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We’ve had such an amazing season of dawsey I thought it was about time for the first Dawson and Casey Appreciation week. It will start on May 21st and end on May 27th. These are the themes and the posting days.  

Day 1: the moment you started shipping them - May 21st

Day 2: fluffy or angsty dawsey - May 22nd

Day 3: favorite episode - May 23rd

Day 4: quote from other tv show/movie that fits dawsey - May 24th

Day 5: favorite dawsey thing - May 25th

Day 6: favorite parallel May 26th

Day 7: free choice - May 27th

The official tag for the appreciation week is #dawseyw2017 (reminder if you don’t put this tag in the first five tags of your post it won’t show up on the tag.) If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask! 

its time for...

1st place - a fully colored image, background, shading, as many characters as you want.

2nd place - a fully colored image, one color background, shading. one character.

3rd place - fully colored image, no background, no shading.

4th place - line art with a singe coloring.

5th place - line art.


-no nsfw

-nothing im uncomfortable with.

-must be following me.

-must reblog this post. likes count as double entries!

-please be patient with me, i have after school monday - thursday, and which i get out at 5:30 and get home at 6pm. 

and thats it! thank you so sosoooooooo much for 200 followers!!!

i love u all like ghjkl can i give u all a hug pls


The 2016 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest: Bride due to be married on the only day of snow in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The contest ends on May 27th and the grand prize is a seven-day Polar Bear Photo Safari for two at Churchill Wild–Seal River Heritage Lodge, a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World. To find out more about the competition search natgeo.com/travelphotocontest. Credit: Stephane Mangin/National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest 2016.



#ghibliweek2016 is a week dedicated to all studio ghibli movies and characters, organized by sajou-rihito / animacia.

you can share your artwork (gifs, fanarts, fanmixes, edits, etc.) - anything will be accepted as long as it’s 1) your own creation, 2) tagged #ghibliweek2016 within the first five tags.

the week will start on saturday, may 21st and end on friday, may 27th.

here are some daily prompts to inspire you (although you do not have to follow them!):

  •    day 1 favourite movie or red
  •    day 2 favourite character or yellow
  •    day 3 favourite relationship or pink
  •    day 4 favourite scenery or blue
  •    day 5 favourite quote or green
  •    day 6 favourite animal or gray
  •    day 7 free day

please follow the rules, send an ask if you have any questions or would like to help and reblog this post to spread the word. have fun!


The Top Ten Season Two Polls → Round Two: Best Elizabeth and Henry Moments

THE GUIDELINES (Please note the changes):

  1. You will ONLY be VOTING for FIVE (5) MOMENTS! We know how hard its going to be to pick, and we’re sorry if your favourite moment isn’t listed but know that we had over 100 moments to choose from and had to make aggresive cuts.
  2. Your votes should be listed in order of ONE (1.) being your FIRST fave to FIVE (5.) being your FIFTH fave
  3. Votes will be SUBMITTED. You will do that by following THIS LINK. You will NOT be posting your votes on your own blog. This way votes will NOT be lost.
  4. Before submitting your votes please make sure that title line reads: ROUND TWO: BEST ELIZABETH & HENRY MOMENTS.
  5. The only thing that should be included in your submission are THE MOMENT NUMBERS! NO OTHER TEXT OR COMMENTS SHOULD BE WRITTEN. We know that it’s going be difficult to not make comments but please know that we need it to be done this way so that we can keep tally of the votes easily.
  6. Please Note: WE (Caroline and Sarah) reserve the right to decline any votes that do NOT follow these guidelines. We will contact you to resubmit your votes so that they do follow our guidelines.

Here are you choices:

  • 2.01 “You doing okay?”
  • 2.02A “We definitely need to plan a vacation”
  • 2.02B “Your turn, slugger”
  • 2.03 “That is the lamest come on line, ever!”
  • 2.04A “I hate to see you do it first”
  • 2.04B Elizabeth and Henry ask for another drink
  • 2.04C “It is wrong that I find it kinda hot?”
  • 2.05A “You are not sorry, Elizabeth McCord”
  • 2.05B “Please don’t say anything about God”
  • 2.06 “I didn’t. Not until it was too late”
  • 2.07 Henry gives Elizabeth the necklace
  • 2.08 “The most important part of my day is this, coming home.”
  • 2.09A “You’re scaring me, Henry.”
  • 2.09B “Henry, you better be right about this.”
  • 2.09C “Thank you for talking to me about things that could have sent us to prison”
  • 2.10A “So Henry’s cover will be as arm candy?”
  • 2.10B “It’s one of the many things i love about you, Dr. McCord”
  • 2.10C “We had to think of the greater good”
  • 2.11A Henry returns home.
  • 2.11B “She tried her best but people still got hurt”
  • 2.12 Finding the middle way with DS Agent, Matt
  • 2.13A Henry tells Elizabeth about the time his father visited him at college.
  • 2.13B “He believed in marriage”
  • 2.13C Elizabeth takes Henry’s hand in the car
  • 2.14 “Looks like I still got it.”
  • 2.15A The reunion in the hospital
  • 2.15B Elizabeth slips into the bed next to him
  • 2.15C “I’ll give you five minutes.”
  • 2.16 Elizabeth and Henry meet Jareth
  • 2.18 “I can be a few minutes late today.”
  • 2.19 “You want to go fool around on the couch till it dings?”
  • 2.20A “I love when you speak emoji”
  • 2.20B “I can’t talk to you.”
  • 2.20C “Couldn’t sleep”
  • 2.20D “I’m fine. Really, I promise.”
  • 2.20E “Whatever happens, we’re together.”
  • 2.21A Elizabeth and Henry attend therapy
  • 2.21B “How are we supposed to get past that?”
  • 2.21C “I will always show up for you. Always”
  • 2.22A “I love you, so don’t die on me, ok?”
  • 2.22B “I’ll be a couch potato for a while”
  • 2.23A Henry shares his waffle with Elizabeth.
  • 2.23B “Oh Henry, our baby”
  • 2.23C Elizabeth and Henry find out Stevie is engaged
  • 2.23D “You are definitely gonna have to say something”




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Goodbye BOTM Promo To 15.4k

So it’s that time of the month again, it is time to say goodbye to 2 amazing people, I am so sad that they will be leaving us, but next week it will be time to welcome in 2 new wonderful people! 


  • Must be following me @thecurvaceousvegan
  • Must be following my blogs of the month @freshandfruitea and @upgradingentropy
  • To be involved just reblog this post
  • Must be a health/fitness/wellness/recovery/body positive blog
  • No gore/unhealthy ideas/triggering blogs
  • Favourites will be in bold!
  • All will be promoted to 15.4k
  • Promo ends 27th May 2016

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Art Giveaway!

I have recently reached a personal milestone for me (considering I got a Tumblr account a few years ago and it was basically unused until this year XD) & gained 50 followers. So I’m doing a mini art giveaway, offering sketchy/lined art of DA & SWTOR OCs to the winner(s)

The art received will depend on how many entrants I get (ie if I get all giddy about how many people are interested it can become a fullbody, couple or even colour piece XD)

So anyway, onto the rules, so there’s not anarchy (or something =P)

- Must be following me to enter (I would appreciate if you didn’t follow me just for the giveaway!)

- No give away blogs entries please

- Must be easily contactable (through messaging etc), if you win and I can’t get a hold of you within a decent amount of time then I will draw another winner

- Likes & reblogs count. One reblog a day until the give away closes is allowed ^_^

- Give away ends 27th May (so 20 full days to enter)

And that’s it, enter away!