I was asked by my pal Ngozi if I wanted to do a postcard for her recent and super successful Kickstarter for book one of Check, Please! and here’s what I came up with!

Check, Please! is a really fun comic, and it’s available to read in its entirety on tumblr! If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend checking it out!

I got the prompt to draw Shitty and Lardo doing whatever I could come up with, and what’s more appropriate than a college glow stick-themed party? NOTHIN’. (It also gave me an excuse to draw Ransom and Holster, so…)

Huge thank you to my wonderful partner Zack who helped me with the coloring. He really saved my butt (and this illustration!). Thank you, honey!

Anyway, you’ll be getting a copy of this postcard if you backed one of the books+goodies tiers, so look forward to it! Thanks for having me Ngozi!

To all those really good artists out there,

How do you guys come up with such unique poses to draw? Do you google them? Have a certain source? or even have some weird steps you follow through to find the right one?
I’ve been struggling for a while to make my poses more fluent and more animated, and yet I’m still left with a stiff pose. I can’t seem to find a technique to make a character feel like they are doing an action or how to make a character have their personality shine threw their stances/positions. I was wondering if an experienced artist could help out.

Thank you and keep being such great and inspiring artists!