Fan Bing Bing absolutely killing it and looking like an immaculate goddess at the Met Gala, meanwhile nearly everyone else entirely missed the theme memo.


I am being dragged - sometimes willingly, sometimes kicking & screaming - into the life of being #woke and a #feminist …which is translating to being an #everyoneist

I’m not sure why this caught my eye long enough to watch, but it made me think: what do we tell our daughters by refusing to show blood or acknowledge menstruation? There is almost never a mention of it in media…and when there is, they use that gnarly blue liquid. If something that color is coming from any orfice of your body SEEK HELP! Menstruation is a fact of life for over half the population of the planet. It isn’t pleasant (I’m told), but it isn’t abnormal.

I don’t know how old I was when I told my first dirty joke. Probably early teens…I do remember the discussion in Chasing Amy about the importance of “dick and fart jokes.” If we can joke about body parts, and those body functions, we owe it to our girls to be able to acknowledge menstruation.

#endrant #mightygirl #dadofdaughters #normaltobleed #bloodisred #menstruation #period #feminism #learningtodad

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pls don’t have sex in a graveyard, pls don’t suck a dick against someone’s tombstone, pls don’t relieve urself in a graveyard. Pls don’t destroy tombs or disrespect anyone’s resting place.

if ur gonna do any of these things, ur not a coolio goth babe, ur not a sexy creepy crawly ghoul… ur an asshole and i hate u.

if u wanna hang out in a graveyard, go visit and talk to spirits who have been abandoned. Clean off a memorial, bring flowers, acknowledge them!!!! now THAT makes u a hot goth witch bitch!!!

also you know who I miss? DOUG FUCKIN RAMSEY

My little language boi has so much potential and is so much more useful (as we see in New Mutants vol 2) and we get these writers who don’t have the talent to put him to use. Kid literally reads EVERYTHInG as language. Fighting styles, cooking, the fabric of friggin reality like

how the hell are you gonna make him “addicted to the internet” and make him look like a 50-year-old homeless man (when he’s supposed to be like young twenties at most?) JUST to kill him off…for literally no reason???

“The Gilmore girls revival was garbage”

“The characters would never do that”

“Season 7 was better”


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This is why nobody wants to be a teacher anymore

Because your job bitches you out for failing students without contacting parents, when THE PARENTS SHOULD BE LOOKING AT EVERY PROGRESS REPORT AND/OR REPORT CARD, using the freaking program that gives you an up-to-the-minute report on your kid’s grades, making sure their stupid phone numbers are accurate, and taking a freaking interest in their own kids’ education. I have 112 students, and you have 1 kid in my class. Who is able to more actively motivate and dole out meaningful consequences here?

I can understand if your kid just missed by a few points, but when your kid’s attendance is atrocious and they’re in and out of in school suspension, it’s time for you to take a good long look in the mirror and fix something about yourself as a parent. For you to claim ignorance is simply unbelievable and inexcusable.

I think college applications should be gender blind, sexuality blind, race blind, need blind, location blind. You should be accepted based on the quality of your grades, extracurriculars, and essay. Not your race or other factors you can’t control. The way the admission process currently works is biased and is set so that each school can fill a certain quota of every minority, whether that be native americans, children raised in families that differ from the traditional structure, men, really everything. I think it would be a lot more fair that way. Why is it fair that a person has an easier time getting in anywhere just based on their race? People say they promote equality but affirmative action and all these other situational factors oppose equality. Equality is giving everyone an EQUAL chance, not necessarily what the colleges presume to be a “fair” chance. Because it’s just not fair that a person gets in more easily based on a factor he or she cannot control, like their gender, for example. Feel free to message me your opinions on this topic if you so desire.  I don’t mind an intelligent debate. 

I just want ONE TIME in my life where the only thing I have to worry about IS MY OWN DAMN SELF.  I’m so sick of people getting offended when I have to study, go to work, SLEEP OR IDK TAKE A SECOND TO SHOWER?? FUck off, I get that you guys just enjoy spending time with me and I know this is very cunty, but I need some fucking time.

I was in the worst relationship ever for close to 2 years and I just need some fucking time to put my feet up.


I’m fucking 20 years old

Hopefully I got another 40 yrs coming my way, so I’m not going to rush through these golden years with some fucking asshole boy by my side when I can hang with some cool friends and get good grades to set myself up to be able to buy a husband

or at least VIP to buku 2015. 

When someone on an ED forum talks at length and in detail about how sick they are, and then says “Tell me this is glamorous, I DARE YOU!”

mod note: “glamorizing” can mean one of several things. On the one hand, there’s the “…so I can be lovely” crowd. On the other, there’s the “I’m sOooOooO sick! Ooh, so tragic!” kind. Both are glamorizing/encouraging EDs. Talking at length about how sick I am is a way to justify to myself that I am “actually sick”. BUT, it feeds into a toxic mindset where people have to be super sick or else they’re just “glamorizing” EDs or “doing it for attention”. So, it can be just as toxic/triggering to try to “prove” how sick you are as it is to post regular pro-ana crap. Please be considerate of your peers when posting in public forums. 



