Draco trying to be nice to Harry
  • Pansy: "Okay, Draco. Go make friendly conversation. You can do this."
  • Draco: "Yep, I'm gonna do it!"
  • ---
  • Draco: *to Harry* "You are really good at Quidditch..."
  • Harry: "What?"
  • Draco: "I said... you are really shit at Quidditch. Piss off, Potter."
  • ---
  • Pansy: "How'd it go?"
  • Draco: "I fucked up."

verlinktbeichris  asked:

Hey Admin, could I request a yiga who... I dunno. Just a Yiga-clan member if its ok ^^

To answer the question: No. No I will not draw just a Yiga-clan member ;)

I feel like i need to start linking to the Korok comic that started their weird obsession in my comic’s canon so that new people aren’t COMPLETELY confused…