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Energy Tethers 101

Updated (again): 04.28.17

*this post is fueled by angst*

Okay, no, seriously though, it really does make me sad that so many people seemed to have no idea what I was talking about when it comes to connecting things for energy transfer.

So, what even is an energy tether?

I personally use the term “energy tether” to describe this type of energy work, but they could be called anything - energy cords, energy feeds, etc. Basically, it’s a metaphysical connection to allow a direct and continuous flow of energy from a source into a target. And I say target, because it doesn’t need to be an inanimate object - it’s possible to do this with yourself too.

That sounds a little convoluted, Richtor; can you break it down a bit more?

Yes, I know, I’m fancy with my words. You’re creating an energetic line between two things, one thing to be used as a battery, to allow energy to constantly flow from the battery into the second thing, keeping it charged / powered forever.

Are you serious?


Why don’t we do this for everything in magic?

Honestly, I don’t know. If you’ve got an understanding of energy work and visualization, it really isn’t even that hard to create one. It can even be done with representational magic if you really wanna go that far, but it’s not that complex when you get down to it. 

I’m assuming it’s just a case of, people don’t think about it like that, or, it wasn’t as widespread a thing as I thought it was.

Can’t we just do this with passive charging, like how we charge things in moonlight?

Yes, but objects only hold a limited amount of energy before they become full; once you’ve used up the energy, you need to recharge it again. Creating an energy tether allows a constant flow of energy, so as it is being used up by your intent or goal, it just refills itself.

To me, passive charging is no guarantee that the energy will stick or be absorbed by the object, and that is also why I prefer things that require focusing on the energy yourself (direct channeling), or this method.

What *can* you use energy tethers for, anyway?

Basically anything you want to keep charged for extended periods of time. Optimal for sigils, any sort of charms - hell, you can even connect thoughtforms / servitors this way. But, seriously, anything you want to keep constantly charged with minimal effort, this is a way to do it.

What can you use for “batteries” or power sources?

Anything that produces an almost endless amount of energy. The sun is the first and most obvious one I think of. You can use anything else that produces a lot of energy, though. If you live near a dam, or those electricity windmills, those would work. Power lines and electric generators are awesome, and a great way to incorporate different feels of energy (and tech magic) into your practice. Space, even; like, the entire damn thing. If it produces energy, it can be tethered.

What do you mean about different feels of energy?

This isn’t specific to tethers - all things that have and produce energy have different “feels” to them. The sun is more hot and energetic than the moon, which is cool and calming. Rose quartz is a bit more gentle than, say, jasper, which is hot and fire-y. Tiger’s eye is more solid and stable than clear quartz, which is fluid and mold-able to almost any intent. 

We all experience feels of energy differently, however; these are just how I “energetically feel” those things.

(You also don’t need to “feel” anything to still do energy work, but that’s like a  whole ‘nother post.)

Can you tether to something that doesn’t have unlimited energy?

Sure, yeah, but you’ll drain it, and then it won’t be fulfilling its purpose anymore.

So, you could use yourself as a power source?

You could, but it’s super draining and I wouldn’t recommend it. That object would constantly be taking your energy away from you, and it could have bad consequences, including physical ones - physical exhaustion is a side effect that can occur when you use too much of your energy, and I see it happen often to people who are not careful about their energy expenditure.


You can create switches for your tethers. As in, you can cinch them, close them off, to stop the flow of energy. Like you can turn on a pipe to get water flowing, then shut it off just as easily - you could create a “modification” for a tether similar in that manner.

Can these energy lines be broken?

Yep, absolutely. You can do it yourself if you no longer want them, someone else could do it if they could sense them, or they can naturally fade over time if you don’t give them proper upkeep and care.

Wait, upkeep? What happened to endless energy?

Yes, upkeep. You’re creating something to funnel energy, with energy. Energy needs to constantly be molded and kept in shape, or else it tends to just drift away. It really isn’t that hard to upkeep, though.

How do you keep your energy tethers safe from other people? 

Just program that into them when you make them.

Any disadvantages to using an energy tether?

It depends on how you view the term disadvantage. 

I think the thing that energy tethers lack is that bit of personalization that we often talk about being important in witchcraft. For example, you can keep a thoughtform powered by the sun, but it won’t contain your energy, won’t be as personally tied to you as if you charged it with your own energies. That can lose a lot of impact, when you really think about it, especially considering the nature of thoughtforms and the like.

