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Guilt Is My Boyfriend
Giles Corey
Guilt Is My Boyfriend

I don’t think it’s funny

I don’t fool around

If you’re so fucking tired

Why aren’t you in the ground

Because guilt is my boyfriend 
And I’m very dearly wed 
At wakes you don’t wake up 
But stay asleep instead 
I’m the dour in the dowry 
The bats in your belfry 
And I am your boyfriend

All of the other east coast shows I did with HANL have sold out pretty quickly. I have been told by the band that this will be their last show for the foreseeable future while they work on some other things, so you might want to be at this one.

I’m hopefully going to slow down a bit with some shows myself after this one for the rest of the year too, but that might be just wishful thinking.


Giles Corey “A Sleeping Heart”

It’s been a while but we’ve got some cool things booked and lined up for 2014! We saw Giles Corey a few days ago in Brooklyn and Roman filmed the entire set. Giles Corey is the solo project of Dan Barrett (Have A Nice Life) who also runs the fantastic Enemies List Home Recordings. He played a few new songs and some Have A Nice Life songs which was pretty cool. Here’s the first of the bunch


Have a Nice Life - Cropsey

Planning For Burial - Leaving 2xLP

First album digitally released in September 2009 then physically on CD by Enemies List Home Recordings in April 2010. It’s being released for the first time on vinyl as a 2xLP by The Flenser in May 2015.

Preorders along with the Bosse-de-Nage “All Fours” & new Mamaleek LPs go up around April 12th 2015.

I’m not 100% certain of the pressing numbers but it is either 500 or 600 total. 200 on pink, the rest on black.

The new artwork was created by long time collaborator Niels Geybels, done mostly because the original high resolution photos disappeared on a laptop that was stolen from me nearly two years ago.