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Astrology chart basics overview

Sun sign = the essence of a person, the potential & ideal personality

Moon sign = the inner core of a person, private feelings, subconscious habits and attitudes

Ascendant sign = (aka rising sign) the outer layer, mask, the first impression a person gives to others

Planets (represent energies; what is taking place):

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Cherry Plum Blossom (Prunus cerasifera).  The rest of the blossoms on this little tree were killed off by the exceptionally cold March weather this year.

New Jersey, April 5, 2017

Photo by @mellowcat-artist All Rights Reserved.

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Okay…just bear with me…Lara was already on the island when Sam and the crew get there…Lara and Sam didn’t know each other before this…Lara’s the only living woman on the island and the Solarii have, like, legends and stuff about her…Like, don’t go in the Faceless Woman’s territory or you’ll disappear…The Faceless Woman kills anyone that’s in the East forest at night…but listen okay, she still rescues Sam when she catches wind of Mathias’ plan…and honestly just wHOLE NEW LOVE STORY……….. forgive me i’m very stressed and this stupid idea was relaxing………….

Deep down I know my purpose is greater than anything I can even realize.
Greater than anything I can fathom
Greater than anything my imagination can stir up.

I know I’ve been through hell. And I know I’ve survived it. I know I’ve seen the depths of it - the parts of hell people can’t make up in their minds because it would drive them slightly past insanity.

I know I’ve lived there for long periods of time, thinking I would never get out - thinking I would never see daylight again.

But I was for damn sure not going to let that stop me. I wasn’t molded to be weak. I wasn’t molded to be anything other than resilient.

I was tested to be something greater, steel is molded in fire - I was created to withstand blazes that could burn villages - I was created for more.

Adversity like that is only given to those with a destiny to pull others out of the fire - a mission that I have pledged my life to.

—  Rhonda Elnaggar 

Painting zeros in A Million Random Digits. My mistakes are inevitable, but they occur less frequently as I carry on. For the most part the process is surprisingly relaxing. Each page takes about 45 minutes, and there are 377 more to go. 

You can follow the action at https://www.twitch.tv/weinventyou. If nothing else, it is unlike any other stream on Twitch.

A 15 year old just spent time arguing with me to white knight an artist who owes my friend a very tiny commission for nearly a year and I called them out on it. They also owe me a correction on my commission. A correction of the hair style on my commission. Which they have told me they’ll fix 6 months ago. 6 months to fix the hair on a pixel doll. Is apparently totally acceptable to this kid who admitted they had no experience in pixel art, “but it looked time consuming”.

Literally every excuse they threw at me only further proved how incompetent that artist is at working on commissions and they managed to make the artist look even worse by attempting to defend them.

“But they go to high school and have high school work!”
There have been plenty of weekends and holidays within this year.

“But they made apology journals!”
And yet they haven’t uploaded a single commission afterwards, instead taking more, and uploading personal art. That doesn’t seem like a genuine apology.

“But everyone has different levels of endurance!”
Then this artist shouldn’t take commissions.

A 15 year old tried to talk to me about time management and high school.

A 15 year old. A child almost 10 years younger than me.

Wanted to argue with me about my god damned profession.

So here’s a protip to every artist:
If you don’t have the time management and endurance to take on commissions, DON’T TAKE COMMISSIONS.


You become the girl who plays Bob Dylan.
You speak about a hunger artist, who endures
All for the amusement of the connoisseur.
I dress your hair for you. I spoon sugar into
Your crumpled mouth. I travel south to sunsets.
We adventure like being not there on the stairway.

Modern Art Despite Modernism

Throughout the twentieth century, the evolution of mainstream Modernism in the arts has been shadowed and made complex by alternative expressions of a seemingly retrograde type, art that appears to set back the clock or to redirect the stream of progress. Modern Art Despite Modernism explores the anti-Modernist impulse in painting and sculpture through socio-cultural conflicts of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Texts by Robert Storr advocate the strengths of this impulse in paintings and drawings by Otto Dix, Lucian Freud, Francesco Clemente and even Pablo Picasso–and note the enduring popularity of such artists as Pavel Tchelitchew, whose “Hide and Seek,” along with Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World,” remain among the public’s favorite pictures. Storr also discusses taste and its implications, both part and present, for institutions like The Museum of Modern Art. This book was published as the second in a series of three titles, in conjunction with the millennial exhibitions schedule of MoMA2000 at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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The memory that fuels the fire…

On September 20th, 2005, Coheed and Cambria released their highly-anticipated third album Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness. With its compelling amalgam of sweeping anthems, dark thematics, and upbeat melody, this album immediately carved out a distinct niche in the scene and established itself as a Coheed landmark. 2005 also saw Coheed’s remarkable transition to a major label, and countless fans today still credit Good Apollo as the album that drew them to the Coheed universe.

Ten years later, Good Apollo remains in our hearts as a Coheed masterpiece and an album that has changed many of our lives. We take a moment today to appreciate this piece of Coheed history, reflect on the years that have passed, and embrace this band’s commitment to such enduring integrity and artistic evolution.