Not to mention, you can overwhelm yourself with energy if you use a tether to connect yourself to an external source that produces more than your body can handle. You know how you can be overwhelmed by external energies, just by walking around? Yeah, now imagine that pumping straight into your body without a natural exit channel. Not fun.

Are there any other applications for energy tethers?

Fuck yeah. Use them to draw energy out of a target, in the form of a curse - literally sap their energies away so they have none left for their daily lives.

You can even connect yourself and another person with energy tethers, if you want to be able to share energy more freely and with more ease. (This is basically what I did with @ashesforeverashes​, in a sense.) 

Some people don’t like their energies taken without consent, though, and certain witchy protections can even prevent these sorts of tethers from forming in the first place, so keep that in mind.

Okay, all this talk about tethers, are you gonna show us how to make them?

Only if you ask nicely.


Okay that’s better. 

It is essentially just a combination of energy work, intent, and visualization.

The first thing you need to do, is have an object you want charged.

Now, pick an energy source. You don’t need to be able to see it, but it can help.

Relax yourself, clear your mind if you can. Hold onto your object in your hands. 

If you can, look at your energy source; this is clearly not applicable with the sun, so close your eyes and have your face turned toward it. If you can’t see your energy source, picture it in your mind as clearly as you can. Try to get a feel for its energy as well as you can, too. 

Once you are confident with your source, imagine a cord connecting from it and to your object you want to keep charged. A nice visualization for this would be seeing the particles form together out of thin air to form your tether - literally materializing out of nothing and attaching to the source, creating a line that is slowly building down from the source and to your object. This can be done in whatever way you wish - just make it.

Take as long as you need to allow the cord to be build from your energy source to the target - it can take some time, depending on the distance and how experienced you are with energy work.

While you are creating it, focus on any attributes you want it to have - a thick cord that is hard to break, a shimmery appearance so no other magic users can see it, etc. Keep in mind the purpose of the cord, what you want it to do, how you want it to behave, and fuse that into it as it is being formed. If you wish to incorporate a switch, in order to turn on and off the flow of energy, now would be the time to do so - more visualization and intent, and declarations of “I can halt this flow of energy whenever I desire” should do the trick.

Once the cord is in place, you want to draw energy from your source and into the object, through the tether. Make it clear that energy only flows one way through this particular tether. Continue to draw from the energy source and down into the target, until you begin to feel the energy flowing through the tether naturally. Once energy is accumulating into the object on its own, you know the tether is complete.

For the upkeep; about once a week or so, focus on the tether and visualize it still being strong, without any gaps for energy to sift through. See a smooth, clean flow of energy from your energy source and into the target. If there are any obstructions, break them down and funnel them out.

What was this “representational magic” method you mentioned?

Oh yeah. 

As a boost, you can have a representation of your energy source physically attached to the object or target, if you can. So, for example, you could have a tiny model of the sun, connected to the physical vessel for a thoughtform, by a piece of string. This can help keep the energy tether strengthened in a “physical” aspect, especially if you bind the physical to the energetic. Not to mention, just looking at it, you are reaffirmed that the tether is there and the object is charged, and that can assist with the upkeep.

Are there any “modifications” for energy tethers?

Totally. You can change the “material” you make the tether out of. Think of how people can put spikes onto personal shields, or make them have reflective surfaces - it’s sort of like that, but moreso changing the tether itself into something besides a beam of light. It can be a black cord like the ones electronics use; it can be made out of natural rope or hemp; it can be just a metal pipe that the energy slides through. Try to think about how each “material” might impact the flow and/or feel of energy.

You can also have one tether break off and charge many items at once - you don’t need a separate tether for each thing. Just focus on your tether and how it can fork, and imagine another branch coming from it naturally. Or, if you’re adding a separate line after the original tether has been “installed,” imagine a separate line growing or being molded from the first and down to the new object.

And there you have it - my post on energy tethers. Obviously this isn’t complete or all encompassing. This is just my view on these energetic cords, what they are, and how they can be made and used. I wrote this off the seat of my pants, but I think I covered everything I intended to. (And it feels hardcore like the old windvexer posts to me, which I’m not bothered by lol.)

