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Harlivy AU where Harley is an overly energetic punk rock ball of sunshine who owns a tattoo shop right next door to Ivy’s (recently opened) flower shop. They meet when Ivy storms next door to tell her to cut off her “screamo murder music” cause it’s scaring away her customers, next thing you know they’re going on a coffee date.

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Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)

Northern Mockingbirds are well-known for their vocal repertoire. They continue to add new songs as they age, and some have been known to sing over 200 different variants. If you listen closely, you can pick out individual species’ calls in a Mockingbird’s; I’ve heard Killdeer, Summer Tanager, Carolina Wren, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and more. Their endless songs can sometimes extend into the night, incessantly warning others off their territory on threat of violence.

I observed a brawl between two Northern Mockingbirds last Saturday near the dining hall. One male sang constantly, flitting from bush to bush, as it was pursued by a second bird that was out for blood. The attacking bird pursued the singing bird for over 20 minutes and the two locked claws, fought on the ground, and pinned each other repeatedly. Eventually the aggressive bird gave up and flew away. Did it lose its territory to a more energetic punk? Or was it a newcomer to the area who was trying to stake a claim on the other one’s established plot? I wasn’t sure who I was rooting for.

  • so draco malfoy is a passionate, energetic, dramatic little punk, right
  • so when he goes home one summer, particularly frustrated with the antics of harry potter
  • ok so it’s mostly sexual frustration
  • he just lets it loose in malfoy manor when his parents are out
  • footloose
  • he fucking starts rage dancing a la kevin bacon
  • he throws down his best moves and let’s face it he’s got plenty look at those legs
  • he goes fucking nuts, sprinting down the halls, sliding down the banisters, slamming his fists on the walls, downing a bottle of firewhiskey then throwing it across the room, swinging from the chandelier
  • he turns around, horror-stricken, when he hears a quickly stifled giggle
  • narcissa is in the doorway trying not to smile and lucius has a hand over his face
  • he puts his shirt back on and stalks off to his room, cursing saint potter 

(insp by @morganlikesthings ‘s tweets)

Dex is definitely a classic rock type person, and Nursey is all hipster bands and acoustic covers and Ed Sheeran (though he maybe denies that) and also classical bc CULTURE. But Dex likes to use pop punk for warmups and drills and stuff, and Nursey always chirps him about it, but actually feels a lil nostalgic bc he secretly had a HUGE pop punk phase in middle school. One day they’re running drills in Faber and listening to one of Dex’s silly but appropriately energetic pop punk workout playlists and Nursey suddenly feels Dex just staring at him. And then he realizes that he’s singing every word of “Sugar We’re Goin Down” and just blankly stares back.

They don’t say anything about it but a few weeks later Dex hears Nursey humming Hellogoodbye’s “Oh, It Is Love” in the locker room.

POZ Review: Tigers Jaw - Charmer

by Jason Stives, edited by Erik van Rheenen

When three of the five founding members of Tigers Jaw left in early 2013, a mistakenly cryptic post from keyboardist Brianna Collins indicated a breakup after a stinted series of farewell shows. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, and instead the band chose to soldier on making new music as a duo and touring with assist of some talented friends. It was a confusing matter to say the least. 
Hell, even I fell greatly under this spell of confusion; disappointed at assuming the band’s demise without three-fifths of its original line up and confusion and bafflement at the notion of the band continuing without them. It was a misfire based on miscommunication, so much so that I prematurely wrapped an RIP in parenthesis when discussing the Scranton band in a Facebook status. This confusion was laid to rest completely with the announcement of the band’s fourth album Charmer back in March.
Call it a lack of information on my part, but after an initial listen, I was unaware that this was still mostly the old lineup in full on the record. Before that, I had a picture of a band striving forward against all odds and developing a new identity through new motifs on the part of remaining original members Collins and guitarist Ben Walsh. To know now that this is not the case puts Charmer as a whole in a different light, but it doesn’t make it any less engrossing. Maybe that’s why the initial shivers of opener “Cool” feel justified as the track take off at a rickety pace with Collins and ex vocalist Adam McIlwee sharing downbeat vocals. All the hallmarks are here; the youthful energy, the often self-aware and melancholic lyrics mixed with some of those feel good guitar sounds they have become known for.

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