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The 8th House in Astrology

The 8th House, ruled by Scorpio, deals with trauma, ‘death’, healing, transformation, secrets, and inheritances. My main focus for this post is to pinpoint how each sign experiences death and rebirth (not literally), or in other words, how they heal and experience growth and change.

*check only your 8th house*

Aries: Aries will experience ‘death’ from blows to self-esteem and confidence, possibly from being bullied or abused. This can cause them to develop defensiveness and a short-temper, becoming easily enraged and intimidating, mostly out of fear and because it is all they have been taught. Rebirth occurs when the individual learns to manage their anger and bundled energy through healthy coping mechanisms and realizing that it takes more than appearing strong. They must see that they are truly warriors as they have endured so much in life. 

Taurus: Taurus will experience ‘death’ from feeling they are not safe or secure and from having their valuables and belongings taken from them (people or things). This can cause them to become selfish, overbearing, and controlling over everything they own and possibly over people they care about. They can become greedy, possessive, and obsessive to an extreme level. Rebirth occurs when they come to the realization that they will not truly feel complete by owning valuables and hoarding their belongings, they must find value in themselves. For so long, they’ve focused on materialistic values and completely lack inner security. As they overcome their issues, they will gain abilities in resourcefulness and stability that will aid them in times of crisis or struggle.

Gemini: Gemini will experience ‘death’ from being deceived, betrayed, or emotionally / mentally abused. Someone or several people in their lives have used words against them to make them feel lesser for their own personal gain. This can cause Gemini to act in the same way, manipulating others, hurting others with your words, and having an inner sense of irritability and anxiety. Rebirth occurs when you come to understand psychology and why people act and say what they do. You will see that those who have hurt you were insecure and envious, possibly having major issues of their own. You will soon learn to accept and understand your past and see that you have gained intelligence and wit from your observations. Your newfound abilities will help you instead of hurt you.

Cancer: Cancer will experience ‘death’ from being neglected, abandoned, or feeling as though they have no support or nurturing in their life. Most times this stems from the relationship with the mother. This can cause Cancer to be clingy, needy, extremely overbearing and overprotective, and insecure. They will do whatever it takes to receive love and attention because they do not feel they are loved. No matter how much love and nurturing they receive, it will never be enough for them. They will end up taking friends and partners for granted. Rebirth occurs when they learn to love themselves. This can start from engaging in self-care and self-nurturing, finding things about themselves they like, going to therapy, etc.

Leo: Leo will experience ‘death’ from heartbreak, trauma, or abuse that will affect their self-expression and them as an individual. They can feel as though they do not know who they are and remain in the state they were in when they were being hurt or abused, making them insecure, dramatic, and attention-seeking. They can appear selfish, arrogant, and conceited because of their tendency to always bring up their own problems into conversation, but really, they’re seeking guidance and assurance from others, though it goes in one ear and right out the other for them. They will experience rebirth when they learn to cope with their pain and overcome their insecurities and emotional issues. When they have healed, their true compassion, generosity, and self-expression will shine through.

Virgo: Virgo will experience ‘death’ from being brutally judged and criticized, from being forced to be someone they are not, and from feeling worthless and useless due to the harsh remarks and actions of others. This can cause them to be extremely obsessed with being perfect, possibly checking every single flaw in themselves and in others, criticizing themselves and others, and feeling constantly tense and overwhelmed. Rebirth will occur when they realize that no one is perfect and not everyone can be held to specific standards. There is no need to try so hard to reach perfection when in reality, it cannot be achieved. As they heal, they will feel much more grounded and calm.

Libra: Libra will experience ‘death’ from not feeling loved, accepted, or valued in the correct way. Also, by being in a situation that lacked harmony and security. They may have been neglected or possibly sexually / physically abused. Because of this, Libra is so obsessed with feeling loved and accepted, they may throw themselves at others,  act like someone they are not to fit in, show off the more intimate side to them too quickly, and likely getting into friendships and relationships on and off because they do not feel worthy or good enough for them. Rebirth occurs when they learn to love and accept themselves for who they are and realize that they are valued and respected. As they heal, they learn to incorporate harmony, love, and peace into their lives.

