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EXO Reaction when their girlfriend is exhausted because school is demanding a lot

The story of my life. Xo, Admin A~

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“You need a break jagi.. come! Even if it’s for a minute let me take things off your mind” *Always worried about you*


*He’d try to help you with your homework and studying, making everything more fun* “What do you think baobei? I bet your teacher will give you an A+! We are a good team!”


*He won’t let you alone until you rest and try to calm a little bit* “See jagi? It’s not that bad… it’s important for you to rest every now and then… or else you’ll only get frustrated and won’t finish anything. Plus my arms are comfy” 


*This is him  waiting outside your school* “Ready to go baobei? Don’t ask… today we are going to do something special. Don’t worry, I’ll help you with everything later”


*He’d definitely help you finish everything, for the sake of his girlfriend’s rest* “This can’t be that hard… I’m sure I’ll finish it before she wakes up… she’ll see it’s not that bad to take naps…”


“Jagi… why don’t you leave that for now and come here with me… we can watch a movie or just cuddle… don’t worry, you still have time to finish that. I’ll help, I promise, now come” *Making the bed so appealing xD*


“Okay so we need… energetic drinks, lots of sugar for the mind, chocolate for the heart, some chips for when we take a break and watch something… eh.. veggies, she needs healthy stuff… vitamins… Suho said they were good for the mind… am I missing something?” *Taking care of you 24/7*


“I know I can’t do much but… I want to make you smile and forget about what’s stressing you for a while… I worry jagi… please promise me you’ll rest and eat healthy… or I’ll drag you to bed myself”


“Jaaaagi! I’m making dinner for you! We are going to have some healthy stuff and then we’ll go to bed okay? Don’t even complain because that homework won’t get done if you pass out!” *Chen Mama mode on*


*Always prepares tea for you to calm down, makes you dinner and stays up with you. Even when you don’t want him to help you, he’d be there to support you* “Jagi… I’m not going to leave you alone… specially when I know you are exhausted”


*He’d play the piano for you, knowing it helps you to relax and even think clearly and sometimes helps for you to fall asleep* “I know how much you need the rest baobei… don’t be afraid of falling asleep… I’ll take you to your bed… and help you with what’s left”


*Somehow he’d bring his spa to your house and won’t leave you alone until you accept taking a break from all the work* “Expect this or similar things every now and then jagi. I’m definitely not leaving my girl alone and exhausted with all those books”

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Yoosung and Taiwanese Bubble Milk Tea

i’m too eager for bubble milk tea so i bought one today.
comparing with the price in taiwan, it’s really expensive ;_;
but it worth it! i feel really energetic after drinking it hahahaha

so this pic shows me how much i miss bubble milk tea ;_;
i hope i will try more about Taiwanese food in the future hehehe

If u haven’t try it before, just try it!!!

another version…..lol
i almost want to write 美味XDDDDD

Door Knobs

(A/N): Here it is after so long I finally put something new out. I hope you guys like it! Also this was a bunch of requests put together so I won’t actually put them all up here.

warnings: none that I am aware of, pregnancy, brief mention of possible miscarriage, knowing me probably language at some point but I don’t think I actually put any in there.

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“(Y/N)! This is the fourth door handle this week. Eventually Tony is going to question why we keep buying so many new ones!” Nat whisper yells at you from the floor as she replaces yet another door handle for you. “Or at least learn how to replace them yourselves!”

“Please Tony is so oblivious he didn’t even notice that I moved in for two weeks. And eventually I will tell Steve and he will probably fix them for me. I’m too lazy to actually learn how to do this. Besides in a few months Tony will probably have a robot who can do this for me.” You reply from your perch on the side of the bathtub”

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" I not going stop to poking you until you give me attention " with izuku

You were going to be concentrated, focused with the task at hand. You had to do your paper that was due two days from then and you were willing to put all your brain power into it. With a mug filled with your favorite energetic drink (or coffee), you were ready to spend the time necessary to finish your paper that night. You were all set. You were ready.

What you weren’t counting on, however, was a surprise visit from Deku, your boyfriend.

“Deku.” Your shoulders dropped. “I can’t have you here right now. You know I have to study.”

“I won’t get in the way, I promise!” He gave you that sad puppy look. “I just want to spend some time with you.”

“I hate when you do that.” You stepped aside to let him in. “I hate you. That doesn’t even make sense, I can’t talk to you.”

“Hate you too.” He smiled as he walked into your apartment. “And as long as I’m next to you, I’m good.”

Midoriya was respectful and he kept his word. While you worked on your essay with the computer on your desk, Midoriya rested his head on your lap, filling the small space between your legs and the desk. He fell asleep rather easily. You figured he had been training all afternoon.

You spend hours, turning over the day, working. And it all blurred together. You didn’t sleep for solid 34 hours. Midoriya had been with you during that time, making sure you at least ate and took bathroom breaks.

