California is asking residents to turn off their lights during the eclipse

  • On Monday, August 21, the United States will experience its first solar eclipse in 99 years.
  • And while that shadow will produce a once-in-a-lifetime view for millions of Americans from coast-to-coast it will also wreak just a little bit of havoc on clean energy in California.
  • During the eclipse, northern California will see 76% of the sun’s rays blocked by the moon, while southern California will see 62% of the sun’s rays blocked, according to Cal Eclipse.
  • During the eclipse, the site explained, solar power generation in the state is expected to go from 64% to 83% capacity at the start of the eclipse to 15% to 37% capacity at its height around 10:22 a.m. and then return to normal capacity once it is over.
  • However, during the eclipse, Bloomberg noted, more than 9,000 megawatts of solar power may go down across the country, which is the equivalent of about nine nuclear reactors and is enough to generate power for about 7 million homes. Steven Greenlee, spokesman for California’s grid operator, told Bloomberg that the state will need to fill a gap of about 6,008 megawatts.
  • So to help out solar energy consumers during the height of the eclipse the California Public Utilities Commission is asking all Californians to do one simple thing: Turn off their lights. Read more (7/25/17)

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Have you ever wondered how much energy is in your pants? 

We’ve been exploring the science of energy, and wanted to see just how much is stored in an (empty) pair of boxer shorts. We doused them in a little liquid oxygen to help them burn as fully as possible (remember the fire triangle!), and set them on fire. Turns out, a pair of pants packs quick the punch…

Witch Tip! (esp for Spoonies)

Take an item, preferably some sort of jewelry that you can wear discretly, and store a lot of energy in it on high-spoon days or when you just have some excess! That way you have a source to draw from that is still your own energy, even on low spoon days.
Also works well for when you’re on the go and just need a little push or want to quickly work some magic without draining yourself!

Symbolic Effervescence of Goddess Kali

Kali’s aura and theme resonates with the concepts of rebirth, cycles, joy, courage, hope, cleansing and change. She is symbolically represented by flowers, dance, iron, swords, peacock feathers and honey.

Kali, a Hindu Goddess whose name means ‘time’, She is the embodiment of natural forces that either build or destroy. She is destructive of ignorance, dispelling negativity, however, She reminds us that good really can come of bad situations.

Where there is sorrow, She dances to bring joy. Where there is fear, She dances propagating courage.

Goddess Kali is equated with the eternal night, is the transcendent power of time, and is the consort of the god Shiva. It is believed that its Shiva who destroys the world, and Kali is the power or energy with which Shiva acts. Therefore, Kali is Shiva’s Shakti, without which Shiva could not act.

Of all the forms of Devi, She is the most compassionate because She provides moksha or liberation to Her children.


By K. Nagori

Introductory Energy Work: “Siren Singing” with Rider-Waite on 7/28 @ 3 PM EST

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Our summer series of awesome classes continue this week!  We have already hosted lectures on Tarot, Spirit Work, Linking Sigils, Crystals, Grimoires, Past Lives, and Witchcraft 101.  We are excited to announce:  FRIDAY, JULY 28th, @rider-waite (Pan) WILL BE HOSTING INTRODUCTORY ENERGY WORK: SIREN SINGING!

THE LESSON WILL INCLUDE: content aimed at people with at least minimal experience in energy work, and for anyone interested in learning how to “siren sing” using glamours and energy work. (Note that singing talent is not required as it is a very versatile skill that doesn’t require song to function, only a basic understanding of how to manipulate energy.)

CLASS WILL BE HELD ON FRIDAY, JULY 28TH, AT 3 PM EST. For those of you planning on attending, we ask that if you are wanting to speak and ask questions on the voice channel, that you have a headset available.

THOSE THAT PARTICIPATE ON THURSDAY WILL RECEIVE: a PDF packet itinerary/workbook with loads of information designed specifically for this class AND a participation gift, which you will receive at the end of class.

If you are new and planning on joining us, we have a set of rules we follow on the server, one being that we require you to use a headset/headphones when in the voice channel.  It is simply to ensure that everyone can hear what is going on.  You can read more the full set of Witch Haven rules down below or learn more about the server over here.  

ONCE AGAIN, CLASS STARTS AT 3 PM EST SHARP! Make sure to message one of the mods with your Tumblr name and age so we can properly categorize you in chat.  Hope to see everyone there!  Click here to join the server!

Okay, look, when it came time to do the do, Magnus had three options:

  1. Push the pause button on the hot and heavy to painstakingly take off every ring and necklace and put it carefully away
  2. Take it off quickly and risk some of it–which might include one-of-a-kind magical or enchanted items that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands–getting lost
  3. Leave the jewelry on and get busy with the pretty Nephilim boy throwing himself at Magnus

Duh. Honestly? Which do you THINK he’s going to chose?

//State Exam + Moving!!!

So, as many of you know I’ve not been active on this blog the last few weeks and have only been drawing/streaming and reblogging promos, etc.

That’s because I’m going to be taking the State Board Exam to get my Registered Nurse Licensure at the end of this week!

And then I’ll be moving out!!!

So… yep, things are changing rather dramatically and I’ll be settling into a new routine.

