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It’s quite an undertaking to start loving somebody. You have to have energy, generosity, blindness. There is even a moment right at the start where you have to jump across an abyss: if you think about it you don’t do it.
—  Jean-Paul Sartre
How One Day Changed Everything

Dean x Reader

A/N: This fic was written for @iwantthedean ‘s Two Prompt - One-shot Challenge. My prompt was: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

A/N2: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Summary: Dean has been your best friend since when you were four. But is he just that? (Best friends to lovers - College AU)

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I would recommend FULL VIEW guys. Why tumblr…why you gotta do me like this?

*wheezes* I am done fiddling with this, it’s finally finito. There are a billion and one mistakes but I can’t be buggered to give a poop.

Hope you guys like!

AU where the 104th Squad goes to college with me (yet somehow the Shingeki no Kyojin anime still exists).

Jeaneren Fic Rec Part 5

My updated fic rec list has arrived!! The first 4 parts are in this tag

#-super faves

*-I never finished it

Oh don’t you put me on the backburner by dizzyondreams (Complete)

Jean’s had a crush on his roommate Eren for the longest time. The fact that Eren walks around without a shirt on doesn’t help. Modern AU

No More Wrongs to Write by In_agony_and_ecstacy (Complete)*

Eren doesn’t know what to think when Jean Kirschtein enters his life, full of problems and a shitty attitude. But he wants to to know more about the strange boy. High School AU

Fire and Ice by MickieJae (Ongoing)

When Eren gets back from Germany, Jean expects them to be just the same as they ever were. Eren wants something new. Modern AU

Do me like one of your gay porn guys by dollyboy (Complete)

Honestly such PWP but the writing is p funny lmao. College AU

Talk Smart by Freekish (Complete)

Jean and Eren both have an intelligence kink and hook up at a party. College AU

Satisfaction by Freekish (Complete)

Eren’s just salty because he can’t get Jean off his mind. Modern AU

Traffic Colors by Freekish (Ongoing)#

Jean and Eren embark on a BDSM relationship that turns into so much more. (I rly like this one)

hopeless daze by dizzyondreams (Complete)

Jean walks into the wrong lecture hall on accident and meets the guy of his dreams. Kinda. College AU

we are capsules of energy by Greenflares (Complete)

Jean never thought sleeping next to Eren would help him sleep better. Canon

on repeat by seabear (Complete)#

Jean and Eren are two pizza delivery boys who live very different lives. But it’s that difference that attracts them to each other. College AU

Love is Confusing and Life is Hard by kiwisaurus121 (Complete)

Eren sneaks into Jean’s and surprisingly he doesn’t call the police on him. Modern AU

Fisheye by kinpika (Ongoing) 

Jean first meets Eren through the lens of a camera. Modern AU

cobwebs and storagerooms by Sexycanofsoup (Complete)

Jean and Eren thought they always hated each other until  they finally get to talk out after getting locked in a storageroom. Canon

Slammin’ shots and Marry a Man by pocketsizedtitan (Complete)#

When Jean wakes up with a hangover to Eren Jaeger sleeping beside him, it takes him a while to piece together what happened the night before. Modern AU

there are sunflowers at the bottom of the ocean by Elysabeth (Complete)

Jean and Eren find each other in another universe but are still meant to be together. Reincarnation AU

45104 by shiningdragonair (Complete) #

Eren Jaeger keeps all the nurses in the oncology wing on their toes with his antics. When Jean shows up as a resident, he doesn’t take any of his shit. Modern AU (I FUCKING LOVE THIS ONE)

you there, hiraeth by crunchrapsupreme (Complete)

Jean and Eren are in a long-distance relationship, but Eren comes to visit to make up for lost time. Modern AU

#-super faves

*-I never finished it


Marlene: GREAT HAIR LADY! -ow cant yell- I lost you at the bar last night!! did you know there was alcohol in my drink? Good thing i don’t do crazy things when I’m drunk!!

Jeane: Oh yeah youre just one big ball of delightful energy!