Once you finished, you saved your work and closed your laptop in victory! It was done and you were relieved. But instead of falling asleep right away, as you thought you would, you felt energetic. Maybe it was cause of all the caffeine you had ingested but you were completely awake. And when Midoriya had fallen asleep again, you weren’t having it.

“Deku.” You tried whispering in his ear but your boyfriend was a heavy sleeper. He only grumbled in response.

You tried another tactic. You started poking his arm. He shifted multiple types, with incoherent mumbles leaving his lips, but he never really woke up.

“I’m not going stop to poking you until you give me attention.” You told him, still poking.

Slowly, Midoriya’s eyes opened and that green in there made you involuntarily smile.

“What time is it?” He rubbed his eyes.

You checked your phone. “Midnight.”

Midoriya wasn’t the complaining type but you could see he was a little bit annoyed because his lips were curved into a pout.

“You finished your paper?” He asked instead of acknowledging the fact it was way too late for both of you to be awake.

“YES!” You jumped right out of your couch and started dancing in celebration. “I’m free now, I’m really free!”

“Free to sleep.” He patted the couch. “Come here, we have to wake up again in 6 hours.”

“I can’t!” You kept jumping around. “I’m too awake. I want to do something, let’s-”

You never finished your sentence, seeing as you literally fell to the ground. Actually, Midoriya caught you before your body got that far but you were still out. You had fallen asleep in the middle of your sentence.

“Waking you up will be troublesome.” Midoriya gently dragged you to your bedroom, lying you down in your bed.

He went to sleep on the couch.

~Admin Laura

Meet Silver, aka Sans

Here comes some important info:

- From the White World.

- He’s a royal guard. He made a deal with Undyne so his brother could be accepted as a recruit. His brother thinks he was accepted by his own, so he has to hide his “secret job”
- Extremely stealthy, and eventually he acquired the knowledge of the properties of certain Snowdin plants and how to use them for his benefit, as well as other skills related to his work as part of the royal guard (in other words, he’s like a rogue).
- His cape was a gift of Papyrus. In the last costume party, Papyrus gave him that cape so he could wear something different. Papyrus told him he looked so cool with it and then he decided to keep it.

Weapons: throwing knives and sleeping darts
On the right side: it’s The Royal Emblem. Every royal guard has to show it in their uniform/armor.

- cooking
- making his brother happy
- listening to the rain
- working
- coffee, tea or any energetic drinks
- … himself

Okay here’s the question: What’s Chronictale?
Imagine two alternate universes that somehow work as one. They’re like the two sides of the same coin. Here’s his alter ego Spike

You Got Me (Becca x MC)

Summary: You are busy writing the essay for Vazquez’s assignment when you find a cat outside the coffee shop. Why would a cat be on campus?

Author’s note: This is my second entry to #ChoicesCreates round 22 hosted by @hollyashton and @ravenclawpokegirl25 as my first to #PlayChoicesFemlashWeek. The story takes place during book three of the Freshman/Sophomore. Hope you enjoy!!

You Got Me (Becca x MC)

“Do you really need to go? We’re in the middle of our study session”. Zack asks pointing at the books all over the table. “Yes, don’t forget we’re: study buddies”. Tyler says with that tune that never fails to make you laugh. You smile, putting back all of your things in your bag. “Sorry guys, I really need to work on that essay Vazquez wants for tomorrow. He just messaged to remind me and I have nothing!”.

“Hey, you going already? I thought we could all hang out for a bit since it’s my break”. Zig walks to where you and your friends are, coffee in his hands. “Sorry. Maybe next time?”. You throw an apologetic look, putting your bag over your shoulder, Zig smiles. “Sure, no problem”.

“Thanks! Coffee goes on me tomorrow!”. You shout, making your way out of the cafeteria and laugh when you listen to Zack yelling: I’ll believe when I see it!. You start making your way to the suite but stop when a sound catches your attention. Turning around, you see a small figure making its way to the alley where the coffee shop’s trash cans are. You hesitate, not sure of continuing your way or following that ‘thing’.

'It could give me something to write about’. You think to yourself and finally decide to make your way to the alley. You start walking to where the noise came from, noticing a yellow/orange cat sitting by the wall. “Hey there”. Blue eyes look up and you smile, getting closer to pet it, but the cat growls softly, your hand flinching away.

Once again you get closer slowly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you”. You say, waiting for a reaction from the cat. When you see she stays in place you put your hand on her head, giving soft strokes. “Well aren’t you cute?”. You look around. “I didn’t know pets were allowed in campus. Maybe you got lost”. You look at the cat again, who stares at you with an unamused expression.


“Do cats normally do that?”. You ask yourself, shrugging after a few seconds. Your fingers stroke her head another time and you let out sigh. “I can’t leave you here, can I. Guess you’re coming with me”. Rising from you feet, you carry the cat to your arms but the animal seems to try to escape. “Someone is sneaky huh?”. You secure your arms around it and the cat gives up, relaxing in your hold.

Walking out of the alley you’re too distracted with the cat and bump into someone. “Sorry!”. The voice says. “It’s fine-Oh! Hey Madison!”. You greet with a smile. “You look worried”. The cat has an startled look and hides under your hands.

