Two Things

In the past 24 hours two things have happened that have made me (even more) concerned for the future of our planet than usual….

1. Yesterday in my environmental law class my professor made a comment about the irony of the fact that currently beachfront homes are worth millions of dollars and highly sought after but in the not so distant future homes on the water are going to be essentially worthless because water levels will have risen to such an extent that flooding will be constant and unavoidable

2. Due to a combination of factors Chapel Hill (where I go to school) is currently without any water. In response, the school shut down- classes cancelled, all academic facilities closed, students told to go home for the weekend (lol @ being from the northeast and not being able to go home). There isn’t any water to drink, shower, wash hands, flush toilets, etc. Everyone is losing their shit. This is only temporary and people are freaking out. In the future, water is going to become a highly valuable and incredibly scarce resource (although realistically we should already be treating it as such). Today has made me realize how ill-equipped we are to handle that reality.

Things like this only fuel my passion to pursue environmental studies and as unfortunate as the condition of this planet is, I’m hopeful that we can fix it.

One of the classes I took this semester was called environment and society and it tackled sustainability/environmental issues and how we can solve them and looking back on it it’s probably the best class I’ve ever taken. All of the information was so interesting and relevant but even more than that it’s just so cool to be surrounded by like minded people. The other day we were talking about the connection between diet (animal products) and environmental issues and nearly everyone in my class said that they were vegetarian if not vegan. AND, I’ve actually made a ton of new friends in the past week from that class through study groups for the final and kjabfkjbaks I love meeting people who share my values and care about the planet