I had actually fixed the face on the front facing one, but… I guess I used the wrong file to make the gif. Too lazy to fix it. It also looks rather faster than the others, probably because of more exaggeration in the swinging arms and the feet. But idk. Rather not do it all over again. :c
The back facing one is easily the most wonky looking, but I think it will make more sense with shading to help with perspective. 

I left out the strings from his hoodie kind of on accident, now that I’m really looking at them. But at this point I’d rather not add them. Also I think it would make it too cluttered. Too many lines around the torso, that sort of thing.

~Super special top-secret project~

The overuse of psychological disorders and self diagnosis is starting to get to a point where every second person thinks that they are qualified enough to diagnose not only themselves but others around them. It’s getting beyond a joke. Just because you have a single day where you don’t feel happy does not mean you’re depressed. It means that you are normal. It’s something that is experienced by EVERYONE in society. If you legitimately thing that you are suffering with a disorder, or feel like you need/want to talk to someone than do so. It can be a friend, family member or professional. But NEVER self diagnose a psychological disorder EVER. Definitely do not come to me telling me that you are clinically depressed when you have not seen a psychologist or psychiatrist to diagnose you. I will help where and when I can but I will not stand by while you tell me that you are clinically depressed without an official diagnosis as this draws resources that could be helping someone else who is actually clinically depressed. Especially when I am the person you come to and I offer solutions and you tell me that you are able to self manage the condition without any approved forms of treatment. 

I am so over people who have no idea what a term means and they continue using it. I realise that I have been studying this for 3 years and have more of an idea than someone who has not had any previous knowledge in the field. I have no issue in helping when I can, but if you continue to raise the issue with me disregarding my attempts to help and informing me that I have no idea, and you’ve seen it first hand because your ex-boyfriend had the same issue then you are the one with no idea and the only person you are hurting is yourself. There is a reason for the criteria for diagnosis of a psychological condition, similar to that of a medical condition. It’s like telling someone that you have Alzheimer’s because you forgot something one time even though you are a perfectly healthy 20 year old. 


I’m seeing a lot of FinnRose hate and like….guys? Can we agree that having a black co-lead + any healthy, not-tokenized relationship in a series like Star Wars is progressive and stop having a pissing match over what the most ideologically pure ship would be?

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Donna Noble character, as I do, and something that really bugs me about The Fandom, or Side-Canon like the books and audiobooks for that matter,  when they try to re-capture Donna is that they either make one or both of TWO MAJOR mistakes: Either they reduce her character to ‘The Dumbest Common Denominator’ Trope, and/or ‘The Weakest Common Denominator’/’Damsel In Distress’ Trope. Like, Donna Noble may need saving sometimes because she’s the type of person that stubbornly soldiers on on her own because she believes that she can handle anything, but like- She IS strong?????? She IS super feisty and fiery??? Like- even when The Sisterhood of The Sybil have her tied to a sacrificial alter in The Fires of Pompeii she’s still cussing them out and telling them to get bent and threatening to beat the ever living snot out of them when she gets free???? Donna Noble can be vulnerable, yes, but that vulnerability is internalized and makes her stronger outwardly. It forces her to thicken her ‘armor’. She’s scrappy. She doesn’t take things lying down (well, figuratively, anyway..), and she fights with her wit just as much as she does physically, actually- probably MORE SO. Which brings me to the next grievance- WHY, OH WHY(???!?!?) Do people always assume Donna is stupid?! I just– HOW? WHAT? NO. YOU ARE SO WRONG.
Okay, Donna likes a few shallow comforts and she loves shopping and fashion and flirting, but like- That’s people?????? It’s just the thing we do as consumers and members of society????? It is IN NO WAY a measure of intelligence?!?!?!? How could someone who mastered The Dewey Decimal System in two days flat be stupid? How could someone that noticed there was an empty file folder for worker sick days and worked out that there must be something off with the factory staff from that small detail be stupid? How could someone who thought of listening to see if Jenny had two hearts to determine whether or not she was really The Doctor’s Daughter and finally convince The Doctor himself of the same fact be stupid? How could someone who successfully infiltrated Adipose Industries with only an ID card and a flimsy back story be stupid? She has come up with countless solutions to problems and braved countless dangers, even when she was terrified out of her tree. SO, in conclusion…

Donna Noble IS Strong.
Donna Noble IS Smart.


SVU spoilers ahead. 

This is going to be a very rambly rant because I am just so ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PISSED RIGHT NOW.

