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This part is so heartbreaking for me because for the first time we see how lonely Keith really is. He was orphaned early in his life and has lived alone for so long, so he doesn’t have any of the attachments the others do. He had no parents to love him and he was kicked out of the Garrison so suddenly. Even then he was a loner, and he still is the lone wolf of Voltron. His lion chose him because he is distant and hot tempered. I have a feeling that he is full of so much anger because he had no one to make him feel happy in his life. Even when he was at the Garrison he kept to himself, alone at the top, not even having Lance as a friend because of their supposed “rivalry”.

Aside from Shiro, Hunk, Lance, Pidge, Red, Allura, and Coran, he has no one that he cares for. Team Voltron is his whole world. Even when they were doing that mind exercise, the only thing occupying his thoughts were memories of being alone in his sad little shack. Isolation is the only thing he knows. He says that everyone in the universe has a family. And everyone does. Everyone except for him. He has nobody that loves him.

So when Hunk and Pidge were so eager to leave in favor of going back to their families he couldn’t understand it. He thought it was selfish to abandon their mission just to go back to someone you loved, but he had no idea how it felt to have people to return to. So I just find this scene so sad because Keith is all alone and now the only people he’s ever truly cared for are thinking about leaving him all over again.

And the worst part of it is that we all know he’s going to be revealed to be half Galra in season two. So that pretty much means that the tiny piece of family that he does have will be the enemy, the very aliens they have been trying to defeat this entire time. It will break him, because he can’t even enjoy finally having some family since they are trying to kill the only people he has ever cared about. I just have so many feelings about Keith Kogane.

The Signs As Aliens

Aries: Strong, fierce aliens with skin in various shades of red. They live on a desert planet in large adobe castles with their extended family clan. Known to be very protective, these aliens often battle other clans who threaten the safety of their families and are skilled warriors. However, they are very generous and family oriented during times of peace

Taurus: Small, entrancing aliens with flowing green hair and camouflaged bodies to blend into their thickly forested planet. Animal life is abundant and diverse, with many strange species that these aliens have tamed and live alongside as equals. These aliens are gifted with the ability to communicate with all types of life on their planet, flora and fauna

Gemini: Clever, winged aliens with small bodies that adapt easily to the many climates of their planet. Instead of four seasons, these aliens are accustomed to twelve and live in treetops or on mountainsides. Visitors find this species of alien to be tricky but kind-spirited, often telling riddles and playing pranks on any other species of extraterrestrials passing through their planet

Cancer: Kind, quiet aliens who live in large communities scattered across their planet, which is covered in pink vines and blue clouds that rain a sweet smelling substance similar to water but does not make the surface of the planet wet almost constantly. Small and delicate in stature, these aliens are tougher than they look and often go on dangerous missions throughout the galaxy to deliver care packages to planets in need

Leo: Regal aliens with banded gold and pale pink skin and wide, bright green eyes. They live on a warm, sunny planet covered in white sand, palm trees, and cool, crystal-clear streams. Proud and sophisticated, these aliens live in jewel-studded palaces and welcome visitors to their planet. But be warned - enemies of these aliens face certain death at the jaws of vicious, huge feline creatures that roam the planet and only obey the command of native aliens

Virgo: These aliens have deep purplish skin and dark, shimmering hair. They live on a planet with a mild climate and a permanent state of nighttime, which has led them to become gifted astronomers. Not only do they map stars and constellations visible from their home planet, these aliens also send search parties to other planets to investigate and map every area they can possibly explore. They are also known for their great architectural feats. Quiet and private, these aliens only communicate telepathically

Libra: Elegant aliens with lavender skin and silver hair laced with pearls. Though small, their planet is covered in blue grass and beautiful, roofless marble structures so the sky, which remains clear and starry even in the daytime, is always visible. Known for making a pink beverage similar to wine, these aliens are accepting of most extraterrestrial visitors and very sociable

Scorpio: Reptilian aliens with iridescent red, dark blue, or black scales. They live mostly underwater on a planet that is entirely ocean except for chains of lava rock islands created by active volcanoes. Known to be very mysterious, these aliens rarely make contact with extraterrestrials from other planets and seem to communicate in a way that is impossible for any other alien species to decode

