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Mustangs capture attention at the 2017 Tevis Cup

Endurance racing is not for the faint of heart, or mind or body. If you compound that with an animal who cannot talk to you, it adds to the challenge. But challenge is what drives endurance racers and riders. Endurance riding is a popular sport in the horse world that is dominated by Arabian horses. Some riders, however, prefer wild horses because the horses are natural trail horses who possess the stamina, intelligence and toughness to do these races. Do not worry, unlike other types of horse racing, endurance horses must pass several veterinary examinations and get several rest stops during the races, which can last as long as 24 hours.

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my burning questions

- Is it just like, really obscenely easy to sneak up on a racecar from behind because they don’t have side-view mirrors? I’ll bet it is, isn’t it. It totally is. >:D

- Would Cruz mourn her side-view mirrors if the Piston Cup officials mandated she remove them if she plans to continue racing?

- Though, Lightning is allowed to have headlights, and doesn’t even have to tape over them, so… 

- Did Lightning have headlights put in so he could lead a less hazardous life in the real world, in Radiator Springs?

- Or has he experimented in other kinds of racing besides the Piston Cup, and raced professionally as an endurance racer, too?

- (BOTH?)

- Like, that’s what the World Grand Prix was, right? A series of endurance races?

- But he had headlights before he even knew he’d be racing in it, right? And when the announcers at the World Grand Prix suggest that he might be the “best all-around racer” on the track, did they just mean “on dirt and on pavement” or did they actually mean across completely different racing sports? I mean, all kinds of cars are already all racing together in the Piston Cup (and definitely in that World Grand Prix) so maybe cars can just like, study abroad and race in some other motorsport for a season.

- Cue Lightning’s second career as a rally car or an off-roader.

It’s hard to resist the sound and spectacle of a classic endurance racer. And no one knows that better than Pepo Rosell of @xtrpepo.
This is ‘Rocket,’ a Triumph Legend TT that looks like it’d be at home in the pit lane at Le Mans. It’s got the engine upgrades to match, with ported heads, free-flowing DNA air filters and the exhaust headers from a Speed Triple.
Hit the link in our bio for a full set of killer images by Cesar Godoy.
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Here’s the latest from @xtrpepo — a BMW R100R with an endurance racer vibe. ‘Don Luis’ tips the scales at a mere 165kg and sports a 24-litre tank swiped from a Guzzi.

The engine has been completely rebuilt with high compression pistons, a racing cam and re-worked heads. But our favorite part is the twin headlight setup …
We’ve just made it one of our Bikes of the Week — hit the link in our bio to see the rest.
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anonymous asked:

what classes are you planning on making your NSX and M3 for? i was able to find the gta slb results and there are so many to go in. i am a miata fan so supermiata's class win was pretty cool to see

The NSX is going to be street class next year.  The M3 that was had at SLB is going to be in Limited.  That was actually the first full track day we’ve ever done, so the results were pretty good.  That should be developed over the next few months, and the NSX is hopefully coming back from the body shop in the next week or two.  

My M3 is going to be turned into and NASA Endurance Racer.

That Miata was pretty damn fast.  Around what I expected considering the power to weight, aero, and the team that put it together. I have to say, that wasn’t the Miata that impressed me though, Ryan’s Limited winning car was flying and an awesome build.  The aero and swap are excellent and well thought out.  One of the few cars that didn’t have glaring things that needed to be changed in the aero department.