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“Up Against” by Cheryl Pope

Working in a multitude of mediums, artist Cheryl Pope addresses issues of connectivity and identity that inform the way in which we live our lives today. 

She begins with relationships and experiences in her everyday life that she finds to be confrontational or in need of examination, and manipulates their innate tensions to coerce participation or engagement on the part of the viewer. 


Jikook Analysis

Jimin and Jungkook, (also known as Jikook/Kookmin) Have been my Stan ship from the very beginning. Everything about them screams relationship. Each one of them have their own little ways of showing their love to each other.

Firstly Jimin is an extremely likeable person. He’s so sweet and kind to all of the members, but he’s always watching his Jungkook, to make sure he’s safe and healthy.
Jimin has this little tick where he consistently likes to tease Jungkook by being all clingy with the other members. He likes to see Jungkook get jealous, and when Jimin gets jealous he likes to get revenge by using the other members. Also Jimin likes to click his neck when he’s jealous and also he isn’t scared to stare down whoever is “flirting” with his Jungkook. Every now and then Jimin will drop a hint on Twitter or on any kind of social media to show that there’s a possibility of them being together. One of the most recent tweets was a video of him congratulating Jungkook on his graduation, but before he congratulates Jungkook you can hear the sound of a flying kiss in the background and Jimin immediately smiles after hearing it, or watching Jungkook do it. After the flying kiss happens, it then proceeds to hearing Jungkook say “My…my Mochi” which is a common nickname Jimin is given, because of cute and adorable personality. I personally think Jimin purposely tweeted the whole video to try and give the fans a subtle hint that they are together.

Firstly Jungkook is a very manly person. He has his cute side too, but he likes to show off his dominance, even if he is the youngest. Jungkook likes to tease his hyungs all the time, specifically Jimin as he knows he can get away with it, purely because of Jimin’s forgiving nature. Although he likes to tease Jimin, if anyone else tries to make fun of his Jimin he is quick to stand up for him, making sure his Jimin doesn’t get upset.
Jungkook does many things that show us his love for Jimin. One of the big and main elements we fans see frequently is his jealousy (Jeonlous). Jungkook finds it easy to get jealous and he’s not really great and hiding it. Whenever he sees Jimin “flirting” with another member or somebody “flirting” with Jimin he will do his usual tongue in cheek action. This has been seen hundreds of times on live and recorded videos. Jungkook also tries to hide his jealousy with a bitter, sweet smile or a little laugh, in hope that no one has noticed.
Jungkook likes to show that he’s the “man of the relationship” a lot these days. One moment that caught all ours eyes and had us Jikook Stans dying, was the recent event in BTS Run Ep 12. In this episode Jungkook had to improvise as a detective (Detective Jeon) and Jimin as to improvise as a prisoner. (Prisoner Jimin). Now firstly Jimin was being his usual playful self shouting “Detective I’ve bored! Please play with me!” It took some time for Jungkook to finally make his way over but when he did he harshly slapped Jimin’s thigh making Jimin a little shocked. That isn’t just it though, oh no! When Jungkook opened the cell gate, Jimin tried to escape, but Jungkook stopped him by picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder squeezing his thigh, then he slapped Jimin’s butt (The Jibooty), and this made Jimin a little taken aback, because when Jungkook placed him back on the floor they stood just looking at each other almost processing what had just happened…

