enemies fat


.Carbs are not your enemy

.Fat is not your enemy

.Sugar is not your enemy

.You probably don’t need as much protein as you think you do

. Obsessing over weightloss makes you and everyone around you miserable

. If you eat something you don’t think you’re supposed too or break your diet. Don’t waste time beating yourself up or give up.

. Have some chill about food and enjoy it.

It almost seems like us Lobby rats get the short end of the stick when it comes to music.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bands out in the zones, Comic Sans Samurai, Cold Dead Hands, The Mad gear and the Missile Kid, and even the few singles the Fab Four have pushed out of their asses a couple times. Seriously, Black Dragon Fighting Society is a fucking anthem. 

And the bands themselves are pretty fucking awesome too. They put on a show with lights and fire and the speakers turned to eleven. The Dracs come and they can get out in a second, no hesitation, the first sign of those Better Living assholes and they’re out. They’ve gotten good, now we know when BLi is coming half an hour before hand.

But holy fuck, you haven’t lived until you see a show in The Lobby.

These bands know how to cut it close, and they live for it.

One band, a girl group called The Top Gun Chicks, make the loudest, angriest music you can imagine, and they make a point to be heard. They’re not my style, but I make my own point to go to one show a year. To be more specific, the one show they play on the roof of the cleanest, whitest, and safest Better Living apartment complex they can find.

They manage to play at least four songs before the Exterminators catch on, and then the Chicks make the biggest exit they can manage, last year they zip-lined off the roof on a rope made of their own merchandise and landed on the building next to us. The entire audience (including myself) was detained for seven hours, but they had no evidence to keep us there.

The desert might get raw with their music, but The Lobby bands have a fucking reason to go hard. Getting caught gets you famous, more bands form in your image, and escaping gets you just as famous, more bands show up just to glorify you, and the noise gets louder and louder. Better Living gets stuck in a never-ending loop and it’s fucking hilarious to watch.

Bands like Strawberry Body, Odd Man In, My Dad’s Ass, and even hip hop groups like Kung-Fu and The Fat Man, The Slim Johns, and Oddity. They started it all and most of them are still going, still pumping out records and selling out venues. Making kids like me get angry, and get schooled, and fight the fuck back.

Desert bands can hit it raw, sure. But Lobby bands? Holy Shit.

things my friends have actually said while watching voltron
  • lance: *sees lion* i feel like the eyes are following me
  • friend one: they're not following me
  • -
  • friend one: *referring to hunk* its hank
  • -
  • friend one: *referring to the castle* image if steven universe lived there
  • -
  • friend one: *sees coran* is he a leprechaun? i'm gonna call him leprechaun. (later) he's an angry short person! do you see those high heals, wait... those aren't high heals
  • -
  • friend one: i ship pig and lance
  • -
  • friend one: *as allura has war flashbacks* me every monday
  • -
  • friend two: what are those things by allura's ears
  • friend three: earrings?
  • -
  • friend two: me when my parents walk into my room… rawr
  • -
  • friend one: *referring to the castle* the dolphins
  • -
  • friend one: that mullet tho *shoots keith*
  • -
  • *klance moment*
  • friend two and i: *SCREAMMMMMM*
  • friend one: *trying to figure out our ship* that guy (shiro) and aroura
  • -
  • friend one: *referring to klance* are they secretly dating?
  • -
  • *another klance moment*
  • friend three and i: OOOOOOOOO
  • *our heads run into the other's*
  • -
  • *allura is explaining the personality of the yellow paladin*
  • friend one: it's keith
  • -
  • friend one: *sees allura* SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL, AHHHHHHHHH *is literally fangirling hella hard* MY EYESSSSS
  • -
  • friend two: *sees prisoners* what
  • me: they're aliens
  • friend two: oh, i thought they were wearing sock puppets
  • -
  • friend one: come on black dude- i mean lion
  • -
  • friend one: *sees enemy* he's fat… and ugly
  • -
  • *klance is on the screen*
  • friend one: see here? beauty
  • *shiro on screen*
  • friend one: see here? focus
  • -
  • friend two: i'm gonna binge watch zoltron
Delena is Cliche.

