“So, how do bots and cons bury the laser-hatchet?”

“…it…it’s not important. Yet.”

I’ve actually had this conversation bouncing around in my head for a while, now, and originally Cyclonus was gonna have it with Rodimus but I guess because I’m writing IDW Whirl stuff I can’t stop having fun drawing TFA Whirl so uh

She’s not technically wrong????

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Have you ever been drunk?

It takes a lot to get me overcharged, since my preferred diet is jet grade, but yes, I have on occasion. I enjoyed strong Vosnian Jet Grade in the bars and bath houses of my city. That, coupled with a very hot oil bath, would go to my processor and give me a pleasant overcharge.

But the only times I ever got seriously overcharged was when I drank rocket grade. There were some seedy establishments in Vos that sold it, revolting, cheap stuff, sweetened within an inch of its life to cover the rough taste. I had to outdrink some mechs once to prove a point, and get them to let me hire their hitmechs. I succeeded, but it was not pleasant. Skywarp imported much better space grade from Altihex, and that was very good, especially chilled and blended with Jet Grade. As it warmed, the mineral flavors of the Jet Grade came through, and you got many different and delicious tastes as you made your way through the drink. A couple of those and some clever Seekers to wax philosophical with made for a nice night, provided you didn’t have an early morning.

I have not been overcharged since the war started though. I would never let my guard down that way.

In the middle of the night, Skids will stop by Swerves hab to check on him. After the whole holo earth incident, he worries Swerve will just fall back into the dark place he was.

           So each nice, Skids quietly goes into his hab to make sure he is okay. This usually follows him tucking Swerve in, picking up some of the pillows he knocked off his berth, setting a glass of energon on his night stand, and giving his head a light pet.

           Some nights he strokes his cheek and likes how Swerve will lean into the touch and smile in his sleep.

   . being born with and becoming addicted is two different things. =.=

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"And the public service announcements on ... corpse encountering protocol haven’t been resoundingly ignored." "If you and your friend see a shambling moving corpse or strange growling shadows, remember not to immediately tell anyone but split up to chase it and of course to pretend that you don't have any strange injuries when you wake up having no memory of passing out". At least that is the protocol everyone seems to follow anyway.

We also advice against bringing these stray bodies home and propping them up beside your energon processor in an attempt to chip away at the loneliness inside you.

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Drift x Cyclonus :3

You didn’t specify which continuity. So. Nyehehehehehe.

“I admit, Drift. You’re quite…skilled,” Cyclonus commented between swipes. He watched the curve in each of Drift’s dodges; how he flowed like a stream of energon itself.

“I’ve had years of practice,” Drift replied as he continued to avoid each blow.

“Perhaps,” Cyclonus replied, agreeing with that statement, but he quickly took advantage of the pattern of predictability in Drift’s movements and tripped him, “but you are overly confident in yourself.”

Drift grinned as he steadied himself and quickly rolled towards Cyclonus. “I shouldn’t be proud of my abilities?” 

“Pride leads to downfall,” Cyclonus countered as he snatched Drift’s wrist and flipped him over his shoulder. He didn’t give Drift the chance to recover and dove after him to pin him on the ground. “And, I do like seeing you grovel underneath me,” he added in a purr and casually nibbled on the very tip of Drift’s helmcrest.

Drift only whined and writhed underneath him eagerly. 

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[kicks down the door] "ELITA'S CARRYING! We need to do something super awesome for her and Optimus!"

Elita One and Optimus? They were alive in this universe? He’d have to add them to the never-ending hit list, along with this minty little femme. Well, not little, she was technically taller. Little in his mind, easy to take out with a well-placed energon blade. Then again, everyone was if you were trained right. His Optimus learned that the hard way.

For now, he’d play the part he was left with. What would this Bumblebee do?

“Really?” he chirped, bringing the pitch up more than he usually would. That sounded cheerful, right? “Wow…you have anything in mind?” Because he had something. It involved a lot of sugar in a low-grade energon mix.

Oh, I wish.

Wheeljack is ventilating. He’s more synthetic energon than bot at this point, and he’s not always certain where he is…we’re trying to develop some kind of plan where to go from here.

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Did you steal that energon pop from that sparkling? *interrogation thing*

My character has just been taken in for questioning by officers of a secret government agency. Send them questions they are being forced to answer in the interrogation room. 

“……..You dragged me in here to ask if I stole candy from a sparkling?”


“Yes, yes I did. Und I didn’t even eat it.” *DRAMATIC MUSIC*