“I am”. Madison frowns as you look up. “Have you seen Becca? She didn’t come to the sorority yesterday and I haven’t seen her all morning!”. You shake your head. “I haven’t. Sorry Madison”.

“Don’t worry”. She smiles at you. “I just thought that you might knew since you’ve got close to her. I’ll have to continue searching then. Bye!”. Madison continues her way as you do the same. The cat looks up from your hands and relaxes again. “You are scared? You must not see much people. Don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll find your owner, or should I say hooman?”. You chuckle but those blue eyes stare at you again, eyebrow raised.

Seriously, this cat was weird.

Entering the suit you check if anyone is home. Hearing no sound you close the door behind you and put the cat down, letting her explore the place.

You enter the kitchen and open the fridge, taking out the milk. You pour some in a bowl and walk to your bedroom, the cat behind you. “Are you hungry?”. You put down the bowl and offer it to the animal, but the cat frowns and walks away. “O-kay? So you don’t like milk”. You nod slowly. “Maybe you’d like some tuna?”. The cat scowls. “Right, no tuna”. The animal stares at you, her expression unchanging. “Geez, you really are picky aren’t you?”.

You walk to you closet and take out a ball of yarn. “You can play with this while I work on my essay”. You sigh, taking a seat in front of your computer. “Now, I’m supposed to write about my weirdest experience until now. The problem is, I haven’t had one at all”. You stare at the screen, blanc space waiting to be used. “Oh! What about that time- No, no, no that’s not right”. You wait for your mind to come up with something but it’s useless, throwing you head backwards, you let out a groan. “Ugh, this is so frustrating!”. You sigh for the nth time. You turn to the cat to see her touching the ball for a second before throwing it away.

You roll your eyes. Wanting to distract yourself you get up and look for a newspaper from last week’s Knightly News, you open it and put it on the floor. “You’ll sleep here tonight”. You say to the cat. Thinking it may help, you decided to sleep for a while and make your way to your bed.

You lay down and cover yourself with the blanket you left aside the previous night. Closing you eyes, you feel a weight shifting in the mattress and look down to see the cat making herself comfortable at your right. “I thought I said you’d sleep there”. You point at the floor, but the cat ignores you and stays there. You let out a chuckle. “You know? You remind me of someone. She’s a meanie just like you”. You  unconsciously smile thinking about Becca, wondering where she is. “I hope she’s alright, last time we saw each other we didn’t exactly part in good terms”.

You take a deep breath. “She keeps shutting me out but I’m sure she knows she can talk to me whenever she wants. Maybe she’s scared of showing she can be nice to someone”. You laugh and look down, blue eyes staring at you once again. You pet her side and the cat gets closer. “Ahh … I don’t know what we’re doing. We said there wouldn’t be feelings involved but last time I saw her I wanted to ask and take the next step, now I’m not sure anymore, I’m starting to get tired of being rejected”. The cat looks down as if deep in thought, resting her head on her paws. “Thanks for listening though, you may not understand but it felt good letting it out”. You stretch, letting out a yawn. “Now let’s sleep before I start writing”.

You open your eyes when the sun goes down, the room is dark and you let out a yawn, sitting to look for the switch of your lamp. You turn to your left and let out a scream, startling the person lying next to you. “AHHH!! BECCA!”.

Becca yelps almost falling to the floor and throws an annoyed look at you. Suddenly she seems dumbfounded and starts touching her arms, chest and face. Finally, she turns to you. “Hey! Don’t scream!. You’re giving me a headache”. She scowls. “W-What are you doing in my room!?”. It’s then when you notice a pair of furry cat ears pointing out from her head and see a fluffy tail wiggling behind her as she sat up. You raise your eyebrows, your breathing back to normal but it’s almost impossible as you notice she’s there in all her naked glory. You shake your head. “And what’s that? Is this some kind of fetish of yours?”.

Your hand reaches to touch the ears but Becca yelps as you pinch them. “Ouch! Those are my ears dammit!”. She swaps your hand away. “Wait, w-where’s the cat?”. You ask, looking around for the animal. You’re so, so confused. “I AM the cat, you silly”.

You look at Becca. “So … you’re the cat … Are you playing a prank on me?!”. A look of hurt flashes across her face but fades quickly replaced by one of anger. “Why would I lie! I am as surprised as you!”. You put your hand up in surrender. “Fine, fine”. You stare at the mattress, silence falling over you. Becca drums her fingers on top of the blanket. Clearing your throat you look up. “So, how did you end up being a cat?”.

Becca sighs. “Madison came home a few days ago with this tonic a woman gave her. It was supposed be and energetic. We wanted to drink coffee so she made some and poured that thing in her mug but at the end I got confused and drank hers”. You nod, taking a few seconds to take in her story. “Then I left to class but I started to feel dizzy, the next thing I knew were that my ears changed and suddenly a cat tail came out of me!. Ugh it’s a long story”.