Marlene: AWWW THANK JEANE -ow- *whispers* I met this really nice lady named Bella, but I there were no interesting guys. Do you know any guys? HEY! HOW ABOUT YOU TAKE ME TO THE CITY TO MEET SOME NICE RESPECTABLE MEN! YES -ow- heres my number! Come get me around 7 okay? GREAT!

Jeane:*Internally screaming* Why do I subject myself to this form of torture

A Voice Inside - It’s Who You Are

Another little piece for @bismuthsnowflakes and I’s Divine au - otherwise known as the DemonxAngel au. Here’s a large chunk of the very basic storyline and plot of the story, but feel free to ask questions! Thank you!!!!

(Angels and demon genders and gender expression is…different from humans. Children are all given nonbinary pronouns and are without names until they come to the age when they determine their own names and identities themselves. Also to note, this is not mpreg or any implication of - angels and demons create children through a combining of their powers and core energy.) 


Jean and Marco had talked about it. At one point, it was but a dead dream, something to haunt their dreams at night on Earth with the bittersweet torturous thoughts of maybe and what if…But now they’re here. They’re here and Marco can now ponder new possibilities. 

Who are you, little thing…who will you become…

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Title: Savior
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 980
Characters: Warren Worthington III x Reader, Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Peter Maximoff
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Maybe a slight mention of death? That’s all I can think of.
Notes: This idea has been floating around in my head for a little while and I’ve finally decided to write it. // Reader is Charles’s daughter, aged 18. She has the power of healing and of resurrection. She accompanied everyone to defeat Apocalypse, but only in case anyone was hurt. There, she found a certain winged blond in need of her help. // Let me know if you think I should do a part two. ☺❤

Originally posted by aniskyvalker

       Y/N Xavier walked through the battlefield, kicking rubble out of her way as she went. They had successfully defeated Apocalypse, but they were all left thoroughly exhausted. She had stayed hidden during the fight, due to her lack of combat skills. Once it was all over, she made her way around to everyone, seeing if anyone needed healing, or resurrected. After that, she decided to go have a look at the jet and see how badly it was damaged. What she did not expect to find was a body.
       Panic bubbled up inside her as she ran to the boy, who looked to be around her age, with blond curls and large metal wings. She knew straight away that he had fought for Apocalypse, but so had Erik, and he had changed sides….
       After deciding that everyone deserves a second change, Y/N gently pressed her palm to his cheek and began concentrating. She could instantly feel the energy that it was pulling from her. Thankfully, he hadn’t been gone for long, and she was able to heal his injuries and pull his soul back to his body. The boy awoke with a sharp intake of air and wide eyes.
       “Who are you? What’s going on? What happened? Am I in Heaven?” he asked, staring up at her.
       “You were dead, but I’ve resurrected you, and I can send you right back without a second thought. But, if swear to never fight against us again, I’ll let you live,” Y/N stated, focusing on staying conscious.
       “Not being dead sounds pretty good, so yeah, I swear to never fight against you again,” he replied immediately, a small smile appearing on his lips.
       “Good choice,” Y/N replied, then removed her hand from his cheek, securing his soul back into his body. She leaned back on her knees and opened her mouth to say something else, but instead, swayed a bit, then fell forward onto his chest. His eyes grew wide again, before he carefully stood and carried her back to the others.

