I was thinking about the nature and rules of magic in the Dragon Age universe and I had a bit of a laugh when I realized something. Energize is the spell that allows you to light veilfire and repair broken bridges, move fallen pillars etc. and it’s all about restoring the past/what has been lost—a pretty common theme in Inquisition. I feel a bit silly for not catching it before but whenever we used it to access an area, we were repairing things rather than simply moving the pieces into whatever position was convenient. It’s deliberately introduced during Solas’ sidequest, Measuring the Veil, too, and he’s also the one to tell you that veilfire is the memory of fire called forth from the Fade. A fact, by the way, that isn’t mentioned in either of the codex entries about it. With it featuring so heavily in Trespasser, veilfire has quite a lot of connection to Solas, it seems.

Rather interesting and cleverly done of them, I must say :).

AKTINA by Cityindex Lab and Energize, a public solar-powered charging station equipped with wifi in Elefsina, Greece

Source: uncube magazineuncu.be/13619071

(Photo: Dimitris Sotiropoulos)

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