“Right … why were you in that alley then?”. Becca rolls her eyes. “I wanted to return to the sorority without being seen but you appeared and ruined my plans”. Well now the cat’s attitude made sense. “Then why didn’t you bite or something?”. Becca shrugs. “I kind of understood you wouldn’t give up so I just resigned. And honestly? That joke you made about 'finding my hooman’ was really bad”. You look at each other and laugh. “And I wanted to see what you’d do”. A small smile appears in her face.

“It’s strange seeing you with cat ears and a tail but I could get used to it”. You joke as she shakes her head. “God no! I hope soon they’ll disappear. I have a reputation”. Becca reaches out for you hand, caressing your knuckles. “Those things you said … I’m sorry if I pushed you away”. You open your eyes big, memories of hours ago coming back. “You heard?”.

“Duh, you were talking to me”. Becca points out the obvious, you freeze, now she knew you wanted something more serious with her. What would she do?. “Did you really mean to ask me to take the next step?”. You nod, it was pointless to deny it and knowing Becca, she wouldn’t leave it alone. “Okay”.

“Okay? Is, is that a yes?”.

“Sure, I mean if you want”. She lets herself fall backwards. “Ugh … I pushed you away because you wouldn’t leave my mind. It scared me to think I wanted to be your girlfriend”. You smirk. “So are we together for real?”.

“If you still want to. You said you weren’t sure anymore and I kind of understand that. I’ve been nothing but mean to you”.

“I like it when you’re mean to me sometimes”.


“It’s hot”.

“Seriously?”. Becca seems surprised and you laugh. “Hey, I’m fine with us being together and all but can we keep it down for a while? I’m not ready to go public yet”. You roll your eyes. “Yes, yes whatever”.

Becca smiles and leans in to kiss you as you think of today’s events. Vazquez would be pleased, that was for sure.

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What are your headcanons over the food preferences of the Phantom Thieves? We know Ann loves sweets, Ryuji can't take bitter stuff, and that Akechi dies from spice, also Yusuke's love for bean sprouts, but what else do you think they like?

Hm… I think you already told about all the main canon ones, but I personally have:

  • Yusuke loves beans, not just sprouts (taking the fact that most sweets he eats has it) and meat for him is basically heaven.
  • Ryuji loves energetic drinks and cereal bars over anything else and hates anything that has alcohol in it or too much sugar.

  • Haru can only manage to drink mineral water and natural juice.

  • Mishima loves everything that has milk in it (milkshake, strawberry milk, smoothies).

  • Futaba prefers salty food, can’t live without soft drinks and although she eats a lot of fast-food and snacks she loves Sojiro’s and Akira’s homemade food.

  • Goro is not only a fan of pacankes and raw fish, but everything that is often asked in cafes (cakes, pies, all kinds of coffee) with the exception of tea.
  • Ann doesn’t like vegetables.

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Wait,wait,wait....You tasted Unicorn blood once? The silver blood?? Do you know that Unicorn's blood could give you more powers and immortality...Not that you're already immortal anyways. Huh.

“I did feel a bit more energetic after drinking it. But again, it was only one time. Would I have the same results if I were to drink it again? Who knows.”

So stuff I really like to do

You know,when I get a chance I oftenly start ranting biological stuff and biology is cool and helps you to prove your point.Like idk,as atm I`m mostly Homestuck,examples would be from there as well.Troll anatomy-amazing,fascinating!LET ME TELL YOU HOW I SCIENTIFICALLY BASED MY SEADWELLER SO HIS SYSTEMS ACTUALLY WORK AND WHY I DON`T LIKE YOUR GILLS ON THE SIDES HEADCANON(seriously,I don`t like this one but you still can have it ouo if you want to bash me-my seadweller got his gills hidden behind the ears). GASP SOMEONE IS FAYGO-ADDICTED?TROLLS ARE LIKE SUPER INSECTS AND ALL THIS SUGAR WORKS LIKE ENERGETIC DRINK GAAAAAASP.

and imma like that basically with everything

Me, Myself, and My Mortal Enemy (ft. Kris)

A/N: Soundtrack to this drabble: ♩♪♪♩♬♫ ♩ ♩
Part of my Office!AU.  

“You have to be kidding me.”

You stood there with an expression of disbelief, almost dropping your bag and files onto the ground. You scoffed when you spot him smirking through the reflection of his glass walls, evidently thrilled to still be able to draw a reaction from you after all these years.

“You. You’re the CEO of EXO Systems?”

As his chair spun around and you were awarded the sight of Wu Yifan in all his glory, you did what no other girl has ever done in his presence.

You threw a fit.

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@gdifbkadb asked: hihi! some akaashi general life headcanons if you don’t mind? thanks!