Sagittarius: Daring and adventurous, these aliens come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and rarely stay on one planet for long and instead prefer to venture in groups from one planet to another. They are usually welcomed by other alien species, but sometimes find that trouble has a way of following them wherever they go and end up banished. Because of their fearless nature, banishment does not stop these aliens from returning to some planets which gives them a reputation as outlaws

Capricorn: Tall, steely gray aliens with stunning dark eyes. They live on a completely frozen planet that is always covered in snow, but beneath the snowy surface they built a warm network of bright tunnels and grand rooms with high, decorated ceilings. Although private by nature, these aliens have close relationships with family and friends within their underground community. With their sharp intellect, they have formed one of the most technologically advanced alien societies in the universe

Aquarius: Pale blue or green aliens who wander tirelessly across their planet covered in tall orange grass and stormy lakes filled with strange aquatic creatures. Generally loners, they are never spotted in groups larger than three or four but are very devoted to their companions if they have any. These aliens are skilled magicians and most species of extraterrestrials are wary of venturing to their planet because of their strange powers

Pisces: Silver and sky blue aliens with sleek, shimmering bodies. They live on a planet that is entirely covered with a steaming liquid similar to water, but the steam condenses into a layer of purplish, cloud-like fluff that only this species of alien can live on. They speak in a musical tongue and are known to be extraordinary fortune tellers and clairvoyants

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Your favorite part of the day is falling asleep next to Bucky, watch his eyelids flutter and those long lashes fan out. He’s usually a fitful sleeper, according to what Steve has told. But not when you’re in bed with him. With you, he sleeps peacefully. His expression is painless, the burden of his past, of the wounds and scars he had been given, it all disappears and innocence, serenity, bliss settles in.

The powerful arms you have seen sever heads from Hydra soldiers, straggle with enemies, and even battle aliens and emerge victorious, those same arms are gentle as they wrap you in their embrace. Muscles bearing enormous strength, capable of rendering enemies lifeless, are only sweet as they pull you closer to Bucky’s strong chest.

You enjoy placing an ear against his sternum, smugly reveling in the quickening of his heartbeat at your close proximity, only to have it even out as he falls asleep. His heart is your anchor, you’re convinced that as long as it’s still pumping blood you have a reason to keep going, to keep battling the darkness and keep it at bay.

His long legs tangle with yours. Legs that have taken him to dark places, legs that have kicked at evil and conquered it. Yet they’re tender as they slide against yours, their warmth mingling with your own and you’re not quite sure where Bucky ends and you begin.

At night, when every problem and bad thing has escaped from Bucky’s mind, that is where you find your most precious memories. Your eyes take in the softened edges of his face, your fingers smooth out the slight wrinkle in his forehead, and your lips press kisses to his cheekbones. He shivers under your touches, but he trusts you enough to fall into a deep sleep and you know he won’t wake until the next day, with tousled hair and half-lidded blue eyes that will gaze at you with love that still makes you choke up even after all these years. Yes, this is your favorite part of your days with Bucky, falling asleep next to him.

Why you should buy: Nova 2016-2017

The Nova Corps, if you don’t know, were basically the intergalactic police force of old. Powered by their technologically advanced helmets and armor, the Corps are now nonexistent except for two Novas of Earth: Richard Rider and Sam Alexander. Marvel’s 2016 series Nova, by Jeff Loveness and Ramon Perez, is essentially a buddy cop series in space. Comedy, adventure, drama, family, friendship, romance, and more, Nova has something for everyone, and is (for me) one of the best ongoing comics hitting the shelves.

This comic really compliments Marvel’s more comedic yet heartwarming tone that they’re implementing in their cosmic/space adventure genre. If you like Guardians of the Galaxy in any form, Nova is definitely for you! Some other reasons to read Nova: 

1. Captivating Characters and POC lead

Richard Rider was the original Nova, who died a hero by sacrificing his life for the galaxy, but mysteriously returned to life. Sam Alexander is a mixed Mexican teenager from Arizona who inherited his Nova helmet from his missing father, who was a part of the Nova Corps. While Sam’s character is more focussed in growing up, high school, and family, Richard’s is completely different, tackling issues of life, the difficulties of moving on, and trauma. The contrast between the Novas of new and old also add to why the comic is so diverse when it comes to genres, but instead of feeling convoluted, the narratives compliment each other extremely well. The bond that builds between Richard and Sam create a really interesting and fun dynamic that’s less of a typical mentor/mentee relationship then something much more complex and personal. They both learn from each other and grow through their friendship, which makes their character development intriguing and appealing.

