The Anatomy of a Book

Sure, we all know what a spine or a cover is, but what about the gutter? Headband? Casewrap? Here are some little-known parts of a book, demystified.

1. Endpapers

The two sheets of paper that live at the beginning and the end of a book. They often have patterns or colors that enhance the design.

2. Casewrap

If a hardcover book has a jacket, whatever is underneath is considered the casewrap. Modern, visual books use laminated paper as a casewrap, allowing designers to print patterns, colors, and images. (Here are some especially creative examples.)

3. Book Block

The main text or body of the book after all the signatures have been collated or gathered. We sometimes add a little flair to the book edges.

4. Gutter

The blank space or inner margin that separates printing area from the binding.

5. Headband

Small decorative strip of textile used at the top and bottom of a casebound book to decoratively fill the gap between the spine and cover.

6. Backbone

The back of a bound book connecting the front and back covers—also known as the spine.

For more book vocabulary (like mock-ups, F&Gs, and more), head over here.

anonymous asked:

What sort of sketchbooks/other paper do you like? And I love your art, it makes me very happy

i like drawing on old paper! this is usually paper bought second-hand or found in recycling bins. here are two recent scores: a heap of yellowed manilla folders and a bunch of endpapers from old books that i found in a dumpster. i’ll cut all these up into smaller pieces to work on/with later. thank you for the kind words c: