How to know [Sign]'s Enemy
  • *check Mars sign as well
  • How to know Aries's Enemy:They stop dead in their tracks when they see them. They'll go on angry rants about what they've done and will often go up to said enemy and bring up what they've done. They'll often tell this person and call them out and fight them a lot. They're probably blocked on all of their enemy's social media.
  • How to know Taurus's Enemy:They're the last search on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. They know every detail about their lives. Who they're dating, what they love, and the last place they went. They often won't do anything about it but say petty words and complain, though.
  • How to know Gemini's Enemy:Oh, you know alright. They not only know everything about this person, even if they're blocked on every social media account. They have their nudes, blackmail, and everything. They constantly talk about waiting for the right time to strike... but whenever they go to talk to them they're often sunshine and rainbows (if they aren't blocked).
  • How to know Cancer's Enemy:They're the one person who they won't help. They constantly complain about this person, though they won't know all these details about their lives. They'll talk about hurting them, but the most that'll happen is their friends will. Cancer's are like the Mafia's Godfather and their friends are their Henchmen.
  • How to know Leo's Enemy:It's the one person they aren't friends with and are unwilling to talk to. They'll smile at them if they talk to them, but it's so forced everyone knows how fake it is. They'll try to take the higher road, most often, but if pushed they'll unleash a whirlwind of blackmail and hate gathered from their, well, less mature and spiteful friends. (Who, tbh, probably hate that enemy too).
  • How to know Virgo's Enemy:They're Gemini, but much more calculated. They know everything about their enemy WITHOUT their enemy's knowing. No one knows, except for close friends. They sit around and have conversations about what they do, and often enough, their friends hate them, too. But not because they told them things to influence it. Instead, they became friends on the GROUND that they hate this person.
  • How to know Libra's Enemy:Well, this is the one person they don't like. They talk about them a lot, and often make them seem a lot more like a Big Bad Wolf than they really are. They often start nasty rumors about this person, by accident. They usually get out of control really quickly... and while they have remorse for the situation, it's not enough to come out and come clean.
  • How to know Scorpio's Enemy:They're dead, probably. But, on the off chance they ARE alive, they did something to Scorpio first. And Scorpio is out for revenge. As time goes on they'll simply talk shit - even though all of it's true - and you can guarantee that Scorpio's friends hate them too. You're probably blocked on all of THEIR social media accounts, but never on Scorpio's. Scorpio likes to just sift through what you've been doing, whether you're friends on social media or not. They're savage and once the enemy pushes them past their limit, they will destroy them, without remorse.
  • How to know Sagittarius's Enemy:They don't have many, if any. They're outfront with their enemies and will tell you, and them, that they have a problem with them. They'll call them out on what they've done, as well. They will, without a doubt, fight them if they persist. But they'd rather not.
  • How to know Capricorn's Enemy:Capricorn's Enemy isn't easy to spot, simply because they insult EVERYONE. Friends, family, everyone. To be a Capricorn's KNOWN enemy means you've done some irreparable shit.
  • How to know Aquarius's Enemy:They'll stop in their tracks when the see their enemy. They're glare, and they will point out everything they don't like. They refuse to block this enemy (despite everyone telling them to), and will often keep quiet about it until they blow up. They'll try to redeem their enemies actions, but at some point, they'll cut them out. Usually they will not sweat the enemy, but if they persist, they will destroy them, and everything they can.
  • How to know Pisces's Enemy:They won't tell you, them, or anyone. No one know's Pisces's enemy, because... well, everyone's done SOMETHING to Pisces and no one knows where this line of enemy and just hurtful friend is. Nobody know's Pisces's Enemy, ever.

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