I hope this helps you guys, or inspires you, or whatever. If you have any more questions, I… guess I can open my ask box, as long as y’all behave. Good luck, and have fun!

A Long List of Ways to Spiritually Protect Yourself

(Updated from this old list here.)

Shielding is a practice entirely built on your intention–if you want an eternal shield, you can have it. If you believe in your shield, it will be there. There are many ways that are incredibly powerful with just the slightest trust and a little bit of practice. As soon as possible, start to practice shielding and methods of spiritual protection, since practice, along with your intention, will create the most powerful shields. 

Also, you can never shield to much. It’s amazing and very empowering to have layer upon layer of shielding, and the energy and time you put into shielding will really save you a lot of energy and time in the future. Even just walking around, through crowds, cities, etc, drains your energy–negative energy is everywhere, and consciously seeking only the energy for your best and highest good will really, truly, and completely empower you. 

You can shield from anything and everything, just make sure to allow in things for your “best and highest interest/good.” ShCast every shield with this affirmation. This allows what people would consider “negative” emotions to still come through, so you can live a balanced life, since not all emotions that are considered negative actually are. This affirmation effectively only allows things that raise or balance your vibration, and help you to spiritually evolve. It won’t cut you off from anything necessary. Shields themselves will never overwhelm or smother you, since they are meant solely for your needs and will always let in positive energy. Here are some simple methods to begin shielding, but you can always adopt them with your own needs and intentions! Do what works for you, just make sure to shield when practicing spirit or energy work of any sort. 

Robe of White Light:

  • Focus for a moment on calming yourself, and once you have a clear mind, imagine a nice fluffy robe around you (I always imagine one like in the game Journey) made of white and protective light. This is the universe’s energy, and nothing ill can penetrate it once it is surrounding you.
  • It is recommended to repeat once or twice a day to maintain the shielding.
  • You can also use the affirmation of “I call upon a robe of loving and protective white light, knowing that it will protect me from all energy not in my highest interest. This robe protects me with the power of the Universe/Source/God.”

Guardian Protection:

  • Ask your guardian spirits (either aloud or through your mind) to protect you.
  • Always command that the guardians who help that they “come in light.” And if not, say they must leave. You don’t even have to know their name, but if they aren’t here to help, then they shouldn’t be around you. So just command this and all with ill intentions will be forced to leave.
  • Call on them for a need by need basis.

Auric Hardening:

  • Imagine your aura (trust whatever color you see in your mind’s eye), and then imagine it hardening, like it’s calcifying around you. It can get as hard as a rock, or like armor.
  • This can sometimes push away any energy exchanges, so you could feel more distant from positive interactions too. So, it’s best used when a threat is around
  • Usually lasts between 4 hours-2 days, depending on the strength of your intention.

Sigil warding:

  • Draw with a pen, marker, or with the tip of your finger (if you don’t need visible lines) a sigil with the intention of protecting yourself. A sigil is most basically an energetic line (or series of them) with an intention. The lines hold the energy and magnify the intention.
  • Here are examples
  • A post on sigil crafting

Shielding with Intention and the Universe:

  • Calm yourself with a short breathing meditation, then focus on what you intend to shield-yourself, another, or a place.
  • Imagine casting a ball of light towards the designated target, with the intention of allowing the Universe/Source to channel through you and shield whatever you intend to.
  • Just watch and observe as the shield is built, knowing that it is fully fueled by the energy of the Universe and will stay there, and stay strong, until the shield is released consciously by you.
  • You can specify this shield for certain purposes, like to only keep a spirit out, or to keep all negative spirits out.

Reiki Shielding and Protection:

  • In Usui Reiki, there is a technique your Reiki Masters should have taught you about warding and cleansing the room in white light. Channel Reiki energy to do this.
  • If you are attuned to Reiki II, you should know the 1st symbol and that it can be used to stop all energy that is not in your highest good from coming towards you, working as an effective shield when the symbol is called on.
  • You need to be properly attuned to Reiki for this.

Bubble shielding:

  • Similar to the white light or shielding with intention, but focusing on making and empowering a bubble around you.
  • Replenish this as often as possible, since this is dependent on your own care.
  • Can be in an oval or a sphere shape. If this is hard to get a hang of, then try just fitting it a couple inches away from your body, similar to auric hardening.

