Tonton qui m’écrit: Eh Rey a la même maladie que toi!

J’ai passé la journée en mode “La force est avec moi, je fais corps avec la force.” 

Jusqu’à ce que que je vois qu’elle a été diagnostiquée à 15 ans. La France est le pays des droits de l’homme, pas de la femme. 

This no dairy bit

Really does have me baffled… Out of all the foods to “avoid” on the endo diet I think this one needs to be revisited. Organic dairy is going to be the way to go. I don’t have loads of dairy each day but dairy Greek yogurt versus coconut or almond usually has better bacteria for the digestive system translate that to more of it! I’ve always noticed the difference between eating dairy Greek yogurt versus the non dairy. My intestines thank me over and over.

Maybe it’s really all about how a person feels and reacts to certain foods? Or the amount eaten? I’m not totally crazy with the dairy but just enough to satisfy myself. With 14 grams of protein in my current yogurt I’m super happy!

I’ve found that upping protein and fat while limiting carbs is what works for me. What works for you my fellow endo ladies?