Scorpio: Scorpio will experience ‘death’ from being abused in any form, experiencing death of a loved one, or from being abandoned. This surely is the most intense and personal placement for the 8th house, as Scorpio is its native sign. Because of their experiences, Scorpio will become a very destructive and ruthless individual, engaging in self-harm, lashing out on others, isolating themselves, ending jobs and relationships only to start over again, etc. A constant cycle of death and rebirth with every aspect of their life will be a constant. Rebirth will occur when they recover and overcome their issues both mentally and emotionally. These individuals are capable of turning their pain into something worthwhile and will become powerful and passionate people when they heal, capable of helping others recover from their pain, as well.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius will experience ‘death’ due to a lack of freedom, expression, and confidence in themselves due to traumatic or painful events caused by others. This can cause Sagittarius to become overly rebellious, engaging in impulsive and sometimes dangerous activities as a means to lash out at those who have restricted them. They can also have zero faith in themselves and their talents and abilities, never truly knowing which direction in life they wish to go. Rebirth occurs when they realize they are taking things too far with their rebellion, especially if rebirth occurs in adulthood when true freedom is experienced. They must also realize that they can do anything they can set their mind to, so they should definitely pursue their talents and abilities. When they have healed, they will become open-minded, encouraging others to be themselves, and will be an inspiration to all.

Capricorn: Capricorn will experience ‘death’ from feeling worthless, feeling like a failure, and from not being able to achieve what they wanted in life. They have experienced something in life that they had no control over and therefore feel powerless and vulnerable. Because of this, they experience anxiety, self-doubt, and stress on a daily basis. They can be very obsessed with controlling their environment and this may make them appear bossy and demanding. Rebirth occurs when they begin to work towards understanding and overcoming their inner insecurities and realize that as long as they remained determined and ambitious, they can achieve what they want. Some things happen in life that are beyond anyone’s control, but they should not let this stop them from continuing to try.

Aquarius: Aquarius will experience ‘death’ from feeling isolated, alone, and weird. They may have been treated as an outsider and did not receive the proper attention and social development they should have. This can cause them to be distant, emotionally detached, and robotic. Rebirth occurs when they learn that their differences are what make them special and unique and when they allow themselves to open up to others. Close friends and loved ones can help them overcome their fears of accepting themselves and emotionally connecting with others. As they heal, they will become much more friendly and cooperative, embracing their individuality and encouraging others to accept theirs as well.

Pisces: Pisces will experience ‘death’ from a traumatic and distressing event which likely involved those around them being lost, deluded, or absent. This can sometimes be linked to being around drug addicts in early life, experiencing or witnessing abuse, or being manipulated and taken advantage of. This can cause them to feel like a victim in life, feeling vulnerable, weak, and experiencing nightmares, ptsd, chronic anxieties, and deep worry. They may retreat from reality by isolating themselves and possibly by gaining addictions of their own. Rebirth occurs when they find ways to cope with their reality, accept their past, and think more rationally and logically. As they heal, they will grow to become compassionate, loving, and extremely creative. They can turn their experiences into guidance and inspiration for others and use art to express their pain.

Bottoming is a good metaphor for life...

Endure the moments of temporary discomfort and eventually it’ll pay off in a big way. Also just because things get messy from time to time doesn’t mean they’re not still great.

As it was and as it always would be…

It’s been a long, wonderful journey and Voltron Season 6 was everything I hoped for. My heart is still raw from bawling over the beautifully scripted, animated and voice acted work of art. Here’s my contribution to the massive outpouring of love and affection for our favourite boys and the amazing team behind it all.

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“Do ye want me?” he whispered. “Sassenach, will ye take me—and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man ye knew?”

I felt a great wave of relief, mingled with fear. It ran from his hand on my shoulder to the tips of my toes, weakening my joints.

“It’s a lot too late to ask that,” I said, and reached to touch his cheek, where the rough beard was starting to show. It was soft under my fingers, like stiff plush. “Because I’ve already risked everything I had. But whoever you are now, Jamie Fraser—yes. Yes, I do want you.”

The light of the candle flame glowed blue in his eyes, as he held out his hands to me, and I stepped wordless into his embrace.

What about you? How do you know what I’m like? You don’t know what I’ve been doing for the last twenty years, either. I might be a horrible person, for all you know!”