Warning: This is Anti-Delena. Don’t say I didn’t warn you so leave

I’ve noticed that Delena stans called Stelena “cliche”, and honestly I laugh. Yes they have their cliche moments, but are they cliche overall? Hell no! Delena is just full of cliches and if you wanna know how here’s why…

Good Girl Falls For Bad Boy:

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Elena Gilbert described as “compassionate, caring, empathetic, kind, intelligent, beautiful, friendly”. She’s the star student and is the most selfless person ever (note the sarcasm)

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Damon Salvatore described as “a sociopath, narcissist, vicious, and remorseless” ladies man

Through Elena’s good grace and purity she changes Damon into a “better” man, and they fall in love. (Again note the sarcasm) Yeah, so that’s one cliche but boy oh boy are we just getting started.

Over dramatic Love Declarations (Which are just empty words with no meaning behind them, they’re only said to be dramatic):

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Christ how many do they have?!

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They’re like those romantic comedy cliches. I mean do I have to pull out the receipts:

Even those romantic comedies are more heartwarming and sweet than Dullena is.

Over The Top Cliche Sex Scenes:

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Ripping their clothes off ✔️

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Check out this website (http://www.indiewire.com/2009/03/5-worst-sex-scene-cliches-227284/) and look at #1-3 which talks about cliche sex scenes. Delena fits them perfectly. (God it was hard to look at these)

Side note can we talk about how Nina’s sex scenes with Ian looks like she’s just acting. That she’s trying to make it look like it’s pleasurable and oh so orgasmic, but it’s just acting. With her sex scenes with Stefan her face looked like she was in pure, bliss pleasure. Receipts:

Anyways, Over The Top Kisses:

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Rain kiss ✔️

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Slamming into each others faces ✔️

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Jumping into each others arms ✔️

For some reason whenever they kiss it’s almost as if they are never in sync with each other. It’s always messy and sloppy.

Hell They Even Went Through Their Own Amnesia Plot Line:

When in fresh hell did The Vampire Diaries become a goddamn soap opera?! Elena loses her memories so Damon does everything he can to get her to remember their “amazing” love story! Hilarious! This was nothing but lazy writing, and the writers trying to show that Delena can overcome any obstacle such as fate and amnesia, but they can’t overcome Damon not resisting compulsion, Damon infected with the ripper virus and almost killing Katherine in Elena’s body, Damon and Elena breaking up 5 million times because “Oh, we’re bad for each other.”, and Elena wanting to be just friends with Damon but they can’t because if she ain’t offering him up any sex even while they’re broken up then he doesn’t want her around him. WOW! 

Last but not least the whole enemies to lovers cliche:

Delena is honestly a ship that is not only delusional, dull, abusive, but it is full of big fat cliches. Enemies to lovers, Good Girl Falls for Bad Boy, Over The Top Cliche Sex Scenes, Over The Top Cliche Kisses, Over Dramatic Love Declarations. Delena is just a joke and it makes me pity those out there who want a relationship like this, cause if you do then God bless you. You will not make it far in life especially with pieces of shits like Damon Salvatore, and dumb girls like Elena Gilbert for even allowing Damon to be in her life knowing what he’s done and that he doesn’t care. It seems that even with the show over logic still has to be pried into Delena stans heads about this abusive, toxic, dull, cliche ship that was written by a 40 year old fangirl trapped in a 16 year old’s body is horrible. Nuff said.

Fat Hero Day is just seven days away! On November 27th, help improve positive fat representation in fantasy art by posting art of or writing about a heroic fat character. Or submit a post to me. No perpetuation of fat stereotypes, please. Be they male, female, or beyond the binary, let’s see your fat rangers hunting enemies, fat rogues disarming traps, and fat clerics turning undead. Because heroes come in all sizes, but we don’t see enough fat ones!

hot overwatch tip: friendly ults have a different quote so you don’t have to worry about whether or not that high noon is a friendly’s or an enemy’s. innovative i know

Teammate - “The dragon becomes me!”
Enemy - “Ryūjin no ken o kurae! ”

Teammate - “Step right up!”
Enemy - “It’s 11:59.”

Teammate - "Rocket barrage incoming!”
Enemy - “Justice rains from abo-ARHGAHGH”

Teammate - “Clearing the area.”
Enemy - “Die. Die! DIE!”

Soldier 76:
Teammate - “Tactical visor activated!”
Enemy - “I’ve got you in my sights!”

Teammate - [if stuck on enemy] “Right on target!”
Enemy - “Wait for it…” / “Bombs away!” / “Time’s up!” / “Nailed it!”

