i had a lot of fun at summerstuck yesterday!! if any of you didnt notice, i was the nepeta that was alive at the gathering. the photoshoot was amazing as always and i got to cosplay my otp with my friend cassie!! for her first time being karkat, she did a great job.

and i got the host plush as a runner up prize in the pokemon tournament??? i was defeated in a tie breaker in round 2 by one of the janes but i still received the plush?? but either way, i had fun participating in the tournament and i hope everyone else did too!!

also, i wanna thank the equius at the gathering for letting everyone have some of your pins!! im gonna treasure mine forever and put a couple on my school backpack.

so yeah, this had to be one of the best meetups ive ever been at and hopefully i can get a ride with my friends to halloweenstuck if were all able to go.


For those who can’t see the meet facebook page, this is the prize for winning the gen 4 or 5 Pokemon tournament (because fiduspawn)

This is just the first host plush and shot with and without flash so you can see color and whatnot (second is underway) and it’s made of fleece so it’s very huggable uvu

Hey, we’re driving back from the meet and I was the Dirk in Jessie’s Team Rocket uniform in case you don’t recognize my face

It was nice seeing everyone again and meeting new people and I’m so sorry I won’t be able to see you guys for a while since I’m leaving the area for college, but I’ll try to see people during my winter break

Thank you all for such a good last meetup as a permanent part of the socal homestuck community!!