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Beach Day--Anakin Skywalker x Reader

“Where are you taking me?” Anakin asked you curiously. You smiled softly as you led him through the the tropical forest and the stopped in front of the empty beach. The sugar sand reflected the sun’s light perfectly and the water looked so blue. You adjusted your bag before turning to your fellow Jedi.

“If I told you, you wouldn’t have come with me,” you stated, dragging him into the sand. His face contorted into one of disgust.

“Why are we walking through sand? You know I despise it, (y/n),” he pouted, still allowing you to drag him along the beach.

“Because sometimes you have to suffer to get to a luxurious destination,” you stated, stopping at a spot on the beach where the sand wasn’t deep and it was flat compared to the small dunes everywhere else.

“Alright, you can take off your blind fold, Anakin,” you instructed looking at the turquoise water ahead of you. There weren’t many waves and a gentle breeze blew your hair out of your face. Quickly, you grabbed a sheet from your bag, laying it out onto the sand as a protective layer for your towels. Next you laid down two green towels on top of the single white sheet. Once finished, you looked up at Anakin.

“Wow,” Anakin began, taking in a deep breath, “it’s beautiful.” He looked to the water in awe.

“It is. I heard that the water is so clear, that you don’t need to submerge your head to look in the water,” you stated as you began to remove your robes. Anakin looked toward you before you took off your last layer.

“I didn’t bring a swim suit,” Anakin said, embarassment making his cheeks blush slightly. You smirked before removing your last layer to reveal a sports bra and underwear that didn’t match.

“Neither did I,” you said before placing your garments into the bag, concealing your light saber. “Now are you just gonna stand there, or are you going to live a little?” Anakin smiled before tossing his saber into your bag and removing his layers of clothing.

“You’re lucky I wore underwear today,” he said before throwing his clothes into the bag. You then began walking to the water. Anakin, however, stood still in the sand, stiff as a statue. You frowned as you looked to him. His eyes were furrowed and a small frown was on his face.

“Come on, Anakin, it’ll be fun,” you said, causing him to look up at you, an unsettled look on his face. He sighed and began to trudge through the sand, meeting you at the edge of the water.

“I know you hate it, but it’ll be worth it. Think of it this way, you can suffer today and the next day off we have, you can take me somewhere I don’t like,” you said, giving him a tight hug. He was blushing again.

“I-I don’t hate it,” he stuttered, brushing hi hair from his face. He sensed that you felt bad for dragging him here and he didn’t like that one bit. “I’m glad you dragged me, or else I wouldn’t have gotten this far.”

After releasing Anakin, you walked into the cool water, Anakin following close behind you. You stopped when the water reached your chest and began to swim parallel to the beach.

“(Y/n),” you heard your name escape the lips of your fellow Jedi. You stood up and looked over to him, wondering what he had to say.

“Can you teach me how to swim?” He asked bashfully, not wanting to be a burden on your free day. You smiled before swimming back to him.

“I’d love to,” you stated as you began your swimming lesson.

In a matter of no time, you and Anakin were swimming up and down the beach, having a great time.

“I think I’m going to head in. Are you staying out here?” You asked him, standing in your spot. He shook his head.

“No, I’ll go with you,” he said, following you to shore. You stopped suddenly at the edge of the water, not quite making it to the dry sand.

“You’re not going to like this next step Anakin,” you warned before grabbing his hand and walking through the sand and to your stuff. The sand stuck to your feet and the lower bit of your wet legs before you reached the sheet and laid down on the towels. Looking over at Anakin, you saw the look of disgust planted on his face. You watched as he laid on his stomach on the towel, looking at you. You laid. On your back, absorbing the sun’s feeling onto your skin.

“Doesn’t it feel nice, Anakin?” You asked him. He hummed in response, slowly falling asleep. You giggled softly as you watched his eyes flutter closed and his breathing even out.

‘He’s like a little kid,’ you thought, smiling. You studied how relaxed he looked and how calm he was. A strand of wet, salty hair was dangling in his face and you reached out, swiping it behind his ear. Quietly, you turned over, reaching into your bag and taking out a small camera.