The smile on his lips moved into his eyes, lighting them with humor. “I suppose ye might, at that. But, d’ye know, Sassenach—I dinna think I care?”

    ~ Voyager, Diana Gabaldon

sometimes i randomly burst of laughter thinking about how much of a drama queen Elsa is

like, when she had a panic attack she fled her kingdom and everyone she cared about, but she didn’t just walked a little hundred meters away and hid y’know, noooo


This is Poe Dameron

Poe is a Pilot in the democratic government the New Republic, and a freedom fighter in the Resistance.

These are his Parents, Shara Bey and Kes Dameron. They were soldiers in the galactic Civil War and fought along side the original trio and became close friends with them. Shara died after the war, when Poe was still a child. Kes now fears that the suffering they all went through might have been for nothing as the remnants of the Empire return.

Poe went through agonizing torture by Kylo Ren and the First Order after finding the map to Luke Skywalker, yet he still didn’t blame Finn for being apart of their army and trusted him because he was a good man forced into the wrong side.

Even after being tortured relentlessly and almost dying alone in the desert, Poe still pushed forward and fought with his squad and close friends to destroy Starkiller base, the weapon of mass destruction that had killed billions.

Poe and made the decision to disobey orders and destroy the dreadnought, a decision that cost the lives of many good soldiers, but the decision was the right one since the First Order had been tracking the resistance, and if they hadn’t destroyed the dreadnought, the resistance would have been sitting ducks.

Poe was forced to put blind faith in a commanding officer who refused to tell anyone her plan, his mentor was unresponsive in a coma, two of his friends and comrades were on a suicide mission, while his other close friends were scattered around the galaxy, and all Poe could do was sit in a ship and wait to die as the First Order pursued them relentlessly.

Poe had been forced to watch every single fear he had ever felt come true as he witnessed the First Order demolish the new republic, Kill almost all of the resistance, invalidate every single sacrifice he and his family and comrades had made, and just like his mother’s death, he had no control over the situation.

And yet regardless of all the pain he has had to endure in his life, Poe Knows that he can’t stop fighting, he knows that others are still suffering worse than he is, and he knows that regardless of the enemy, he must stay a good man and do the right thing, regardless of orders.

He’s not a hothead fly boy, he’s not some eye candy to fetishized because of his skin color or sexuality, and he’s definitely never going to betray the trust of his friends, comrades or hurt innocents.

Poe Dameron is a damn good man. He’s a hero, just like Finn, just like Rey, and he deserves better than anyone painting him as the real villain.


“i want them to hear your story. and know that there is a special strength…” as i spoke i realized i needed to hear it, know it, too. “a special strength in enduring such dark trials and hardships… and still remaining warm, and kind. still willing to trust–and reach out.”

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Say We Need Daily Reminders That Black Lives Matter

Trayvon Martin was killed in 2012 — and his parents are making sure that the 17-year-old is not forgotten.

The new docuseries, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story, contextualizes Trayvon’s death and explores the movements (including Black Lives Matter and the alt-right movement) that followed. By no means is it easy to watch, and that’s by design.

“It’s a hard watch but we want people to see that,” Trayvon’s mom, Sybrina Fulton, told Teen Vogue. “We [didn’t] want to make it real soft and nice. No, it’s a tragedy and we want people to see how tragic this was.” The series uses Sybrina and father Tracy Martin’s 2017 book Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin as source material; episode one features Trayvon’s grief-stricken parents, as well as photos of the teenager lying dead in the grass after being shot by George Zimmerman, and audio of the 911 calls that captured the screaming and gunshot from the incident. Even viewers who are familiar with the death of the 17-year-old black teen might wince at the visual retelling of his final moments.

Teen Vogue spoke with Trayvon’s parents about teaming up with Jay-Z to executive produce the docuseries, youth activism, and the change they’re hoping to encourage by keeping their son’s legacy in the public eye.

Teen Vogue: In the docuseries, [Tracy Martin] says the death of Trayvon “opened a Pandora’s box.” The Black Lives Matter movement that was started following Zimmerman’s acquittal is still relevant today, as recently as the death of Nia Wilson. Why was it important to discuss the aftermath and lasting impact of Trayvon’s death in the series?

