Nobody will protect you from your suffering. You can’t cry it away or eat it away or starve it away or walk it away or punch it away or even therapy it away. It’s just there, and you have to survive it. You have to endure it. You have to live through it and love it and move on and be better for it and run as far as you can in the direction of your best and happiest dreams across the bridge that was built by your own desire to heal.
—  Cheryl Strayed
Have a happy humpday! NSFW Raph smut


The quiet was deep and welcome, the lack of noise a cherished balm on her overworked senses. The constant stimulate of the city was something she’d grown used to long ago, but these rare moments when she slipped underground to find the lair unoccupied – save Splinter – were treasured. Not that she minded the company… but it was nice to enjoy the silence from time to time, and there was next to none of that when the boys were home.

She glanced briefly at her phone, noting the time before setting the device aside again, her attention returning to the book in her hand. They would likely be returning soon.

Then, as though conjured by her thoughts, the distinct sounds of their voices carried through the tunnels, shattering the solitude. She frowned. Judging by the volume and tone of one voice in particular, something had happened.

Uncrossing her ankles, she swung her legs down from the arm of the couch, turning and pushing herself into an upright position as she marked her page. Placing the novel aside, she glanced at the entrance and awaited their arrival… and the imminent storm she could hear approaching.

His anger was palpable, rolling off of him in waves as stalked into the lair, the others giving him a wide berth. His chest was heaving, muscles tense, eyes murderous as he glowered at his older brother. Time seemed to crawl to a stop as the two stared at one another, each daring the other to say something, do something. Finally, after what seemed a tense eternity, Raphael curled his upper lip in disdain and turned away, moving swiftly toward his room. The door, a thick sheet of metal he’d rigged up with some salvaged hardware, nearly rattled off its hinges when he pulled it shut, the sound echoing through the cavernous space like thunder. She wouldn’t have been surprised if someone topside had heard it.

Calmly, soundlessly, she stood and followed after him, slipping into his room and settling herself on his bed without a word. He was pacing, he always did when he was upset, and she thought to herself – not for the first time – that he was incredibly enticing when he was mad. His eyes practically glowing, wide jaw set and tense, sinew and muscle rippling beneath his scaled skin like waves. But she didn’t say it. She never said anything in situations like these.

No… these situations called for patience. He would reveal to her what he needed in due time.

Sometimes he needed to vent, to voice the vicious thoughts that raced through his mind. And she would listen, mute and unjudging, as he expelled his frustrations verbally. Other times he wouldn’t say a thing. He would simply continue to pace, her presence alone seeming to calm him, until eventually he would come to sit by her, sighing deeply and soaking in her nearness. And sometimes, when he was truly riled, he needed another kind of outlet. Somewhere to direct all of the emotions churning inside him like a hurricane.

It seemed like this time it would be the latter.

He stopped quite suddenly, turning to pin her with his stare, nostrils flaring, eyes blazing as though back-lit by the fires of hell. The look he gave her was full of madness and greed, and she understood, pushing herself further onto the bed and leaning back as he approached. The large male prowled over her like some rabid demon, taking in a lungful of her sweet scent. Acceptance, anticipation, surrender. Desire pooled low in his gut, making him growl deeply, and he gripped the front of her shirt.

“You’re mine,” he rumbled as he stared into her eyes, watching her pupils shrink and dilate.

“Yes,” she whispered, as though speaking too loudly might shatter the chains that kept his fury in check.

The fabric gave way easily in his strong hands, falling to ragged pieces around her. She held tightly to the sheets as he divested her of the remainder of her clothing, his motions violent and hurried. When she was bare before him he pulled back, rising up onto his knees to stare down at her pale flesh. Her breasts trembled with every shuddering breath she took, taut stomach clenching, long legs splayed delightfully for his pleasure. She looked divine, like some kind of sacrificial maiden laid out for a hungry beast. When the smell of her arousal filled his head, he decided he felt every bit the part of the ravenous creature.