‘This is going to be great to show to Obi-Wan,’ you thought as you snapped his picture and placed the camera back into the bag. Reaching into your bag you grabbed a bottle of sunscreen and began lathering it onto the skin that you could reach. Then you put some onto Anakin’s exposed back and gently massaged it in as not to rouse the sleeping Jedi.

“Mmm, (y/n)?” He groaned, lifting his head up and opening his eyes.

“Sit up, you gotta out some sun screen on so you don’t get a gnarly burn,” you told him. He sat up, rubbing his eyes and yawning. He grabbed the bottle and rubbed it into the rest of his body.

“Hey, can you put some on my back?” You asked him, a slight blush appearing on your face. He smirked and nodded. You turned around and felt the cold substance drip onto your back, followed by Anakin’s warm soft hands rubbing it into your skin. The both of you laid back onto your towels, staring up at the sky.

After being on the beach for three hours, you both decided that you had enough fun in the sun for the day. After putting your robes back on and placing your towels and sheet into the bag, you both walked back to your ship. Once inside, Anakin got into the driver’s seat.

“Where are we even at?” Anakin asked you, taking off the planet.

“Spira,” you stated as Anakin put in the coordinates for Coruscant.

“We should come back some day, don’t you think? I had a great time today,” Anakin said turning to look at you momentarily before focusing back onto his path. He shifted into light speed.

“It was a great time. I’m glad you had fun, Anakin,” you told him as you watched the stars flash by.

“Well you do make sand a little more bearable,” he said, shifting out of light speed as the two of you reached Coruscant. You blushed slightly as you continued to stare off into the outside world, watching as Anakin navigated his way onto the landing strip. Shortly after landing, you two departed from the craft to see Obi-Wan Kenobi waiting for you.

“Master!” You yelled for him. He simply smiled and waved to the both of you, seemingly happy to see both of his padawans back safe and sound.

“You both look a little burned,” he joked. You nudged him before walking away.

“See you later boys, I’m taking a shower!” You yelled, dashing to the showers.

You arrived back to your room with a towel wrapped tightly around your body. Your shower shoes squeeked with every step you took and your wet hair dangled freely. Holding the towel close, you opened the door to your room to see the one and only Anakin Skywalker.

“Anakin! Why are you in my room!” You exclaimed, clutching the towel closer, your cheeks burning red. He let out a nervous chuckle.

“Well I was going to ask you a question but I thought you’d come back with clothes on,” he stated, going back and forth on his heels avoiding your eyes. You grunted before pushing him into your closet.

“Don’t come out until I tell you!” You yelled at him, still overcome with embarassment. You dressed quickly and opened the closet door for Anakin.

“Well, what’s this question?” You asked him calmly, pretending that the situation you were in wasn’t awkward.

“I was wondering,” he began, stepping out of the closet and getting closer to you, “if you would maybe want to go on a date, with me, as more than friends.” Your blushed, smiling, but suddenly banished it.

“I’d love to, but what about the code, Anakin?” You asked him, looking into his eyes. He smiled as he got closer to you, placing his hands on your hips.

“Well, we could keep it a secret. Besides, Obi-Wan and Master Windu have secret relationships, so how true can the code be?” He said. You gasped, not knowing this information.

“I guess we could,” you smiled, pulling Anakin in for a hug. Nothing could make this moment any better.

300 meter swim, 9.25 mile bike, and a 5k. I did it all in 1 hour and 9 minutes.

If you had asked me a year ago where I would be today, I never would have told you that I would voluntarily be doing a triathlon.

The picture on the left was me, even before I was at my highest weight. The picture on the right was me yesterday at the final stretch of the tri. I love this picture because it’s not the most flattering, but I look strong as hell. That’s what matters most to me.

SW: 258.6
CW: 182.2

Just keep going. It’s worth it, I promise.

