Mm okay this is probably going to be really dumb, but bear with me.

I want to draw a webcomic. Like REALLY want to. But I don’t feel like my style is where I really want it to be, and I can’t even really draw hands and stuff. And everything is significantly worse on my tablet. Plus I have no knowledge on how I would upload it on a website??? And I’ve wanted to do this for a good year or so now. Especially seeing enekay’s monsterpop, xamag’s cool alice in wonderland type story and HINABN.
I know it’d be hard work, but it would be fun; I’d make new friends, I’d become more known in the art community, and I’d really really enjoy it.
I just don’t feel like I’m good enough for any of that yet.
Plus there’s the whole issue of figuring out the story and storyline and characters, which I should REALLY be working on if I want to be an author.
I dunno.
Told you this was dumb.