Waterfall shielding:

  • A bubble shield with the intention of existing on top of an underneath bubble shield. 
  • Focus on this shield and set the intention of having it move around like a waterfall. This way, someone sending negative energy has a very small chance of hitting the same place twice.

Elemental shielding:

All of these are built with a specific intention and visualization of the shield. Time around such element used will strengthen the shield, or a conscious meditation to draw the energy towards you and the shield.

  • Fire shield: Envision burning fire, that will destroy all negative energy/energy not for your highest good, when it tries to enter your energetic space.
  • Water shield: Similar to the waterfall shield, but with the visual of actual water flowing that can wash away all negative debris or toxicity clinging to any form of bubble shield underneath it. 
  • Earth shielding: This one can block off positive energy too, since it works more like a layer of earth around the person. Though, it can also be envisioned to only grow/manifest around you in times of need or when you’re being attacked or faced with negative energy. It can also block your third eye from seeing outside. Earth shielding can also work as a means of grounding you, which doesn’t have negative effects (as long as you don’t neglect your upper chakras). If you ground yourself to the earth, and your are harmed or shaken by negative energy, you can replenish your energy from the earth.
  • Air shielding: Envision a fast current of air around you that sweeps away all negative energy or malevolent beings.
  • Light shielding: A bright white light that totally purifies all energy that contacts it, similar to the robe of white light. Different colored lights can work too, but they all have specific purposes that you should research first.
  • Ether shielding: Sometimes this works like a portal, transporting all malevolent energy to another place in the universe. Just make sure to set the intention that things in your best and highest interest aren’t affected, and that the travel won’t severely harm anyone who is transported by the portal (since sometimes negative energy can come from just someone in a bad mood). 
  • Chaos shielding: Not always considered an element, but with the idea of scattering any negative energy–the sudden increase in entropy raises the vibration to something more positive.
  • Shadow and smoke shielding: Imagining either element around you, mostly for cloaking and making your energy less obvious. This is great for astral projection and spiritual travel when you don’t want to be noticed. You can infuse the energy with an intention of how you want to be perceived, like if a threat comes, then you can suddenly raise this shield and make the smoke cause you to seem dangerous, scaring off the opponent. 

Halo shielding:

  • Imagine a series of halos that spin quickly around you, moving to knock away negative energy if it approaches your space. This can be inside or outside of a bubble or light based shield.

Protection charms and enchanted objects:

  • Work made by you, when you have a lot of experience, in creating a sigil charm or enchanted object meant for protection. This can also be from someone who has passed down a family protection amulet (just research it and bathe it in light to clear any possible negative energy on it), or from an experienced energy worker making protection amulets, charms, or objects. 
  • Some are religiously charged, like crosses, pentagrams, etc. If this matches your belief, your belief will empower it. 
how to tell sf9s voices apart
  • youngbin: highest voice of the rappers, very youthful and energetic, his lines are usually kind of complex
  • zuho: low voice, hits his consonants HARD, unique style you should have no trouble finding him lmao
  • hwiyoung: they describe his style as "chic" and that seems right to me. very clean and clear, effortless
  • chani: low voice but not as aggressive as zuho, they usually give him parts that are integral to the song rather than his own verses
  • inseong: belter, dramatic high notes, usually doing the REALLY HIGH adlibs
  • rowoon: pretty ballad voice, emotional high notes, almost always singing the chorus
  • taeyang: has the most lines bc he is the best at singing and dancing at the same time. little bit raspy and a little bit nasal, good vibrato, cool as fuck
  • dawon: actually has a really sweet nasal tenor, BEAUTIFUL high register/head voice, usually the response in call/response lines
  • jaeyoon: honey voice!! very expressive!! perfect tone every time especially on low notes. his lines usually come near the end of the song for some reason
Ways to Spiritually Protect Yourself

These are all the ways I’ve learned to ward myself against negative energy either through empathy or from dangerous spirits.

Robe of White Light:

  • Focus for a moment on calming yourself, and once you have a clear mind, imagine a nice fluffy robe around you (I always imagine one like in the game Journey) made of white and protective light. This is the universe’s energy, and nothing ill can penetrate it once it is surrounding you. 
  • This is recommended to repeat once or twice a day to maintain the shielding. 