OK but Muscle Senshi AU. AU where everything starts the same but everyone gets swole for different reasons and has a different swole body type 

Tsukino Usagi as like chubswole/dadswole because she got into serious shape due to fighting monsters all the damn time and never lost the habit of working out and lifting heavy things for fun but still loves her sweets 

Mizuno Ami as a very tight/swimmer’s swole because she just started seeing how long she could endurance swim and also to work off exam stress until she got to college 

Hino Rei as a blacksmith/ascetic swole as she’s blessed by the fire and meditates under waterfalls, she’s the head of Hikawa when she’s not busy being a national treasure

Makoto Kino as working class swole because she lifts heavy things every day to run her bakery and lifts heavier things all the time on catering jobs and lifts EVEN HEAVIER THINGS when she has to remodel or change her tires 

Aino Minako as weightlifting idol because she saw the rest of the group doing it, wanted to fit in, and became a fucking icon. they say she’s got a good shot at gold this Olympics and has a voice like an angel

Meioh Setsuna as military swole because goddammit lugging around this time key is hard but carrying this team is harder

Tenoh Haruka is a racer and thus was already slim swole she gotta watch her weight carefully because no one needs that 

Kaioh Michiru getting fieldwork swole because she took up stone sculpting to be more well rounded and that ended up leading to an interest in geology and paleontology field work and that means she’s packing out 80 pounds of rocks every day, carefully wrapped in plaster because you can’t, you just can’t. even then she still finds time for concerts somehow

in conclusion reblog this because I like this idea and would like to see if anyone else would subscribe 


Ever since I started living healthier, the quality of my life improved so I thought I’d share some things that worked for me to help you experience the same!

Health is more than just food and fitness. Being healthy also means you are in a good environment, mindset, and surround yourself with good people.

I personally don’t like to keep a food diary because it feels like a lot of work and creates stress, but it works for some people. Living healthy doesn’t mean you have to keep track of everything, it means enjoying your life.

Changes don’t happen overnight. Patience, motivation, consistency, and happiness are the keys to success/health.

1. Movement is fun!

Don’t call it “exercise”, since exercise may seem like a chore. I used to dread exercise because I had bad experiences in elementary school. I hated PE because I was slow and all we did was play sports with a ball involved, and I was terrified of flying objects. I hated exercise because I wasn’t good at it. I feel like many people grew up like I did, with negative childhood experiences, which is why exercise is not in the favor of the general population.

Movement is so important and I could go on and on about the list of benefits, including feeling fresh, being stronger, being happier, living longer, etc. Working out only improves your life. You will never regret a workout.

Find something you enjoy doing. Do something with a friend! Movement doesn’t always have to be a sport. It can be a class like yoga or pilates, dance, cardio, and strength training. There are so many forms of movement out there, it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that’s enjoyable. My favorite forms of movement including running, cycling, swimming, pilates (I love planks!) for strength training, zumba, walking, hiking, and the only ones I dislike are the ones that use a ball.

It’s also important to incorporate both cardio and strength training into your life to strengthen your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. As a runner, I typically include cardio (running) 6 days a week and a little bit of strength every day. I know that most college athletes lift (I only use body weight for now) 3 days a week. This all depends on what your fitness level is.

If you are very busy, incorporate activity into your everyday life. For example, you can do a quick 10 min HIIT workout right before work, 10 min walk on your lunch break, and 10 mins of core right before bed. That’s 30 mins of movement a day!

You can also wear a pedometer, most health professionals suggest at least 10,000 steps each day. A lot of fitness trackers, like fitbit, gives you virtual rewards for reaching that number.

2. Sleep!

It is important to give your wonderful hardworking muscles a chance to recover and rebuild! I typically sleep for 7-8 hours a day, and it’s something I’m working on since most people recommend at least 9 for athletes.

3. Eat healthy!

Growing up, my friends and I would always brag about what kind of unhealthy foods we got to eat because we thought they taste good. We thought anything healthy was boring therefore not cool. Growing up, my mother has never let get the “cool” foods that all the other kids got to eat.  I remember in third grade, my father commented about how I looked relatively thin compared to my other classmates, and I was also insecure about my hands being bony. 4th-5th grade was when I was going through my rebellious stage (does everyone go through this?) and my junk food intake skyrocketed once I hit middle school because we now had brunch served in the cafeteria, and I would buy at least 1-2 bags of chips or cookies every single day.

