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Elected President Emmanuel Macron was rumoured to be gay and this is how he answered to the rumours

A person close to Macron told him: “A man I know said to me: Macron cannot be president because he is homosexual.”

And this is what Macron answered:
“There are two things wrong in that sentence. First of all, it’s misogynistic. Just because my wife is 24 years older than me, people assume that I must be gay or a gigolo. If I was the one who was 24 years older than my partner, no one would have said a thing. So this comment is misogynistic and moreover, it’s homophobic. If I were homosexual, I would have said it, because it’s not a problem, it would not keep me from being president.”

I voted for this guy for many reasons, but I think this just added one more to the list.


Okay, I fully understand everyone’s excitement over the ring-exchange and engagement, but please don’t mock or dismiss Yuuri calling it a “lucky charm”. 

Not only were those his honest and sincere feelings, but omamori are more than mere “lucky charms”, they’re a huge part of Japanese culture, and Japanese religion, with very profound meaning, so mocking that is actually incredibly rude, and highly culturally insensitive.

Traditionally, Japanese omamori look like this

and can be bought at most shrines and temples in Japan. I’d actually say they’re closer to “prayers” than “lucky charms”, really, in their intent, though that doesn’t quite fit, either. But when you know that the most common omamori are for things like safety in traffic, doing well in school, having romantic encounters, and fertility/safely born children (used both by couples who want kids, and expecting mothers hoping for no complications with their pregnancy), you probably see what I mean.

The word omamori translates roughly to protector/protection/protective charm, and are based on the animistic Shinto world view. The ones you get at shrines are part supplication that the enshrined deity will bless and protect you, and part a… hmm, almost a signal beacon? so said deity can find you, to know that you’re someone under their protection. And also part comfort for the carrier, that they’re not alone, that they’ve got someone on their side. 

But it’s not just “official” deities that are considered to have protective powers. Your ancestors are also seen sort of as guardian spirits protecting their family line (common theme in East Asian religions - Mulan, anyone? - at least, and I think also in all animistic religions, though that’s not my area of expertise), and even such ambiguous things as strong emotions are seen to have protective and blessing properties, especially love and affection.

For this reason, a lot of people will use mementos or objects of sentimental value as omamori. Either because it reminds them of a particular person or situation or emotion, or because they see some kind of link between that particular object and whatever they seek blessings for/protection against.

The important part for Yuuri, and why he bought that ring, is less that it’s a wedding ring, and more that it’s a gold ring. Yes, emphasis on both gold and ring.

The gold part is obvious, because the blessing he wants is help in getting a gold medal. It’s a resonance/like-brings-like thing.

The ring part is more obscure, but I’ll try to explain it.

One of the most basic and important parts of Japanese culture and society is the idea of 縁 (en). If you look it up in a Japanese-English dictionary, you get words like fate, destiny, chance, a relationship, a connection, a bond, an affinity, and while those are all ways to translate the word, depending on context, they don’t really explain the concept. En is the meeting of two or more things/beings that leaves a lasting connection or bond.

You might say you don’t have en with money to indicate that you can never seem to amass any wealth. It’s less you’ve got no luck with money, but more that you and money were never meant to be. You might earn it, but it still doesn’t stick around, somehow. An omamori for romance is called an enmusubi, or a “tier of en/bonds”, in this case referring to interpersonal relationships.

If you’re saying goodbye to someone you don’t know whether you’ll ever see again, you might express a wish that you’ll have en, and be able to meet again.

Now, I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the Japanese love homonyms and word associations. This is even more true for en, because it’s so important to them. Like in the example of a farewell, you might give someone a five yen coin, because five yen is go-en (五円), and when speaking of en with an honorific, that’s also go-en (ご縁). It’s a physical manifestation of your wish to have en with them. This is also why five yen coins are generally considered the best coins to give as offerings when you pray for something, despite their low value, because it indicates a hope for en with your wish.