When Jimin and Jungkook are together there are so many hints that prove they are actually together in an intimate relationship. Here are just a few that prove this point;
1: Personal Space
They have no personal space whatsoever. Whether they be standing in the background of a video, or even on a stage where thousands of people can see them, they are always clinging onto each other. An example of this can be at one of their recent fan signs. Firstly they weren’t even sat next to each other, but somehow they still managed to have their special moment. Jimin was playing with a soft, giant pokeball and he threw it so it would Jungkook as he was taking a selfie with Jin, but Jungkook didn’t react. Jimin wandered over to check he didn’t hurt his Jungkook and proceeded to slyly place his hand on Jungkook’s neck before placing what looked like a quick peck on Jungkook’s neck. A kiss to make it all better. Meanwhile Jungkook’s face seemed to be very into what was happening, as he closed his eyes and smiled like a complete idiot after.
2: Gazing (Eye-Fucking if you like)
They are constantly watching each other. They have a habit of glancing at each other all the time, whether it be in a live video or even a music video, they will always find the chance to glance at each other. Sometimes they will even just stare at each other, either smiling like they are so happy to be together, or the kind of staring filled with a heavy sexual kind of tension. They can never take their eyes of each other, especially when one of them is watching them dance or sing. An example of this could be in one of their most recent live performances. After they finished their love performance all the members when into the back to watch it back and see how the did. All through the video Jungkook was complimenting Jimin as if he was just watching Jimin and Jimin only.
3: Subtle Actions
They are always doing these little actions that could be classed as an “I love you” sign or “I know you’re still there”. Some of these could be how they like to stick their tongues out at each other, heart signs, kissy face,hand touch, or any kind of body touch, licking of their lips and even biting of their lips when performing or enduring an interview. A lot of fans have seen that whenever they are performing Spring Day and it reached the Yoomin part, (second verse) when it ends and Jimin is being pulled up he will touch Jungkook’s hand to show him that it didn’t mean anything to him and he still loves Jungkook the most.
4: Follow Each Other Around
They are always following each other around. Mainly Jungkook, (SatelliteJeon) but Jimin also likes to be wherever Jungkook is. Jungkook stated once how Jimin is so slow and it drives him crazy, but he can always be found waiting for his Jimin. At one of their concerts, Jimin can be found lagging behind as he’s saying goodbye to the fans, meanwhile Jungkook is walking extremely slow so he can walk with Jimin, and so Jimin starts to run to catch up, and as always they end up walking together. They also like to be in the same car a lot of the time. When attending thee MAMA awards of 2016 you can see them getting out of the same car which is a different car to the other members, also at Jungkook’s graduation they are also seen in the same car, but Taehyung is in the back.

Now I think I’m gonna have to stop here, even though I could go on forever, this is already quite a lot and I don’t expect anyone to read this far, but I had way too much time on my hand, so I thought I could a “little” analysis of Jikook.
I will also be posting some Jikook fanfiction soon, one that I’ve been writing for a long time. Thanks for reading!


When you’re PMSing and menstruating, your body’s endurance, pain tolerance, and performance levels can drop noticeably.

DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP IF YOU’RE FEELING MORE FATIGUE OR LESS STRENGTH THAN USUAL!!! Keep track of your cycle, and go easy on yourself mentally before and during menstruation; its only temporary and competely natural. You’ll be back on top in no time! ❤💪🏃


Dance Teacher Kwon Jaesung and Daehwi

Daehwi: Jaesung-ssaem saw how I was back then and told me not to become defeated, so I didn’t let myself get defeated!

KJS: Yes, I did say those words… hahaha…

Daehwi: That’s why I’m really thankful, it’s because of the teachers that we can be who we are today…Thank you to BoA representative-nim too-

KJS: And I am here today because of these kids as well. These kids will continue to give their all so please support them continuously, from now on, really, for their whole lives! Thank you!

Daehwi: Please support Jaesung-ssaem also!

[Some words for Daehwi?]

KJS: Daehwi-ya, you did well. From the beginning to the end, your heart had to endure a lot. Even though many of the kids may feel the same way, you as the center of PD101S2, really, you received so much pressure but you endured it all and performed so well. I am proud of you. Daehwi-ya, from now on, don’t forget your initial passion and walk far on this path. Fighting!

Daehwi: Thank you, ssaem~ (hugs)


100 HORSE BREEDS ↬ 23. Kiger Mustang

Horses have been present in the American West since the 1500s, when they arrived with Spanish explorers. Many escaped, were released by the Spanish or stolen by Native Americans. Their descendents crossed with horses who escaped from or were released by other European settlers, including draft breeds brought by farmers and wagoneers and lighter riding horses brought by the United States Cavalry. Horses of French descent also moved across the border from Canada to contribute to the herds. The mixture of these breeds created the Mustang present in the western portion of the US today. By the early 1970s, it was assumed that due to crossbreeding, the original Spanish stock had been eliminated from feral herds. In 1971, the Wild and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act was passed, giving the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) the authority to manage the feral horse populations in the American West.

Discovery of the Kiger Mustang was the result of a BLM Mustang roundup in the Beatys Butte area in Harney County in 1977. During the roundup, it was noticed that among the horses collected from the area, there was a group with similar color and markings. DNA testing by the University of Kentucky showed close relation to the Spanish horses brought to the Americas in the 17th century. These distinct horses were separated from the other horses and the BLM placed two groups in separate areas of Steens Mountain to preserve the breed. Seven horses were placed in the Riddle Mountain Herd Management Area (HMA) and twenty in the Kiger HMA.