Okay, I get that Raúl wanted to move on, and I can make peace with that. He’s always been a Broadway person and that’s his home, and I hope Chess will be glorious and beautiful and everything him and the cast deserved. 

BUT IS *THAT* THE WAY YOU WANT TO WRITE HIM OUT? SERIOUSLY? With a gigantic stain in his character? Barba has always respected the law above everything else, and I just CANNOT buy the reasoning - his father withstanding - that he would just do that. It’s so completely out of character and ridiculous and so out of whack with who Barba is, his growth across all the seasons. I get you want to be dramatic but I can think of a million reasons to write Barba out, and ways that are graceful and leaves his integrity intact. 

tldr; it sucks so bad that my vocabulary fails me. 

And I am also way beyond furious how the writers have been hinting at Barson ALL. FUCKING. SEASON. only to do this to us Barson shippers. From Liv constantly calling him Rafael/Rafa, to all the hugs, the looks, the EVERYTHING (Barson shippers will know exactly what I mean) and to have him WALKING AWAY FROM HER IN THE END LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU FOR REAL

Yeah yeah the hug was sweet, the speech was great and the forehead kiss was awesome AND THEN they take it all away from me. I was so hoping for that to be a confession of some sort. If Barba stays on as Liv’s significant other off-screen, if we GET that confirmation, I might be able to forgive the way the treated Barba. Maybe.

I just…CAN’T. 

Only thing that is of any consolation to be right now is the fact that Raúl is okay with this and okay with how it ended. And that he inherently is a Barson shipper and implicitly said that yes, Barson is a thing. And so did Mariska. 

And that is all.

Excuse me while I go whinge and wail and rant at my poor husband. 

And also I have got to write a fix-it for this shit. 


And for the record, I’m overjoyed CS is getting a wedding at ALL. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled. However I’m just upset it’s going to be in a oneshot episode (likely overshadowed by the fact it’s a musical) that doesn’t fit in with the rest. I know it’s not a stand alone, I get that. But it is still nothing Once has ever had. It won’t flow even tho it will flow. And call me selfish but it will probably make giffing it all awkward cuz everyone be singing and dancing and stuff.

All I wanted was a simple romantic wedding. That’s all.

I’m trying to stay positive about everything. I know I haven’t SEEN it yet. Maybe it will be the best thing since sliced bread and believe me, I’m hoping that’s the case!! I have an open mind and like I said I’m overjoyed we even GET a wedding. Just in MY opinion (which I’m allowed to have) it could have been done much better than thrown in a musical episode.


seriously tired of the salty sues saying that Symmetra is OP.

She is NOT.

She is Squishy, her beams are only good en masse, her gun CHARGES while she shoots people, and she’s not that fast.

Seriously, the only character who should be worried about Symm is Genji.

And you know who gives me the MOST GRIEF for being Symmetra and saying I have no skill and tells other people they have no skill as Symmetra?


Seriously, if you think she’s “OP”, then you yourself have NEVER played her.

I’ve even heard those who don’t like her don’t know how to play her.




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“Fine. I’ll get it done,” you had agreed to the ink after the brothers took their time to convince you. 

“I promise, it’ll help,” Sam tried. 

This would be your first piece, even though you had wanted to get a tattoo for a while now. You just hadn’t expected it to be a protection symbol. 

Sam smiled and put his arm around your shoulders, kissing your head. 

“Are we at least going to a clean shop?” you didn’t want to run the risk of an infection.


“We are. Aren’t we, Sam?”


A/N: Not my gif! I couldn’t find one where Kevin and his mom were getting theirs… At least those two were getting them done at a decent looking shop! I seriously had a conniption when the brothers were taking Jack to that dirty warehouse-looking place for his. And don’t even get me started on that god-awful black thing they tried to cover his entire chest in!!!! 

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re: your tags on the miranda meta- lbr, I have a problem with how the story eventually played out for almost all of the women? In a story that is fundamentally about resistance (as you rightly said) the space given to the male characters who embody this far outstrips what is given to the women. The only woman who eventually gets any place close to what she wants is Max (and Anne), and that is by *gaming * the system rather than tearing it down. (1/2)

Eleanor, Miranda and Madi, each of whom challenge the system more overtly are ‘punished’ for it, and specifically in two cases by having the men closest to them become the cause of their downfall; and worst (for me), in all three cases, are absolutely ‘fridged’ to further the Stories of those men; in Miranda and Eleanor’s case literally written out; and in Madi’s case by taking away her agency and ending the story there. (2/3)

(3/3) Try as I will, I cannot see this as anything but more of the common disease that affects even the most progressive shows: ultimately the Men are seen as Important, and women are seen as Supporting Characters. What I mean is that the show I want to exist would have had Miranda as the Flint character, and more about Eleanor and Madi, but that show would literally never be written or pitched because apparently we hit the limits of our imagination pretty fast when it comes to women. /endrant

Sorry for spamming your inbox, I just had FEELINGS. :D

Never apologize for inbox-spamming! I too have a lot of feelings on this, and I always love talking about them.