[Look at this! I just started this blog and tumblr has already trolled me eating an ask😂😥😂]

Of course I don’t mind! You’re very welcome ❤

I swear Akaashi will be the death of me. I really like his character, but I can’t seem to understand him and write him as well as other characters😶?? (again, I’m not so sure how well this turned out 😫)

▶ He’s not a fan of waking up early, but since he’s disciplined he has become an early riser. He always says he’s gonna sleep till noon on the weekends, but he just ends waking up even earlier than on weekdays. He hates it.

▶ If he’s specially tired he’ll have a cup of coffe, but he’s not particularly fond of the idea. He doesn’t want to make his body work by other means than his own energy. You know that thing that says if you eat an apple it’ll wake you up better than caffeine? Well, he tried it. It didn’t work. —Energetic drinks are a no for him. He thinks they’re bad for your heart and make you dependant—.

▶ He’s an athlete so of course he has a healthy lifestyle, but once in a while he’ll get rebellious and eat everything he usually avoids—all kinds of junk food—. He doesn’t have a sweet tooth, but he really likes chocolate so when he eats it he goes a little overboard and ends up all hyperactive.

▶ He actually enjoys spending time with his family. They’re the kind of family that plays board games during the weekends and don’t feel like is an obligation. They especially like UNO, the loser has to do the dishes of the week.

▶ Speaking of his family, I heavily headcanon him as an only child. He really gives me that kind of vibe (??).

▶ Grandpas and Grannys looove him. Seriously, this boy helds a great respect for old people so he’s aways helping them out, — to cross the street, to carry their bags, etc.—. He even lets grandmas pinch his cheeks.

▶ When he’s stressed out or simply wants to forget about everything and forget the world, he likes going to the park and watch all the people around him. Sometimes though, he ends up playing with the children. He has a weakness for little girls, so when they look at him with puppy eyes and ask “Onii–san, would you push the swing for me?“ he can’t say no.

▶ A movie fan, specially foreign ones. He has watched all the movies that were on CANNES.

The Signs As Vacations!

because fuck it.
Aries: A family trip to the beach, a rainbow of umbrellas and towels all the way down, the smell of sunscreen, burying your dad in the sand, shrieking and running from the waves

Taurus: A resort vacation in Mexico, packed with young honeymooners and energetic families. Overpriced drinks and half-understood conversations in Spanish, the awe of a sunrise over the water.

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If you want to start a healthier lifestyle..

This year I learned lots of things about nutrition that helped me to start with a  healthier lifestyle and I want to share all I know with you:

- You must know how much calories food has, but not try to make restrictive or hypocaloric diets, but make good decisions. 

- Getting organized is one of the best ways to achieve your goals. Organize your meals, and your activities, and you’ll success.

-Motivate yourself. You don’t know how much do the phrases ’Keep going’ or ’You can do this’ had helped me this year, when I was running or in the gym

- Run. I didn’t like running, until I started feeling proud of what I was doing. The first week you’ll get home almost dead, but the next ones you’ll get home smiling.

- Go to the gym. Not only because you’ll shape your body there, it will also motivate you, because you’ll see lots of people making an effort to improve their lifestyle, as you! 

-Drink water. Forget soda or energetic drinks. Water is life. Drink one glass of water before every meal, this is, one before breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. An another after the meal. Besides helping you to drink the 8 glasses of water you must drink, it also helps you not to be so hungry when you start eating.

-Eat slowly. Take your time. If you are used to eating too fast, try counting until 40 when you're chewing. Once you’ve got used to eating slowly, you won’t notice it! You also must cut small portions, veeeery small. Take it from someone who used to take just 5 minutes to eat, and now takes 30.

- Love your veggies. Learn to love them. Try all of them. They are beautiful, colorful, and you can eat them in many different ways. 

- Eat fruit. When you are hungry at 3 pm, eat a fruit. It’s life. 

-Don’t abuse of food. You must eat food, but don’t forget that they are also carbohydrates and calories. Do not eat more than 3 or 4 pieces of food per day. 

-Sleep 8 hours. 

-Don’t put so much oil. If you’re going to eat salad, be aware of. I mean, a carrot only contains 40 calories, a tomato 20, but a tablespoon oil contains 108. So, put some oil, but don’t abuse. And remember to use extra virgin olive oil. 

-Reduce your salt consume. If you can’t eat a salad without it, choose light versions or that ones that are for people who had cardio problems. they are reduced in sodium. Salt will swell.

- Forget sugar, too. One sugar little tablespoon cointans 20 calories. Choose natural sweeteners, like stevia. You’ll love stevia. 

- Eat in a balanced way. Don’t have a salad for lunch, and a pasta dish for dinner. Pasta is healthy, but you should eat it at lunch and have a salad at night. Don’t forget that you have to eat protein, carbohydrates, and veggies. Eat beans and lentils, too! Always choose wholegrain bread and rice. 

- As I’ve said, pasta is a very good source of energy. But I recommend you to eat it at lunch and in your most active days, so you’ll use that energy

- Don’t skip meals. Have  breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can divide your tea time into two meals, or having only one. I mean: you can eat a fruit at 3 pm, and drink a glass of milk at 6 pm, or you can eat it all together at 5 pm. You choose, it’s a good way of not feeling hungry, but it’s a lie that it boots your metabolism.

