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Después de unos meses de nuestro segundo encuentro con Raúl, tenía muchas ganas de repetir lo que había sucedido aquella noche, miraba las fotos que tome y me calentaba muchísimo pero para mi mala suerte los vídeos que grabe se miraban muy oscuros apenas se notaban las siluetas de sus cuerpos cogiendo, lo que si podía era escuchar los gemidos de violeta mientras cogía y aquellos susurros y risas que tanto me excitaban, cada que escuchaba aquellos vídeos terminaba masturbandome e imaginandome como seria nuestra próxima aventura. Faltaban un par de semanas para el cumpleaños de violeta y entre bromas le recordé que a demás de su cumpleaños seria su aniversario con Raúl pues nuestra primer experiencia con otro hombre fue unos cuantos días después de su cumpleaños y fue un regalo para ella, los dos comenzamos a reír y a recordar, le pregunte que si quería contactarlo para hacer algo de nuevo, ella dijo que estaría bien pero no la note con muchas ganas, tal vez porque ese día ella no estaba muy caliente. Los días transcurrieron y yo no insistí en el tema, hasta que ella me dijo que tenia muchas ganas de hacer algo y me pregunto que si mi propuesta seguía en pie, yo obviamente le respondí que si. En esos días acabábamos de mirar unas prendas muy sexys que nos habían gustado a los dos, sobre todo para esas ocasiones en que invitaramos a alguien mas a estar con ella, así que el fin de semana siguiente fui a comprarlo, era una batita color roja, compre también una pintura de uñas roja y un labial rojo, estaba muy emocionado imaginaba como se miraría mi novia esperándolo solo con la bata puesta y arreglada muy guapa y hermosa como siempre. Contacte a Raúl y nos pusimos de acuerdo mientras violeta estaba trabajando, cuando ella salio fui a recogerla, los dos estábamos muy ansiosos, llegamos al motel una hora antes de la hora en que nos habíamos citado, violeta se metió a bañar mientras que yo acomodaba el sillón en donde pudiera verlos mejor y encendía las luces de tal modo que los vídeos se miraran claros pero que la habitación estuviera no del todo iluminada (así le gusta a ella). Cuando ella salio la ayude a arreglarse para nuestro amigo, se miraba muy hermosa y en ese momento me di cuenta que el era afortunado de mirar vestida así a violeta pues si no fuéramos una pareja liberal solo yo tendría ese privilegio, pero me gustaba compartirla y que otros miraran a una mujer tan rica y sexy. Raúl llegó y como en las ocasiones anteriores baje a abrirle la puerta, cuando subimos se saludaron de muy buena manera, notaba en violeta que quería coger ya pero se limitaba a bromear y a coquetear de esa forma tan natural que lo hace, Raúl se dio un baño, cuando salio los tres platicamos un rato y bromeabamos del aniversario del primer trio diciendo que cada año haríamos algo rico para festejar el cumpleaños de violeta. Después de la plática yo me fui a sentar al sofá en donde disfrutaría del espectáculo y ellos se metieron debajo de las sabanas, de pronto ellos se hablaban como si yo no estuviera en la habitación, se susurraban y se echaban a reír, estaban muy cercas del uno al otro y a pesar de que aun no se besaban por el movimiento de las sabanas sabia que ya habían empezado a tocarse pero lo mas que yo podía hacer era imaginar pues no lograba ver nada, eso me calentaba mas y me imaginaba que parte de violeta estaría tocando en ese momento y ella tan natural que no le importaba en lo mas mínimo que su novio la estuviera mirando con otro hombre. Al poco rato de estar tocándose comenzaron a besarse, el sonido de los besos inundaba la habitación, por fin el espectáculo iba a comenzar.

io / ryuu (ioryuu) version 

this post is mainly comprised of quotes about the members of the earth defense club and may include spoilers so read at your own caution !! ok this one will be based on our favourite listless can’t-be-bothered yufuin en and his wife atsushi yoo

pls note that these reviews were written in a enatsu / ioryuu shipper perspective (lol @ me for being enatsu trash) and please do not distributemy translations anywhere + i got these quotes from here ( keep in mind that everything is in korean lmao) and if there are any mistakes please feel free to fix me on them as these are my first translations !!

naruko io

beside the two teenagers (en&atsushi) that stood in realisation of what they’ve just done, a fellow adolescent named naruko io (17) yelled: “the roaring prince, battle lover sulfur!”

