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To all my Cybertronian friends!
Many of you have asked me about my tasty Energon cubes. And though at first I felt like being selfish and keeping it to myself. I shared the information with a few select friends.
But I have now decided that it would be wrong to not share this . I know how nostalgic it feels to drink from an actual cube.
So ….
Go to a store with a floral department. You can find them there along with other receptacles for organic and non organic plants. Fill them up with your favorite grade of Energon and enjoy.

Please reply to me with your pictures I want to see this spread everywhere!!!!!


ok ok ok
You know how sometimes a body is so damaged that they have to remove the spark and transfer it into another body
Ok so like,

you place a spark in one and it gives enough energon and life support and  whatnot to keep it alive long enough to transfer it into another frame

idk it seems cuter than a plain solid block transfer unit and you’re able to bond with it more.

ok but imagine, someone placing a spark in here, and never putting it into a new body because they honestly CAN’T afford a new frame for their friend/S.O/relative. You CAN refuel the cube, it requires very little to run, so a spark could last months without another energon cube. And they could just, carry this cube around, the glow of the companion cube’s lights indicating how much energon it has left and how strong the life force inside is. 

ˢᵒᵐᵉᵗᶦᵐᵉˢ ʸᵒᵘ ˢʷᵉᵃʳ ʸᵒᵘ ᶜᵃᶰ ʰᵉᵃʳ ᶦᵗ ᵗᵃᶫᵏᶦᶰᵍ ᵗᵒ ʸᵒᵘ

I want to see Megatron struggling with his guilt over Orion. I want those memories to resurface after Optimus gets amnesia. I want to see Megatron missing those days before the war, when everything was easier.

I want to see Starscream reminiscing over his trine, over old friends taken by the war. I want him to question Megatron not just because of his own lust for power, but because he wonders if the war can ever truly end if Megatron is in power.

I want to see Knock Out and Breakdown sharing drinks together, telling stories about old flames, or maybe about that surgery they just got out of? I want Knock Out to comfort Breakdown when he talks about the Wreckers. I want to see Knock Out, believing he’s alone after Breakdown’s death, drinking alone. I want Starscream to come to him, understanding, and just share a drink.

I want to see Airachnid remembering all the people she’s killed, and feeling her chest tighten. I want her to scream and throw an energon cube at the wall when she thinks about Arcee, then compose herself when a soldier appears at her door, but she’s barely holding it together.

I want to see Soundwave at Megatron’s side, a hand on the warlord’s shoulder. He knows what he’s going through––what they’re all going through––because war isn’t easy. War takes a toll.

I want to see Vehicons/Eradicons comforting each other in the darkest of times, holding funerals for every fallen comrade, hoping beyond hope that they’ll live to see the end of the war.

I want to see Shockwave, a victim of empurata and shadowplay, standing in his lab. He knows he can reverse the shadowplay. He can make himself feel again. But should he?

I want to see Dreadwing holding a small funeral for his brother. I want Megatron to sincerely mourn Dreadwing following his death and question his own decision. I want to see him honor a good soldier.

We’ve seen the Autobots’ soft sides––their human sides––now what about the Decepticons?

Just watched Bumblebee attempt to convince the settlement dwellers that the current recycling system may not be flawless, but that it’s still in their best interest to deposit used energon cubes in the proper receptacles instead of just throwing them in the local gorge.

I wish I could share the footage with all of you. You can actually measure the rate at which he dies inside.

A super sugoi Ferrari cruised down the streets of Flavour Town, he was searching for the finest cuisine in all of earth after a long journey from Cybertron. Suddenly a horrid sight was before him the Decepticon Donald Trump has casting a dark shadow over a poor orphan demanding a small loan of one million cubes of energon.The Ferrari revved his engines before turning into the most handsome mech in all of the galaxy, standing up to his full height he pushed his glasses up his nose allowing the moonlight to glint upon them. With all his might the newly transformed mech jumpkicked Donald Trump into the sun. The orphan peered up at his saviour,” exuse me you handsome chunk of steel you, whats ur name m8?” The mech stared down at the orphan and smiled a and replied,

“ my name is Guy, Guy Ferrari”

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What is wrong with people? Why go through a war and save your dying planet if you’re just gonna guck it up again?

There’s a persistent, irritating myth that energon cubes will melt away to nothing if you leave them outside long enough. Comes of them being clear and rather delicate looking.

They’ll disintegrate, of course, but that doesn’t mean you should.

anonymous asked:

Blanket Anon curls up in a ball next to the console and pushes a cube of energon to him. She smiles some. "You been okay?"

“Not really… I am worried about what will happen to the new Seekers. If there are any…. and I’m worried about that too.”

He takes the cube and holds it in his talons, but doesn’t drink it yet.

Alright, so I keep seeing these fun recipe things to make “energon cubes” and I would really love to try one.

However, most of the ones I’ve found involve alcohol. Which I don’t drink. So I’m wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of one of those things that doesn’t involve alcohol.

ok. I haven’t gushed about some Chopit in a while. So how about this? 

Fixit owns a shop that sells old collectibles and stuff, and one day he notices a spider bot hiding behind the store. The poor bot is curled up and looks so starved that Fixit sneaks a cube of energon out by it. He feels bad about not having extra space for the spider and brings out a makeshift little pad for him to sleep on. He actually lives on the second floor of the shop.

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Skywarp: It worked! We’re free! We can get out!
Megatron:: We are indestructible! Power to the Decepticons forever! Soundwave: Energon cubes still functional.
Megatron: Take them and follow me. Scramble!
Optimus Prime: The Decepticons! They’re escaping!
Ironhide: After them! They’re –
Optimus Prime: Save it, Ironhide. They’re too fast for us in the air.