Event: Newcomer Training! On Scene Report

On 8/22 (Tue) 15:00, the schedule event [Newcomer Training! On Scene Report] will begin.

8/22 (Tue) 15:00 ~ Event End

Photo Introduction:
The photos this time all have STAR PT BONUS!
The photo’s attributes are “DANCE”, which are useful to this upcoming event.

SR MooNs Sekimura Mikado [Glasses Mystery] STAR PT BONUS
SR KiLLER KiNG Fudou Akane [Shading Effort] STAR PT BONUS
SR KiLLER KiNG Teramitsu Yuduki [Desired Dango] STAR PT BONUS
SSR Kitakore Kitakado Tomohisa [White Lion] STAR PT BONUS

These are points that you obtain in the Event Map during the event.
It’s a system for this event where you can obtain limited time photos and items depending on the ranking you obtain from the total amount of Star Pt.

If you STAR PT BONUS photo into your unit, you’ll obtain more Star Pt when you play Event Map Lives.

When you increase the Idol Rank of STAR PT BONUS photos, you can increase the bonus rate.

For this event, when you add Dance photos to your unit, even if they don’t have STAR PT BONUS , you’ll receive bonus points.
You’ll receive a different amount of points depending on the rarity of the Dance photo.