In 8th grade, I had an epiphany and I also started running, and I knew that if I wanted to be a good runner, I must eat well. Running became my priority and I now see food as fuel.

My parents remember me going cold turkey of all junk foods. This worked well for me because junk foods are chemically engineered to be addictive, and eliminating them completely is what worked for me.

Eat the rainbow of beautiful plants and keep temptations out of your house. If you have a family member that enjoys gorging on junk foods, don’t insult their diet.

Never insult anyone’s diet. The most effective way to inspire someone to be healthy is to be a good example. Show them the benefits you feel when you eat healthy foods, and how that healthy foods can look beautiful. Hopefully it will motivate them to do the same!

Eat slowly. Your stomach takes about 20 mins to send the signal to your brain that you are full.

4. Your social network.

Surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Keep in mind that those who don’t like you are simply blind because they can’t see how awesome you are. They could be also insecure themselves because they want to bring you down because it makes them feel superior. Those people need help. Radiate positive vibes and hope that it will spread to their souls.

5. Physical health

Make regular visits to your doctor/dentist, and keep up with your immunizations.

6. Keep track of your progress

It can be any form of progress, because it motivated you to keep moving forward! It can be physical goals (such as running a personal record, lifting weight, swimming, endurance, etc), or it can be weight related, or not binge watching netflix every night.

Set mini goals and treat yourself to keep moving forward. For example, if you just broke 6:00 in the mile, plan a fun trip to the mall!

7. Don’t be stressed

If you’re feeling stressed, find an outlet. I like to go for a run and write down my thoughts. The unknown stressed me out, when I go for a run and think, the unknown becomes a known and makes me more confident.

Think about the big picture. I was pretty stressed when I couldn’t run at all this track season since I had big goals in mind. But then I realized that running is a lifestyle and I have the rest of my life to accomplish my goals. Success in college running is a bigger deal than high school. If I rest now, I can avoid burning out and this will fuel my motivation to run fast in college.

8. Help others

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or pick up litter. Being kind to others and to the community feels good!

Writing this blog makes me feel good because I know that I have the power to inspire others to improve their life. Receiving kind messages from people makes my day.

9. Believe in yourself

Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Life your life how you want.

For me, I love my parents because they don’t force me to do anything. They let me quit piano, golf, and other things. I used to be not motivated in school, and instead of punishing me, they would reward me if I got good grades. School was never forced upon me. My parents showed me that knowledge=power. Now I am self motivated because I have learned that good grades=smart Grace=helpful Grace=happy Grace.

They support my running. They let me do anything I want. I wasn’t forced to run. As a result, I became a successful runner and student because that is what truly makes me happy.

If you show that something makes you happy, your parents and friends will most likely support you, too!

Other life tips: http://irungracepace.tumblr.com/tagged/advice

How to be happy:


How to be productive and achieve your goals:


Healthy brain food: 


Healthy foods for athletes or if you work out!:


Nursing really is a sink or swim profession; you’re constantly having to make decisions that will affect the lives of patients, Physicians don’t always answer pages, and 9/10 times you have absolutely no idea if what you’re doing is the right thing. Then there’s those few nursing assistants who scamper like mice when real work is to be done, plus crap staffing ratios that defy safety… and just to really test you, the Nurse Managers hide when they find out you weren’t paid properly. Thankfully, you survive; with a little bit of support and a truckload of perseverance. Some days are sink; some days are swim.
—  Nurse X

Today I watched ME BEFORE YOU, and I need to get it out of my system. Now. So, may I present to you the ME BEFORE YOU RINHARU ANGSTY AF HEADCANONS (I made some adjustments).

