energetic line

how to tell sf9s voices apart
  • youngbin: highest voice of the rappers, very youthful and energetic, his lines are usually kind of complex
  • zuho: low voice, hits his consonants HARD, unique style you should have no trouble finding him lmao
  • hwiyoung: they describe his style as "chic" and that seems right to me. very clean and clear, effortless
  • chani: low voice but not as aggressive as zuho, they usually give him parts that are integral to the song rather than his own verses
  • inseong: belter, dramatic high notes, usually doing the REALLY HIGH adlibs
  • rowoon: pretty ballad voice, emotional high notes, almost always singing the chorus
  • taeyang: has the most lines bc he is the best at singing and dancing at the same time. little bit raspy and a little bit nasal, good vibrato, cool as fuck
  • dawon: actually has a really sweet nasal tenor, BEAUTIFUL high register/head voice, usually the response in call/response lines
  • jaeyoon: honey voice!! very expressive!! perfect tone every time especially on low notes. his lines usually come near the end of the song for some reason

Collab with sicorey!!! I’m so sorry I took so long omg. 

These were incredibly fun to color- thank you to Sicorey for the patience ;___; Thank you for collabing with me, bro!

“The Damascus community firmly stands behind the belief that “we are all connected.” Sacred geometry not only is powerful visually, but also represents the perfect mathematical, visual, and energetic balance of lines that make up all the material within our reality. By infusing these shapes through our projects, the message is not only portrayed but also felt.” -Quoted from Bassrush interview ( photo by @TigerDiv )