The artist and co-writer, Ramon Perez, is also Latino, and he’s made it clear how much he loves Sam (lol), and is keen on depicting him and his family very visibly Not White. So you’re also supporting creators of color by buying this series! 

(There’s also a talking Russian astronaut telepath dog, Cosmo, who’s a friend of the Novas and a very cute and hilarious addition to the cast) 

2. Gorgeous Art/Colors

Ramon Perez’s art style is extremely dynamic and beautiful, and Ian Herring’s bright color palette full of pinks, purples, and blues create a visually stunning comic. Fight scenes are thrilling, and alien and enemy designs are completely lovely. 

My favorite parts of the comic art-wise is of Richard and the demons that torment and infect him (no spoilers…) These depictions are mind-blowingly gorgeous and haunting. Not much else to say other then to take a look for yourself! 

3. Its Pretty Fucking Funny/Endearing 

Jeff Loveness is a Emmy and WGA nominated comedic writer for Jimmy Kimmel, The Onion, and more. His extremely well-crafted dialogue is full of humor and fun, and the comedy makes the characters even more charming. He also enjoys poking fun at the ridiculousness of the comic world: 

(This scene has like 20,000 notes so why did none of ya’ll actually buy the comic)

I also love how the humor in Sam’s scenes make him a very endearing kid you really want to root for. Sam’s self-doubt and typical teenage insecurity is very relatable and always depicted in the best ways: 

Unfortunately, despite all the good reviews and positive fan feedback, this comic is getting cancelled after 7 issues, which is a huge mistake on Marvel’s part. Nova really feels like its just starting on something big, and it was heartbreaking for me to hear about its cancellationI really wish I wrote this sooner (Loveness and Perez were so bummed out about it, I feel like I personally failed them) but I’ll still do anything to promote this comic as much as possible, the creators deserve that much. Its a very charming and entertaining series, and I love this hidden gem with all my heart! I hope this convinced you to read Nova!

Definitely check out if you like: Starlord, Guardians of the Galaxy, Power-Man and Iron Fist, Ms. Marvel, Green Lanterns, and Blue Beetle. Tbh i’d even say space dramas like Voltron and Cowboy Bebop have a similar vibe.

If you enjoy the comic, please support these creators and sales by buying the comic instead of torrenting! Check out your nearest comic book store, or buy digital issues on Marvel.com or Comixology.com for #1-5! 


Pu’s mirror ability! I never really used this feature very much, I’ll admit, and I also feel as though it’s a part of Pu that most people tend to overlook; its minuscule success rate probably attributes to that, but it’s still an interestingly unique facet of Pu, and I have my fair share of headcanons regardless … I personally like to imagine that he doesn’t merely shape-shift into enemies but adopts some of their features, whilst still remaining himself. He mirrors his enemies, he doesn’t actually become them - but he gets close enough to mimic their abilities.

And that means he can come in all these variations, ooh ah ★ ★

  • XCOM Heavy: [facing a Sectopod] Woo-hoo! Now that's a robot!
  • XCOM Rookie: It's huge!
  • Raymond Shen: Try not to damage it too much, soldiers. I might want to take it back to base.
  • XCOM Rookie: No, wait! You didn't say anything about it being huge!
  • Uber Ethereal: Humans of Earth, I come in peace. You need not fear me, I mean you no harm. However, it is important to note that most of you will not survive the next twenty-four hours. The few of you that do survive will be enslaved and experimented upon. You should, in no way, take this personally. It's just business. So to recap, I come in peace, I mean you no harm, and you will all die.
An Overly-Earnest DS9 Post