Tracy Martin: I think it’s very important that we keep the Black Lives Matter movement relevant. As soon as you make it irrelevant, I think that’s when you start to have a slew of events happening across the country in our communities where you have unarmed black or brown girls getting gunned down, or stabbed, or throats sliced by non-African-Americans.

If we don’t continue to talk about it [and] keep the fight up, we’ll send a message that we just wanted to make a little noise for a moment and not make this a movement. It’s important that we remind America on a daily basis that Black Lives Matter.

TV: Is there a policy change, or any change, that you want to spark with this documentary?

TM: We’re looking for a change in America, not just policy change. We’re looking for an overall change in the American justice system. We’re looking for a change in how people view us as African-American men and women. We’re looking for the justice scales to be balanced. We’re looking for the economy to start balancing out where people [are paid]. We’re looking for women to be recognized as who they are.

It’s bigger than just the Stand Your Ground law. It’s about changing the public perception of who we are as people. And respecting each other as humans. And giving everyone their human rights. Yeah, we want to change the laws, but at the end of the day we want to change the perception of how America views certain people.

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I am BROKEN over Peter’s death. But where is the devastation over Wanda?

My girl Wanda lost her twin brother and FELT that shit the moment it happened. She falls in love with Vision. (And BTDubbs, her calling him Vis made my heart SO HAPPY.) Then, after fighting alongside her man to save his life, he asks her to destroy the stone and him before Thanos can get to it. AND THEN, SHE HOLDS OFF THANOS AND HIS FIVE STONES WITH ONE HAND WHILE DESTROYING THE LAST STONE WITH THE OTHER. Then she has to watch as all the pain she just endured in ending Vision’s life is rendered MEANINGLESS when Thanos reverses time to bring Vision back to kill him AGAIN. And to top it all off, SHE FADES AWAY!!!! To be honest, she was probably relieved at that point to die, to be with her brother and her man, to not suffer anymore. BUT I AM FURIOUS FOR HER AND VISION. WRECKED.

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cranky jaded old men who insist that they’re out of the game but still end up begrudgingly mentoring the protaganist are a dime a dozen. they are a staple of shitty action movies and grimdark fiction across every medium. there is nothing special or revolutionary about them and yet men still seem to love this kind of character because it’s a form of a power trip. they dream of being so experienced and legendary that they can put everyone else down and treat them like dirt and nobody will ever call them out on it because they’re the only ones who are worthy of respect.

luke skywalker is the ultimate optimist whose hope endures life on tatooine, endures vader, his aunt and uncle’s deaths, the entire war, palpatine, and the toxicity of the old jedi ways. he’s emotional, gentle, equal parts boyish and wise. he is not an anti-hero, he’s a full-blown hero and there aren’t many characters like him in popular culture let alone male characters thanks to toxic masculinity and the assumption that love and trust and strong emotions are childish things that make you fragile.

luke was so important and this was the only chance we had to see him again on the big screen when he threw away that lightsaber rian johnson threw away everything that is luke skywalker to make him another jaded old man. and that’s what pisses me off more than anything. this was a once in a lifetime chance and he just fucking botched it and there’s nothing that anyone can do about it now. this is how luke skywalker’s story ends. this is all i can think about when i watch the binary sunset scene, whenever i’m watching the ot and luke’s kindness touches my heart i remember that he dies alone on this fuckin island where he banished himself because he considered killing his own nephew and that nephew proceeded to kill all his students and burn his temple down. i’ll say it again; this was the only chance we had to see luke after all these years and this is how rian johnson chose to honor this iconic, beautiful character. it’s beyond unfair and it makes my blood boil.

THE LORD SUSTAINS, loved ones. Are we walking with Him?

The Lord sustains all who fall and raises up all who are bowed down. (Psalm 145:14)

May the rest of January and of 2018 be a testimony of strength that is only found in being with the LORD Jesus. Grace is our strength in weakness!