In 2001, the Kiger Mustang was proposed as the state horse of Oregon. State Senator Steve Harper proposed Senate Joint Resolution 10 after being encouraged to do so by the Kiger Mesteño Association. The resolution, however, failed to pass. Kiger Mustangs have been used as models for model horses and animated films. The original herd stallion Mesteño was used as the model for a series of Breyer Horses, showing the horse at several ages from foal to old age. It was the first time the company had made a series of models showing the same horse. The artist’s model for the title horse of the animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was a Kiger Mustang named Donner, also known as “Spirit”, who lives at the Return to Freedom American Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Kiger Mustangs are most commonly dun in color, although the breed registry also allows bay, black and roan horses to be registered. There are numerous shades of dun, all variations on a tan base, and many shades have their own names. The Kiger Mesteño Association separates dun shades into four categories: dun, red dun, grulla, and claybank. “Dun” as used by the Kiger registry covers dun horses with black points, and adds the terms zebra dun, dusty dun, smutty dun or coyote dun, depending on the exact shade of body color. Red dun, or the variation “apricot dun”, covers horses with points that are red, brown or flaxen. Grulla covers horses with blueish, mousy or slate-colored bodies and black points, and these horses may also be called lobo duns, olive grullas, silver grullas or smutty grullas. Claybank, another variation of red dun, describes Kiger horses who have golden body coats with red or orange tints and darker red points. Dun horses may have primitive markings, which include any of the following: a dorsal stripe, lightened outer guard hairs on the manes and/or tails, zebra-like stripes on the upper legs, transverse striping over the upper shoulders, dark color around the muzzle, and ears with dark outlines and lighter interiors.

Kiger Mustangs generally stand 13.2 to 15.2 hands high. They are compact, well-muscled horses with deep chests and short backs. In general, they are agile and intelligent, with the stamina and sure-footedness seen in many feral horse breeds. They are generally bold but gentle and calm. They are used for pleasure riding as well as endurance riding, assorted performance competition under saddle, driving, and many other situations where an athletic horse is desired.


“Rockin’ Daddy”
Big Joe Turner ◦ [May 18, 1911–Nov. 24, 1985] was an American blues shouter from Kansas City. While he had his greatest fame during the 1950s with his rock ‘n’ roll recordings, Turner’s career as a performer endured from the 1920s into the 1980s. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. • American Folk Blues Festivals - 1963-1966 ◦ Recorded Live for Television Broadcast Throughout Britain ◦ featuring: Otis Rush - lead guitar ◦ Fred Below - drums , Little Brother Montgomery - piano.

missing link

seulgi is like the dancing queen—young and sweet. the french gal wonders how her friend does it, dancing so effortlessly. so naturally that following the beat of the music becomes an affinity, bonding with seulgi’s soul. soojung isn’t stiff but lacks the charisma ( which is what seulgi has ). she can follow choreography decently but what makes her able to dance to an extent is her perfectionist nature. polishing the steps like it’s everything that matters besides her vocals. not to leave out, stamina and endurance for the upcoming performance.

“how do you do it, seulgi?” soojung presses on with ultimate curiousity, needing to know the answer for empowering intentions. partially for herself, at least. “you can dance super good like there’s something about you that i can’t explain but you’re super talented in both dancing and singing!” she’s not envious but there’s a lack in her flame. the missing link is what she needs to find out to be presentable for this evaluation.

she’ll find out before the final stage..

The Tea on LEMONADE: ‘Hold Up’

After my first cup of tea on ‘Lemonade’, I had to really consider if I wanted to give another queer read on a visual from the album. Recently, attending FORMATION: World Tour gave me no doubt though, yall gon get this read!

Firstly, I think I should give a little context of what I’m talking about when I say I’m giving yall a queer read on ‘Lemonade’. While queer is a word that some folks use as their sexual or gender identity meaning anything non-normative or non-binary, queer is also a theoretical framework. How I understand queerness, it is not only who I am, but also how I understand things. Think of queerness as a pair of sunglasses. It colors the ways in which I see the world. Therefore my queerness is my lesbianess, but it is also the experiences I’ve had as a lesbian that allows me to see things even the most intersectional heterosexual feminists don’t see. My read is queer because I am queer… so all of that pulp from lemonade got caught up and sifted through my lesbian cheese cloth filter. Now, allow me to fill you in on what these queer shades revealed in ‘Hold Up’.