One thing I’m enamored with is the pervasive sense that these races are tragedies. The Jem’Hadar and, to a lesser extent, the Vorta, aren’t treated in the usual manner enemy alien races are. They’re literally engineered to be killing machines, but they’re shown as multi-faceted and with cultures of their own, not just as mindless drones there to provide a threat and be killed. They are races of sycophantic, treacherous bureaucrats and warriors of extreme ruthlessness, but in both cases we are shown just how ill they’ve been treated by the Founders. It’s as if they are both species of Frankensteins, clones without even the most basic genetic agency. The Jem’Hadar have literally no means of reproduction independent from the Founders, and the Vorta are all clones of themselves, expendable middle managers. Vorta are sent out to negotiate with autonomous species as a form of diplomat, getting enough experience to know just how many senses they’ve been deprived of. They can’t taste anything but what was purportedly the native forest food of their original species, a reminder of how the Founders “elevated” their race, and perhaps the poison they’re engineered to be immune to. They don’t have a sense of what’s beautiful, they can’t even see clearly, but they do have a suicide switch in their brains. The Jem’Hadar have short, brutal lives without even a chair to sit on as they fly off to their deaths.

And yet…they’ve somehow erected cultures for themselves in spite of this oppressive oversight. The Vorta have their own creation myth (one given to them by the Founders, to be sure, but one that they’ve embraced and imbued with their own meaning). The Jem’Hadar have their own rituals that make the distribution of the enzymes they need to live (and which keep them dependent on their masters) like communion. They have a code of honor that they abide by and draw meaning from, however fatalistic.

Honestly, it’s such a shame that William was handled the way he was. We could have had a revival where

a) William and his pals had a huge part to play - a la Stranger Things, with adults and kids all working through their own avenues to figure out the same scary thing!

b) Mulder and Scully get a relatively happy future - AD Scully and Agent Mulder flinging dad jokes back and forth and getting drunk at FBI balls and Will having to come get them and deal with their stories about Flukemen! 

c) Mulder, Skinner, and Will all go fishing and there’s a WEIRD RIVER MONSTER!

d) by the way did I ever mention that I have a head canon that Walter is Will’s middle name? William Walter Scully’s got a great ring to it. 

e) There’s weird shit going down at the Amish settlement down the road. Scully and Will notice when they go to pick up this week’s ration of butter!

f) Dinner Party Murder Mystery? The Spookies are invited to Will’s girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) parent’s Harvest Festival potluck! Mulder keeps trying to get people to eat the casserole he made, but it’s gross! Someone dies at the table! Mulder makes a terrible and inappropriate joke that maybe his casserole really was that bad!

g) They’re all on their way home from Will’s basketball tournament the next state over! They stop at a diner for pie in the middle of the night - a classic liminal space! Things are weird! Things are wrong! It’s the Diner of the Dead!!! Honestly, so much wasted potential for some good Prairie Gothic stuff… 

h) Aliens are still fuckin’ everything up! But guess what - CSM is actually dead! There’s a new enemy working with the aliens within the FBI! They’ve gotta figure out who it is! 

i) Tad O’Malley doesn’t exist! 

j) Mulder and Scully are allowed to be cute and happy and dance in the kitchen and get caught smoochin’ by Will, and Agent Mulder’s always tryna convince AD Scully to screw in her office but she’s A Professional, Thank You Very Much, Please Go Back Downstairs, Mulder, I’ll See You at Lunch. Kimberly? Don’t Let Mulder Back In Here, I’ve Got Work to Do. 

k) CROP CIRCLES! The farmers down the road know that Mulder and Scully used to investigate weird shit, because everyone knows about the Spookies, and Mulder gets really excited and insist Will comes along, and he’s Extremely Bored and Texting the entire time and we get a nice throwback to how Scully never gets to see the aliens - Will doesn’t get to see them either, but it’s because he’s always on his phone. Baby Boomers will love it

l) We all love a good teen drama - let Mulder and Scully be free from romantic tension for once in their goddamned lives and give it to ol’ Will. We all watched the OC, right? We’re all obsessed with Riverdale, right? 

m) The saturation of the revival always really bothered me - let’s go back to the faded colours of the original run and for fuck’s sake, give them back their trench coats, goddamnit 

Bite Size Bits

Many of these could be stand alones or prompts, so take them however you will.