I find Miranda’s death most egregious, I think, because it is such a literal textbook case of fridging: they needed to push Flint’s story in a certain direction, so they killed her. It was narratively not about her, which is really my only requirement for my stories about women. As long as the terrible things that happen to them are in service of their own stories, I am perfectly intellectually (if not emotionally) all right with those things.

Which is I think why I hesitate to name Eleanor’s death fridging, or the theft of Madi’s agency a symbolic fridging. I am more okay with Eleanor’s death (”more okay” being a very relative term) because I can find a way to understand it as the culmination of her own narrative: she dedicated her life to this island, and ultimately her desire to bring it peace and prosperity lead to her own downfall. It is a tragic narrative–tragic in the Greek sense, the Shakespearean sense–but it is her own. Woodes Rodgers, for all the destruction he wrought, is ultimately a footnote in service of her story.

Madi’s story I’m more unsettled by: I do feel that within the diegetic world of Black Sails we’re meant to feel the injustice of it, though, and that it’s meant to be seen as a great betrayal. Her story was not specifically sublimated in favor of Silver’s. She was, however, basically narrative collateral damage to the terminating drama of the show, namely, Silver’s betrayal of Flint, and Flint’s subsequent potential/symbolic death. I can’t term it (symbolic) fridging–the story was in fact her own–but I’m still unsettled by it–it was more important that the story was also someone else’s.

(I also think I see Max’s (and Anne’s) ending slightly differently: to me Max’s success within the system is itself resistance to a system that would have her–in fact requires her to be–a slave.)

Outside of Miranda, then, and to a more complicated extent Madi*, I find myself relatively satisfied with all the main female characters’ individual storylines. What I find myself dissatisfied with is the very thing you mention: ultimately the Men are seen as Important, and women are seen as Supporting Characters. Even in a show with many protagonists who get significant and weighty screentime, and even in a show when a pretty respectable number of those protagonists are women, the show itself is structured around Flint and to an only slightly lesser extent Silver. 

*A lot of my dissatisfaction in Madi’s storyline lies in the broader ways they dropped the ball when it came to all their Maroon or enslaved characters–all their black characters but Max, pretty much. Ultimately she became a narratively passive character, the audience for Silver to tell his story of Flint to, and that’s what bothers me, that’s what bothers me about her ending from a critical perspective: not that Silver took away her agency, but that the show then turned around and did the exact same thing.


So 250+ people wait in line to get what turned out to be the most horrible promotion I have ever seen. 20 packets of sauce for a one day only promo? Blow me Ronald Mcdonald. Honestly aside from their food being lackluster compared to all the other choices nearby, this bullshit stunt is the nail in its head. Just ended being a customer.


#fuckmcdonalds #McDonalds

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sjjsk “scott faced legal consequences for his actions” aight fair but when has ur crappy fav ever faced legal consequences for a) weapons dealing to terrorists (not him directly but his company should have been investigated) b) making a wmd (the suit!! no matter how u look at it) for funsies c) breaking the accords. that he signed? and championed for?? d) kidnapping + endangering a minor (again, that’s a thing no matter what u say) so??? scott broke the law but so did tanky chuck him in jail too

also when scott breaks the law he’s doing it not for his own benefit (except the antman suit heist but he breaks back in to return it) whereas tanky just keeps. doing it for his own benefit. laws are not necessarily ethical or absolute but morals are the thing here is tanky has the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair i don’t doubt he thinks he’s doing the right thing but is he really   

ALSO also narrative consequences arent “the authors made him sad :(“ narrative consequences are like. the authors present his actions in a negative way, rightly or wrongly. the fact that he continues to have significance to the plot and is continuously put front and centre on ads are 2 examples of how this isn’t the case. if we’re going on this logic then thor has by far faced the worst “narrative consequences” having his entire species and planet destroyed. /endrant            


(i think all three of these go together?) this tea

i will say that tony breaking the accords in siberia was something he was doing for good reason (since he had apparently realized he was wrong, so he went to siberia to go join steve and bucky in stopping zemo), so that wasn’t for his own benefit, but the fact that he apparently hid what he did and got away with it, while most of team cap was thrown into jail for trying to do the same damn thing? and then half of team cap spent the next few years as fugitives and the other half were put on house arrest, while tony lived his life as normal? ugly

but yes seriously. being sad isn’t a narrative consequence, practically everyone in the goddamn MCU is sad half the time. tony is sad but got to continue life as normal, got to fuck off to india for whatever reason in homecoming, get back together with pepper, etc. after very knowingly breaking the very accords that he was so desperate to enforce in cw