‘Hold Up’ is the second song on the visual album and comes after “Pray you Catch Me”. This is important in the way that Bey kills herself at the end of “Pray You Catch Me” by jumping off of a building. The first time I watched Lemonade, I readied myself to see Bey slam into the concrete beneath her (chiiiiile talk about a heart attack!) But instead she drowns. In almost an out-of-body visual, she sheds her black hoodie, head wrap, and skirt and watches herself. Drowning. Asleep in a bed. This visual starts the conversation of survival in ‘Lemonade’. Bey is watching as parts of herself die in order to fulfil other parts of herself. Fulfilling the role of ‘wife’ is drowning her, especially in the bedroom. Other parts of her look on as she drowns under the pressure to perform in the bedroom scene, even though she looks like some sort of goddess mermaid.

As Bey watches parts of herself drown and disappear, she realizes she has to let go, and as she releases the bed, she levitates. This scene reads so clearly to me that all of the heteronormative expectations of how and what a woman is to perform in the bedroom are drowning them. All of those ideas of what a woman ought to do – everything from ‘surfboarding’ to sanctifying their sexuality – leaves no room for women to actually explore their sexualities. I’m thinking about this in of course a physical way of discovering what feels pleasurable, but more so in a self-defining way of naming for ourselves what our desires are. Not to beat the water metaphor to death, but sexuality is also fluid. Too often though, the fluidity of femme* sexuality is confined to a fishbowl of the male gaze and isn’t truly given room to, well, be fluid. Bey’s releasing of the bed frees her from the duties of a wife and the fishbowl and she swims out of the bedroom, no longer confined.

And in a gust of water a la (re)birth, Queen muva edge snatcher emerges from the house, feet first. The gush of water surrounding her feet made that moment feel like a breech (re)birth – atypical, uneasy, worked for. Bey was also draped in a yellow gown that gained a lot of attention for its designer and its striking resemblance to the attire of Oshun, the orisha of water, sexuality, and love.  Many have wrote on the comparisons, but as a savant in all things Solange, I couldn’t help but notice how this dress was a nod to Bey’s baby sister. That dress in that color was SO Solange post sandcastle disco days. Not to mention that weeks later Solo wore a similar fanned yellow dress to the Met Gala. In my head I imagine Bey telling her in the way that older sisters do to their younger sisters to wear the dress, and Solo putting her own spin on it through incorporating the latex tights. Another obvious nod to Solo came when Bey innocently smiled at a surveillance camera (oddly with the same angle as the infamous elevator tape), then smashed it with a baseball bat. Why would Bey nod to her brilliant little sister in ‘Hold Up’? Because not even two years ago the media was calling her little sister BOTH jealous and crazy. Bey told us what went down in that elevator through this acknowledging of her sis. Solange wasn’t crazy, she was turning up for her big sis – in the same way that so many sisters do when the suspicions of their partner’s infidelity are confirmed.

And just like baby sis, Bey showed us that she could pop off too! She borrows a baseball bat from a lil boy on the block (come thru lil homie with non-Basketball sport dreams!) and starts to smash the row of muscle cars on the block. No words I type here will do justice to the sound I made watching Bey demolish muscle cars. First of all, the narrow block as the backdrop – with everybody kickin it in front of the corner stores and riding 4-wheelers looked so familiar to me as a Queens native. I immediately drew the connection to a New York City block which stands out given that most of the other scenes are so clearly deep south. The Big Apple is full of lemons that Bey has made lemonade from – including her hubby (all shade intended). Secondly, the muscle cars are out of place. Point blank period! Aint nobody on the block pushin’ no muscle car! In this way the cars became a representation of masculinity taking up space, juxtaposed to the fluidity of femininity.  Bey shows that while masculinity is visibly powerful – muscle cars being known for their high performance and endurance – femininity is just as powerful smashing through windshields and storefronts.

My favorite take away from the car smashing was by far the first reaction we see of the folks on the street. This reaction was a Black girl, jaw dropped in shock, but also in a “oh no she didn’t!” expression.