Imagine you’re pregnant with a tentacle beast’s eggs. Your stomach is stretched out so you look as if pregnant with triplets since your womb is so full, and your alien lover is constantly stroking over your swollen body. When the day to lay the eggs comes, you sit in a lukewarm bath as the tentacle beast massages your full breasts and belly, and plays with your clit to help speed up the birthing process until you’re in a tub half-filled with about six dozen jelly-like eggs.            

Imagine your walking around with your tiny boyfriend who loves siting on your shoulder and just overall getting giddy from how high up both of you were. As you strolled through the forest of giants, the others would stare and judge you for choosing such a small partner but you would just ignore them as you gently rubbed your round belly            

Imagine you’re kidnapped by a stranger at night while walking back to your car from a long day at work. He drugs you and you wake up in a bedroom that is well-furnished, and is even complete with a nursery. You plead with your captor to let you go and to not hurt you, but he reveals he intends to rape you repeatedly until you’re pregnant with his child. You cry and ask him to spare you, but he tells you that you’re his personal sex slave who he plans on getting pregnant every chance he gets.

Imagine you are a pilot who’s crash landed on a planet ruled by the enemy aliens you are fighting. One of their soldiers finds you and tells you that he’ll save your life and find a way off world for you. But you have to pretend to be his slave for that time and to make that cover convincing, you will have to be pregnant with his offspring. Multiple times if that’s how long it takes. 

Imagine youve been cursed to get pregnant with a baby every time someone else gets a crush on you, as you made a deal with a demon so you could always know if someone has a crush on you, but whats unfortunate is that youre naturally beautiful, and most people mistake your friendliness for flirting, so youre almost constantly carrying multiples.            

Imagine youre lying on the couch watching netflix with your roommate, when you feel a mysterious force raise your legs into the air, and something push inside you. You gasp and your roommate looks on in horror as your belly grows before your very eyes, swelling with babies as you find yourself unable to wrench your legs away from the force. When your legs drop, your roomie groans, legs spread- theyre being impregnated too.            

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I have a mini headcanon that when Kaminari's S/O's phone is out of battery they would ask him if he could charge it and if he doesn't want to they'll just give him a kiss!!(≧∇≦)/

I know this was just a headcanon, but I had to write a little scenario for it! Speaking of Denki, I got a small poster of him over the holidays for my room, so he’s over by Bokuto and Wonder Woman now. XD [Admin Denki]

“Die, fuckbag.” You muttered to yourself as you angrily tapped your phone screen for your monster to eat the alien enemies. Denki chuckled, his back leaning against yours as you two hung out in the courtyard. He glanced over, watching you play your game.
“How’s it going?” Denki asked, scrolling through songs on his phone to make a playlist.
“I’m so close to destroying the Fronian aliens and taking over their empire. They’re no match for my Brim monster.” You said, continuing to play out your game and the noises of dying soldiers coming out. Denki smiled, hearing you so into your game.
“Yes, die, die, die.” You murmured, tapping away furiously until your phone froze. “What the-” And then your phone turned black. “NO!” You yelled, your phone dying. “She was too young. So young and we hadn’t defeated the empire yet.” You cried, dramatically. Denki looked over his shoulder, smiling a little that your phone had died. It was only a matter of time.
“I guess that’s a sign that maybe you should pay more attention to me.” He joked, thankful for the death.
“Your electric quirk.  .  . it could charge my phone, couldn’t it?” You asked, twisting in your spot to rest your head on his shoulder.
“I’m not doing that.” Denki shook his head.
“What?! C’mon, please? My empire!” You exclaimed.
“Your boyfriend!” Denki responded.
“What if I.  .  .” You leaned closer to Denki. “Gave you a little something?” You suggested, leaning over more and letting your lips touch with Denki’s. He melted into your kiss, fingertips touching your phone and you felt a pleasing jolt go through your body. There was definitely static between the two of you. He cupped your face, wanting you to stay kissing him for a moment longer until your phone made a noise that it had turned on again. You broke the kiss, grinning happily.
“I love you, you know that?” You said, giddily.
“Go save your empire, babe.” Denki rolled his eyes, but his lips were curled up in a smile as he went back to making his playlist.