  • In this HC Rin is the one who had a terrible accident and is paralyzed from the hips down
  • Haru doesn’t know how to deal at first since Rin has been the one that has been positive and has shown how beautiful life is so many times
  • Rin is absolutely stricken with pain and grief and depression
  • Haru tries to encourage him to do physical therapy, although he knows that this will only keep Rin alive. Rin will never be able to swim again.
  • Rin endures months of rehab, tries to fight through it, but eventually gives up when he sees no results. The doctors tell him that he will have to do physical therapy for the rest of his life, otherwise, he will lose his legs.
  • Haru talks to Makoto a lot who doesn’t know what to tell him either. Knowing he can’t make Rin walk again, Haru searches for a huge house with an enormous garden. He makes sure the house is disabled-friendly, so that Rin can reach every part easily with his wheelchair
  • A few months pass and Haru thinks that Rin has somehow gotten used to his condition, only to find his lover in a pool of blood one day.
  • Rin survives his suicide attempt miraculously.
  • From now on Haru does not leave his side, but Rin shuts him out more and more. Not knowing what to do he calls Sousuke, who is a physical therapist now, to help him with Rin.
  • Rin refuses the treatment and only lets Sou do the necessary things.
  • Now, not only Rin but Haru himself falls into some sort of dark hole, a depression-like state. Haru wants to help Rin so much, but he doesn’t know how. He has tried to cheer him up so many times, has tried to get him out of the house, but nothing worked. It’s so bad that Haru goes to see a psychiatrist, not knowing how to deal with everything.
  • Haru hides his weekly visits from Rin, not wanting to worry him more. He wants to be strong for Rin after all.
  • Sousuke decides to tell Rin what Haru has been going through, and that he can’t continue living like this cause he still has Haru, who loves him and who wants him in his life. No one is pushing Rin away.
  • And after months and months of tears, sadness and depression, Haru comes home to find Rin and Sousuke on their basketball court in front of the house, tossing the ball, trying to shoot a goal.
  • Rin turns around and can’t help but burst into tears when he sees his lover standing there.
  • “Haru, I wanna live for you. I wanna live for us. I love you.”
  • Rin decides to join a swim club for disabled people.
  • Fast forward a few years: Rin proposes to Haru live on TV after winning GOLD in the PARALYPMICS.


got this mad cute crop top from buffalo exchange it says SWIM CLUB ENDURANCE   but I don’t think could ever wear it outside???? because i have no belly confidence maybe over a button up or something

What About the Love of my Life? (Mashton)

N.B. - This is a soulmate AU. I see these everywhere and I love them. So here’s my spin on one. If you like it don’t forget to request part two. Give it a like too!

“MICHAEL! MICHAEL GET IN HERE!” Ashton shrieked from the upstairs balcony, stomping his feet forcefully into the ground, the tingling sensation in his arm beginning to build as he stared at the golden light radiating from his left wrist. Michael thundered up the stares to Ashton faster than he’d run in his life. He reached the top panting heavily as his eyes desperately scanned his shocked friend. Ashton was still frantically hopping from his left to his right foot. Michael leant against the balcony to steady himself while Ashton thrust his wrist directly into Michael’s face. Michael pulled back, still tired from his climb, to stare disbelievingly at his band mate.

“Oh my god.” Michael wheezed, wrapping his shaky hands round Ashton’s wrist, which was now emanating a blinding luminescence of white light. Ashton was shaking a little under Michael’s touch as he braced himself to bare the sensation pulsing outward from his wrist.

The sensation was said to be intense, more intense than any other feeling catalogued by the human race: more intense than pain, more intense than childbirth and more intense than love. But that was because this burning, tingling, painfully ticklish feeling was born of pure love, pure emotion and every moment you and your partner would share in your life. That’s why it was tinted with bitter sweetness and pain. For the most part however it was built from love. It was a deep pulsing uneasy but fluttering feeling of nervousness when it calmed. That let you know that no matter where you went in the world you were no longer alone. It was the moment a bond was created, a bond between you and one other person on the planet; the person that you fell in love with.

“Ashton… I… Oh my god… I don’t… even…” Michael tripped over every word batting his eyelids to flush away the coloured patch created in his retinas from staring into Ashton’s soul stream.

“Your soul stream” Was all he could say before lightly releasing Ashton’s arm.