It breaks my heart that people don’t like Sansa Stark. Because in a world of magic, and dragons, and heroes, Sansa’s journey stands out as the most human. If you look at her journey and you don’t find compassion for her, respect for her, and admiration for her, then I don’t know what exactly you’re attempting to gain from, or find in this story. In my eyes, people who have felt true loss, loneliness, suffering, betrayal; anyone who had to grow up too fast, who had to hold their tongue to survive another day, who had to smile even when their heart was breaking, when they felt hollow and used, and still they survived - that is a heroic tale. That is Sansa’s story, and more people should recognize how incredibly brave she has been, to not only survive, but to prosper. 

A lot of hate Sansa has received has been very gendered, a hatred for her meekness, her quite complacency, her womanly interests, and her ‘girlish’ desires. A lot of female characters in game of thrones have had to shed their femininity for power, for respect, for admiration. Sansa is not physically strong, she has not compromised an ounce of her femininity, she has not given up on her womanly desires, skills, or behaviour. She has shown no interest in ‘masculine’ activities, or proven herself stereotypically strong. And therefore she has been treated as weak by fans, despite her very obvious ability to endure, and maintain respect and positions of power. It is within this so called weakness that she has a quiet strength, she has endured pain and degradation without becoming hard, vengeful, or angry. She has continued to smile, to show kindness, to care for her family and her allies. People in this fandom continue to try to push Sansa as a conspirer, an evil woman in disguise, because they can’t come to terms with her growth, can’t recognize the things she’s been through as traumatic or abusive because she internalized her pain, and endured with a smile on her face; because they can’t come to terms with a feminine woman who is not using her sexuality to conspire, or compromising the feminine aspects of herself to be powerful. They don’t want to have to believe that she is a woman who is composed, smart, and capable in tandem with her trauma, with her femininity, and the strength that it takes to endure after a life of loneliness, abuse, and fear.

Okay but what about the Gotham Sirens adopting Jason?