Some sad news: My snake, Honey, got some sort of infection (we don’t know how or what it was exactly, due to his size they couldn’t do bloodwork), and passed away yesterday… Of course I took him to the vet to find all this out and even though they tried their best, I think the stress of it was too much…

It’s a huge loss for me honestly, and I feel awful but my friend (who is a vet btw), says I did everything else right and that these things just happen sometimes… I still feel bad.

Anyway, I’m a little shorter on money now but… at least I gave him a fighting chance.

Some lighter news: I just signed my lease so it’s official!! And once I pass my test, I have a job lined up! =D And thank you for those who contacted me about commissions!

Hopefully, I can pass my test soon and get all moved in, but until then:

TL;DR: Due to recent ups and downs and stress, this blog is Officially on Hiatus!!!


This song is so Sheith it hurts me?

Good morning! Today we consider Introspection, Wisdom, Destiny
Tarot of the Day: The Hanged Man

This card usually appears when you feel like you need to take action but can’t see which path to take; you are at a crossroads. The options at hand are likely to be opposites to each other; black or white, up or down, left or right, etc. This is why you are feeling stuck or hung up. The time has come for you to search deeply within yourself, and decide how you want your journey to continue.

Sometimes, we need to accept a situation as it is; submit to destiny, and the Hanged Man can be a sign that this is what’s needed now. Step back and consider ways that you might let go of attempts to control people or situations in your life, or to release an assumption or wish that you are holding tightly. Know that any sacrifice that you make will open your life to receiving energy even more positive and beneficial.

At work, you may be feeling frustrated by a lack of change or movement. Assess whether there is any action you can take to affect change. If there is, act, but if not, step back and don’t take the lack of change, personally. If you can’t find peace, then this is a good time to look elsewhere.

Single or not, this is a good time to let go of things you can’t control. An unattainable love, an unrealistic view, a need to be ‘right’, etc. Holding onto things like this can stop growth and deepen the feeling of being in limbo. Let them go.

Overall, today is a good day for rest, contemplation, and the release of habits and energy that are not for your highest good. You can do this.
Peace out, Lovelies…

anyway how do i know its just my sleep schedule being hecking awful or if its insomnia

oddasteroids  asked:

Hi! I have a question and was wondering if you could help me. I started practicing with energy/aura readings, but I keep seeing them as one solid colour, with textures and shapes. For example, this one person had a bright red jelly energy, another one had a purple silicone spiky energy. I can't find information on this anywhere. What kind of energies are that? Is it even an aura?

Hi, and thanks for writing to me! I would argue that yes, this is, indeed, an aura! The truth is, not everyone “sees” auras, or “sees” them in the same way. For some people, it isn’t a matter of sight at all! 

Many witches and psychics experience auras with their other senses, perhaps as textures, shapes, scents, or other sensory experiences. This is pretty normal and expected, I think, though it is a bit unusual and may seem a far cry from the usual image of an aura as a glowing sphere around a person.

The problem, of course, arises that books and other resources tend to focus only on the traditional experience of auras (the glowing sphere). Thus, few will have information germane to those who sense them as textures or shapes, that sort of thing.

This only means, though, that you get to have a bit more fun delving into the matter! I’ve written before about how “aura meanings,” though sometimes universal, normally are intensely personal. 

By that, I mean that even among those who see in the traditional way, the meanings of colors differ. For example, for me, blue auras tend to denote a calm person. For another seer, blue might denote sadness. 

It varies, and this is why two seers can see drastically different colors for the same person. The trick is to work out, through feedback and observation, what your particular experience of auras means to you. 

Ask yourself what colors you associate with certain emotions/states of being. Ask yourself what the textures and shapes your seeing mean to you, personally. It’s important to work out your own internal symbol-set! The aura will speak to you in your own language.

But yes, I would say that what you’re experiencing is indeed the aura, and there’s absolutely nothing “wrong” or “incorrect” about how you’re experiencing it. 

If anything, I think it’s quite neat and fun that you experience it this way. I tend towards seeing simple colors and light myself, and can’t really imagine what it would be like to get textures!

{ Alright you guys, life update here }

{ Kind of appropriate timing since I’m about to take my Final for this course, feeling pretty confident about this btw but anyways, I have made the mistake to apply for two different part time jobs so now I’ve been constantly stressed, anxious, and exhausted afterwards every time I come back home. With that said, as well as considering what I’ve been going through to recover from this month, I’m gonna take some time to catch up with some irl friends and focus on refining my own skills as an artist once again. I feel pretty bad to put all that time aside since I promised myself that I wanted to work on my own projects and improve my skills this summer and now, two-thirds of my summer vacation has passed so :’)) rip }

{ But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to drop the ox.enfree group verse or the so.und ascension group that I managed to make with my friends; I’m gonna do my best to keep them continuing in my part and hopefully see something awesome come out of them!! While my jobs are stressing me out so much, I feel pretty good to earn some money and now, I can finally donate to help my friends and commission artists for stuff!! I hope everyone is doing okay with their side of things, take some time to tell those you love that you care about them, and I’ll try to bring back my muse for Alex as soon as possible!! }