-Eat macronutrients. This is proteins, carbohydrates and fats. With ‘fats’ it doesn’t mean a burger, olive oil, and nuts are healthy fats that are in a moderate portion won’t make you gain weight. 

- Make your metabolism faster. Eat clean, sleep 8 hours, drink water, and keep moving. 

-Drink green tea. When you’re hungry and it’s not a meal time, drink tea. In your breakfast, it will keep you more awake as if you drink coffee. Coffee also boots your metabolism, but green tea does and have lots of more benefits.

- Don’t restrict yourself from chocolate. Black chocolate is healthy, in a moderate portion. Do this, let chocolate be your present. Eat a ONE bar of chocolate with green tea at your relax moment every weekend. Enjoy it a lot, as I do. Eat it slowly and relax! 

- Be moderate with alcohol. I know that it’s difficult. I’m still trying to avoid it, but when you’re going out with friends it’s not easy. So, if you know that you won’t avoid it, drink less that you’re used to! one beer in a healthy eating month won’t kill you.

-Investigate about nutrition and take off your doubts about foods, but beware of false myths!! 

Always remember that a healthy body is 30 % physical activity and 70% eating habits! 

TRAIN AND WORK TO BE FIT AND HEALTHY, NOT TO BE SKINNY! focus in what’s important: YOU and your own happiness. I always say that starving is the 'easy way’, I mean, starving is obviously not easy, but it gives you immediate results that go as fast as they arrive. But a healthy lifestyle will make you lose weight, shape your body for much longer

Keep motivated, start today. Don’t wait for Monday. If you fail, don’t start again the following day, start the following meal!  Don’t expect to have immediate results, but be sure that if you are committed and constant, you’ll success! 

Not only you will lose weight, you will feel better about yourself, you will notice changes in your mood, in the way you treat others. Your skin, your hair will also change! 

Once you adapt good habits, you won’t be the same again! It’s for life! 

The Signs As Vacations
  • because fuck it.
  • Aries: A family trip to the beach, a rainbow of umbrellas and towels all the way down, the smell of sunscreen, burying your dad in the sand, shrieking and running from the waves
  • Taurus: A resort vacation in Mexico, packed with young honeymooners and energetic families. Overpriced drinks and half-understood conversations in Spanish, the awe of a sunrise over the water.
  • Gemini: A budget motel stay with your parents, playing Pokémon on your Gameboy in the backseat, jumping on the squeaky beds, breakfast at Denny's, laying down in the backseat of the car
  • Cancer: A fishing trip in the open ocean, long lazy afternoons spent in comfortable silence, your arms tanning in the sun as the boat rocks in the water.
  • Leo: A rafting trip with your best friends, lazily drifting downstream, cracking open a cold can from the cooler, laughter echoing over the water
  • Virgo: A tough hiking trip, warm water tipped from the canteen, feeling your leg muscles burn as you force yourself up the steep path, sweat and panting and the triumph of standing at the top.
  • Libra: A skiing trip with your family, cupping your hands over your cold nose, feeling the ski lift sweep your legs out from under you, that first sip of hot cocoa after a long, cold day in the snow
  • Scorpio: A long summer road trip through the American Northwest, cruising through dark green forests and mysterious mountain passes, bare feet on the dashboard, sharing secrets and favorite songs
  • Sagittarius: A fast-paced backpacking trip across Europe, only a few dollars in your pocket, sleeping in hostels, grinning though the dust on your face
  • Capricorn: A Mediterranean cruise, licking olive juice off your fingers, dancing with a different stranger every night, white buildings shimmering on a hill
  • Aquarius: A summer camping trip, eating cereal out of little boxes, wading in the river, crawling into your tent, telling ghost stories while you make s'mores
  • Pisces: Joyfully driving your car off the Grand Coulee Dam

Okay, now that I’m thinking… I must be the shame/dishonor of the EXILE fandom… You wanna know why? Well, I keep saving weird pictures just to laugh at them later like…

And notice that most of them are related to Kenchi

PS: Sorry for making this post so long, I’ll just sleep now… Maybe drinking too much energetic drinks and ice tea is making my brain go much more crazy than usual… And I feel like I’m going to lose a lot of followers because of this post…



You returned from China today, right? I heard that you are going to appear in the famous Chinese variety show, “Happy Camp”.

I was really worried to appear in a variety show at a place where I don’t understand the language fully but it was fun. Apparently, it is a show that only really famous people in China appear on. I was in a rush asking about a few words to the staff members and practicing them on the day before the recording. I think I did better than I expected. I even received compliments.

WINNER released the new album “EXIT: E” after 1 year and a half. How does it feel to promote a new album in such a long time?

We’re so busy to the point where we barely have time to sleep but we still enjoy it. When we held fan-signing events after releasing our album, I often received very sincere comments from our fans. Every time a fan told me that the songs I made helped them overcome their difficult times, I was very grateful and strengthened.

