ends up looking like ace lol

Airana (My persona) dressed up as Bobby Fulbright XD.

i just like him so much…. that cheerful personality! and he’s so adorable wefwkjdfksnfd
but GOSH THE ENDING OF DD!! aaaaaaa i still can’t move on from the ending. also….. Airana will probably never be able to wear long sleeve clothes :’)

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What Akuma no mi would have Sheryl, Brandon and Sett?

Hohohoho a crossover with One piece… ME LIKEY!! Well Sett will probably have the Mera Mera no mi. I don’t know if some of you noticed but in his reference picture he’s using Fire magic. He’s not called King of the Burning Land for nothing hoho ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) also I guess it could suit his personality: warm and bright but things can easily heat up with him… (mostly in a bad way.) Hope he won’t end up like Ace lol.

Hehe I used to RP on a One Piece forum and my OC got the Kagami Kagami No Mi (Mirror) TvT this was fun to RP cause I had to create myself all the skills~!! SO yeah thanks to this fruit Sheryl has the power to create mirrors, moves at the speed of the light using her reflexion, creates copies of herself or even sees people‘s memories if they look straight at her while she’s inside the mirror (after all mirrors are often associated with truth cause they reveal who you are.) A good fruit for spying activities/running away but not very fit for battles to be honest x’D

BRANDON U PIECE OF SHIET U WERE HARD TO DRAW IN ODA-SENSEI STYLE DFGFDFGFDFGFDF… Oh for him no fruits of course. He wants to prove that you can be strong and kick ass without talent or devil fruit. At least he can beat Xander at swimming too. Let’s give him all the hakis instead lol ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° ) //SHOT

wow this turned out longer than i expected: not as clear-cut demiace as i thought

(kinda nsfw, and i realize that my title sounds like a weird porn thing now that i look at it and i promise it was unintentional) 

(this was basically a stream-of-consciousness type thing so as i wrote it i was figuring things out, it starts in a very different place from where it ends)

lol so in light of this past weekend i don’t know if i’m actually demisexual or some subset of it or ace or what… but at least this time it doesn’t feel like i have to switch everything up again bc there’s been this term floating around in my memory for literal years, ever since i first saw it. I’ve had it in the back of my mind, every so often wondering “is that what i am?” and honestly i feel like it might be…

Autochorissexual / Aegosexual:  A term used by some ace people to describe the way they are able to enjoy fictional sexual content or sexual content involving other people while having no desire to engage in sexual activity themselves. It is not an orientation in and of itself.

So… probably demi-aegosexual bc like… i absolutely could’ve had sex w bf this past weekend and even the weekend of his party. but i didn’t and when the opportunities happened i couldn’t do it. I had to stop his hands. I had to tell him not to go any further (and he listened and was really sweet abt it but that’s not the point). That in itself might not be much to persuade me, bc like, what if i’m just not ready yet yadda yadda yadda, but for years i’ve… well… enjoyed imagining different scenarios. These scenarios however have very rarely involved myself - usually fictional characters or celebrities. I just don’t get nearly as much if anything if they do involve me.

Another thing is that when bf and I were texting, he was suggesting things that were sexual and for most but not all of it i was like “maybe, we’ll see when the time comes” and i meant it, actually thinking i might go along w some things. I was excited, i thought it would be fun, i thought abt it before going to sleep (without getting much out of it) and i was like “you know, i can do this. He loves me, i love him, maybe i’m ready. Besides, sex isn’t as big a deal as society makes it out to be as long as everyone’s safe.”

So. Time comes, bf and i are making out on his bed, and he goes for my thighs bc i was able to admit that they are prob my worst spot but also that it’s almost always a turn-on there. And i’m enjoying myself. but his hands creep higher. and higher. and i felt his thumb brush against me and i suddenly lost most of my desire for anything even remotely sexual and i grabbed his wrist. He stopped immediately and asked if i was okay, i told him not to go higher and he backed off. It happened again the next night but with my ass and the same thing happened. I feel bad i couldn’t go through even with the harmless stuff i said i would do and i don’t mean it in the sense that i feel like i owe him something, it’s just that i said i would and i couldn’t when the time came. 

I just… i want to give him more than i can. I love him to death but being anywhere on the ace spectrum is a bitch. I feel like even if i wasn’t on there i’d still be having issues. I know he wants to go further, but he doesn’t even bring up the topic unless i do first and i can’t even express how much that means to me. He’s letting me go at my own pace and that’s the world to me. I just wish my pace was closer to his. And it’s not that I don’t feel comfortable with him, I really do, but… i can’t. I actually can’t do anything sexual, at least right now. 

I just can’t believe it took me this long to come to this conclusion after idk like five or six years after seeing the term for the first time. The word never left my head, “Autochorissexual,” and when i first saw it i wondered… how? I didn’t really understand it. But now I do more than I’d like to. But whatever, it’s a part of me, and I have to accept it. Perhaps I’ll be able to work around it someday…


While we’re taking these silly pictures, our mom gave us this puzzled look. She was about to ask (maybe she’ll say something like “what the heck my daughters doing in the middle of daylight???”) but  she ended up not saying anything. lol we thought, she’s used to it…. seeing her kids doing weird activities with their toys. Pfftttt….  (*ゝω・*)

Anyways!!! Happy Birthday Miyuki-kun!!! Till next year again!
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