ends up crying a lot


Jesse’s not much of a gamer. Both Hana and Genji know this. But when he says he’s never played StarCraft? That isn’t something they can just let go of. Especially when the entry-level difficulty is so simple that just about anyone could take on the campaigns with relative ease, Jesse you have no excuse.

He ends up falling in love with Raynor and crying a lot about Kerrigan. The highest difficulty he can play on is medium (barely). Hana streams the whole thing. People make compilation videos of all the times Jesse gets emotional during the series.

Liam Payne Is A Teddy Bear (A Masterpost Of Liam Smiling)

Because when you’re sad or feeling blue or just plain okay, you just need a lil itsy tiny bit of Leeyum smiling to feel better.

He lights up like a christmas tree on steroids

 I call this trying not to cry, end up crying a lot

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So rn i am living at my parents home because I just moved back to my home state to get bearings on my life after a cruddy time alone in another one and I left my sketchbook out on the table and
My mom saw it and said “you shouldn’t leave your sketchbook out on the table it might upset your father”

First of all I’m 21 and have lived on my own for two years I can draw whatever I want

Second this is how internalized homophobia starts and I’m angry that I was so confused and terrified my whole life because anything gay was seen as a bad thing and I refrained from anything or seeing anyone because I was terrified of the consequences

Third you shouldn’t look through other people’s shit without permission. Period. If you don’t want to find something you don’t want to see, don’t go looking for it. Sketchbooks can be, especially mine, personal diaries.

Don’t look, everyone has stuff they want to hide or keep to themselves.
For me, that’s a lot of things, and it’s rarely ever happy.
Or straight.

I am really frustrated because I wanted to find more clothes for - well, for general use, but also because doing a social thing next week, but I feel so fucking crap and I don’t even know where to start with finding clothes that would fit me and that I like, and I’m pretty sure dragging myself around a shopping centre with tons of people in extreme fucking pain, and then having to deal with the whole anorexic mess of trying on clothes and hating yourself in all of them and having no one there to help or reassure or… I don’t think that would end well.

I don’t have a solution to this! Just! Argh!


Goodbye, Koro-sensei…

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Second Season Ep.24

I miss you. My favorite thing to do on nights like this, is listen to your favorite songs and watch videos I know always made you laugh. I like to sit wearing your sweatshirt, and scroll through old photos of us. I always end up crying whenever I do this. I miss you a lot actually. But I fully understand that you don’t miss me. And that’s okay..well not okay for me..but it’s okay for you. It’s whatever.
—  j // I need to stop

batman headcanon: bruce is not allowed to see the hit musical annie anymore bc everytime he finishes it he immediately goes out and adopts like 50+ more children



You will be found is so beautiful and I really needed to hear what it’s says tonight and I Ended up crying the the shower (this happens a lot) but this wasn’t I’m depressed and can’t let anyone hear me cry tears these where I’m finally understood and feel like I’m not alone tears

BTS Reaction to You Crying But You Didn’t Realize It

I honestly end up crying without realizing it a lot when I watch movies or read books. I just get really invested. Lol. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this reaction <3

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Jin: He was surprised when he came home to see you crying on the couch. You had your phone out, staring at the screen as tears streamed down your cheeks. “Jagi… are you okay?” He asked in a hesitant but worried voice as he came into the room. He kneeled in front of you and stared into your eyes. You looked up at him in confusion, not realizing you had tears in your eyes until he said it. “Oh, yes, I think I am fine. I just found out my sister is pregnant.” You explained to him with a big smile on your face.

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Suga: You were lying on the bed, listening to music and shaking a bit as tears filled your eyes. Yoongi came in, late as always from practice, and stared at you in confusion. He slowly sat on the bed beside you. “(Y/N) are you okay?” He asked in a small voice. You slowly took off the headphones and started nodding your head. You hold up your phone and show him that you are listening to the song he was working on. “This is just such a romantic song. Thank you.” You said as you played his song again. He stared at you in confusion and pleased that you liked the song he made for you.

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J-Hope: “Jagiya, are you okay? Did something happen? Did you get hurt?” He asked you a million questions at once as he looked at you with the tears in your eyes. You were confused for a long moment, not really understanding why he was so panicked. You reached up and realized that there were tears in your eyes. “Oh, oh, no. I am fine. I just got news that I got into the graduate school I wanted to go to.” You explained happily. A smile crossed his face, both relieved you were okay, but also proud of you.

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Rapmon: He was happy to see you the moment he came home from promotions, but his smile vanished when he saw the tears that were in your eyes. He came up to you as quickly as possible, starting to wipe the tears out of your eyes. You instinctively moved back, not knowing what he was doing at first. “Wait, why are you crying?” He asked in a worried tone. When you realized you must have been crying, you started laughing, explaining to him quickly that it was just because you got news that your mom was out of the hospital. He chuckled as well, telling you how happy he was to hear that.

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Jimin: He was the fastest at asking what was wrong. The moment he saw the tears starting to build up in the corners of your eyes, he started question what happened and if anyone had said something wrong to you. You were just as quick to reassure him that you were okay. “Oh, no, I’m sorry. I didn’t even notice I was crying. My dad just called to tell me that my sister didn’t make enough to visit. I guess it just affected me more than I thought it would.”

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V: Just the sight of you tearing up on the couch made him almost break down on his own. He had no idea why you were crying. He waited until you told him what was wrong, but when you didn’t, he hesitantly asked about it, not wanting to push you to say anything. “My… my puppy is really sick…” You explained to him. He started tearing up even more. “Oh no, I’m so sorry.” He said in a depressed voice as he reached up to wipe the tears out of your eyes.

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Jungkook: He was a bit nervous to ask you what was wrong when he saw you crying while looking at your computer screen. He just wasn’t good when it came to talking about emotions or comforting other people. So he was extremely hesitant. But after seeing the tears start to roll down your cheeks, he took a deep breath and came up to you. “Um, (Y/N), are you alright? You… you’re crying.” He said in a hesitant voice. You quickly wiped the tears away. “Ah, I didn’t think I was going to get so wrapped up in this drama.” You explained as you showed him the kdrama on your laptop.

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