enel is not pleased

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Sbs meme: Lucci, kid, corazon or enel please

You said or? :D Corazon then

Send me a random character and I’ll tell you:

  • specific color: magenta^^
  • real life nationality: Spain
  • animal resemblance: Storch lol
  • flower: Petunia
  • favorite food: Steak seems like it
  • least favorite food: Broccoli
  • typical hours of sleep: 7 hours I believe
  • real life profession: clumsy cop who shall be condemned to parking duty for all his life

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Ok this is too much fun to settle for just one ^^ Lucci, kid AND enel too please :'D

Hahaha I like the way you think

Send me a random character and I’ll tell you:


  • specific color: black and white seems right
  • real life nationality: he’s Italian
  • animal resemblance: haha Leopard
  • flower: Foxgloves
  • favorite food: Lasagne
  • least favorite food: Milk chocolate
  • typical hours of sleep: 6 hours mostly
  • real life profession: Business guy/works in the bank


  • specific color: GOLD
  • real life nationality: Iceland
  • animal resemblance: aint no ordinary animal is holy enough, but I think Enel would make a good cat!
  • flower: Lilac
  • favorite food: He likes all kinds of fruit
  • least favorite food: I dont think there’d be much he would not fancy
  • typical hours of sleep: as long as he wants
  • real life profession: Manager for a singer XD