Guardian Protection:

  • Ask your guardian spirits (either allowed or through your mind) to protect you.
  • Always command that the guardians who help “come in light.” And if not, say they must leave. You don’t even have to know their name, but if they aren’t here to help, then they shouldn’t be around you. So just command this and all with ill intentions will be forced to leave. 
  • Call on them for a need by need basis.

Auric Hardening:

  • Imagine your aura (trust whatever color you see in your mind’s eye), and then imagine it hardening, like it's calcifying around you. It can get as hard as a rock, or like armor. 
  • This can sometimes push away any energy exchanges, so you could feel more distant from positive interactions too.
  • Usually lasts between 4 hours-2 days, depending on the strength of your intention.

Sigil warding:

  • Draw with a pen, marker, or with the tip of your finger (if you don’t need visible lines) a sigil with the intention of protecting yourself. A sigil is most basically an energetic line (or series of them) with an intention. The lines hold the energy and magnify the intention.
  • Here are examples.

I’ll add other ways as I use, rememeber, or learn them.

Slide- Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean and Migos

So I know I usually do these recommendation write ups for albums but this single is something special that I felt like I needed to put on your radar. This is the latest single from EDM producer Calvin Harris, however you wouldn’t know it from how it sounds. I’d almost call this a funk beat than anything else. It sounds more like something that would come from Anderson .Pakk, Bruno Mars, or any of the other artists that are on the forefront of the modern funk and soul revival. The head bobbing bass line and energetic synths could possibly carry this track on their own but what makes this song a hit are the features. Frank Ocean provides the hook and first verse, and Frank’s introspective sound fits so well over this beat. His more monotonous vocal style provides a strange contrast to the energetic beat but it works. Then comes what might be the strangest addition to this song, Offset and Quavo from the rap group Migos. While these two might be more used to rapping over Atlanta trap beats, they bring a smoothness to this song that makes all the other pieces fit together so perfectly. Harris’ beat, Frank’s singing, and Migos’ rapping are all good on their own in this song, but it’s when they all come together they make something really special. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this at #1 on the Billboard Top 40 soon. Check it out and see for yourself but this has the makings to be one of the best singles of the year and it’s not even March yet. 

OOC: “Call for Justice” Storyline

We wanted to send a quick OOC message to thank everyone for their enthusiastic and energetic response the story line that is developing regarding the “Call for Justice” story.

Right now, we are working behind the scenes to develop the plot and plan out a trial.  Please be patient as this gets worked out OOCly and through RP.

Some things to note:

  • This is a story. Those involved are in the middle of RPs and plot development to build a conclusion that will ICly make sense and OOC make all the players involved happy.
  • We understand the feelings IC and OOC that you may have for the parties involved in this. We ask that you respect the story building here.
  • If you have OOC concerns, please bring them to us privately.
  • At this time only the following individuals are involved directly with the story -
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But I want to be involved, you say.

That’s great!

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We just ask that before you do something that might endanger the ongoing RPs that might not be written about here or on personal blogs you reach out to one of the individuals involved.  Those of us involved will listen to your pitch and determine if it can and will fit within the framework of what is going on.

If your idea doesn’t quite fit with the story, you can still be involved! Protests, op eds, conversations out in the world about what you’ve heard. All of it makes the story richer. And if you write about it on tumblr? Tag us! We want to read it!

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Above all remember this is an ongoing story and we all want to have fun. Thank you again for your support!

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Oikawa meets Kise

“Wow, Interhigh has so many schools over here.” Excited, Kise laughed as he looked around the enormous indoor gym. “It’s so cool, wonder if there are other high schoolers I know!”

“Kise, don’t get too far from the team.” Slinging his duffel bag over his shoulder, Kasamatsu chided as he led the rest of Kaijo toward where their coach was waving them from.

Moriyama chuckled. “Hey, it’s like you’re his mom. Well, I mean, you are our mom. Kasamama. Kaa-san.”

Kasamatsu’s glare could ward off demons. “Shut it! I’m just looking out for him!”

He walked forward, shaking his head. The crowd of high schoolers were multiplying each time a sports team entered the large indoor stadium.