       When Y/N awoke, she sat bolt upright and looked around, quickly realizing that she was in her bedroom at the mansion. Her father was next to her bed, reading a book. He perked up immediately, setting his book down in his lap with a smile on his face.
       “Nice of you to join us,” Charles said, his tone a bit teasing, despite the fact that he truly was thankful to see her conscious.
       “How long have I been out?”
       “A day and a half,” Charles responded, leaning back in his chair. “Do you need anything?”
       Right on cue, her stomach growled loudly. Charles chuckled, “You should eat, it’ll help you regain your energy.” She stood up and smoothed out her pajamas, a Metallica T-shirt and plaid pajama pants, and vaguely wondered who had changed her. “Raven,” Charles answered, sensing her concern. She nodded and kissed her father’s newly-hairless head, then made her way to the kitchen.
       “That was Y/N, wasn’t it?” Scott asked, craning his neck to try to get a better look at the person who had just passed by the lounge room.
       “Yeah, she woke up a few minutes ago. She’s looking for food, she hasn’t eaten in over a day,” Jean explained.
       “Is she okay?” the winged blond, whom they had come to know as Warren, asked. He never talked much, so they were all a bit surprised.
       “She’s fine, she just used all of her energy bringing you back,” Jean replied. “She doesn’t get a lot of practice doing that, so it sucks all of her energy when she does it.”
       Warren nodded, then leaned back in his chair again. He drummed his fingers on his knee for a few moments, then stood abruptly. They all turned to him, eyebrows raised. He cleared his throat, saying, “I’m, uh, gonna go see if she needs anything.”
       “He’s got the hots for her, doesn’t he?” Peter asked, one eyebrow still raised.
       “Well, he did ask if he was in Heaven right after she brought him back, because he thought she might be an angel,” Jean said, smirking. Peter burst into laughter.
       “Oh my, God, I have got to give him hell for that later,” Peter commented, still laughing.
       Warren made his way to the kitchen, where he found Y/N on her tiptoes, trying to grab something out of the cupboard. He swallowed thickly, watching intently as her T-shirt rode up and revealed some skin, then straightened his shoulders and walked over. He leaned on the counter next to her and donned his most charming smirk.
       “Need some help?”
       Y/N smacked her head on the cabinet when she flinched, not having noticed anyone enter the kitchen. She slammed the door closed with a glare, but her expression softened when she saw who it was.
       “Oh, I thought it was Peter being an arse,” she said, running a hand through her hair, which was still messy from sleep. “I never learned your name.”
       “Warren Worthington III.”
       “Oh, how fancy,” she replied teasingly. Warren chuckled, and she added, “Especially for someone in an Iron Maiden T-shirt and leather jacket. Looks good, though,” before returning her attention to the cabinet, in an attempt to hide her blush.
       “That Metallica shirt doesn’t look so bad, either,” Warren responded, and she could hear the smirk in his voice. “How ‘bout we go to dinner? I’m pretty sure taking you out is the least I can do for someone who brought me back to life.”
       “Are you asking me for a date, Warren?”
       “Only if you’re agreeing.”
       “I am.”
       “Then I am.”
       The two stood smiling at each other for what seemed like ages, then suddenly Peter zipped into the kitchen.
       “Aw, you guys are adorable.”
       Peter managed to dodge the objects thrown at him, but just barely.

“It’s been a long time Marco,” the boy hummed to himself, sounding more relieved than amused by Marco’s presence. The boy took of his hood and Marco couldn’t suppress the surprised squeak that left him when he noticed the boy’s two-toned hairstyle. 

Day 2: Paint (or day 1′s begin again too? bcs it’s like reincarnation?? idk just trying to reason myself for missing out day 1 whoops)

inspired by Painting the Past by Homo_Parade!! i love that fic so much :0 

erejean fanfic rec list

nothing alike - erejean making out while jean is dressed as eren.

juxtaposition - jean shutting eren up by kissing him.

[dis]like - jean doesn’t hate eren as much as he thought he did.

armistice - one of my favourites. erejean share body heat for survival.

good morning - domestic erejean au. really cute and fluffy!

something about today - jean gets mad at eren’s smiles

strange and raw and wonderful - erejean kiss for the first time and learn a few things about each other.

perspective - eren wearing glasses does strange things to jean.

overlimit - silent affection. eren testing jean’s limits.

date night - established relationship erejean au.

a comfortable fit - erejean sharing a single bed and making it work.

good morning, asshole - eren and jean are internet personalities who meet and fall in love. really funny!

kiss with a fist - eren and jean are always fighting. however, these fights somehow turn into makeout sessions.

we are capsules of energy - jean is sexually frustrated and living in a dormitory full of boys. go figure.

passive me, aggressive you - eren beats up a guy for hitting on jean, and jean doesn’t know if he’s grateful or not.