‘there must be some kind of mistake, everything about this is. normally at this time of the day, i’d be counting my weekly profit and transferring money into cheques. i definitely cannot understand this narcissistic pose, this isn’t the real me. to be precise, the pose i am currently in was made against my own will by that pink wombat’s bizarre powers. i even visited the research laboratory to try and get rid of this bracelet which was again, created completely against my will. they were clueless, it all ended with them thinking that there was something wrong with my head.’

poor io omg i didn’t know he was that against being a part of the battle lovers… apparently he counts the amount of times he’s become a battle lover for his fucking damage insurance and he’s been visiting all sorts of research stations to try and find a way to get rid of his powers lmao

other than that, it is stated in the novels that io is a billionaire who lives alone… and in his house, each floor is a completely different living space for instance on the FX business floor, countless computers and other technologies are installed and as stated by yumoto it’s like the NASA research station, the interior of a spaceship and etc… and he earned all of that by himself wtf

apparently in the io/yumoto illustration, you are given the appearance of one of io’s many living spaces and the blogger stated that it looked nothing like the room of a high school student ^^;; wombat stated “his hobbies have already surpassed the usual boundary, he might even have the ability to create a change on this globe.” 

ryuu : “what does io smell like exactly?”
atsushi : “wouldn’t ryuu know that kind of thing the most?”
zaou san tilted his head as kinugawa san said this.
ryuu : “nope, it’s the complete opposite. since i’ve been with him for so long, it’s become harder for me now.”
atsushi : “now that you say that, i feel as if it’s become harder for me to smell io too.”
ryuu : “ah, definitely. you have no smell.”
io : “is that so… does that mean i’m odourless?”

io looked down with a discouraged expression on his face.

en : “eh? were you depressed by that just then?”

yufuin san stated bluntly.

io : “no, it’s nothing like that. well, it’s better than hearing that i smell of cash.”
atsushi : “you want your own smell too don’t you? you’re a human so you won’t be completely odourless… en chan, smell io for us.”

as yufuin san came closer to the younger teenager, naruko san immediately moved his body away.

io : “i’ll pass on that, thank you.”
- pg 193 wombat’s pov of the defense club’s conversation

i laughed a little too hard at this… it’s cute how io wants to be known as a normal high school student despite his wealth aw aw ww another possibly useless information of io !! normally when you’re lacking sugar in your body you’ll eat sweet food but apparently io consumes glucose (??) direct quote from the blogger ..???? 

ok now ryuu -

zaou ryuu

although the look on io’s face was not a good one, zaou ryuu (16)’s voice stayed light (?). 

“the thrilling prince, battle lover vesta!”

showing a passionate wink with his eye, ryuu displayed a perfect pose as if there were no flaws in what he was currently doing. 

‘it’s fortunate that i looked better than the others, it would have be suspicious if i showed an energy resembling a love which has been nourished for over a hundred years withering so instantaneously (nice simile..??..??). i don’t hate doing this, i get to wear outfits which you don’t usually get the chance to wear. but how did this all start, exactly? it’s all because of that pink wombat’s spontaneous appearance that i’m in this position now. before that guy came i was living a happy, enjoyable life with girls surrounding me (pf)- now thanks to him my time with girls has become shorter- (how can it be shorter than it already was) well, like i said, i don’t hate doing this completely.’
- pg 19 ryuu’s monologue

ryuu is a year younger than io… I REPEAT RYUU IS A YEAR YOUNGER THAN IO .. .wow i find that really cute somehow .„??? 

“in other words, although ryuu likes girls he’s the type that gets bored of them after a period of time.”

when did this all begin- i’ll admit, i live a ‘after dating girls i spend the rest of my time with io… type of life
- pg 94 ryuu’s flashback as well as monologue

although ryuu enjoys spending his time with girls, as shown in the anime (episode 9… i think? the one with the melon guy uk) after a certain period of time, he’s the type to get easily bored of them ;; 

apparently ryuu grew up living with his grandmother so that’s why he became familiar with female presences and enjoys spending time with them.. ww that’s really cute aw he likes it when girls grow an interest in him and when he’s able to make them happy !! but when the girls start growing interest in anyone other than him, he behaves like a child/becomes sad and ends his relationships with them.. lmao this probably happens often omg

i feel as if ryuu’s actually dating girls to please himself mentally bc it’s stated that instead of dating an individual and loving that one person deeply, he prefers dating between 2-3 girls at the same time.. so like rocchi from durarara!! 