“My soul stream” Ashton muttered repeatedly. His arm had now calmed, the sensation subsided and the colour presented itself as a beautiful and vibrant shade of turquoise with slight pink rippling from the middle. It was a beautiful colour and Ashton stared down at it appreciatively, running his long fingers over it as if he couldn’t bring himself to believe it was really there, despite the fact that less than a minute prior he was writhing in the indescribable sensation of the soul stream’s appearance. His moment of appreciation passed and before Michael had even caught his breath Ashton had scurried past him, dropping himself harshly down each step of the staircase to find his mobile phone. Michael let the gust of wind that Ashton had created hit him before turning on his heals to politely trudge down the stairs behind his friend. Ashton gripped his phone in his right hand before snapping a photo of his soul stream.

“What are you doing?” Michael questioned nervously.

“Don’t you see Michael? We have a very large fan base, if the love of my life has their mark yet they will find them!” Ashton beamed larger than Michael had seen before. It almost looked as if it could be hurting him to smile that widely. Michael spread a nervous smile over his face before picking up his own phone. Turning to shake it at Ashton before dialling.

“I really feel like the rest of the boys and your family should know about this first don’t you?” He finished as the dial tone sounded down the line. It was answered quickly by the familiar deep and silky tones of Luke.

“Yeah hi Luke, come home quickly, Ashton has some big news… Eh, bring Calum.” With that he hung the phone up and handed it to Ashton. Ashton took the phone weakly, peering at the screen to see his mother’s name written on the screen. He held it to his ear in anticipation.

“Hi mum… yeah… I miss you too… yeah no gre-… Mum… Mum… Listen mum I got my soul stream!” Ashton recalled excitedly, breaking through his mum’s questions of good health and queries about the new album. Although Michael was stood a few paces from him, he could still hear the proud and excited screeching of Anne as if she were there in the room with them. He took a moment now to gaze down at his own wrist, partly in expectancy and partly in envy. Why did Ashton get his soul stream and not him? Sighing to release some pent up anxiety Michael waited for the phone call to finish. Once Anne had finished interrogating Ashton, Ash promised to send her a photograph from his phone immediately afterwards. Ashton pushed the end call button on Michaels phone before returning it to him.

“Alright now let’s find this girl!” He chirped, his signature childish giggle filling the room. “Or guy! I’m open-minded.” He giggled again. His excitement was taking over and Michael’s envy was growing too. He was happy for Ashton, he really was, but why not him? Ashton had a steady stream of girls in and out his life and nothing made Michael believe that he deserved to be the first to meet the love of his life. He tried to push the thoughts to the back of his mind and focus on being happy for Ashton. He knew he was but he also knew that this was all he wanted just now. It occupied his mind and made it hard for him to concentrate. Every time a tickle anywhere on his person began his heart sped up in excitement. Just to be disappointed when it turned out not to be anything but an ordinary skin irritation. The slamming of the door and thumping of feet as Luke and Calum returned home; interrupted his thoughts.

“We’re here, what’s the news?!” Calum exclaimed turning to face Ashton who was still intently typing into his phone. Looking up from his phone with the same exaggerated grin as before he threw it down on the sofa before presenting his arm proudly for the two remaining boys to see. Both Calum and Luke’s jaws dropped in shock when their eyes sunk down to Ashton’s wrist the colour radiating beneath his skin illuminating their eyes. They stared down at his wrist blankly for a few moments before Ashton got agitated again and started fidgeting. He pulled his wrist away once more. His three friends eyes following it as he reached back for his phone again, in order to quickly list his soul streams colour on several websites and plaster the news across twitter.

“What does it feel like?”

Did it hurt?”

“Was there any leading up? Like did you know it was coming?”

The questions began to tumble and pour from Luke and Calum’s mouths’ as if someone had turned on a faucet. The questions sped up and overlapped each other till they became an indecipherable babbling. Ashton’s eyes widened at the bombardment of questions, especially when all he really wanted was to find the love of his life. There was far too much going on around him to take in at this moment. The biggest moment of his life to date had occurred less than 5 minutes ago. His heart was still racing trying to steady itself from the trauma it had endured. His head was swimming with thoughts and possibilities, while his stomach churned with emotions he didn’t know how to deal with. His phone was beginning to rapidly vibrate on the sofa alerting him that his fans had seen his latest news. For a moment, however brief Ashton was trapped, everything was overwhelming him and for the first time in forever he was resenting him fame. While one second he was planning on using it to his advantage, the next he was suffocating beneath it. This was his moment and he instantly regretted sharing it with the world. Allowing his jaw to slink further and further open and his eyes began to sting he grabbed his phone and made a mad dash for the comfort of his room. He left the other where the stood in the lounge to which they threw a confused glance at Michael, who simply shrugged his shoulders and entered the kitchen.

