As dusk falls on 2014, some sounds that made me live! Thanks to these mesmerising souls.

Scott Walker + SunnO))) - Soused
Ben Frost - A U R O R A
Grouper - Ruins
Xiu Xiu - Angel Guts
Blank Realm - Grassed Inn
Alessandro Cortini - Sonno
Deru - 1979
Tujiko Noriko - My Ghost Comes Back
Earth - Primitive And Deadly
Andy Stott - Faith In Strangers
SWANS - To Be Kind
Loscil - Sea Island
The Bug - Angels and Devils
Einstürzende Neubauten - Lament
Black Rain - Dark Pool

2014 was a busy, exciting year for us, full of firsts as people and as a band. We played with lots of amazing bands, to great fans and released our album You Want the Night. At the beginning of the new year we thought we’d take an alternative take on the end of year lists and make a playlist that sums up our year. Here is our 15 for ‘14, enjoy!

Sorcha:Jenny Lewis - Head Underwater (Electric Picnic) I saw Jenny Lewis at Electric Picnic. She gave an electric performance and her band were exceptional. I’m still arguing with someone as to whether the keyboard player was Liz Wolf (who plays with Why?). I thought the songs from the new album sounded even better live, which often happens an album is toured. I’ve been listening to Jenny Lewis since her Rabbit Fur Coat album and she’s pretty much been part of each year’s soundtrack since.
Wolf Alice - Moaning Lisa Smile  I missed these guys at Electric Picnic as I left before their set on the Sunday but I love their EP Creature Songs and found it difficult to choose beween Moaning Lisa Smile and Storms, both of which are great songs. They’ve pulled some of the best of the nineties into their sound, and have a great turn of melody. Coincidentally their name comes from a short story by Angela Carter - a touch of Alice in Wonderland/through the looking glass and Little Red Riding Hood. We have a song inspired by the Alice stories too, although it’s a smidge darker.  Nina Persson - Catch Me Crying A song with a slight hint of country (likeFirst Aid Kit and Jenny Lewis, whose albums I’ve also had on repeat this year) it’s great to hear a new album from Nina Persson. We got to play with her in a Church in LA. My teenage self couldn’t have even dreamed of that. Fleetwood Mac -Everywhere With only a tape deck and one tape to keep us company I was very glad that tape was the amazing Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac. We’ve listened to it back to back while traveling between Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Belfast, Cork, Tullamore…Hard to pick a favourite but I’ve decided on Everywhere. We’ve also made it a band habit to message each other everytime a Fleetwood Mac documentary is on tv, and then regale each other with Fleetwood Mac facts.  Lyla Foy - Feathered Tongue This song, and her album Mirror Sky, have had me singing aloud on many a walk on a dreary day. It reminds me how powerful music is, how personal a conversation it can be between listener and creator and why making music is so worthwhile. I first heard Feathered Tongue when it came up in my song feed in soundcloud and I eagerly awaited the album while wearing out the repeat button on that one song. I still can’t understand why the album seemed to go pretty much unnoticed by online media and yet is so full of magical melodies and lyrical gems. I highly recommend looking it up, I know I’ll still be listening in 2015.  Keith:The Doobie brothers - What a fool believes - I played a lot of GTAV this year in-between making music. The soundtrack is great mix of modern classics and well… classic classics. Kenny Loggins has his own station on there and being that he co-wrote the track with Michael McDonald it was probably a playlist given. Metronomy - boy racers - I caught this song live at electric picnic and it was one of the many highlights of they’re set. I hadn’t heard that album until I went searching for that smooth undeniable groove afterwards. Highly recommended. The stokes - 12:51 - it’s an odd one but regardless, my son was born at 12:51 on September 5th 2014. This track will always remind me. Elton John - Bennie and the jets - we traveled to LA this year to play some shows and I have a vivid memory of a great classics radio station called K-Earth being on in our rental car and this song came on. It was a beautiful sunny day, we had a muscle car and Palm trees everywhere, I’ll always remember that. Chrome Canyon - generations - plucked right from a DJ set we did in in the RBS Gallery in November. Really loved that track and video when it came out. Wayne:

Colours – From The Airport

A Korean band that turned my head when we played Culture Collide in LA - they had some serious production skills and put on a great show.  At quite a guitar-y festival, these guys were an oasis of shiny synths - with a lovely K-Pop sound to boot

Kid Karate – Louder

We savoured this banger of a tune 5 or 6 times in two weeks as we toured with KK and Fight Like Apes on the FMC Tour this year.  The new album is set to be a romper stomper…

Gazelle Twin – Anti Body

Gazelle Twin is uncompromising, confrontational, boundary pushing, and live she is an uneasy listen.  It might have been the heft of sub frequencies in the venue that left me with a vague dread in my stomach and raised neck hairs, but it was most likely her hypnotic live show…  We opened for her in London in May, a real highlight.

 Rock'N'Roll Radio – Global Warming

Another Culture Collide band, and from Korea again too.  Another reason for Pyongyang to look jealously over the border, as the South definitely get all the best tunes…  These guys were the find of that festival for me, Foals stylings and guitar dynamics with a really percussive drummer - catchy as hell too which always helps.  Their excellent album was available on Spotify Europe but its recently been pulled, likely down to copyright/clearance etc. Boo-urns…

Girl Band - Lawman

Girl Band were the first band we got to really see at Electric Picnic after the havoc of performing -  they mesmerized Body & Soul with the first trumpeting calls of the (rightful) calls to crown them best band in Ireland.  They had me at hello…

You can listen to our album here: 


2014 in review

January was day trippin’ for tier points, crags, haggis burrito, cycling through a river, Rainbow Chan, the disappointment and relief of not going back to Australia.

February was a different hotel every night, Igor the terrible, Einfach Clever Gennau Richtig, Spooky Mormon Hell Dream, a tropical party, a sticky floor.

March was traffic on the Euston Road, Beyoncé, shivering in front of electric heaters, the Crowne Plaza Marlow, the death of the weekend, Ava Luna’s Electric Balloon.

April was losing my flat, losing my handlebars, losing my savings to replace the flat and the handlebars but worst of all losing my love for London. Also Damon Albarn’s Everyday Robots.

May was the Primavera short list playlist, new cats, contractual anxiety, the saggy pragmatists, tapas, El Born, Parc del Forum, Deafheaven / Darkside / Factory Floor. 

June was six trips across the Atlantic, jet-lagged Field Day, new depths of business travel induced self-loathing, Keep Austin Weird, Holiday Inn Dunwoody.

July was Hackney school kids, David O'Reilly’s Mountain, Big Dick, a snapped bike and an ambulance ride, hoping I would get sick so I wouldn’t have to go to work, the meeting of the parents. 

August was my first panic attack, the feeling of a fuse blowing in my brain, finding out the meaning of palliative care, grandad. 

September was DICE, Deathbed Confessional, house sitting with the Edies, The Good Life Experience, La Dispute’s The Rooms of the House, getting defeated by Ditchling, Chiswell Street.

October was the bad meeting, shit on the fan, the saddest cat alive, 'livin’ life like a volcano’, Caribou’s Our Love, Webflow, Microsoft Word track changes, Jægersborggade, Mikkeller Bar, succulents / pine / dipped ceramics.

November was 'it never ends’, three weeks of late nights, takeaways and production hell, ceasing to give a fuck, Deerhoof’s La Isla Bonita, goodbye horses, the student wall, 4 days warning for Peru.  

December was a very long flight, Pisco Sours, Lima plague, Chvrches’ The Bones of What You Believe, too much coffee, Punto Azul, OITNB, maracuyá, el Tunco, coming home to the best Christmas present, an empty house.