Okay, getting to the point now: Another homonym (well, technically the same one, but different usage) for en is the word for circle or round. And because that’s basically what a ring is, rings are often used as a metaphor for, or an expression of a wish for en. So rings generally have a more profound level of meaning in Japanese.

It’s a gold ring because Yuuri wishes to have en with gold medals. He gives it to Victor because he wishes to have en with him.

He spent the whole day looking for something. He said he’d desperately wanted an omamori for a long time. He’s embarrassed, because yes, it’s a goddamn wedding ring, and he’s very aware of that, and giving rings to someone, period, is not something a Japanese person does lightly. It’s a very meaningful act, and this omamori is very important to Yuuri, so going “lol, lucky charm, yeah right” is incredibly disrespectful.

Writing essay in french : part 4

4 The mechanics of the argument

4.1 Expressing facts / certainty

il s'agit de - this is

il y a / il existe - there is / there are

on peut constater / remarquer / observer / noter que - it can be observed that

on peut soutenir que - it is arguable that

il est certain / exact / sûr que - it is certain that

il est évident que - it is clear that

il ne fait aucun doute que - there is no doubt that

nul ne saurait douter que (+ subj) - nobody can doubt that

incontestablement / indubitablement - unquestionably

il est indéniable que - it cannot be denied that

il apparaît que - it appears that

tout semble indiquer que - everything seems to indicate that

cet incident met en évidence … - this incident demonstrates …

il faut reconnaître / admettre que - we must recongize / admit that

il va de soi que / cela va sans dire que - it goes without saying that

chacun peut constater que… – anyone can see that

il y a fort à penser que / il y a tout lieu de penser que - there is every reason for thinking that

force est de constater que– one cannot help stating that

Avoiding using être

Il s'agit là d'un progrès décisif par rapport aux méthodes traditionnelles - 

This is a real advance on traditional methods

Le pays se trouve confronté à de grosses difficultés économiques - 

The country is faced with major economic problems

Le déficit du budget s’élève à / atteint 10 milliards - The budget deficit is 10 billion

L'opinion publique reste divisée sur cette question - Public opinion is divided on this question

Les actions du gouvernement constituent une attaque contre les principes du syndicalisme - The government’s actions are an attack on the principles of

La compagnie figure au premier rang des exportateurs de… - The company is among the leading exporters of

Le déficit représente plus de 3% du PNB - The deficit is more than 3% of the GNP

Avoiding using avoir

Le ministre éprouve des difficultés à convaincre le public des bénéfices de cette politique - The minister is having difficulty convincing the public of the benefits of this policy

Le gouvernement dispose de plusieurs options pour résoudre le problème - the government has several options for solving the problem

Le musée recueille tous les meilleurs tableaux de l'artiste - The museum has all the artist’s best paintings

Le nouveau système présente plusieurs avantages - The new system has many advantages

4.2 Expressing probability / possibility / doubt

il est (bien) probable que - it is (very) probable that

il serait étonnant que (+ subjunctive) - it would be surprising if

il se pourrait (bien) / il est (bien) possible que - it is very possible that

il se peut que - it is possible that

il y a toutes les chances que / peu de chances que - it is highly likely / unlikely that

il est douteux que - it is unlikely that

il est encore trop tôt / prématuré pour savoir si - it is still too early to know whether

on ne dispose pas de suffisamment d'informations sur  - we do not yet have enough information about

reste à savoir si - it remains to be seen if

il faut se poser la question de - one must ask oneself the question

on ne peut pas écarter la possibilté que - One cannot rule out the possibility that