Ashton had slammed the door shut behind him as he panted to sooth himself. He slid down it slowly until his bum finally embraced the soft-carpeted floor, as his phone still vibrated violently in his hand. He wasn’t ready to look at it yet so he threw it up onto the bed recklessly. He looked down at his soul stream again for a moment. In his moment of thought he contemplated whether he should really be looking for them this soon. He had a really good chance of finding them quickly but was he even ready for that? As far as everyone else was concerned the appearance of a soul stream took you off the market as if you had become someone’s property and only theirs. Was he ready to face the fact that there’s only one person out there for him now, one for the rest of his life. The questions that flooded his head earlier had been replaced by a swirling of new more intense and somewhat selfish questions. A feeling of unease rose within him once again. He sucked in several deep breaths, holding them for a second before releasing them. He sat weakly, trapped by his own mind on the floor before a knock brought him back to reality. It was Michael.

“Hey Ash? I ordered pizza… if you want to come down, we won’t talk about your soul stream? His voice was soft and soothing as if he was trying to persuade Ashton that they weren’t going to hurt him. Ashton stood shakily before turning the handle and smiling weakly at his band mate.

The rest of the evening was a return to normality. Occasionally Ashton would catch a glimpse of his soul stream out the corner of his eye and remember that the universe had told him it was time to start looking and for a moment his happiness would fade and be replaced with worry, doubt, fear and of course excitement. But it wouldn’t take long for one of the boys to notice and pull him round from his thoughts. Playfully throwing things at him and making jokes to occupy his mind till he was ready to face things. He couldn’t thank them enough for repeatedly being there for him; for supporting him through everything; for understanding his reaction as if it were their own and just generally for being his friend.


The morning sun was rising and the day was ticking by second by seconds. The boys had let the night slip to day as they had fallen victim to sleep. They lay limp across each other in the centre of the living room, not one of them having made it to bed that evening. The curtains were drawn closed and the light call of birds could be heard from in the distance. The house inhabited only by the soft murmur of snores. The silence was broken when a knock ruptured through the halls. Michael was the boy to answer the tapping. He stepped clumsily down the hallway, bumping into half the furniture as he wobbled intently towards the door. He pulled it open stretching. His eyes were finally open when his eyes met with the most beautiful iris’ he had ever seen. He straightened his spine as he took in the appearance of the person now stood in his doorway. They’re eyes sparkled like none other and a light but pleasant smell drifted to his nostrils.

“Hello? Can I help you?” He finally asked, his voice slightly seductive.

“Erm hi… Is Ashton around?”

“He’s asleep. Can I ask why?” Michael spoke his voice turning a little sterner now he the attractive visitor wasn’t here to visit him. He watched them fidget a little with their hands and then their sleaves trying desperately to string words together. They eventually gave up and yanked the sleeve of their jumper up to reveal the same beautiful sole stream that decorated Ashton’s writ. Michael stared at it disbelievingly. How was this even fair? This beautiful stranger was literally made for Ashton and Ash didn’t even have to go looking for her. She just walked into his life. Perfect! He thought to himself, like some kind of sickening love story. He lifted his eyes from the soul stream to those beautiful eyes once more. Taking in the appearance of the stranger once more. He watched as their eyes nervously searched his.

“What’s your name?” Michael whispered.


Part Two

[PG] No Superlatives // minkey

Wordcount: 703
Pairing: Minho x Key
Rating: PG
Summary: Bandfic. Kibum is grumpy and it’s slightly, maybe, a little bit Minho’s fault — but he’s not worried.