  • Selina was so sweet on Jason when he was Robin, he had the best sense of humor out of the Bats because it was just like her’s. The rare times Jason was off on his own she would always drop by and listen to Her Little Robin, comforting him after a fight with the Bat because he ‘used too much force’ or because ‘he’s too reckless’. Selina would even ask Jason to pull off small heists with her from time to time. He told her that he would only do it if she would either return the items before they went missing or if she donated most of it to charity. The Gotham City Museum was hijacked so many times by Catwoman and Robin but no one ever knew because she would always return the items so Jason didn’t get in trouble.
  • After Jason died Catwoman disappeared for a week, even Selina Kyle disappeared. After that week Catwoman was back in action but the first few weeks she didn’t steal anything that was worth the normal amounts that her previous heists had been, these were more like trinkets and Bruce couldn’t figure out the pattern. Selina had stolen every item she and Jason had ever stolen together; she donated them all the homeless center for abused children.
  • Selina never looked at Bruce quite the same way after Tim showed up that first night in a Robin costume, in Jason’s costume. She yelled and screamed about how Her Little Robin was already being forgotten and replaced. That Jason was worth more than just a few weeks of grief before just going back to normal. Bruce tried to explain that Batman needed a Robin, that Jason had known the risks and that he would never be forgotten but Selina didn’t listen. After that she still flirted with Batman, but it was only half-hearted at best. Bruce would never admit it but he was slightly heartbroken by the tearing of their relationship, it never really healed even after Jason was brought back by the Pit.
  • Bruce saved the Joker from the rubble in Batman Under the Red Hood but Jason had to drag himself out. With his injuries he couldn’t get far but he remembered this little roof-top where Selina told him many years ago she went to clear her mind. It took over an hour but Jason eventually managed to get to that roof-top and wait for Selina if she would come. Selina had gone out to check the huge explosion that had echoed through the streets but when she’d gotten to the sight Batman was gone and the Joker was being taken back to Arkham. Seeing nothing for her to do she retreated to her little roof-top only to find someone already there. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the blue eyes open at the sound of her approach, Her Little Robin had returned to her. She didn’t know how it was possible but she didn’t care, he was back in her arms and back in her life, she wasn’t letting go again.
  • When Selina saw the extent of Jason’s injuries from his fight with Bruce over the Joker she was furious. How dare the Bat hurt Her Little Robin after everything he’d already been through. She got him into a warm bath so he could soak and maybe take some of the edges of pain off, he was barely conscious, putty in her arms and trusting her to keep him safe; tears welled up in her eyes again and she didn’t even try to stop them. While Jason was in the tub she stripped her bed and put on the nicest silk sheets she had and made the bed for Her Little Robin because he deserved something nice for once in his life. After getting Jason settled in the bed she made a call to Harley and Ivy, telling them to meet her on top of her building. When Jason heard Selina open the window he let out a broken little whimper, he didn’t want to be alone again. Selina immediately went over to Jason and curled next to him, holding him to where he could hear her heartbeat and promising him that she wasn’t leaving him, she just had something to take care of; she stayed till he fell asleep.
  • Selina explained what she knew to Ivy & Harley, both righteously angry over what the poor boy had had to endure in his short life. Harley confessed that she’d always felt partially responsible for Jason’s death because she had left the Joker at that time due to a fight, if she had stayed maybe the Joker wouldn’t have gone so far. Selina told Harley that she should tell Jason that, that Her Little Robin would understand and wouldn’t blame her. Harley was doubtful but Ivy promised she would go with her to talk to the former Robin when this was all over.
  • The Gotham Sirens broke into Wayne manor and cornered a drunk Bruce in his study. When Selina started to growl and hiss at the man about the cut at his collarbone, that she would recognize the wound of a batarang anywhere, and how dare he attack that boy after everything. Bruce was so out of it that he broke down, he broke down and talked about the Pit, the explosion that killed Jason, about how he almost got himself killed because he was so angry and raw about Jason’s death, about how he didn’t let Tim do nearly what he’d let Jason and Dick do. But the last thing he told her about was the case with Jason’s costume. When Catwoman heard about that and about the engraving ‘My partner. My soldier. My fault.’ and she lost it. Harley and Ivy had to restrain her from scratching out Bruce’s eyes. How dare he call Jason his soldier, what about a son, was he ever a son to you Bruce? but Bruce was so far gone in his misery that he didn’t even notice.
  • Before they left Selina gave Bruce a warning to stay away from Jason. After she had climbed out the window Harley and Ivy stepped in front of Batman and threatened him as well, they might not know the boy as well as Selina did but if he was that important they would protect him for their friend too.
  • Harley apologized to Jason and, though he was wary of her for a while, he told her that most of his anger had never been at her. Sure he’d always thought she was a psychotic bitch but he didn’t blame her for his death. When she’d heard that, a huge burden lifted from Harley’s soldiers and without even thinking anything she hugged Jason tightly. He hissed at the pressure on his wounds but he gave her awkward pats on the back to let her know there weren’t any hard feelings.
  • Ivy gave Jason a shot that would render him immune to all of her plants and poisons. When Jason questioned her she told Jason that he was important to Selina and that he had given Harley something her girlfriend had desperately needed so she had no problem helping him. Jason stared at her blankly for a moment before asking when she’d left the Joker. Harley explained that after the Joker had murdered Jason, Harley thought he had taken it too far. Sure they’d killed before but this time it as so…personal and unnecessary that it felt wrong to Harley. She quickly packed up and never looked back.
  • Selina curled up in bed with Her Little Robin that evening and he let her hold him, just like a mother would. Once he’d fallen asleep Harley had decided to drag Ivy onto the bed and there was a huge pile of bodies on Selina’s giant bed but no one seemed to mind. In the morning Jason woke up first and saw that he had the three of Gotham’s most powerful villainous women curled around him and he felt…safe for the first time since he’d first laid eyes on the bomb that he knew would take his life. He made breakfast and eventually the smell of food woke the three ladies up enough for them to shuffle into the kitchen; they declared that Jason was going to be their stay in son from now on.
  • Jason put up a half-hearted fight but for some reason, his chest was getting really warm and he felt strangely giddy. He jokingly asked Selina if that meant she was his new mother and Selina merely got up and pulled Jason down to where she could plant a kiss on the boy’s forehead ‘I let you die once, I’m not letting my son get hurt again’ and that was how Selina Kyle adopted him of sorts. Harley had cried and told Jason that if Selina was his mother that since they were close as sisters that meant that Harley and Ivy were Jason’s aunts! He’d put his hand over his heart in mock horror but he couldn’t fight the smile that was making its way onto his face. It was crazy and not nearly what he’d imagined all those years ago as a street rat but he finally had the family he’d always wanted.