I loved this reaction so much because it said what Beyonce did with the “Hold Up” video. Her rage gave other Black girls permission to be unapologetically rageful in public. Violence is often brought up when folks talk about this scene. The violence – both interpersonal and institutional – that Black women experience daily should be the only violence called out here – and Bey reminds us of that “What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you”. While some might read her rage as violence, I read it as liberating in the way that it allows Black women to experience a full range of emotional experiences, from fury to glee. Throughout ‘Hold Up’ these range of emotions are highlighted and the fire hydrant scene is another example of this. Ohhhh how shady muva Bey is! The last time we saw her in a fire hydrant, she was kicking it open in the ‘Crazy in Love’ video serving slim thickness for Jay Z. In ‘Hold Up’ she evokes that ’03 scene, but opens the hydrant with a baseball bat, smashing the remnants of the younger her who was crazy in love. She doesn’t wallow in the shattering of that hopeless romance though, she dances with a newfound bliss of a realistic kind of love – one that isn’t always perfect. This realistic love also makes room for others as the kids from the block join her in dancing in the water. Her rage birthed a shared moment of Black bliss. And that’s the real tea of ‘Hold Up’: give space for Black girls to be mad as hell (be it through tears or a baseball bat), and we’ll all get free in the process.

To expand upon the headcanon about the Guardian’s gills, as I have been inspired.

These gills also give interesting effects to their associated Flight, although all Flights have the ability to close off their trachea to allow better oxygen flow in circumstances where esophageal breathing (I think that’s the term?) would be unhelpful.

This also holds true for those that are severely sick (even in Plagueborn’s case) and they are unable to breathe through their mouth/nose. Their gills supply just enough oxygen on their own that they are able to recover, if this is possible.

Guardians associated with the

  • Wind Flight find that their gills allow them to find oxygen easier when at incredibly high altitudes (for their species). Their gills allow them the ability to better dissolve what oxygen they find and distribute it through the blood, allowing them to remain fly higher for longer periods of time, and this also allows them to stay in the air longer than non Wind-affiliated Guardians. (Also, helps to prevent those pesky stitches as it allows them to breathe even better when performing endurance flights. [Stitches are caused when you are not breathing correctly. Take a few deeper breaths when you’re jogging and you’ll notice it.])

  • Fire Flight find that their gills are mutated to allow them to safely pass magma, flame, and smog when assisting other Flights that are having a flame-associated crisis when their lungs would normally give out. Their gills are better adapted to filtering out the oxygen from the smog and smoke so they can breathe properly, and for flame and magma, it has the opposite effect that fire has with oxygen: Fire Flight Guardians find that their gills are able to actually pick the oxygen from the fire that it gets it’s heat from.

  • Plague Flight have the hardest time with their gills in anything other than liquid. No matter the liquid, their diseased gills are given a more-or-less blessing from… someone. Be it Tidecaller or Plaguemom, they are able to pull oxygen and other life-sustaining particles from the putrid petri dishes that dot their home.

  • Water Flight find their gills have evolved for diving. They are able to reach surprisingly deep areas of the ocean with little problem whatsoever. Of course, they’re given additional privilege due to their heritage and, sometimes, breeding. Their blood dissolves the oxygen slower in addition to a larger lung capacity and they are able to stay down longer, though this usually leads to a bad case of hubris with depth competitions - some overestimate their abilities. The ocean floor has taken it’s share of Guardians, though some find Exaltation in this method - a display of their courage and strength. Those that reach the farthest before panicking are typically taken to serve for the Tidecaller.

  • Lightning Flight has long since discovered that, like the Wind Flight, they can reach and maintain higher altitudes than some flights, but not quite as long as their breezy rivals and cousins. What their surprising discovery is, however, that they can actually use sparks, thunder, and lightning itself, to bring them oxygen if it passes through them and dances upon their gills. Thunder brings them oxygen from the molecules being shaken, their bodies acting as a magnet for the particles to be pulled toward.

  • Earth Flight has noticed that they are able to resist heat and pressure, thanks to their gills, when they are deep within their caves where there is little oxygen. Most other dragons within this Flight have evolved a larger lung capacity for this, but theirs hasn’t drastically changed like some. They are able to pull additional oxygen with little effort by fanning their gills, instead of relying breathing practices - expending only a little energy to get the most air.

  • Shadow Flight have found through trial and error, presumably lots of cautious error, that when they melt into shadow, go Between, and Blink, and their lungs do not work, that their gills are able to supply them with enough oxygen they can remain in position longer without having to reveal any portion of themselves. This is especially helpful for the Guardians that have some claustrophobia: They can shut out everything but sound and focus on their gills until they need to leave the Shade.

  • Ice Flight and their tendency toward the cold air have actually a somewhat smaller lung capacity and instead rely on their gills possibly the most out of all the Flights, especially those that live in the high mountain peaks where air is especially hard to breathe.

  • Arcane Flight have found that their gills are useful during experiments where they are unable to breathe normally with their lungs.

