endy the enderman

Surprised Endereyes! \owo/ There we go~ 

-Endy (askendy.tumblr.com)

-Koss (http://askkoss.tumblr.com/)

-Charli (ask-nesteri.tumblr.com)

-Tiki (askroddcreeper.tumblr.com)

-Shaden (http://shaden-thezombieslasher.tumblr.com)

Thanks for those who watched the Join me and the riddle game XD

(while holding my niece on my laps, my arm hurts now :U)

More Endereyes will come~

just babies in a Christmas sweater.. uwu
((ah and anyway.. this blog iz not dead, don’t worry.. it’s just that I’m having tests at my university.. I’m a busy tired layon..sorreh"“..  yeahp I have tests right after Christmas.. all of them together… ohohooh Merry Christmas motherfuckers…. =A= ))