Someone bumped his shoulder hard while spinning a volleyball in his hand, sending Kasamatsu sprawling over into someone else’s arms.

“Ah, sorry.” Artfully styled brown hair, soulful brown eyes and a brilliant smile that rivaled a certain energetic blond entered Kasamatsu’s line of vision. “My bad.”

Giving him a pointed look, Kasamatsu shook his head as he tried to regain his balance. “Oh no, it’s alright.”

“And while you’re at it, could you not cling to my Iwa-chan?”

“Oi, Shittykawa.” The guy holding Kasamatsu up growled. “Get your ass over here and apologize properly or I’ll rip your eyes out from that ugly mug of yours.”

“Ugh, you’re so cruel Iwa-chan!”

“Kasamatsu-senpai!” Kise dashed up to them, concern written all over his handsome face. “You okay?”

“I’m fine, idiot, quit being so loud.” Kasamatsu straightened his school jacket and turned to bow to the nice guy with the serious face, who had helped to steady him.

“Thanks for that, nice catch, um…” Kasamatsu cocked his head to the side, holding out his hand. “…Iwa-san…?”

“It’s Iwaizumi, Kasamatsu-san.” Iwaizumi grasped his hand in a warm, firm handshake. “Are you by any chance, here for volleyball?”

Kasamatsu shook his hand politely. “We’re here for basketball, actually.”

“Hey. Don’t you need to apologize or something, something-kawa-san?” Kise asked the brown haired teen before him. “I mean, Kasamatsu-senpai almost hit the floor.”

“It’s Oikawa to you, blondie.” Oikawa scoffed. “You’re really handsome, though. I mean, I think you’re really familiar.”

“I model for Z agency.” Kise replied placidly, sizing the shorter teen up with a slight tilt of his chin. “Oikawa… where have I heard that name before?”

Seijou’s setter narrowed his eyes. Kaijo’s blond ace offered him a hand, accompanied by a knowing grin.

Oikawa stuck out a hand and reluctantly shook Kise’s, instantly deciding the blond was strangely annoying but nice. He seemed so used to people, and could smoothly make attempts to be friends.

“Kise Ryouta, Kaijo High basketball team. We’re going to nationals.” Kise introduced himself with quiet confidence. “I’m a first year.”

First years brought Kageyama to mind.

“I know where I’ve heard of you.” Oikawa replied with a tight smile. He knows he is coming off a little rude, but doesn’t want to lose to the younger teen. “You were interviewed on the same day as I was for the school sports issue of Idol Mag.”

The blond smiled, but carefully remains silent.

Annoyed with his trained politeness, Oikawa released his hand and turned away. “Oikawa Tooru, Seijou third year. That makes you my kouhai, Kise-kun.”

Deciding he liked irritating Oikawa, Kise offered him a 500 megawatt beam. “Then that makes you Oikawa-senpai!”

“Obviously.” Oikawa replied, tone laced with a layer of frost.

“I do remember you. You did a really cool interview with Model B from my agency too! I watched that with my publicist the day it aired on channel 7.” Kise waved his smartphone and smiled. “Could we take a photo together?”

The first barrier of ice around Oikawa’s heart cracked.

He leaned in for a quick selfie with the blond.

“Are you on Photo App A? Tag me later.” He says grudgingly.

Kise nods obligingly. “Sure! What’s your ID, Oikawa-senpai?”

As they exchange information, they watch Kasamatsu and Iwaizumi talk by the side of the walking path. Dozens of teens from other schools mill about, looking for friends they had in middle school and exchanging contacts before the matches began.

“Is Iwaizumi-san your team captain?” Kise pressed, genuinely curious.

“How did you know?” Oikawa asked, keeping his expression stony.

“He has a captain aura around him, just like Kasamatsu-senpai!” The blond laughed. “I think that’s really cool.”

As the second barrier surrounding Oikawa’s heart disintegrated into the depths of his bloodstream, Kasamatsu heaved a sigh in response to Iwaizumi’s exasperated look. The captain duo nodded at each other before smacking the backs of their respective teammate’s heads in a unified force.

- - -

After their matches

- - -

“Who are you texting?” Iwaizumi asked as he walked alongside Oikawa, whose thumbs were furiously tapping his smartphone screen. “Seems like you’re having an intense conversation.”