Those that leave a Flight and go to another one typically find themselves at a disadvantage because these abilities are actually bredand not a Blessing bestowed upon them. When they mate, their offspring typically has some combination of the abilities, though in a smaller manner, and certain combination of Flights are actually detrimental to the draclings’ health if they’re unlucky.

(Erm. Sorry, I was unable to figure out anything for Light and Nature Flights. I simply wasn’t able to see how their gills would be beneficial for their exact region, beyond the natural ability to breathe underwater. Being Nature Flight myself, I would love to hear someone else’s idea of how it benefits them, but… They live with trees and plants. They already have more than enough oxygen unless they’re severely sick.)

theyofgoldenblood  asked:

Hello again! ^-^ I was wondering if you could rate the Allies dancing skills from one to ten and maybe describe their dancing styles?

(You. I’ve listened to ‘Dumb Dumb’ about 30 times now. I’m listening to it as I write this. This is all your fault.)


America: -1,000,000. He’d be the kind of guy to think he was an excellent dancer, but would end up being the one everyone gives weird side glances to when they begin to groove. Not only that, but his moves would get mixed, and he’d end up doing dances from bygone eras. 

England: Of course, in a ballroom England would easily hold his own. He’d pull off an excellent waltz or quickstep (if he actually had someone to dance with) with skill and grace. But on a dancefloor? It’d be like watching your 40 year-old dad whip and nae nae.

France: He’d be as elegant and graceful as England at ballroom dancing, perhaps more, but he’d be nothing but overtly sexual when it came to dancing. After all, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! France’s hips were definitely made to be swayed to the beat.

Russia: With a lot of endurance and skill in performing traditional folk dancing, you’d think he’d at least be okay at dancing in general. But no. Russia would have no moves to match his stamina. Subtly tapping his foot would probably be the best he could do.

China: He’d have an odd style to his dancing - not anything particularly strange, just different - but he’d be a surprisingly good dancer nonetheless. The only problem is that his energy levels would vary, leaving him tired very quickly sometimes.

Sometimes, for my own sanity, I choose to think of KnB as a dramatic retelling of the story by the Seirin triangle to their children.

It starts out legitimate enough until Hyuuga gravely says “your mother could tell someone’s athletic capacities and potential just by looking at them. It was like magic.” (She actually made them take endurance and performance tests for two hours before drawing cautious conclusions.)

Then Riko says “Kuroko had electric blue hair, but nobody noticed him even when he was standing right in front of them” (Kuroko had darkish brown hair the entire time and tended to stand at the back in groups), and the story only grows from there.

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I’m super excited to announce our first speaker for TEDxCUNY2015, Emma Sulkowicz. Here’s a little more information about her:

Emma Sulkowicz was born in 1992 in New York, NY, where she continues to live and make art. She is perhaps best known for her nine-month endurance performance titled Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight) and her more recent work titled Ceci N’est Pas Un Viol. 

Rules of a Dominant

Rules for a Dominant…

1: Above all else your submissives health and well being should come first.
2: Never underestimate the healing power of a cuddle.
3: She is more fragile than you think.
4: Be Patient - until you enter a relationship with a submissive, you have no more right to order him/her around than anyone else. Give your bottom time to get to know you and what you are like.
5: Be humble - you may be god’s/Goddess’ gift to the world, but no one needs to hear it or wants to hear it. You will have ample time/opportunities to show how good you are. And plenty of opportunites to make a fool of yourself.
6: Be open - Although the Top is usually considered to be the teacher in D/s-sm, uyou can always learn from your bottom, no matter how inexperienced. Be willing to learn from other Dominants.
7: Communicate - you are responsible for finding out basic, essential information about the people you play with; such as experience, limits, likes, dislikes, and health information. Clearly spell out roles, rules, limits, and contracts. Do not take for granted that your bottom instictively knows the rules.
8: Be honest - If you lack experience in an area that your bottom would like to experiment in, be honest about it. Your partner has a right to know that. Be honest with yourself. And only take your submissive as far as you can completely control the situation. Safety should always be first concern, taking priority over how hot a particular scene is.
9: Be Realistic - End the scene with the bottom wanting more, NOT wishing there had been less. Remember that Power, control, and sensitivity                              are the keys, not just the intensity of the stimulation.
10: Be healthy - like any strenuous activity, SM requires that participants be in top physical and emotional health. Many factors, including the amount you sleep, alcohol/ drug habit, eating habits affect your performance/endurance during a scene. If you don’t want to accept the responsibility don’t play the game.
11: Aftercare - no matter how hard or softly you played, remember the aftercare of your submissive. To ignore that is just as bas as non-consent.
12: Understand that your Submissive/dominant needs attension. Make them feel wanted and desired.

