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Deep down I know my purpose is greater than anything I can even realize.
Greater than anything I can fathom
Greater than anything my imagination can stir up.

I know I’ve been through hell. And I know I’ve survived it. I know I’ve seen the depths of it - the parts of hell people can’t make up in their minds because it would drive them slightly past insanity.

I know I’ve lived there for long periods of time, thinking I would never get out - thinking I would never see daylight again.

But I was for damn sure not going to let that stop me. I wasn’t molded to be weak. I wasn’t molded to be anything other than resilient.

I was tested to be something greater, steel is molded in fire - I was created to withstand blazes that could burn villages - I was created for more.

Adversity like that is only given to those with a destiny to pull others out of the fire - a mission that I have pledged my life to.

—  Rhonda Elnaggar 

Okay…just bear with me…Lara was already on the island when Sam and the crew get there…Lara and Sam didn’t know each other before this…Lara’s the only living woman on the island and the Solarii have, like, legends and stuff about her…Like, don’t go in the Faceless Woman’s territory or you’ll disappear…The Faceless Woman kills anyone that’s in the East forest at night…but listen okay, she still rescues Sam when she catches wind of Mathias’ plan…and honestly just wHOLE NEW LOVE STORY……….. forgive me i’m very stressed and this stupid idea was relaxing………….

Magnus loved getting new types of makeup/glitter which he loves trying out on everyone. Until one day he convinces Alec to let him do his makeup and gives Alec a beautiful smoky eye look that brings out his blue eyes along with shimmery lipstick. The end product leaves Magnus breathless and he takes a picture of him before he drags Alec to everyone else who are left equally in awe.


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The memory that fuels the fire…

On September 20th, 2005, Coheed and Cambria released their highly-anticipated third album Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness. With its compelling amalgam of sweeping anthems, dark thematics, and upbeat melody, this album immediately carved out a distinct niche in the scene and established itself as a Coheed landmark. 2005 also saw Coheed’s remarkable transition to a major label, and countless fans today still credit Good Apollo as the album that drew them to the Coheed universe.

Ten years later, Good Apollo remains in our hearts as a Coheed masterpiece and an album that has changed many of our lives. We take a moment today to appreciate this piece of Coheed history, reflect on the years that have passed, and embrace this band’s commitment to such enduring integrity and artistic evolution.


This Artist Endured 8 Hours Of Catcalling To Fight Sexual Harassment

In the window of a gallery in San Francisco’s Mission district, Mirabelle Jones paced the enclosed space in nothing but nude underwear. Razor blades suspended from balloons hung just over her head. In this pink-tinted, claustrophobic exhibition, the San Francisco performance artist stripped down and endured a barrage of real (recorded) catcalls.




There are bones inside my body I’ve never seen

Oliver Klicker


These images document an endurance performance where the artist rowed himself across a 650ft field, inch-by-inch, in a wooden ribcage boat. An epic tragicomedy, this piece explores the difficulty of progress the futility in productivity, and the challenge of navigating the world in our own vessels of bones and flesh. Original video document is 01:10:21 in duration.