You appeared in “Show Me The Money 4” during the hiatus. During the whole time it aired, you were at the center of attention. Did you earn as much as the struggles you faced?

Of course. It was a very fulfilling and good experience. At first, I wondered if I could do well and if I only had things to lose and I worried about many different things. Honestly, it was so exhausting. But in hindsight, I think the times I found difficult are now meaningful memories. And I sometimes feel that I’ve matured through those experiences.

Aren’t you “hungry” for stages where you stand as the rapper Song Mino of that time?

It would be a lie to say I’m not greedy for that. I do my best to achieve the group’s harmony when I stand onstage as WINNER, however, I hope that I receive the opportunity to show everything about myself as a solo artist some day. As I work on group songs, I also work on solo songs. If CEO Yang grants me that opportunity, my bullets are ready (laughs).

You are seen as the most “manly man” of the group but there are many times you are “mischievous” behind the scenes.

I joke around a lot. I used to fool around so much but as I grew older, I’ve become sensitive and not as talkative. But whenever I’m in a good mood, I become limitlessly elated and jump around a lot. I’m the type of person to be positive in whatever situation I face. If I fall depressed just because I’m tired, it’ll only make me suffer and I won’t be able to progress.

I heard that you’re very sociable. What kind of people do you enjoy spending time with?

I’m very certain about that: Fun people! When I look at the people I’m close with, they’re all fun. I like people who are funny, witty, and have unique individuality. I love crazy people (laughs).

What about Nam Taehyun, who you had this photoshoot with? Do you two hit it off well?

Yes, I think our “chemistry” is good. Out of the group members, I think he and I have energetic exchanges. We sometimes drink (alcohol) together at the dorm. Taehyun is very curious. He sometimes seems like a little boy. So I watch over him like a parent. Whenever he looks like he’s about to fall while he’s playing, I hold him upright.

“Pricked” is a song that Song Mino composed and wrote the lyrics for and Nam Taehyun sang in it. I felt that this song was the most emotional song in the album.

I made the original song called “Madman” during “WIN”, but while I was working on our album, I opened it, erased all of it, and wrote it again. At the time, I was slightly gloomy so I tried to express that gloominess as deeply as possible and lyrically as well. I even turned off the lights and worked on it to focus on the emotion. After I was done, I made Taehyun listen to it because I thought his voice would suit it and he really liked it. He recorded it right away and his voice did suit the song, as expected.

You even personally drew the album art for “Pricked”. You have lots of interest in art, don’t you?

I love looking at drawings and drawing. When I was young, during the time everyone else was studying, I doodled at my desk and even after I became WINNER I’ve steadfastly continued to draw. Just recently, I saw the artworks by the Korean artist Jang Youngwon at an art exhibition in Kyungi-do and I found them fresh. He usually does collage artworks but he had exhibited installation art.

Do you have any new hobbies or is there anything you recently became interested in?

Up until some time ago, I was able to count how many books I’ve read with one hand but I have fallen into a new world with reading. I went to a bookstore at the start of the year and I bought Higashino Keigo’s “The Murder in Mansion Masquerade”, and I really enjoyed it. After that, I picked up the book called, “The 100-year-old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared”, which was gifted by a fan, and I seriously felt like I experienced a new world. I found that reading [novels] has a charm different from movies and paintings. I found the variety of expressive sentences really refreshing. I’m planning to read more books. I write in my journal every day too. I felt like I let go of things that are important since I have bad memory.

How does it feel to live as a singer signed under YG Entertainment? I think it would feel like being inside a firm fence but also being on a battlefield between talented artists.

It is very competitive. Especially because almost all the artists write their own music, it can’t be helped but to be wary of each other. However, the pride and the sense of belonging in YG is very powerful. When I was in high school, I was a trainee at a small company but now I debuted and I’m promoting as WINNER under YG, so a lot of things have changed in my life.

Even if you say that it is your dream to live a life where you make music and compete through music, do you ever feel burdened?

When I was young, I loved that [idea] so I faced all the music that I looked for as “work” so there are times now when I feel regret. When I was struggling a lot during album preparations and when I appeared on “Show Me The Money 4”, I found myself not listening to the music that was associated with those times. But that didn’t last for long. I love music and I’ll think of music as my work until I die. There are many things I haven’t achieved as a member of WINNER. I want to experience more things from now on and I want to receive more attention and love. I think my members will think the same. All of us are bundles of ambition (laughs).

I heard that WINNER will appear in the upcoming JTBC variety show “Half-moon Friends” that will air its first episode in April. Can you tell us a few more details?

Us WINNER members will become kindergarten teachers to children who usually spend their days alone. I don’t have much experience in spending time with babies and children but I like young children so I think I’ll be able to do anything for them. I want to make memories with them that will be unforgettable for all of us and I think I will receive a lot of things through the children as well.


The album tracklist is filled with the members’ names but your name is written the most. It seems like you worked hard in making music [during the hiatus].