The Beginning (Just a little something to cheer you all up)

  Caroline Elliot cast a quick glance at the clock that hung on the wall of her office and sighed. An hour had passed since she had last looked and in that time she hadn’t gotten through even half of the paperwork she had intended to. Now she had to endure the drama club’s performance.

  She hadn’t been working at Sulgrave Heath Independent School for very long, and while she was familiar with the majority of the staff, there were one or two members she hadn’t quite figured out. A loud knock on her office door interrupted her thoughts.

            “Come in.” She called out. The door opened slowly as she removed her glasses and gently massaged her temples. She was ready for half term and still had another week to go.

            “They’re just waiting for you.” Beverley, her secretary informed her.

            “I’m just going.” Caroline told her, trying to sound as up beat as she could manage. She stood and adjusted her grey pencil skirt and at the same time slipped her feet back into her stilettos.

Beverley smiled a knowing smile at the headmistress. “I’ll have a coffee waiting for you when it’s over.”

           Kate McKenzie stood at the back of the school hall watching as the drama students placed props around the stage. Although Kate taught foreign languages in the school, she had occasionally helped out in the drama club whenever they needed a pianist. Though this performance didn’t require her musical skills, she had ended up helping out at rehearsals anyway. She watched as Caroline Elliot entered the hall and walked with her head held high down the central aisle. She was mesmerised by the stunning blonde and found it difficult to tear her gaze away.

  As Caroline was introducing the students, she noticed Kate McKenzie stood at the back of the hall. She hadn’t expected to see her watching the show, but found herself glad that she was. She had intended on sneaking back to her office for the duration of the performance and then returning in time to make a small speech. But now… now she decided she would stay after all. She gracefully made her way to the back of the hall, keeping some distance between herself and Kate as she positioned herself beside the Chairman of the Head of Governors.

            “Caroline.” He said with a nod of acknowledgement.

            “Gavin,” She responded in a tone to match his, “I didn’t realise you were in school.”

            “Helen’s in the drama club.” He told her by means of explanation. “Did you get the copy of the minutes I sent?”

            She nodded, “Yes, thank you.” She was suddenly aware of being watched and turned ever so slightly to look behind her, just in time to see Kate look away. Taking a deep breath, she stood on her tiptoes, leant towards Gavin and whispered in his ear. He laughed and she laughed with his. She felt him place his hand on the small of her back.

                        Kate watched Caroline whisper in Gavin’s ear. She had heard the rumors about them in the staff room, but hadn’t thought them to be true. She watched them as they continued to laugh and couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. She wished it was her ear that Caroline was whispering in, that it was her body that Caroline was brushing against and that it was her hand on the small of Caroline’s back. She smiled wistfully as she imagined their fingers entwined, Caroline’s delicate fingers brushing over hers. She suddenly shook her head, dispersing the thoughts, knowing full well she shouldn’t be thinking this way.

            “Are you okay?” Caroline asked standing before Kate.

Kate felt her cheeks redden with embarrassment; she had been too busy daydreaming to notice the head teacher approaching her. Caroline placed her hand on Kate’s arm, then quickly pulled it away, but not before they had both felt the surge of  electricity that had passed between them.

            “Are you okay?” She asked again.

            “I’m… yes… I think so.” Kate stuttered, “I just went a little dizzy.”

            “Do you want me to get you a glass of water?” Caroline asked, a look of concern crossing her face. Kate stared at that beautiful face, framed by blonde hair. Eyes as blue as a summer’s sky and lips, those lips…

            “Kate?” Caroline spoke again.

            “Oh sorry! Yes please.” Kate managed. She leant against the wall as she awaited Caroline’s return. She closed her eyes and pictured those blue eyes, majestic and enticing. She shouldn’t be feeling this way about the other woman, she knew that, but she felt completely powerless to stop. She was well and truly under Caroline’s spell.

            “Here,” Caroline said as she held out a glass of water, “this should, erm, this should help.”

            “Thank you.” Kate took the glass of water and looked into Caroline’s eyes. Caroline quickly looked away.

            “Er, yes… that’s… you… you’re welcome.” Caroline struggled with the words, “I’d better…” She gestured towards the stage where the performance had come to and end and the hall had erupted with cheering and laughter, “go and erm, speak.”

