I was feeling super crappy and down about my progress today. Just a bad mental image day overall. So I decided to bust my butt and grind out an impromptu sweat induced chest workout tonight. Totally pooped and soaked but feeling so much better mentally and overall. Sometimes when you don’t want to do something it may be when you need it the most.

university otome game where you date happy chemicals

  • Function-wise Endorphins sounds more school nurse-y but overall he feels like a Phys Ed kinda guy ya feel- like “HAHAHA no pain no gain bUT OOPS not too much I got ya covered babe”
  • Dopamine looks like he’s always pulling all-nighters but he actually has his whole life together and is secretly a Mom Boyriend™ who nags when you don’t do your work and buys you food when ya studyin
  • Oxytocin is best at giving life and love advice and making you feel like everything is going to be okay and is the Momlier Boyfriend™
  • Serotonin is the fun professor who’s always doing wild stuff like skydiving and art exhibits when he’s not in school and probably has half the student population following his Instagram account
thru the rainforest


the road to new york

Today’s 9 miles were supposed to be a recovery run, but became more a matter of survival in the thick heat and humidity, struggling to wade through a mix of quicksand and molasses in this western NY rainforest.  Feeling much better now that the endorphins have kicked in, we’re getting some rain tomorrow afternoon, meaning probably a morning or early afternoon run.