He bent, taking one final draught of that heavenly aroma before pressing his mouth against her glistening center, drinking deeply of her excitement.

She arched against him, withholding the sharp cry that threatened to erupt from her lips. He was not quiet in his enjoyment of her, sampling her slick flesh with fervor. His tongue was insistent, teasing her clit until she shook before slinking lower to collect the fruits of his labour. Again and again… bringing her to the brink before denying her, until she could hardly breathe, the pleasure so immense it was choking. When he finally ventured deeper, spearing into her with that wide, talented tongue of his, she came, unable to stop the shriek of delight that clawed its way up her throat. He didn’t pause as she thrashed against him, holding her in place with a steely arm across her hips. He brought her to second climax soon after, and a third. When he finally pulled back she was reeling, twitching as she descended from her mind-numbing high.

Her wetness was everywhere; her thighs, the sheets, his lips. Good. She was ready. He glanced up the length of her beautiful body again, divesting himself of his gear and armor. When he lowered himself over her again, carefully keeping the bulk of his mass from her as he settled between her legs, he purred into her ear, “You look like a fuckin’ angel.”

She laughed a little at that. She was no angel. A fallen angel, perhaps… she was hardly pure. But for him… for him she could be one. She would be a light in his darkness, the guiding hand that led him to absolution. She didn’t know if she would be getting any rest tonight, or even tomorrow… it would depend on the level of his anger, but she would endure. That was what he needed, and that was what she would provide.

His thrust was sudden and not at all gentle, and she thanked whatever god was listening that he’d prepared her so adequately. The feeling of him inside her was one she didn’t think she’d ever grow accustomed to. It was overwhelming, a sensation that was just as much pain as it was pleasure, and the masochist in her revelled in it. A part of her needed this as much as he did, this brutal release, succumbing to the darkest of passions. He moved her with his hunger well past the morning hours, time slipping into nothingness as he sought and found his peace within her, announcing his completion with a deafening roar.

She lifted a hand to trace his jaw, their tired eyes meeting, and she gifted him with a breathless smile.

He watched her for a handful of seconds, seeming to drink in the expression with a sort of wonderment before slanting his mouth over hers in a kiss that was both deep and slow, his wordless proclamation of gratitude. Thank you for enduring. Thank you for being here. Thank you for staying with me. A hundred ‘thank yous’ passed between their lips, unspoken but heard.

She thanked him in her own way, too, small kisses littered across his face and neck, down his arms and chest. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for coming to me in your time of need. Thank you for trusting me enough to let me help you. She didn’t think he quite realized what she was doing yet… but she imagined that one day he would.

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Taylor is really killing it with these videos!! #NoLustNovember
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⚠️WARNING⚠️ I Kept It Real. #ProceedWithCaution 😶👍🏽 Day 11 of #NoLustNovember

I think this is the perfect topic, being that now we have arrived to the weekend 😱

Sometimes the weekends can be tougher for some people when trying to protect their purity.
Here’s the message for today.
Practicing Purity as followers of Jesus is not something we do just to follow a “Rule Book” or just because “God Said So”

It’s about reclaiming God’s original intent for mankind and that includes sex! It’s All Part of this process of us becoming More Like Jesus. It’s all about us becoming who we were always meant to be from the beginning of time! There’s a GRANDER picture here. 🌅 “As OBEDIENT children, NOT CONFORMING yourselves to the FORMER LUSTS, AS IN YOuR IGNORANCE ; but as He who CALLED YOU is holy, you also be holy in ALL YOUR CONDUCT, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”” 1 Peter 1:14-16 Amen?! Lets Keep Striving! 💪🏽🔥📖 #truth #OneMan #OneWoman #MarriageOnly #men #women #strength #godlymen #godlywomen #endure #encouragement #weekend #pure #purity #godlydating #dating #relationships #NoSexUntilMarriage #Marriage #wait #love #peace #joy #ShareJesus #gospeltakeoff #TellEveryone #itiswhatitis

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