Finally put together this thing that’s been in my head for a week or so now. Bad-guy-gradually-turns-good is one of my favourite tropes when it’s done well.

Munday Interactions
  • 🎊 I’m happy to have met you.
  • 😣 I’m a little nervous to interact with you.
  • 💌 I don’t RP, but I follow you because of your interesting threads.
  • 👭 Can we roleplay together?
  • 👍 You’re doing great! Keep it up!
  • 👌 Your character portrayal is amazing.
  • 🙅 I think your portrayal could be worked on a little more.
  • 💞 Do our muses have the potential to become romantic interests?
  • 💭 Your thoughts on our threads?
  • 💧 I don’t know what our muses can do in a thread together. Ideas?
  • 💔 I would like to improve our muses’ relationship.
  • 🗣 Care to talk outside of our threads? (discord/skype/twitter/etc)
  • ✍ Could we have more threads?
  • ☺ I love our muses’ relationship!
  • ❣ Can our muses become better friends/lovers/rivals/enemies? 

Enemy Mine is one of my favourite sci-fi films of all time.  And while the general plot of the story isn’t new and it has been rehashed over the years, I would be deliriously happy if Rey and Kylo became allies through this trope.  

And if you’ve never seen Enemy Mine, I highly recommend it! Embrace the eighties, my friends! 

The Honourable Ones - icarus_chained - Star Wars: Rebels [Archive of Our Own]
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“Zeb, in the aftermath of that moon and all that happened there. How are you supposed to feel, after you’ve saved the man who helped murder your people?”

Because I’ve gone back and rewatched “The Honorable Ones”, and also watched “Legends of the Lasat” and a few other things, and it occurred that I haven’t yet seen fic dealing with Zeb’s feelings after Bahryn. (Though I could have missed it, if it exists please feel free to send it my way). I love enemy mine as a trope, I love it so much, Zeb and Kallus give me all the Valjean/Javert, Londo/G'Kar feels, and it was a hell of a thing Zeb did on that moon. A hell of a thing.