4.3 Expressing contrast / concession

mais - but

en fait - in fact

cependant, toutefois - however

au contraire - on the contrary

à l'inverse / par contre - by contrast

néanmoins, quand même - nevertheless

pourtant - yet

(il) reste que - the fact remains that

pour autant - for all that

quoi qu'il en soit - be that as it may

La contrepartie des avantages considérables présentées par Internet est le risque de dérives inhérent à un outil par nature difficile à contrôler
The downside to the considerable advantages offered by the Internet is the risk of
La presse à sensation est très critiquée par le public, toujours est-il que leur tirage ne cesse d’augmenter
Although the tabloid press is strongly criticized by the public, nevertheless their circulation keeps on increasing
Beaucoup d'analystes se félicitent des bénéfices de l'euro en termes de stabilité monétaire. Ceci dit, le pari n'est pas gagné.
Many analysts are pleased with the benefits that the euro is having with regard to monetary stability. That having been said, there is still some way to go
Cette déclaration va à l'encontre de la politique du gouvernement sur l'Europe
This declaration goes against the government’s policy on Europe
Certes, on ne peut pas reprocher au ministre les politiques de son prédecesseur. Mais
Admittedly the minister cannot be blamed for the policies of his predecessor. But…

4.4 Expressing the importance of something

On pourrait aller même jusqu'à dire que.. It could even be said that…

Le plus frappant est que … The most striking thing is…

Ceci constitue le point crucial / le point de mire du débat …This constitutes the crucial point / the focal point of the debate

Il est utile de s'attarder sur… It is worth dwelling on…

Il faut insister sur le fait que / l'importance de…We must emphasize that / the importance that…

Jouer un rôle primordial / prépondérant dans…To play a major part in…

Il convient de souligner l'importance historique de l'immigration dans le développement économique de cette région
It is important to stress the historic importance of immigration in the economic development of the region
Il faut bien préciser / souligner que c'était le ministre lui-même qui a lancé l'enquête
It should be emphasized that it was the minister him/herself who launched the enquiry
De nos jours, l'opéra est vu comme élitiste, d’autant plus que les spectacles sont de plus en plus chers
Nowadays the opera is considered to be elitist, all the more so considering that performances keep on getting more expensive
Il n'est pas exagéré d'affirmer que le développement d'Internet aura des conséquences considérables sur la vie quotidienne.
It is no exaggeration to say that the development of the Internet will have significant consequences on our everyday life.
La situation dans la région est on ne peut plus grave
The situation in the region couldn’t be any more serious

4.5 Clarifying / moderating a statement

En d'autres termes, / Bref , il a changé d'avis /In other words / In short he has changed his mind

Cela revient à dire que… / This boils down to saying that…

Sans vouloir critiquer cette façon de procéder, on peut constater que…Without wishing to criticize this course of action, it can be said that …

L'auteur a raison dans l'ensemble, mais… /The author is broadly speaking right, but…

Il serait injuste de reprocher à X… / It would be unfair to blame X for…

Il faut néanmoins nuancer cette affirmation en disant que… 

This claim should nevertheless be qualified by saying…

Il est clair que les deux sociétés convergent vers le même objectif,à savoir

une reconnaissance sur le plan international / It is clear that the two companies are moving towards the same objective, namely international recognition

Il ne s'agit pas à proprement parler d'une récession /This is not strictly speaking a recession
Malgré tous ces problèmes, le catastrophisme n'est pas de mise
Despite all these problems, it is not all gloom-and-doom

4.7 Indicating the reason for something

parce que - because

à cause de - because of

grâce à- thanks to

puisque- since

être dû à- to be due to

avoir pour origine / trouver son origine dans- to be a result of

être la conséquence de- to be a consequence of

provenir de- to stem from

résulter de- to result from

cela expliquerait- that would explain

en effet - this is because

c'est pour cette raison / pour cela que - this is / that’s why

L'usage de la voiture en ville présente des risques importants; l'année dernière il a occasionné / causé 2 400 décès et plus de 100 000 blessés / The use of cars in towns creates significant risks; last year it caused 2 400 deaths and more than 100 000

L'hésitation des Français envers Internet s'explique par leur attitude habituelle à l'égard des nouvelles technologies /The coolness of the French towards the Internet can be explained by their usual attitude towards new technologies

La crise dans nos hôpitaux est la conséquence de/ suite directe d‘années de manque d'investissement / The crisis in our hospitals is a direct result of years of underfunding