“It’s the cute blond from this morning.” Oikawa replied absently, mind a thousand miles away, soul orbiting in space.

Gently guiding Oikawa by the arm, Iwaizumi got them out of the main road and into the pathway leading up to residential blocks.

“Kise-kun, was it?”

“He’s really popular.” Oikawa ran a hand through his hair, not minding that he mussed it up. “Not as handsome as me, though.”

Glancing at him from the corner of his eye, Iwaizumi frowned.

“Then why’d you ask for his number?”

Reddened cheeks tell Iwaizumi everything he needs to know.



[Chungnam Boryeong _ Let’s Go together, Donggu]

“The energetic maknae line is formed!”
New member Yoon Shi Yoon and wicked maknae Jung Joon Young cross!
The meeting of the appealing maknaes
It started in the ‘Mud Wrestling'game~
It’s already getting exciting~ 

(Note: I’m only writing what I’ve understand from the post.)

“The Damascus community firmly stands behind the belief that “we are all connected.” Sacred geometry not only is powerful visually, but also represents the perfect mathematical, visual, and energetic balance of lines that make up all the material within our reality. By infusing these shapes through our projects, the message is not only portrayed but also felt.” -Quoted from Bassrush interview ( photo by @TigerDiv )

Slipping Into The Cosmos

The Shift Is On

You might be feeling a strange sensation lately – like slipping into other realms of thought, perspective or consciousness. It can be manifest in very mundane incidents, and it can be very perceptually profound. It’s not easy to identify, much less classify.

Nevertheless, the shift is on and it’s hitting people in different ways, and most may not be fully aware of what’s going on.

While world events can make us feel so disempowered and degraded, something else is urging us on. It’s very strong, subtle and beautifully powerful. The energetic and information supply line we’re receiving is a huge boost, but more than that there’s a connectivity we’re each experiencing, a sense of not just awareness, but a collective desire to help bring about a shift in the world to which we’re being subjected. What we’re experiencing is deeply coupled with this innate hunger to be connected to each other, and to the wonderful spiritual and vibrational sources with which we’re aligned.

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All Laced Up

Finally all finished, proof-read and approved by my darling girl. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it :D Apologies for the cheesiest of titles.

My inspiration was the absolutely gorgeous drawing willowgrovecreates made. Thank you for sharing that  <3 - I hope my little story can do it some sort of justice :) @willowgrovecreates

It was ridiculous, it really was.

They enjoyed a perfectly normal, healthy relationship. Well, normal was perhaps not quite the right for them, apart or together. Not when one was a certified genius consulting detective with little time for the tedium of other people and the other was a doctor and former army surgeon with an unhealthy love for danger.

But what they had was definitely what they both wanted. Granted, it had taken them far too long to get where he had wanted them to be since first he’d been introduced to the at first glance rather unassuming doctor, but the important thing was that they had gotten there.

Surprisingly, given his wishes, it had not been Sherlock who had taken the first step towards them becoming more than friends and flatmates. Instead it had been John, unassuming, complicated, wonderful John, who one evening, while Sherlock had been making a considerably harsh and lengthy rant on the idiocy of something or other, had gotten up from his chair, walked over to loom over the brunette sitting in his own chair.

Sherlock hadn’t really noticed, not until there was suddenly an unexpected weight in his lap. Then he’d looked up in time to see his friend smiling down at him, just before his face was grabbed and lips pressed again his own. What followed after that was a snog that Sherlock had saved in a special place in his Mind Palace.

Afterwards, there was of course a lengthy talk about what ought to happen next and quite a lot more kissing and other, far more energetic things.

Bottom line was that since then, several months ago, they had had the same relationship as before, but with some extremely wonderful additions. Like the fact that Sherlock was allowed to put his hand on the small of the doctor’s back when they were walking to and from somewhere or that John would sometimes find room for himself somehow on the sofa beside the lanky man when he was lying there, thinking.

To top it off, the bedroom was anything but stale, either. It did not happen every day, whatever the people around them thought, but it was a close enough thing, really, and Sherlock had found that as long as it was with John, sex was something to be enjoyed and basked in. He was even often the instigator of their lovemaking.

That thought brought him back to his current situation. If there wasn’t any real problem with their relationship, apart from the usual that they ran into, and the bedroom was not in any way in need of spicing up, then why was he spending a morning browsing the internet for something to titillate his partner?