            “Yes.” Kate answered, “Thank you. For the water.”

  They both remained looking at one another for a moment, in silence, before Caroline turned on her heel and made her way to the front of the hall, Kate never once taking her eyes off her.

            Kate sat at her desk, a stack of books in front of her in need of marking. She knew she should be at least halfway through them by now, but her mind wasn’t on marking. In fact she had been distracted all day, ever since the incident in the hall.  She dreaded to think what the headmistress thought of the foreign languages teacher that was incapable of stringing together in English. She groaned and let her head fall into her hands in despair.

            Caroline pushed her glasses back on her face and let out a long breath. She wasn’t one hundred percent sure she knew what she was doing. Her head, and her heart, were all over the place having just found out that her waste-of-space-husband John had been cheating on her. And now she was what? Flirting with a colleague? She really wasn’t sure.She got the impression that Kate liked her, but what if she was wrong? She would look a fool then, and that was something Caroline never did.

  She decided to go and see the younger teacher and see what happened. She pushed her office door open and called out to her secretary.

            “Beverley, do you know if Kate McKenzie is still in school?” She asked.

            “I‘ll just look and see if she has signed out yet.” Beverley told her as she tapped away at the computer, “ I believe she is still here, her last class was 9F, so she’s possibly still in that classroom.”

            “Thank you.” Caroline made her way out of the office and in the direction of the classroom. Her stomach was doing somersaults as she tried to decide what she was going to say. As she reached the classroom door she saw Kate sat at the desk marking books. She took a deep breath and then opened the door.  Kate looked up.

            “Mrs Elliot.”

            “Please, call me Caroline.” Caroline replied, smiling a warm smile.

  Kate returned the smile before speaking again. “Is everything okay?” She asked.

Caroline perched herself on one of the desks, resting a foot on the seat in front.

            “Yes, I had just been thinking about something earlier and wanted your opinion on it.” Caroline began, just as the fluttering feeling in her stomach returned.

“Oh right.” Kate answered, sounding somewhat disappointed.

“ Yes,” Caroline continued, “ I was thinking of introducing another language to the year sevens.”

“We tried that before.” Kate informed her, “It didn’t work out too well.”

“Oh! Right. I, er… I see.” Caroline answered. She got up from the table before speaking again. “It was just an idea, thank you anyway.”

“Caroline?” Kate spoke up just as Caroline was about to leave, “Would you like to go for a drink? Now?” Her heart was racing as she awaited Caroline’s answer.

“Yes.” Caroline told her, her heart skipping a beat, “I’d like that.”

“I’ll just finish marking these books…”

“I’m sure the boss won’t mind if you leave them.” Caroline laughed. The sound of her laugh again made Kate shiver. “I’ll meet you out front.” She added.

  Several hours had passed before either of them had even realized the time. They had both been lost in conversation, sharing tales with one another that hadn’t been shared with anyone else. Caroline tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and smiled at Kate before speaking.

            “I’d better be going, Lawrence and William will be wondering where I am and I have no idea whether John will be there or not.”

            “What are you going to do about him and Judith?” Kate asked, not quite ready for her evening with Caroline to come to an end.

            “I honestly have no idea right now.” Caroline replied. She looked downtrodden at the mention of her current situation and Kate felt guilty at bringing it back up.

            “I’ve had a lovely time Caroline.” Kate told her as they both began putting their coats on.

            “Do you need me to take you home?” Caroline asked. They had left Kate’s car in the school car park and Caroline had no idea where Kate lived or whether it was close to the quaint little pub they had ended up in.

            “Please, if you don’t mind. I’m not too far from here.”

Kate was right when she said that she didn’t live too far, it was only just a five-minute drive, but a drive filled with chatter and laughter from both women. Kate ended the chattering when she announced they had reached their destination.

            “Thank you,” Caroline said, her voice a whisper, “I have had a wonderful evening.”

            “Me too.” Kate told her.

 Kate placed her hand on the handle and was about to open the door when she paused. It was now or never. She turned back to Caroline whose eyes met hers. She slowly leant towards Caroline, her heart beating so fast she feared it might leave her chest. Their faces were inches apart and their eyes remained locked on one another. Caroline felt herself move forward slightly before Kate closed the distance between them, their lips meeting in a tender kiss. Kate brought her hand up to the back of Caroline’s head, her fingers running through the soft blonde hair as Caroline placed her hand on Kate’s leg. Her eyes closing as the kiss intensified between them. Neither woman wanting it to end.