Teammate - quiet robot sound
Enemy - “Do do DOO do DOOOOOO!”

Teammate - “Let the dragon consume you!”
Teammate with furry skin - “The wolf hunts for its prey!”
Enemy - “Ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau!”
Enemy with furry skin - “Okami yo waga teki wo kurae!”

Teammate - “Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!”
Enemy - “Fire in the hole!”

Teammate - “Freeze! Don’t move!”
Enemy - “Dòng zhù, bùxǔ zǒu!" 

Teammate - nothing at all

Teammate - “No one can hide from my sight.”
Enemy - “Personne n'échappe à mon regard.”

Teammate - “Activating self-destruct sequence!”
Enemy - “Nerf this!" 

Teammate - sound of gigantic hammer slamming the ground
Enemy - "Hammer DOWN!”

Teammate - “Eat this!”
Enemy - fat dude laughing

Teammate - slightly quieter roar
Enemy - loud roar accompanied by giant red scientist flying at you

Teammate - “Fire at will!”
Enemy - “Ogon po gotovnosti!" 

Teammate - “Nano Boost Administered!”
Teammate (on you) - “You’re powered up, get in there!”
Enemy - “Warīhum quwitak!” [Translation: pls run from the reinhardt]

Teammate - "Oh, let’s break it DOWN!”
Enemy - “Let’s drop the beat!”

Teammate - “Heroes never die!”
Teammate with Imp/Devil skin - “Heroes never die…for a price!”
Teammate with Valkyrie/Sigrun skin - “Till Valhalla!”
Enemy - “Helden sterben nicht!”

Teammate - “Teleporter online. I have opened the path.”
Enemy - someone on your team will tell you there’s a teleporter

Teammate - “Experience tranquility.”
Enemy - “Pass into the Iris." 

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Ace at first looks confused by the kiss on her cheek, but quickly brightens. 

“Nah. You act more like I’d wanted my mum to. Mel’s more like a sister, I think. You’re…y’know…you care a lot and you teach me stuff and all…”

She shifts a bit, this is getting too close to actual discussion of feelings. Time for a change in subject. “Besides, I already adopted Lady Prez as my mum, and you two are married so that makes you both my mums then.”

As a Guardian main, I find it irritating when my carry runs at the enemy team like a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck dies while I’m retreating with only 67 HP and their asses spam. “thanks!”
“you rock!”
“cancel that!”

Earl Grey

See A/N at the end. But, some helpful info: This is a Modern Day AU where Rae makes YouTube videos schooling the plebs about cool music. With the exception of those changes, everything up through episode 5 of season 1 happens as in canon.

Earl Grey

The message is weird. Especially coming from Chop. Chop never sent emails, and if by some off chance he did, Finn never would have expected it to read so… normal.

Finn, thought you might want to check this out…

He wonders if it’s maybe spam, if Chop’s account got hacked or something. He knows you’re not supposed to click links sent in strange sounding emails, but… he’s not certain it’s not Chop, and it’s just a link to a youtube clip. Youtube never hurt anyone. It’s probably just porn or something, he reasons. Busty Babe Bounces on Trampoline- that’s definitely Chop’s style. So, he clicks.

It takes the page a long time to load, and Finn finds himself biting his cuticles as he waits, strangely anxious for whatever it is. It’s sure to be stupid nonsense, probably Chop discovered Vines and is dying to share some clip with him. But his heart’s beating a bit too hard and he’s not exactly sure why.

But then it loads, and he sees her face. He smiles automatically, despite his confusion. He can’t help it, it’s like a biological response to seeing her, a big stupid grin that he has to smother down. But he’s alone, and here she is right there in that little box on his screen- her big expressive eyes, her long shiny curtain of dark hair, her rosy cheeks and ineffable smile. A sudden flash of heat courses through him as he considers the wanking possibilities of tiny little Rae trapped right there in his laptop screen.

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Iago: Eat more my dear princess. *lines of food levitate and enters Corrin’s mouth* Smother your enemies with mountain fat!

Corrin gave no reisitance…..still under the effect of the malicious sorcerer’s spell as the pounds piled on….the once moderately curvy princess was well on her way to becoming a veritable mountain of flesh…..lazily let obediently eating everything that came her way as her outfit finally shredded into pieces…..submitting to the sheer pressure of her burgeoning flab….