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fanby-from-space  asked:

Do you have any coloring tutorials?

I color in many styles ‘cause I get bored sticking to one for too long. Here’s a quick ‘tutorial/process/walkthrough’ on the Billdip one!

Step 1:Sketch

-I rough out proportion, anatomy and what not. Had to go back in and refined the hands more. Generally this is as clean as my sketches are.

Step 2: Inks

-This time I inked with the MS5/Clip brush called G-pen. It’s a default brush and I ink more loosely than I normally do. It was almost like sketching again! (I locked tranparency on the lineart layer and colored Dip’s eyes lighter as a part of shading.)

Step 3: Flats

-For this one, I didn’t want to overdo the coloring since I like how energetic the lines are. I used the wand tool (set to all layers) and selected all the empty space I didn’t want colors. Then I inverse selection and set the selection as a mask on my flats layer. That way I don’t color out the lines. When the flats are in, I used a big airbrush set to overlay (and a light warm yellow) to lightly add the highlights as a gradient. 

Step 4: Shading

-When I shade, I pick a muted magenta or purple and on a layer set to linear burn (some people use multiply and that works too, just differently) at 45-50% opacity. Then I outline the shadow and then fill it in with the paint bucket. For this one, I locked the transparency when I finished laying down the shadows and with the airbrush (set to normal, not overlay) I warmed up the shadows in some areas with a more saturated and lighter magenta.

Step 5: Highlights

-I didn’t do it for this one but I also sometimes have a highlights layer set to screen. I color pick where I want to add the highlight and then lay it on there. (for example, I would have color picked his skin and then draw the highlights on his knuckles.)

And that’s basically how I celshade these days! I primarily just use the G-pen and airbrush and fuss around with blending modes. I hope this helps a little bit!


Took some photos for anonymous request.. I’m not good to pose haha! I’ve tagged by friends for 2015 photos, I decided to post it privately as I’m so late to do, just..if you like to see you can click here.

They say that butterflies can’t see their own wings,
so they never know the beauty that they possess.
That’s not a mistake that I want to make with you,
and all the frantic wings that I now suppress.
You give me butterflies with each word you speak,
and they’re multiplying every minute of every hour.
Every energetic line that escapes your lips,
comes fluttering through me like butterfly showers.
That’s why whenever you say that you love me,
there’s a pause, as you take my breath away.
I allow your shimmering words to linger on my ears,
and let their beauty shine bright on display.
—  Beautiful Butterflies, © 2014 Sarah Marie Pardy

drneverland  asked:

COSTUMES! 8D I think they would do an "Official Couple's Costume" (TM) and Zelda is too busy planning the actual event that she (reluctantly) hands over the costume choice to Ganondorf and internally cringes forever, thinking he might foist something inappropriate on her (Domme!Zelda, anyone?) and then is really surprised to see he picks out a really elegant costume (Maybe Gerudo themed) and she's like "Whoa" until he whips out the sexy costume and is like "And this is for the Afterparty! >:D"


Oh, yo know what? I would be really sweet for them to dress up in elegant robes and masks that represented the moon and sun.

Ganondorf would be adorned with materials that were all gold, red, yellow, and white. Thick embroidered patterns of sharp energetic lines would seem to radiate from the top of the robes. The golden mask would have powerful looking “rays” beaming off of it that locked in nicely with his crown (that already IS very sun-like.) Overall would have a very Art Deco look to it.

Zelda would have dark robes of silver, purple, blue and black with much smoother, natural patters embroidered on it. She would use magic to temporarily stain her hair white and her silver mask would be a beautiful crescent shape. I’m thinking more Art Nouveau for her overall look.

LOL and Rinku could easily sneak in by wearing whatever the staff working the party would be wearing. Maybe star or planet themed robes and mask? Would be very cute for her to end up with Earth. ( or whatever the Loz equivalent would be)

anonymous asked:

Were you nervous while recording lines when you started doing YouTube?

Not terribly! I did a lot of amateur voice acting stuff for fun before I did YT, so I was pretty comfortable in front of the mic. Though it took me a year or so to learn to be more expressive and energetic when recording lines.

Being in front of the camera probably took the most getting used to for me.