There are things about Kibum that are so like a cat, Minho thinks. Physical aspects, certainly, like the sharpness of his eyes, the delicate but undeniable strength of his physique, but more than that is in the way he acts, thinks—prefers things. The way he enjoys his cleanliness, to spend precious time tending to his looks; the way he even grooms those he cares about. Like the ever-forgetful Taemin, or the hard-working Jinki. It is in the way he prefers to be honest to the point some might call it too much, yet knows how to tempt with honey. The way he moves with a casual grace and the way he likes to claim independence, to be that strong individual without need of others.

There is a stubbornness and individuality to Kibum that is unique, and that, Minho thinks, is admirable. It is nothing he expresses often, no, their relationship is not one of superlatives and exclamation marks, but it is there. It is a fact to him the way it is a fact that the leaves are starting to take  on the early coats of autumn. The way the dorm smells of warm coffee and the team he is cheering on is losing the pre-recorded soccer game he has playing on the television, now that he has the time. He probably would have been more agitated with that if his attention had not already been wavering, more often flickering to the figure of Kibum in a morning robe, his face bared of make-up, just like his.

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Thoughts on Rin's character development from S1 to S2

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how fans of Free! perceive Rin’s development from S1 to S2. I am a huge Harurin/Rinharu/Sharkbait fan, and most of the blogs I follow also favor that ship, but I do follow Makoharu fans to see other perspectives as well. I enjoy most of their posts, but sometimes I see really mindless comments questioning Rin’s behavior in S2 as being too ‘nice’, or rehashing opinions they held during S1 about him being a jerk/mean etc.

I didn’t understand those opinions when S1 was airing, and it baffles me that they’re still spewing that nonsense even now. Some go as far as to insult Director Utsumi because she likes Rin so much, questioning her skill as a Director and level of professionalism. That pisses me off royally since the show wouldn’t be what it is without her, and there are so few women directors to begin with, much less directors who cater to a woman’s gaze rather than the ubiquitous male gaze, particularly in anime.

For those who think that Rin’s current behaviour, friendliness, general amazingness is hard to believe, then can we please remind ourselves of what he was like in elementary school? He was full of energy and drive, someone with a dream who gathered others to him and inspired them to swim in the relay. Even if you didn’t read High Speed, viewers were struck in E10 by how charismatic he was which made his broodiness as a teenager all the more surprising.

You would think that since Tumblr users are known for dealing with depression and loneliness that people would be more sympathetic to Rin’s behaviour as a teenager, but evidently not. Rin fans even had to start up Rin Defense Squads to address the unbelievable hate directed toward his character. Honestly, I think that if Makoharu fans didn’t feel so protective of their ship (this also makes me question why they feel so defensive about their ship, which is another matter altogether), the hate wouldn’t have been nearly so vicious.

The fact of the matter is Rin MADE SEASON 1. Without him, we wouldn’t have a story. He was the agent of change for the main plot point - Haru realizing he values swimming with his friends and finally opening up as a person.

Yes Rin was angsty, but as others pointed out in other posts, he was still thinking of his friends: During the beach training episode when he worries about Makoto and his fear of swimming, or when he recommends to Nitori that he focus on endurance swimming since that’s where his strength lies. Or when he calls Rei out in E11 to explain what happened in Australia, and apologizes for asking him to come out so late! 

Yes he freaked out and kicked a garbage can in E12, but as Mamoru said in an interview, Rin was completely dejected; lost all hope. If it weren’t for Rei’s big heart and Haru reaching out to him, he would have remained a depressed shell of himself :(

So please, accept the fact that Rin is not an asshole and was never meant to be one. Even if you ship Makoharu, based on his previous behavior as an elementary school student, you can clearly see that Rin’s character in S2 is 100% on point. Even the main writer for the show said that it was difficult to write Rin in S1, but it is much easier in S2. Why is that? Because S2 Rin is finally his true self.

I for one am not AT ALL surprised by his charisma, leadership, and general awesomeness during the past 3 episodes. We saw glimpses of it during the Fr!Fr! shorts and drama tracks. I can’t wait to see his character continue to develop, and I hope others can also enjoy it as well!