Le PDG a cité comme raison profonde des mauvais résultats la chute du niveau des exportations / The MD cited the fall in the level of exports as the prinicpal reason for the poor results

On peut attribuer le succès de l'extrême droite aux dernières élections à une désillusion générale face à la politique /The success of the far right at the last election can be put down to a general disillusionment with politics 

Si les électeurs ont rejeté le gouvernement, c'est qu'ils n'ont plus confiance dans son intégrité politique / If the voters have rejected the government, it’s because they no longer have any confidence in their political integrity

L'émission retrace les événements qui sont à l'origine de la crise au Moyen Orient / The programme traces the events that lie at the root of the Middle East crisis

Les problèmes qui ont résulté du krach boursier se font toujours sentir
The problems that resulted from the stock exchange crash can still be felt

Les mauvais résultats de la compagnie tiennent à une baisse du cours du dollar / The company’s poor results were due to a fall in the rate of the dollar

4.8 Indicating the consequences of something

par conséquent / en conséquence / par voie de conséquence - as a result

dans ces conditions - in these conditions

pour cette raison - for this reason

avoir pour conséquence / résultat de - to have the effect of

dès lors, de ce fait - so, consequently

il en résulte / découle (fatalement) que - the (inevitable result) of this is

il s'ensuit que - it follows that

face à cette situation - given this state of affairs

Les conséquences de cette politique mal conçue se font toujours sentir /The consequences of this ill-conceived policy can still be felt today

A la suite des attaques récentes on a pris des mesures plus rigoureuses en matière de sécurité / As a result of the recent attacks more rigorous security measures have been taken

Il y a plusieurs facteurs qui touchent l'industrie aérospatiale en ce moment
There are several factors affecting the aerospace industry at the moment

La réduction du temps de travail aura certainement une incidence sur les coûts de production / The reductions in the working week will certainly have an effect on production costs

L'accroissement des dépenses en matière de santé répond à une inquiétude croissante parmi le public à propos de l'état de nos hôpitaux / The increase in health spending is a response to growing worries among the public about the state of our hospitals

Ce nouveau plan de redressement ne peut que déboucher sur des augmentations de tarifs / This new recovery plan can only lead to price increases

Ces mesures devraient permettre / favoriser la création de nouveaux emplois dans le secteur / These measures should ensure / encourage the creation of new jobs in the sector

