Speaking of 35 Denton, I’ve been doing little things here and there with promotional stuff and blogging, and I gotta say it has been one of the most motivational experiences I’ve had in Denton. 

Pretty much everyone that is coordinating promotions/social media/ overall festivities/ is around the 21 to 26 year old age bracket, and they do a fantastic job of working together as a team. A lot of their online content is very innovative, and I love the way they do promotions with videos.

35 Denton is a weekend long music conference up here in North Texas, and personally speaking, is a much more affordable and intimate alternative to South By Southwest. Not to say that I don’t enjoy SXSW, because WHO DOESNT? But if the bustling streets of Austin aren’t your thing, then this would be a great opportunity to enjoy some great music and cheap drinks. You can check out their line-up (Dum Dum Girls, Built to Spill, The Hood Internet, Oberhofer just to name-drop a few) here.

ANYWAY, if you get a chance you should check them out on Twitter and Facebook and try and keep up with what they have going on. You’ll find some pretty cool stuff. 

Fashion week in Paris, the most coveted of them all, showcases some of fashion’s most talented artists.  Many strong statements were made in last week’s elaborate haute couture shows.  Jean Paul Gaultier’s controversial Amy Winehouse inspired line was listed among my favorites with pieces such as this beautifully structured dress. Another of my favorites was the On Aura Tout Vu show did not get as much publicity as Gaultier’s, but was equally as attention-grabbing.  This line displayed gowns with very structured and elaborate detailing in the shape of flames.  The flames were presented in cold, icy colors on some pieces and warm, fiery colors on others. 

Watch on endseamwear.tumblr.com

Leave it to the Italians to create the most elegant and well-tailored men’s clothing that fashion has to offer.  Last week’s Etro show definitely stood out above the rest.  With the use of various prints, textures, and colors, Kean Etro made a strong statement for Fall 2012 menswear.  His collection portrayed a well-traveled man, much like himself, through his combined use of pattern and color.  The show started out with neutral tones of black and white followed by tan and brown tribal prints.  As the show progressed color and texture was introduced.  Colors, such as deep purples and reds, were paired with velvet pants and jackets as well as cleverly placed feathers that added an interesting dimension to the looks.

 While watching this show I was floored by the wonderful use of color and patterns as well as the strong, tailored look of masculinity exemplified by the clothing’s silhouettes.  The feather detailing placed on the back of the coattails reminded me very much of the colorful feathers displayed by birds of paradise during mating season as they attempt to attract females. Wouldn’t it be interesting if all men would dress in beautiful colors and textures in order to impress us such as the birds of paradise do?


Check out Jack White’s new video for “Love Interruption.”


Hailed as one of Spin magazine’s “Artists of the Year”, Florence and The Machine has returned with a newly released single, followed by a new LP coming out this November.

In the new track “What the Water Gave Me”, red-headed, 26-year-old Florence Welch delivers a hipster-friendly melody with echoing back vocals that flourish her naturally beautiful voice into a rich, acoustic, and chillwaved entity.

The transfer of energy from the start of the song all the way through is constantly uprising. Its beautiful and articulated bridge weeps Cause she’s a crueller mistress/ And the bargain must be made/But oh, my love, don’t forget me/I let the water take me.

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, Welch and producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Goldfrapp, Interpol) started recording the new FATM album back in April, just in time for a release this fall. 

A live recording of “Strangeness and Charm”, another track off the new LP is posted here on Youtube.