Since the lawsuit broke out last year, Kris has been silent over it. Never had he spoke anything negative to the company or the members. In fact, he said he was grateful that he had the opportunity to be able to achieve his dreams. When asked if he would do it again if he could go back in time, he said he would. He once said that he wouldn’t be the Wu Yifan he is today if he hadn’t experienced those hardships and struggles. 

Now, after the news of SM Entertainment filing a lawsuit against Kris and the companies that endorsed him for advertisements and movies, Kris’ lawyers had also published their statement about it. Do you know how infuriated I was when I read this? All this time, he was suffering so much and taking up the blame that he didn’t deserve. The alleged hiatus he took in January 2013 was SM forcing him to leave. Sure, people can argue that there’s no proof of it, but can SM provide proof that they were right for once? I don’t think so. They can’t even provide a reasonable explanation of his income statement for goodness’ sake. For his diagnosis of myocarditis, SM didn’t even bother to let him rest and have him continue with the group activities. This is already a breach of human rights that SM is doing, they don’t even treat their artists like human beings.

People are calling Kris a traitor when he left last year, but SM was the one who betrayed him for giving him empty promises and maltreatment ever since he was a trainee. I am glad that he left and is now healthier and happier than before. 

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Hi hello ~ apparently Chanyeol got into some mess again for doing a "naughty" handsign?I'm really curious which photoshoot bts is it in the attached picture because I would really like to prove people wrong because I'm not believing anything until the original video/picture really showed him doing that handsign. Thank you for answering ~

For starters, Thank you for your question concerning the subject at hand, we hope from the following answer to shed some necessary light on this topic.

The picture in question belongs to the Aima CF shooting which was held early august 2014, but this picture is absolutely NOT part of the official behind-the-scenes pictures revealed by the endorsement company.

This picture surfaced yesterday (15/07/30) through a relatively unknown and unreliable account on Weibo. The account took down the main post that includes the picture not long after they posted it. When several people tried to contact the poster about the source of the picture, they kept giving ambiguous responses while trying to dodge the responsibility of posting the picture, as shown in some of the conversations below:

Conversation 1:

Person A: may I ask where did you get the pics you posted earlier?
Poster: may I ask who you are?
Person A: I’m a fan
Person A: I’d like to know the source of the pics
Person A: I’ve never seen these pics before

Poster: (they are from) my colleague’s computer

Person A: Could you please ask your colleague where she/he got these pics?  

Poster: ok

Conversation 2:

Until this moment, the poster hasn’t made any additional response or clarification to any of the demands.

Because of the questionable untrustworthy source, and the inability to prove the legitimacy of the picture, all the trending instiz posts of this subject were deleted.

The reason we decided to approach this subject is to honor our promise to provide you the information you aren’t shown, and allow you to take a neutral stance and view the situation objectively. While all the other sites have cherry picked to their liking only the most negative posts out there without offering much insight with the purpose of garnering more web traffic that will be translated to earnings, we are a non profiting blog, we exist to show you what gets ignored intentionally by those who believe they hold the power of information. Actually, when our team was reviewing the posts in total, we were surprised at the amount of the Korean netizens who had no idea about the meaning of the hand gesture since it’s old and young people are not accustomed with it.

Please don’t forget to check our previous post where we explain how positively Chanyeol is actually received in his home country.  http://chanyeol-and-netz.tumblr.com/post/124235399128/is-chanyeol-receiving-a-lot-of-hate-i-see-you

We ask for your support and love for all of us together to overcome the stones thrown on Chanyeol’s way towards achieving his hard earned dreams.


Kai - 150731 Lotte Confectionery Instagram update: “!본격 음원재생스킬! 갓EXO와 함께하는 빼빼로 청춘여행 발대식 #EXO #카이 #노래스타그램 #SONG #쏭스타그램 #여행 #인생음악 우리 이렇게 또 서로 앞에~ #내앞에도 #서줘요 #심쿵스타그램 이렇게 설레게 노래해주면 #감사합니다 #클로즈유얼아이즈 #기절스타그램”

Translation: “!Authentic sound reproduction skills! Lotte Pepero ‘Youth Travel’ Ceremony with GodEXO #EXO #Kai #Songstagram #SONG #Travel #Favorite song We’re standing against each other again~ #Please stand #In Front of me also #Heartattackstagram #Thankyou for singing a song like that #Close your eyes #Faintstagram”

Credit: lotte_cf.


Baekhyun - 150731 Lotte Confectionery Instagram update: “”!본격 음원재생스킬! 갓EXO와 함께하는 빼빼로 청춘여행 발대식 #EXO #백현 #노래스타그램 #SONG #쏭스타그램 #여행 #인생음악 메아리 소리가 들려오는~ #들린다 #팬들의 #열광의소리 무반주에 이정도면 반주나오면 최소 #기절스타그램"

Translation: “!Authentic sound reproduction skills! Lotte Pepero ‘Youth Travel’ Ceremony with GodEXO #EXO #Baekhyun #Songstagram #SONG #Travel #Favorite song I hear echoes~ #Can hear #fans’ #enthusiastic voices If fans are almost like this without instrumental accompaniment, they are almost #faintstagram with melody”

Credit: lotte_cf.

It is somehow amazing though that most of America has distanced itself from Bush and most people recognize that the Iraq war was a mistake and yet Tony Blair in Britain is still getting a free pass inside the Labour Party, still arrogates himself the right to criticise MPs from other parties despite the fact that he’s not even in Parliament right now, still has a huge sect of followers inside the Party

This man endorsed the Iraq war in all its aspects, he’s responsible for the invasion and destruction of a country, for the deaths of thousands of people and for all the terrible consequences that the Iraq War is still having on the region and on the world.

How is Tony Blair still such an important figure inside Labour party? Any other person would have been shunned out and prayed for oblivion.