‘it’s certain that it’s true… io is a definite, also yufuin senpai and kinugawa senpai, when i’m with them i don’t feel bored. i never found being with them bothersome or a pain in the ass, eh- although fighting those monsters is though… not only that, but being around yumoto is enjoyable too. seeing that guy jump at wombat never fails to make me laugh… i can’t imagine even staying in this room for more than 2 days if they were all girls… ‘
- pg 101 ryuu’s monologue

this really suggests that ryuu’s lady’s-man act is all a camouflage… 

in my opinion i think the person next in line after yumoto when it comes to companionship is definitely ryuu… he often states that girls can be annoying and the dates he goes on are sometimes boring lmao

its also confirmed that ryuu goes to io’s house during the holidays to play video games together and when he’s on a date with girls, he constantly thinks of what io said in the past day or smth like for instance “ah- io asked me to come along with him to eat that new limited edition gyudon~”

atsushi : “although ryuu gives off the vibe of a mischievous boy, at the same time you’re like a girl too,”

zaou san wore a complicated expression on his face as kinugawa san said this.

ryuu : “eh- what do you mean i’m like a girl?”
atsushi : “hm, for instance when you’re with io, it’s like you’re the girl in the situation position-wise.”

atsushi is the voice of all ioryuu shippers jfc it’s like this in episode 7 too omg maybe they were right about atsushi being a sadist… and now that i notice it the author of the novel is also the screenplay director of episode 7 omfg

oh yea o ye a another information apparently ryuu likes cherries yes yes start the headcanons 

click the link below if you haven’t seen the other ones !!

review of the novel | hakone yumoto | yufuin en / kinugawa atsushi | naruko io / zaou ryuu

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me stuff about this, so I guess I’ll clarify here: yeah, I refer to and headcanon Rose Quartz as bisexual (and imo she’s pretty clearly canonically some shade of bi/pan - there’s her relationship with Pearl, yes, but I also appreciate how the show keeps using “humans” when referring to her past relationships, with the specific “human man” occasionally used for Greg).

My reasons for specifying bisexual are twofold:

1) I have an elaborate headcanon built up in which one of the things she finds fascinating about humans is their wide variety of gender presentation, expression, and identity, and over the years and numerous human lovers, phases and novelties or no, she finds herself reacting differently to and being attracted to different things in different genders - and this is the definition of bisexuality I tend to go by.

2) I myself am a Canon Bisexual and it makes me very, very happy.

I’m also pretty adamant about her being poly and having a string of human lovers while being in a long-term relationship with Pearl, and pretty much any fic and meta I produce for SU takes this into account. So there you go!

en / atsushi (enatsu) version

this post is mainly comprised of quotes about the members of the earth defense club and may include spoilers so read at your own caution !! ok this one will be based on our favourite listless can’t-be-bothered yufuin en and his wife atsushi yoo

pls note that these reviews were written in a enatsu / ioryuu shipper perspective (lol @ me for being enatsu trash) and please do not distribute my translations anywhere + i got these quotes from here ( keep in mind that everything is in korean lmao ) and if there are any mistakes / inaccuracies please feel free to fix me on them as these are my first translations !!

yufuin en 

‘love making!’

yufuin en (18). instead of firing with energy and enthusiasm, he was really in fact dismally going along with all of this childplay. he was the complete opposite, as if being manipulated by some sort of cosmic force, he lightly met the illuminating cerulean jewel with his lips; the bracelet which the gem originally belonged to wrapping his left wrist. never once he thought in his life until now, no in fact during his entire life would these words spontaneously tumble out from his mouth: “the flashing prince, battle lover cerulean!” 

‘ah-… why isn’t yumoto here… i had to be the first one to transform, now everyone will believe that i’m leading the battle lovers-… how bothersome-… saying things like ‘battle lovers’ as i’m an expert of some sort in this kind of matter is really disreputable… well instead of saying the shortened version of the phrase, its more saddening that i have the full version kept in memory…’
- pg 17 en’s monologue

just from this you can tell en really hates being part of the battle lovers well not only him the other three too aha ^^;; according to the novel descriptions, as they’ve been fighting the monsters as a battle lover for a long period of time they occasionally self-mockingly ask themselves “how many times have we fought as a battle lover?” and gets upset over the topic ;; (..)

other than that there are descriptions in the novel about en apparently experiencing some sort of trauma in the past so his body stiffens whenever he sees any creature that’s black… it says 모 트라우마 which can mean different things so iw asn’t entirely sure… also en apparently has the habit of using the locker 15 at the kurotama bathhouse (so atsushi is probably 13/14 !!) and he likes stretching a lot since he has long limbs(???) idk why they’d put that sort of thing in the novel but ok lmao en also states that often while he’s walking home with atsushi from school they’d stop by the park and talk whilst sitting on the benches (sounds like an afterschool date if you ask me) and apparently en gets easily stressed about his face ‘getting old’ omg

now for some enatsu-ish quotes !

