enemy ace

Enemy Ace (from the DC Comics WWI flying ace series) and Captain Nemo (from H.G. Wells’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  These are two custom character bookplates that are one of the tiers if you order 555 CHARACTER DRAWINGS.  Only two custom bookplate options remaining!  Orders for the book only go until Sunday, April 12th (6 more days!).

Joe Kubert’s art on Enemy Ace is hands-down the best aerial combat comic art ever made, with some of the finest examples of directional reading in any comics, ever.  I was asked to draw his rescue dog Schatzi, who tragically falls to his death from an open cockpit.  

For Captain Nemo I tried to go with the book description (straight nose, swarthy countenance, tall, wide-set eyes) with the knowledge that he’s Indian (revealed in Mysterious Island) and use the book description of his gear: Indian rubber diving suit (said in the book to be seamless, but that would just look like a blobby man-shape), an air-compressed gun with a boxy clip full of electric bullets, etc.  Kevin O’Neil’s art (based on Alan Moore’s descriptions) for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was a huge influence on me, getting me to rethink popular iconography as it related to well-known characters, and his Sikh Nemo was the top of the heap for that, so I went as far from that direction as I could.

Miyuki Kazuya from Diamond no ace to go with this Eijun

question time: is this a blushing miyuki or is it the lightning~? we all know the answer

@kuroohina @cutiepiehinata you asked, now please take responsibility for this. Tbh it was fun getting that smirk off his smug face, well i can’t blame him-this is a normal reaction when hit with that much sunshine lol

Ace Attorney 6 official website opened

Capcom has opened the official website for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6.

Ace Attorney 6 is set in a mysterious foreign country where people put their faith in the souls of the dead, and a new “Water Mirror” system is used to unearth clues about the case as images and text in the water.

The reason for this new setting is because, throughout the series, Phoenix Wright has become a lawyer without enemies, and it’s tough to develop within the Japanese courtroom, since an exhilarating part of the game is how situations can change from from desperate to complete turnabouts. The theme this time around is “courtroom revolution,” or how Phoenix Wright will change the court system.

Here are the first character descriptions, via the website:

Phoenix Wright

A lawyer and director of the Wright Anything Agency, his jagged hairdo and blue suit are his trademark.

He steps foot in a foreign country for a certain reason and takes the stand in the courtroom after he is involved in an incident.

Even in an unfamiliar court, he’ll use his inherent sense of justice, concept of sudden turnabouts, and whole-hearted belief in the client’s innocence learned from his master to reveal the truth.

Bokuto Zuani

A lively young boy and apprentice priest who lives in the foreign country Phoenix Wright visits. He works as a tour guide on the side in order to make a living.

He loves explaining things about his country to tourists, and once he starts talking about it, it’s hard for him to stop. He puts in effort as a tour guide to help Phoenix Wright as he’s perplexed by this foreign land.

Ace Attorney 6 will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show from September 17 to 20.

A release date for Ace Attorney 6 has not been announced, but it will come to both Japanese and western territories.

View a set of screenshots at the gallery.