HOLY FRICKLE I actually managed to draw a vaguely human head for once!

This is my Miraculousona, Isaac Anderson. He gained his miraculous when he lived in west-country of England, which he protected from threats as The Ram alongside his partner, Sparrowhawk.

However, life meant that his family had to move to Paris. Luckily he was able to entrust Sparrowhawk with the protection of their province.

His Miraculous is a watch-like bracelet, which brought with it his Kwami, Baarb. She’s a little mischievous and super enegetic, like a spring lamb!

When he is The Ram, his weapon is a pair of horn shaped knuckle dusters, and he gains increased strength, agility, and speed. His power is called Rampage which further increases his speed and strength, allowing him to easily run at speeds of around 60mph. When he uses Rampage, the horns on his head grow larger and curl around the face to protect him if he needs to ram into something, a devastating way to end an akuma attack!