“the atsushi who’s always by my side, isn’t here with me today”
- pg 54 en’s monologue

“when en-chan isn’t here with me, i feel as if an important part of me is missing”
- pg 68 atsushi’s monologue

now excuse me while i go cry in a toilet bc enatsu… atsushi is so important to en it hurts me ughfhfg and as stated in both the boueibu game ANd the anime + now the novel, atsushi is like “air” to en. from this we can understand that atsushi is a being whom en cannot live without and im sure atsushi feels the same way too… fuck just look at the monologues they both sound so melancholic and lonely„.. he’s always by en, always together but in this particular episode where everyone’s split up apparently both en and atsushi fall into these deep, complicated thoughts and suffer from deprivation whilst constantly thinking of each other AND THEYVE ONLY BEEN APART FOR WHAT, A DAY ????„..?? 

ok now atsushi  

kinugawa atsushi

everyone’s favourite (en’s favourite*) mum-like / megane character atsushi !!

kinugawa atsushi (18) prepared for the worst. 

“the piercing prince, battle lover epinard!”

‘i give up… it’s only for a while longer, although en chan’s strongly against this sort of thing he decided to start off for us which im grateful for. the fate and future that awaits us will be painful, but i’ll brush it off thinking of it as some sort of trial. i believe there will be a day where we can bring this bizzare experiences of ours back to life again. if not, i’ll just forget about it. to be honest, it would be better not to think about it. because if i think about it too deeply i might end up hating it even more.’
- pg 18 atsushi’s monologue

atsushi is apparently the only person who finds the whole fighting as a battle lover ‘painful’ .. other than yumoto the other four are skeptical about it but according the novel atsushi actually despises these fights and conflict probably because of his past experiences with kusatsu …?? 

atsushi is also very humble about his rich-kid status and is often described as a fine looking, mature, soft, broad-minded and kind senpai character but atsushi himself usually denies this as he is a modest person. wombat once stated that atsushi might even be a 腹黒(はらぐろ haraguro) which means that although atsushi is a sweet, calm person on the outside, he harbours his darkness within and is disguising himself..„ i really doubt it though lmao i really dont think atsushi is a yandere type of person ?? but there are scenes where en refers atsushi as a どs which means an extreme sadist so …?? what are you hiding atsushi…. 

anyway time for more enatsu quotes !! (the part ive been waiting for the most) the novel included heaps of atsushi / en scenes and if i were to translate some of the really touching and impressive scenes :

atsushi : “is there something wrong yumoto?”
yumoto : “senpai was just with en chan senpai wasn’t he?”
atsushi : “ah, right. how’s en chan?”
yumoto : “shouldn’t you two make up?”
atsushi : “eh, with who?”
yumoto : “with en chan senpai!”
yumoto : “if i were to say you decided not to reconcile with him, wouldn’t atsushi senpai still be lonely?”
atsushi : “…eh?”
yumoto : “just then, you had that kind of expression.”

atsushi : “then would yumoto like to hang out with me today?”
yumoto : “mm, is it perhaps that you can’t think of anything to do with me?”
yumoto : “atsushi senpai doesn’t really want to play with me though, does he?”
atsushi : “…eh?”
atsushi : “…” (he’s in awe of what yumoto just said)
yumoto : “as expected, atsushi senpai likes en chan senpai right?”

i was surprised, i felt as if someone pierced the centre of my heart with an arrow with incredible accuracy. 
- an excerpt from pg 69-72 atsushi and yumoto’s conversation

as i stated in my yumoto post (x) the two words yumoto uses the most are like and love… i wish they’d specify what kind of ‘like’ atsushi interpreted .., also stated in the yumoto post, yumoto has the ability to point out one’s true feelings and so he pointed out that even though if atsushi was only a few metres to a long distance away from en, atsushi will still feel lonely without en isnt that adorable ughfhfhd 

apparently at school, even the teachers state that ‘kinugawa and yufuin are excellent companions for each other’ and it’s felt that most of the conflicts that atsushi is in mainly revolve around en..

yumoto : “it’s starting to let off a great smell, it looks delicious!”
atsushi : “seafood curry, en chan really likes these,” ( oh ofc atsushi is thinking of en whilst making curry )

as these words tumbled out of my mouth, yumoto began to look into my face intently.

atsushi : “…what’s wrong?”
yumoto : “since you made a lot, why don’t you deliver some to him?” (FUCKFUCK YUMOTO IS DEFINITELY THE CUPID OK)
atsushi : “ah… …that’s right, i’ll contact him,”
atsushi : “i was thinking of leaving him alone for today, but seafood curry might cheer him up,” 

i remarked, having a taste of the food i just made and thought in approval,

atsushi : ‘mm, en chan would definitely like this flavour.”
- pg 80-81 atsushi and yumoto’s conversation

ok enatsu pls get married that is all i want and god bless yumoto for understanding how important en is to atsushi and being the cupid of enatsu 

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