Hi all *waves* I know that lately it’s been mostly rebloggs coming from me and, well…. sorry for that. I kind of lost my simming mojo. I just felt overwhelmed by it all and had no focus or ideas…. nada!

Then, of corse, I got a tiny skin scratch on my bum.  This, to the ones that doesn’t know I’m a wheelchair user (and probably to others too) doesn’t sound to bad. Well it is. Since I’m paralyzed I can’t shift positions by myself or that often, something you do quite often when seated without thinking so your bum don’t go num, and if you don’t it cuts off blood to the area and so making it hard to heal. The only way to ensure good circulation is to sit as little as possible which in my case means lying down on my side……. in bed. And in that position I can’t really do much but watch TV. So, that’s another reason for my simming absents.

Sorry for the lecture ;)

But, as you can see I’ve been playing a bit in the updated Enekjear by Fagersim. And it’s lovely. I took a family I meant to play in St Clair but never started and built them a houseboat, I’ll show them another time. Here are just some pretty views.

And also, wow, I have gathered 44 followers :D I’m surprised and happy! Thanks to you all *hugs*


Here is the beautiful house Dee, Deelightfuldelights, build and so charmingly called Ranch Bats, after yours truly ;) *hugs <3* placed in Enekjear. The Talbots will live there during winter since living on a houseboat that doesn’t have enough space so they can eat inside when it snow can be pretty cold.