Waterloo Road - End of an Era  - The Hall

This is a school. It may seem like just flaking paint and crumbling cement but believe me, it’s value goes way beyond that. Here you are given the freedom to investigate things you don’t understand. You’re encouraged to argue with things you disagree with. You can tell a teacher to their face you think they’re wrong. Ask Brett Aspinall, he does it every day.

27 September 2011.  A sad start to the day in the Social House.  Luckily, it improved every moment thereafter with the help of several awesome, and hilarious, friends, including this one.

“Yesterday, All my troubles seemed so far away…” ~ Yesterday, The Beatles

Can’t believe #naruto has finally ended after following it for who knows how many years ima miss waiting each week for a new chapter to come out but oh well at least Naruto finally became hokage and married Hinata 👏😭😭💔 #endofanera #narutoforever

Today was the end of an era. The end of a hard road for a dedicated woman and the closing of a huge chapter in the life of a fucking legend.

I have no problem boasting my love for Lady Gaga. I will continue to love her probably until the day I die. The love she has for her fans is truly genuine and you could see it and feel it durning the live stream today.

I am awful at putting words to my emotions but I can describe all that came of the artRAVE by saying that it was an era of love and freedom.

The artRAVE, to me, was about self love and fucking up and just having a good time. Being free. Free from the negativity of the world we live in, free from the bigotry and snide people that see us, the creative ones, as freaks and free from our own self loathings and doubts we have swarming in our heads day after day.

ARTPOP will forever be the era that changed my perception of creativity. You don’t have to be famous or a household name to be the creative soul you were born to be. You just have to express yourself in the ways you know (and sometimes don’t know) how. Just be true to yourself.

The live stream embodied the self empowerment, love, freedom and emotion that being at the artRAVE brought to me and I want to thank Lady Gaga for allowing us, the fans, to experience it again (or for the first time) with everyone in the world. I truly felt connected with everyone watching it and it was all because of one woman’s oath to be there for us until the end of time.

I love you, Lady Gaga. I love ARTPOP. I love myself and I love all the other people that have been inspired by the woman we call “Mother Monster.”

So, until the clock stops ticking, thank you.


The last party with my loves before my departure. It gives me so much joy seeing these photo’s. A few great things happened this night. 
1. Got some crazy dance time in with my love Binx. 
2. Heard the wise and life changing words of “You are exactly where you need/supposed to be every moment of your life” 
3. Fixed the weird situation with ________. We played a game of chess and cuddled for about 6 very memorable hours. 
4. Got to dress up and make a complete dork of myself with my Firefly
5. At the end of it all my #1 human came off the ferry and picked me up for a whole set of adventures.