Source : Manchester Metropolitan University


  • His father beat him his entire life. He was never good enough and a constant disappointment to a man who never hesitated to raise his hand to Tyler if he did something he didn’t like.
  • Said father died before ever giving Tyler his approval.
  • He formed a close attachment to his Uncle Mason who was later murdered for no reason, other than the fact Damon didn’t like him and/or to spite Katherine.
  • He then had to continue having close conversations, fighting alongside and/or helping the people who murdered his uncle.
  • He found out he was a werewolf and was forced to make the turn after his own best friend, the one person he trusted most in the world, tried to kill him.
  • Not only did he have to deal with the change, he also had to live with the guilt of Sarah’s death.
  • He was manipulated and played by other werewolves, who had him distrusting everyone he thought he knew.
  • He was then forced to turn into Klaus’ first successful hybrid, evoking the sire bond that ruined his life.
  • He turned to and fell in love with the beautiful Caroline Forbes. So in love that when Klaus forced him to bite her against her will, he left Mystic Falls in an attempt to break the sire bond.
  • He broke every single bone in his body over and over again in an attempt to break the sire bond.
  • His body was taken over by Klaus.
  • He was willing to let everyone kill Klaus despite knowing he could die too because of the sire line.
  • He tried to help others break the sire bond. Their freedom was so important to him that he was willing to have himself placed in concrete with Klaus inside him, just to give them all a chance to run and/or find a more permanent solution.
  • His attempt to help his fellow wolves resulted in the murder of his mom, the only remaining family member he had left. This also led him to be betrayed by someone he thought he could trust; Hayley.
  • He was forced to go on the run for months out of fear Klaus would kill him if he ever returned home.
  • He gave Matt Donovan his freaking mansion because he wanted his human friend to be safe from vampires while he was gone.
  • He risked his life to come back for Caroline’s prom.
  • He risked his life again to return for Bonnie’s funeral.
  • The woman he loved then slept with the man who murdered his mother.
  • It was him who helped everyone realise Katherine was inside Elena’s body.
  • His body was possessed again, this time by a Traveler. He fought against this possession with a strength so strong, he was able to take back control long enough to warn his friends. This possession later killed him.
  • He spent months trapped on the Other Side alone.
  • His childhood friend, Bonnie, had to sacrifice herself in order to bring him back to life.
  • He had a chance to be human again and fought valiantly to remain so.
  • He wouldn’t become a deputy because he ran the risk of triggering the werewolf gene again.
  • He then had to kill his dying girlfriend to trigger the curse for a second time, becoming a werewolf again.
  • He left Mystic Falls and joined the Armory in the hopes of doing good with his life.
  • He was put in a coma by Damon for no justifiable reason. 
  • He survived this coma and was then murdered for nothing more than a plot line that went nowhere because Elena didn’t even mention Tyler’s death when she woke up. He was murdered because Julie Plec was lazy and clearly had no idea what to do with the final season. He was murdered and no one mentioned it again, apart from in The Originals and that was just because they want some bone.
  • Tyler died believing his face would serve as a reminder for of the moment Damon gave up. That he would be the one person Damon would never forget killing, but lol. His murder was never, ever mentioned again apart from a brief flash in Damon’s mind.
  • He left all his research to Matt, knowing his friend would continue the good work he’d been doing. It was this same research that helped them against the Sirens.
  • Tyler now spends his afterlife watching over Matt Donovan.

Embrasse-moi avec tes lèvres gercées. Laisse-moi te clouer contre le mur dans une allée sale, sur les rebords de fenêtre des boulangeries. Je m'en fous. Envoie-moi des sextos gênants en public, alors que mon portable est dans la main de quelqu'un d'autre. Envoie-moi des photos de toi nue, te mordant la lèvre du bas. Laisse-moi mordre ton cou et laisser des suçons qui restent violets encore une semaine après. Nourris le silence avec des orgasmes, j'ai faim comme un ogre. Laisse-moi toucher les parois de tes cavernes sacrées. Quelque chose en moi attend une éclipse. Une obscurité qui se coince entre les poumons, qui m'empêche de voir qui je suis au fond. Je veux enfoncer profondément mes dents dans chacune de mes coutures et arracher le tout avant de délivrer ce que je contiens dans la prison de mes tendons. Alors guide-moi en toi. Frotte ma lampe assez fort pour que le matin ne nous éblouisse pas. Je m'en fous. Peut importe si ta langue est une lame et que je suis du coton. Je m'en fous. Touche la douceur du néant à gauche de mon corps. Je te jure qu'il n'y a rien ici.

anonymous asked:

¿Crees que sea normal en Virgo pensar tanto en el suicidio? Es que... No se, a veces siento que si lo hiciera, a nadie le importaria... Pero luego pienso en que talvez en un futuro, le importe a alguien... Si queres ignorame, ofi. No importa. :'/

“ Si queres ignorame, ofi. No importa. :’/”


Que pensamientos tan egoistas tiene usted, lo primero que pensé cuando leí su ask fue:

 “Si tanto quiere morir cambiemos su vida por la de Royce y todos felices”, 

¿Sabe? es muy feo que venga acá a dejar un ask sobre suicidio cuando no hace mucho la personita más importante para mi acaba de morir ¿Cree usted que él quería morir? ¡Él habría dado cualquier cosa por seguir viviendo! Así que deje de pensar bobadas y comience a disfrutar la vida con sus cosas buenas, malas y las peores, porque hay personitas bellas que ya nunca podrán hacerlo 

Sorry si fui grosero pero igual limpiece la cabeza de todas esas cosas feas :v

> Ofiuco <