Are we all watching Copper on BBC America? No? Just me?

It can get a bit Law and Order: Five Points, but surely there are worse things? It’s less like Gangs of New York and more like Caleb Carr’s excellent novel The Alienist (just like The Secret History, I have a Google Alert set for ‘books like The Alienist’, and I’ve yet to be satisfied with any of the contenders), and for a basic cable television show the historical spectacle is kept to a delightful minimum.

Also, the website has an interactive Five Points map that is fun to play with! And they suggest you explore further through the Tenement Museum and the Lower East Side History Project, two organizations that carry the very hard to acquire monodialogue.tumblr.com seal of approval!

What's Love: Meek Mill Suing The City Of Philadelphia

What’s Love: Meek Mill Suing The City Of Philadelphia

Meek Mill is proud of his Philadelphia roots, but that won’t stop him for suing the city for losing him his deal with Puma thanks to a suspect arrest.

According to TMZ,  Meek claims his Halloween 2012 arrest was total BS because even though cops claimed they smelled pot in his car. They searched his vehicle and came up with nothing. Meek says he was cuffed for refusing to let cops search and he…

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Marching On Together: Please Support This Fast-Growing Leeds United Blog - by Rob Atkinson

Marching On Together: Please Support This Fast-Growing Leeds United Blog – by Rob Atkinson

Unrivalled support

Life, Leeds United, the Universe & Everything is growing rapidly. Back in September of last year, just before it was included on the News Now platform, the blog had received a total of only 13,000 hits in a little under nine months.  It was growing, but veryslowly.  Now, that figure stands on the brink of the 900,000 mark. Sometime in May, if not before, somebody will register…

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