Day 293 - Project Nihil Game Types

I’ll be uploading some things I had to do for a class presentation involving what I have so far for my game. These 3 pictures are to give a visualization of the three types of gameplay focused in on my game, which is puzzles, platforming and combat. Enjoy!

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Why not to be the sign's enemy

ARIES- 100% willing to fuck up your fucking face or have someone else do it for them, no fear
TAURUS- when you come back around they won’t give a single shit about you, done
GEMINI- has the capability to destroy you socially until the only friend you have is the corner you cry in
CANCER- most likely to be blatantly rude to your face and hurt your feelings and still look like a fucking good guy, pros at this
LEO- will take away everyone that makes you happy and make them theirs with their charm, will definitely leave you pulling your hair out
VIRGO- the BEST at playing innocent because everyone already thinks they are, no one will pity you, you are the bad guy always
LIBRA- will win absolutely every argument whether they are right or wrong, you’re gonna look like a dumbass
SCORPIO- whatever you did to them will hurt twice as much when they hit you, they’ll make sure of it, trust
SAGITTARIUS- most likely to make you look dumb af in front of a huge crowd with a fucking smile on their face
CAPRICORN- one step ahead of you, their organization and readiness will beat anything you think you have planned, sorry buddy
AQUARIUS- you no longer exist, the best at totally shutting you out to the point that you just crumble
PISCES- I fucking dare you