It wasn’t my intention to put as many of my songs in the album. If I like to draw, I’m the type of person to be satisfied only after drawing with my own hand. I like to listen to music so I started to write music and because I enjoyed and had fun making music, I ended up working on many songs. I enjoy sharing the music I make with my family and my friends but having my songs go up and down the music charts and having numerous people listen to them makes me overwhelmed and thankful.

I heard that you made the title track “Sentimental” while playing with Song Mino.

As usual, I was working while playing the guitar and because the other members had gone home, I was alone with Mino-hyung. It was late at night so we were having some beer and talking about this and that. We started talking about being “sentimental”. I often find inspiration within words. I suddenly became interested in that word “sentimental”. I wrote the song with the emotion we felt in that moment as the foundation.

Do you often feel “sentimental”?

Yes, I do. Since I enjoy being alone more than being in loud and noisy places with many people, I think I am often sentimental or often become immersed in emotions.

What do you do when you’re alone?

I usually listen to music. Because I prefer the analog style, I listen to music on LPs often. Recently, a fan gifted me a LP of Kim Kwangsuk-sunbaenim’s album. I know that it is hard to acquire it so I am really thankful. The other day, I was at Dongmyo because of a shoot and I found an audio store on the verge of collapsing in a secluded alley, away from people. The atmosphere I felt was really mystical. I bought a turntable there and because it’s really old, it costed more to fix it. Because the amp and interlocker I had didn’t work, I went shopping for components. I just very recently finished setting it up. Thanks to the all these happenings, I’m really enjoying listening to music.

I saw you take out your portable speaker and playing music during the photoshoot.

I always bring my portable speaker to photoshoots. I found that when music I like is playing during photoshoots, I am more comfortable and I have more fun. Today I played the Beatles, country music, blues music, and songs of that style. I listen to these genres of music a lot these days.

You currently appear in “Actor School”. Isn’t the tiger-like teacher scary?

Are you talking about Teacher Park Shinyang (laughs)? It’s slightly different from scary. He doesn’t yell or shout. He is really a perfectionist. He makes you choose your words very carefully. I like that we don’t have to force ourselves to laugh because it’s a variety show. I’m really bad at forcing myself to laugh.

Because you’ve experienced an acting controversy before, you must have needed special courage to choose to appear on the show.

When I received information about the show, I liked the objectives and I thought that it was an opportunity I needed. When I was swept up in the “controversy”, I was drowning in thoughts but above everything, I was embarrassed that I took part in a drama when I was not prepared. I wanted to learn properly so I am doing “Actor School” with a genuine heart. I am certain that the show will be one of the most significant learning opportunities of my life.

I was surprised that you personally brought color lenses after seeing the draft proposal. I feel like you are a very passionate person.

I like to try things out. Maybe it’s toughness? Courage? When people say, “I don’t think this will work” or “This isn’t safe. I’m not going to do it,” I do everything. Naturally, I get scared but no one knows what will happen in the end. I want to create room as much as I can for possibility. I think that for people like us who do this job, we shouldn’t limit ourselves.  

Where does that mentality of welcoming challenges come from?

I think it’s mostly because of the environment I grew up in. From when I was young, I spent much of my time alone and I liked different things compared to the kids my age. When I was in elementary school, my friends liked mangas and robots but I really liked subways. I liked them because when I go to a different station and a different exit, I see a world different from the one I know. I used to ride the bus alone and go to the last stop. I didn’t trap myself in the usual boundaries, instead I made it a habit to absorb and accept different things. Because of this, I think I have a wider range of feeling happiness compared to other people.

What does the combination of Song Mino and Nam Taehyun entail in WINNER?

When there is darkness, there is light. I think we’re that kind of combination. Mino-hyung and I have very different aspects. If you think of me as being introverted, Mino-hyung is extroverted. Even when you look at our looks, if you see me as having a soft image, Mino-hyung’s face lines are thick. When we sing, hyung’s voice is low while I often use a soft tone. In those ways, I think we complement each other. And even though Mino-hyung looks manly, he’s actually very cute. He’s a person with many reversals.

The teamwork of the five members must have improved as you spent more time together.

Because each of us have such different inclinations, when we first gathered, we creaked and squeaked, but now, we bring each of our charms and become harmonious together. When I take a song I make to them, even if it may be a song that’s lacking, my members immerse themselves in it with passion. I want WINNER to be a group that creates heartfelt music instead of a group that follows the trend. And I hope that people recognise that some day. I wish we become a group that walks slowly and steadily.

What about Nam Taehyun’s personal goal?

Looking in the long term, I hope that I don’t lose the drive and passion I have now. I still find it embarrassing and shameful to say that I’m a singer and an idol with my own mouth. I want to become an artist who is acknowledged and known by others without me having to tell them. I think that’s my goal.

Just like “Empty” and “Sentimental”, how would you express your current state of emotion with one word? 

Tired (laughs)?

When was the last time you said, “I love you”?

It’s been a long time since I said that. I hope that I’m put in a situation where I can say that!

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