyfire you are spoiling the baby!! StOP
  • There’s a lot of subtle fighting over who gets to hold the baby but Skyfire always wins because he can simba-lift them out of anyone’s reach
  • The baby is going to be the fucking smartest being in the world because of how much science is thrust upon it
  • “Optimus it’s time for bed” “hang on i’m showing them a cool gun real quick. Ain’t this neato?”
  • “go ask your father” “mom, I have two dads” “go. Ask. Your. Famther.”
  • Nautica keeps giving it purple paintjobs and both optimus and skyfire sigh before complaining yet again that purple and red don’t go together especially not after the war they just finished will you please let the baby be red and blue and Nautica reminds them that red and blue make purple and it all goes downhill from there
  • Is it a boat or is it a bird? two different types of robot parents give their opinions by tossing baby around and throwing baby into water
  • “stop calling baby [name]-prime, optimus”

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Sorry of this is too angsty, but can you write mtmte Percy, Drift, Ratchet, Brainstorm, Rung and Megatron comforting their cybetronian s/o after someone in the bar got too handsy/rough and they had a panic attack :)?

Perceptor would shove the other mech away, glaring at them and making it clear that they do not touch you. He takes you back to your habsuite, puts on some soothing music (he likes to listen to it as he works), and wraps you up in a blanket. If you’re okay with it, he’ll cuddle you, but otherwise he’ll grab some energon cubes for you both and talk with you until you’re calm.

Drift threatens whomever was harassing you. His sword is at their throat and that mech better leave if they value their life. He carries you back to your habsuite and snuggles you. Whenever he sees that mech in the halls all he has to do is glare at them and they hightail it out of there.

Ratchet knocks that douchebag unconscious when he sees them with their servos all over you. Then he turns to you, expression soft, and gently lays his hands on your shoulders. “It’s alright, Sweetspark,” he says. “You’re safe, I took care of it. They won’t touch you again.” He glares at anyone who might be staring as he takes you to his quarters for a calming oil bath.

Brainstorm starts an all-out bar fight, then notices how upset you are. He drags you away from the chaos and takes you to his lab. He sits you in his lap and shows you his latest project, nuzzling you occasionally.

Rung is more concerned with removing you from the situation than he is beating up the other mech, but he does plan on reporting them. He wraps an arm around you for support and takes you back to your habsuite. He gently helps you through the anxiety attack and let’s you vent for as long as you need. Then you cuddle and he shares his secret stash of energon goodies with you.

Megatron is not supposed to be getting himself in trouble, but screw that. As the mech reaches for you Megatron grabs his wrist and twists his arm back, growling threats into his audial. Then he tosses them away, picks you up, and takes you to his habsuite. He methodically checks you over and then gets you all cozy in berth for cuddles. He sounds guilty as he tells you that he won’t ever let anyone do that to you again.