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(This is probably one to be saved until you have enough time to write it all) What were all of the problems with Love Never Dies and can you split it into multiple parts so tumblr doesn't crash when people try to read all of the points you make?

*cracks knuckles* Alright folks, settle in because we are DOING THIS for real. To go through the deal that is Love Never Dies will take time, but I am COMMITTED. Prepare for what will basically be a short thesis. I will also do this while actually listening to the Love Never Dies cast recording via Youtube because I am THAT COMMITTED. I SUFFER FOR THE GREATER GOOD FOR YOU ALL.

One disclaimer I should get out of the way: I’ve been a bit flippant in comparing Cursed Child to Love Never Dies. Cursed Child has a few questionable plot points, but it DOES NOT COMPARE to the DISASTER that is Love Never Dies, which has set the standard forever for STAGED BAD FANFIC. Whatever one’s opinion of the Cursed Child, it largely does not ACTIVELY CRAP UPON THE ORIGINAL STORY anywhere near how Love Never Dies does. I cannot overstate how epically bad Love Never Dies is.

But before I start with the summary, let’s have some necessary background on how this ‘official’ musical fanfic came to be:

(apologies to folks on mobile, but for the rest of you I’m throwing a cut here because THIS IS LONG)

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